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Four Feather








The Secret Service



Four Feather Falls

This was the first show to use Supermarionation.

The series features the adventures of its Sheriff Tex Tucker in the late 19th Century Western town of Four Feather Falls, Kansas.


Voiced by

Tex Tucker. Nicholas Parsons
Ma Jones Denise Bryer
Little Jake.
Rocky Kenneth Connor
Grandpa Twink David Graham

Dick Spanner, P.I

A stop-motion animated comedy series.about a robotic private detective who works cases in a futuristic urban setting.

Two stories were shown as 11 six minute episodes as a part of the Sunday morning Channel 4 show in 1986.

Dick Spanner was voiced by Shane Rimmer

Lavender Castle

A British stop motion/CGI television series which follows the story of Captain Thrice and his crew, on a quest to find the peaceful city of Lavender Castle before the evil Dr. Agon.


Voiced by

Captain Thrice David Holt
Roger Rob Rackstraw
Lyca Kate Harbour
Walking Stick
Sir Squeakalot Jimmy Hibbert
Dr. Cedric Agon

Fireball XL5

Set in the years 2062/63 this "Supermarionation" series features the missions of spaceship Fireball XL5, commanded by Colonel Steve Zodiac of the World Space Patrol.


Voiced by

Colonel Steve Zodiac pilot and commanding officer of Fireball XL5 Paul Maxwell
Doctor Venus Doctor of Space Medicine Sylvia Anderson
Professor Matthew Matic ship's designer, engineer, navigator and scientist of XL5 David Graham
Robert the Robot co-pilot of XL5, invented by Professor Matic Gerry Anderson
Zoonie the Lazoon lazy semi-telepathic pet of Dr. Venus David Graham
Commander Wilbur Zero Commander of the World Space Patrol John Bluthal
to General Rossiter Head of the World Space Patrol based in Washington
Lieutenant Ninety Assistant Space City Controller David Graham
Jonathan Zero Commander Zero's son Sylvia Anderson
Jock Campbell Space City's Chief Engineer John Bluthal
Eleanor Zero Commander Zero's wife Sylvia Anderson



Uniform Colour


Named after

Voiced by

Jeff TracyPeter Dyneley
(dob April 14 1996)
pale blue Thunderbird 1 Scott Carpenter Shane Rimmer
(dob August 15 1999)
pale yellow Thunderbird 2 Virgil GrissomDavid Holliday
Jeremy Wilkin
(dob March 12 2005)
whiteThunderbird 3Alan ShepardMatt Zimmerman
(dob February 14 2004)
orangeThunderbird 4Gordon Cooper David Graham
(dob October 28 2001)
lilac Thunderbird 5John Glenn Ray Barrett
Grandma Tracy Christine Finn
Brains David Graham
Kyrano David Graham
Tin-Tin Christine Finn
The Hood Ray Barrett
Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward
FAB 1 Sylvia Anderson
Aloysius "Nosey" Parker
David Graham

Thunderbird 1 : Hypersonic variable geometry rocket plane used for fast response, rescue zone reconnaissance, and as a mobile control base.
Length : 35 m (115 feet)
Wingspan : 24 m
Max speed : 15,000 mph (Mach 22.6)
Launches: vertically from a pad camouflaged by a swimming pool

Thunderbird 2 : Heavy supersonic vertical take-off and landing carrier lifting body aircraft used for the transport of major rescue equipment and vehicles.
Length : 76 m
Height : 18 m
Wingspan : 55 m
Max speed : 5,000 mph (Mach 7.6)
Launches: island's landing strip

Thunderbird 3 : Reusable, vertically launched SSTO (Single Stage To Orbit) spaceship used for space rescue and maintenance of Thunderbird 5
Length : 87 m
Body Span : 7 m, 24 m (including engines)
Speed : at least 25,000 mph
Launches: vertically from below the round house

Thunderbird 4 : Small utility submarine for underwater rescue
Length : 9 m
Width : 3 m
Launches: Pod 4 or independently from the Thunderbird 2 hangar

Thunderbird 5 : Earth-orbiting space station which monitors all broadcasts around the globe for calls for help and also manages communications within International Rescue
Length : 122 m
Width : 90 m
Height : 83 m
Launches: Permanent Orbit

FAB 1 : Lady Penelope's pink Rolls-Royce.

FAB 2 : Lady Penelope's yacht.

Thunderbird 2 Pod Vehicles.

Booster Mortar A small cannon used to fire rescue packages into high structures. Similar in design to the Laser Cutter.

DOMO A restraint vehicle with three suction arms to restrain or lift unstable structures prior to the use of other pod vehicles.

Elevator Cars One manned and three remote-controlled vehicles used to assist aircraft in landings, these can be manoeuvred into place beneath an aircraft to act as replacement landing gear.

Excavator A high-powered rock-crushing machine used to clear rough terrain or unblock caves with people trapped inside.

Firefly A fire-proof vehicle, fitted with a large blade and armed with a nitroglycerin cannon to extinguish fires.

Fire Tender Adapted commercial vehicle, this serves as a back-up to the Firefly and Fire Truck and can fire nitroglycerin like the Firefly.

Fire Truck An upgraded commercial vehicle used to launch nitroglycerin shells to extinguish fires or pump water or foam onto blazes.

Hover Jets Small personal transports that hover above the ground.

Jet-Air Transporter An air-cushioned vehicle which uses jets of air to slow people falling from great heights.

Laser Cutter Vehicle A small tracked vehicle with a powerful front-mounted laser used to gain quick entry to secure buildings.

Mobile Crane A six-wheeled 'cherry picker' vehicle used to lift rescue personnel into tall structures and even moving structures.

Mole A high-speed, manned tunnelling machine capable of boring through even the hardest rock to rescue individuals trapped underground.

Monobrake A low-slung utility vehicle capable of travelling along monorail tunnels.

Neutraliser Tractor A small tracked vehicle able to use sonic waves to deactivate bombs.

One manned and one remote-controlled vehicle equipped with magnetic grappling lines to haul large weights.

A remotely operated flying camera designed to withstand extreme heat. Carried aboard Thunderbird 1.

A tracked truck that can send a safety beam to space to save stranded spacecraft like the 'Sun Probe' or Thunderbird 3.

Vehicles not belonging to International Rescue

Crablogger 1
Tree-felling machine powered by a Superon-fuelled atomic reactor. Fitted with two large arms equipped with giant chainsaws.

Hypersonic airliner with six atomic motors that enable it to stay in the air for six months.
Maximum speed : Mach 6 (4,500 mph or 7,200 km/h), and can fly at heights above 250,000 feet (76 km).

Multi-purpose jet powered VTOL aircraft, Helijets appear in numerous episodes and are widely used by civilian and military organisations. A variety of different designs are seen over the course of the series and were also seen in Anderson's next series Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons.

Command centre and primary construction unit of a Road Construction Company. On-board systems allowing it to grind up rocks and trees as it moved over them, flatten the ground then lay a six lane motorway behind it.

A military walking vehicle which resembles a giant lobster. Powered by an atomic reactor, the four-legged Sidewinder has two mechanical arms at the front which are used to uproot trees and move aside other obstructions. It is 50 m long and weighs over 500 tonnes.

A next generation strike vessel with "phenomenal" speed.

Skyship One
A large technologically advanced airship designed by Thunderbirds creator Brains under the pseudonym of 'Mr X'.

A large passenger airliner designed by Brains under the pseudonym of "Mr. Hackenbacker".

Zero X
A metallic blue spacecraft that made the first manned landing on Mars. It is assembled hours prior to launch and consists of 5 parts:
MEV (Martian Exploration Vehicle), the main fuselage
Lifting Bodies 1 & 2
Two wing-like structures loaded with thruster packs and also incorporate landing gear at the ends
Reflective Nose Cone, which is a large metallic nose which attaches to the MEV.

Captain Scarlet

Code name

Real name

Captain Scarlet Paul Metcalfe
Captain Blue Adam Svenson
Colonel White Charles Gray
Lieutenant Green Seymour Griffiths
Doctor Fawn Edward Wilkie
Captain Black Conrad Turner
Captain Ochre Richard Fraser
Captain Magenta Patrick Donaghue
Captain Grey Bradley Holden
Captain Brown unspecified - killed by the Mysterons
Captain Indigo unspecified - killed by the Mysterons
Destiny Angel Juliette Pontoin
Symphony Angel Karen Wainwright
Melody Angel Magnolia Jones
Rhapsody Angel Dianne Simms
Harmony Angel Chan Kwan

Lieutenant Green was the first black character to appear in such a series and was voiced by black actor Cy Grant.

Gerry Anderson's New Captain Scarlet debuted in February 2005 as part of the Ministry of Mayhem on ITV. It is a “Hypermarionation“ production.

New Captain Scarlet

Code Name


Voiced by

Captain Scarlet Paul MetcalfeLeading Spectrum field agentWayne Forester
Colonel White Sir Charles GreySpectrums' Commanding OfficerMike Hayley
Captain Blue Adam SvensonAmerican agentRobbie Stevens
Lieutenant Green Serena LewisSpectrums' Controller of OperationsJules De Jongh
Doctor Gold Dr. Mason FrostDoctor on board SkybaseNigel Plaskitt
Destiny AngelSimone GiraudouxLeader of the Spectrum AngelsEmma Tate
Harmony AngelRebecca DrakeSecond in command of the AngelsJules De Jongh
Rhapsody AngelCaroline Foster-FinchJulia Brahms
Symphony AngelYoko InukaiJules De Jongh
Melody AngelEsther JacksonHeather Tobias
Captain OchreElaine McgeeIrish Spectrum Field AgentJulia Brahms
Captain GreyIain TaggartScottish Spectrum Field AgentRobbie Stevens
Captain MagentaMario MoroItalian Field AgentJeremy Hitchen
Captain IndigoJohn Roach
Captain Orangeunnamed
Captain Brownunnamed


The MysteronsAlien nemesis of Spectrum from the planet MarsMike Hayley
Captain BlackConrad LefkonMysteron agentNigel Plaskitt


RhinoA heavy-duty armoured attack vehicle.
Cheetah A rapid response vehicle.
Stallion Raid Bike Spectrum's high-speed attack bike.
Albatross A VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing)transport aircraft.
Falcon Interceptor An Advanced Tactical Fighter (ATF) with a self-powered escape pod.
Swift Spectrum's executive passenger jet.
Hummingbird Spectrum's multi-task helicopter.
Condor A multi-purpose transport vehicle.


"Stand by for action! We are about to launch Stingray! Anything can happen in the next half-hour!"

Character Voiced by
Troy Tempest Don Mason (speaking)
Gary Miller (singing)
Phones (George Sheridan) Robert Easton
Commander Shore Ray Barrett
Atlanta Shore Lois Maxwell
King Titan Ray Barrett
Agent X-2-Zero Robert Easton
Oink (pet seal) David Graham
Marinanot voiced

Joe 90

"These are Joe 90's special glasses. Without them, he's a boy; wearing them, he's an expert."

Joe 90 is a 1968 Sylvia and Gerry Anderson television series concerning the adventures of a nine-year-old boy, Joe McClaine. Joe's adoptive father and computer expert, Professor Ian McClaine, is the inventor of the BIG RAT, (Brain Impulse Galvanoscope Record And Transfer), a device that allows knowledge and experience to be copied from the minds of top experts in their fields to another person.

Character Voiced by
Joe McClaine 9 year old hero of the series Len Jones
Professor Ian "Mac" McClaine Joe's adoptive father and computer expert, Rupert Davies
Ada Harris Housekeeper Sylvia Anderson
Sam Loover a secret agent for the World Intelligence Network (WIN) Keith Alexander
Shane Weston David Healy

Space: 1999

Space: 1999 was the first attempt since the demise of Star Trek in 1969 at producing a large-scale weekly science fiction series and the last show produced by the partnership of Sylvia and Gerry Anderson.

It was about the journey of the occupants of a Moon base after the Moon is knocked out of orbit by a nuclear explosion.





Commander John KoenigMartin Landau leader of Moonbase Alpha Commander
Doctor Helena RussellBarbara Bain head of Medical SectionMedical
Alan CarterNick Tate third in command, chief pilotReconnaissance
Sandra BenesZienia Merton data analyst Service
MayaCatherine Schellscience officer Command Center
Doctor Bob MathiasAnton PhillipsHelena's deputy Medical
Professor Victor BergmanBarry Morse third in command, science adviser None
Prentis HancockPaul Morrow second in command, Main Mission controller and base executive officerMain Mission
David KanoClifton Jonesthird in command, computer operations officer Technical
Tony VerdeschiTony Anholt second in command, head of Security and Command Center controllerCommand Center / Security
Tanya Alexander Suzanne Roquette base operations officerMain Mission
Bill FraserJohn Hug pilotCommand Center
YaskoYasuko Nagazumi operative Service
Doctor Ben VincentJeffrey Kissoon Helena's deputyMedical
AlibeAlibe Parsons operativeCommand Center
Doctor Ed SpencerSam Dastor Helena's deputy Medical

Terrahawks currently being edited

A “Supermacromation” based science fiction television series set in the year 2020. It followed the adventures of the Terrahawks, a taskforce responsible for protecting Earth from invasion by a group of extraterrestrial androids and aliens lead by Zelda.

The series is set in the year 2020, after an alien force has destroyed NASA's Mars base and Earth is under threat. A small organisation, The Terrahawks, is set up to defend the planet. From Hawknest, their secret base in South America, they develop sophisticated weapons to prepare for the battles to come.

The Terrahawks

Doctor "Tiger" Ninestein The team's leader, so named as he is the ninth clone created by Dr. Stein
Captain Mary Falconer Battlehawk's pilot She acts as Ninestein's second-in-command
Captain Kate Kestrel Katherine Westerly The pilot of the Hawkwing fighter aircraft also an internationally famous pop singer
Lieutenant Hawkeye Hedley Howard Henderson III The Hawkwing's gunner
Lieutenant Hiro full name unknown The commander of the Spacehawk Hiro keeps a large collection of flowers to which he gives names and reads poetry
Colonel Johnson first name unknown The head of WASA (World Aeronautics & Space Administration) Terrahawks' co-director, his authority is constantly overridden by Ninestein.


Sergeant Major Zero commands the Zeroids stationed on Earth
Space Sergeant 101 directs the Zeroids stationed aboard Spacehawk
Dix-huit speaks French and has a handlebar moustache
55 bobs up and down in rhyme

Terrahawks vehicles

The Battlehawk heavy-duty carrier aircraft which transports the Zeroids and other auxiliary equipment hangared directly below the Hawknest mansion
The Terrahawk A flying command centre can detach from the main body of the Battlehawk
The Hawkwing A fighter aircraft with a separate over-wing which can be released to act as a flying impact bomb launches along a narrow tunnel which leads under the ocean
The Treehawk single-stage-to-orbit spaceship which transports personnel to the Spacehawk its launch pad is disguised as a tree, which opens out to allow the craft to leave
The Spacehawk An orbital battle station provides the first line of defence against an attackarmed with several batteries of Zeroids
Hudson (Heuristic Universal Driver with Sensory and Orbital Navigation) Dr Ninestein's personal car heavily modified Rolls-Royce which possesses artificial intelligence and is equipped with active camouflage
Battletank large tank manned by two Megazoids transported aboard the Battlehawk has a flip-up rollbar which allows it to be quickly airlifted out of battlezones
Overlander automated all-terrain vehicle multiple, articulated sections that brings supplies to Hawknest
Spacetank large, powerful vehicle built to use in a sneak attack on Zelda's home base based on the technology used in the Overlander supply vehicle
Groundhawk A ground vehicle used to investigate a bomb in "Child's Play" resembles a construction vehicle and has a variety of sensor equipment
The Hawklet Carried by Spacehawk more-maneuverable and better-armed version of Treehawk
MEV (Martian Exploration Vehicle) used once in a raid against Zelda's "Android City" on Mars Possibly borrowed from Spectrum
Big White One combination space-dreadnought/aerospacecraft-carrier Commanded by General "Rip" Cord in a near-catastrophic attempt to obliterate Zelda with a thermonuclear missiles

Terrahawks Code

The Terrahawks used a numeric code as shorthand during broadcasted communications. Ten-zero: Negative. Ten-ten: Affirmative. Ten-twenty: Location. Ten-thirty: Stand by. Ten-forty: Emergency. Ten-fifty: Launch. Ten-ninety: Mayday. Ten-ninety-nine: Full mobilisation. One-zero: Top secret.



ZeldaThe main villain of the series wicked and scheming would-be conqueror of Earth. She has power over matter, allowing her to enlarge or reduce the size of her spaceships, or to teleport her servants to and from Earth. "Zelda reclaims her own," was frequently said when Zelda teleported a defeated minion back to the Mars base.
Cy-star: (pronounced "Si-ster") Zelda's "sister" not very bright, but is endlessly bubbly and optimistic. Frequently she gets so excited her hair slides around her head, leading Zelda to shout in one episode "One of these days I'm going to nail that to your skull!"
Yung-star: Zelda's "son", Yung-star is, like his "aunt," not very intelligent but he's also cowardly, lazy and greedyhe is occasionally sent to accompany a monster.
It-star: Also known as "Goybirl", or "Birlgoy", It-star is a "baby" android mothered by Cy-star near the end of the series. It-star is a hermaphrodite with two minds and voices, a young girl's voice when "innocent", and a male voice with a German accent when plotting.
Cubes: The aliens' answer to the Zeroids. They can combine into large constructs such as guns and force field cubicles. Cy-star keeps one, Pluto, as a pet
Zeldan Fleet
Zelda's "Hub" / Mothership Zelda’s command shiphovers above the grounded city of satellite ships. capable of traveling anywhere throughout the universe
Docking RingSection that all six satellites, plus the mothership, connect to when the entire fleet joins and becomes a city on the Martian surface.
Satellite Ship #1 Fin-class Cruiser Space Destroyer capable of altering its size, and of generating an extremely powerful invisible force field.
Satellite Ship #2 Dog-class Cruiser Space Destroyer with heavy power capacity
Satellite Ship #3Shark-class Cruiser This Space Destroyer has the ability to become sub-aqua, numerous smaller bays containing a number of ZESAWs (ZEldan Sub-Aqua Warcraft)
Satellite Ship #4 Rhino-class Cruiser Space Destroyer and Transporter mainly used for travelling to EarthAlso carries a number of ZEAFs (ZEldan Aerospace Fighters)
Satellite Ship #5 Icebox-class Cruiser Space Destroyer used by Zelda as her laboratory contains her cryogenic chamber.
Satellite Ship #6 Phantom-class Cruiser Metamorphic Space DestroyerCan change into any craft or ridged structure.
Zelda's monsters
SramA reptilian beast with a devastating roar, capable of shattering mountains and destroying Hawkwing's shots before they can get close enough to hit him. His blood gives off fumes that are highly toxic to human beings.
SporillaA savagely powerful beast Zelda controls with a signalling device After the device is destroyed the Terrahawks find that the Sporilla has no desire to fight them.
MOIDThe Master Of Infinite DisguiseThe Terrahawks seem to find him pitiable, and he seems to regret living a life of servitude to Zelda
YuriA teddy bear-like creature the aliens find hideous and frightening. He possesses the power to mentally control metalZelda sometimes refers to him as "the furry Napoleon".
Lord TempoThe master of timeTempo can travel back and forth in time at will, and alter its flow locally
Krella hairy creature an eyestalk that can fire a laser beam powerful enough to shoot down objects in orbit
CyclopsA black and red crawling creature with one giant eye. The cyclops absorbs metal
Captain GoatA space buccaneer who captained a pirate radio ship
Cold FingerAn alien who is an expert at weaponising water and iceHis entire ship was made of ice

UFOcurrently being edited

UFO, pronounced "you-foh", was the Andersons' first totally live-action TV series. The series was not aimed at children, but deliberately sought an older audience with many episodes featured adult themes such as adultery, divorce, and drug use.

In the 1980s human beings are being covertly harvested for their organs by aliens.

The alien race is never given a proper name, either by themselves or by human beings; they are simply referred to as "the aliens."

To defend against the aliens, a secret organisation called SHADO (Supreme Headquarters Alien Defence Organisation) is established.


Car telephones (a.k.a. cell phones)

Cordless telephones

Gull-wing doors on automobiles (not widespread in 1969)

Spacecraft launched from an aircraft

Extensive use of computers in day-to-day life, even to the extent of predicting and analyzing human behaviour

Voice print identification systems; also, vocal analysis used to identify individuals in the same way as fingerprints

Spy satellites

UFO also featured episodes dealing with issues that would become topical in later years, such as space junk and the disposal of toxic waste


Comm. Ed Straker Ed Bishop A former American Air Force pilot and astronaut originally from Boston who organized SHADO following a series of UFO attacks in 1970he refuses to drink alcohol even though he has a fully stocked bar in his SHADO officesuffers from claustrophobia
Col. Paul FosterMichael BillingtonFormer test pilot whose plane was critically damaged when SHADO's Sky 1 intercepted and destroyed a UFO in close proximity to Foster's jetHe is Moonbase Commander for a time (substituting for Lt. Ellis), is assigned to Skydiver for several months, and also receives a position of authority at SHADO HQFoster has the unique distinction of having once actually befriended one of the aliens
Lt. Gay EllisGabrielle Drake Most often seen as Moonbase Commander during the first half of the seriesoccasionally portrayed as lacking self-confidence, and at other times as a take-charge officerShe is briefly reassigned to SHADO HQ when it is suggested that she may be romantically involved with Interceptor pilot Mark Bradley
Col. Alec FreemanGeorge Sewell SHADO's first officer until about the three-quarter point in the series A lady's man in his early 40s, Freeman is Straker's right hand man and, occasionally, his muscleEverybody's pal at SHADO, Freeman takes a sardonic attitude towards some of the things Straker and SHADO must do to survive, and at least once submitted his resignation in protest over a decision ("The Computer Affair")Straker's closest friend and best man at his wedding, Freeman was the very first operative recruited into SHADO
Gen. James HendersonGrant Taylor Straker's superior officerHenderson heads the International Astrophysical Commission, which is a front for SHADO and is responsible for obtaining funds and equipment from government in order to keep SHADO operationalStraker and Henderson butt heads frequently over the needs of SHADO and economic realities.
Col. Virginia LakeWanda VenthamVirginia Lake first appears as a SHADO scientist and prospective romantic conquest for Alec FreemanLake returns to the series to, ironically, take over the post of SHADO first officer, replacing FreemanA computer specialist, she also served as Moonbase commanderShe was romantically involved with Paul Foster for a time. She initially has a somewhat tense working relationship with Straker, though by the end of the series they appear to have grown close and she is seen comforting him in the final scene of the final episode
Capt. Peter CarlinPeter GordenoCarlin is the commander of the submarine Skydiver and pilot of its interceptor aircraft, Sky 1In 1970, Carlin and his sister found a UFO and were attacked; he was shot and wounded and his sister vanishedHe joined SHADO in hopes of finding out what happened to his sister, and eventually learned that her organs had been harvested
Lt. Nina BarryDolores MantezOne of Straker's first recruits into SHADO, Barry works as a tracker at Moonbase and later replaces Lt. Ellis as its commanding officerserves aboard Skydiver at one pointOne of several women attracted to Straker
Capt. Lew WatermanGary MyersInitially an Interceptor pilot on the Moon, Waterman is later promoted to captain and replaces Peter Carlin as commanding officer of Skydiver and pilot of Sky 1He becomes a very close friend of Paul Foster's
Lt. Keith FordKeith Alexander Former television interviewer who became a founding member of SHADO and its main communications officer
Lt. Ayshea Ayshea A SHADO headquarters officer later becomes SHADO's communications officer following the departure of Lt. Fordfinal appearance is stationed at MoonBase.
Dr. Doug JacksonVladek Sheybal SHADO psychiatrist and science officerA somewhat sinister-looking figure who sometimes appears to have his own agendaJackson serves a number of capacities within SHADODoug Jackson is not the character's birth name, as he speaks with a strong Eastern European accent
Lt. Joan HarringtonAntonia EllisAnother Moonbase UFO trackerHarrington appears to have a dislike for Lt. Ellis
Miss EalandNorma RonaldSHADO operative masquerading as Straker's movie studio secretaryShe is the first line of defence against anyone entering SHADO HQ via Straker's office/elevatorThe character is replaced in two episodes by a Miss Holland (played by Lois Maxwell)
Lt. Mark BradleyHarry Baird Caribbean-born Interceptor pilot based on the Moonbecomes romantically involved with Lt. Ellis for a time, leading to a temporary assignment at SHADO HQ on Earthlater briefly assumes the position of MoonBase Commander

The Protectors

The only Gerry Anderson-produced television series that was not of the fantasy or science fiction genres and his second TV series using live actors.

The Protectors first aired in 1972 and starred Robert Vaughn as Harry Rule, Nyree Dawn Porter (as the Contessa Caroline di Contini, and Tony Anholt as Paul Buchet.

The Secret Service

The last Supermarionation series followed the adventures of Father Stanley Unwin, a priest who moonlights as a secret agent for an organization called B.I.S.H.O.P. (British Intelligence Service Headquarters, Operation Priest).

Space Precinct

A British television series from the mid 1990s starring Ted Shackelford (as Lt. Patrick Brogan) and Rob Youngblood (as Jack Haldane) about policing on the planet Altor.