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Cosgrove Hall

Count Duckula

Danger Mouse

Count Duckula

A spin-off from DangerMouse, in which the Count was a recurring villain.

the family motto:

Per Ardua ad Sanguina

"Work hard for blood"

Count Duckula

A short green duck with black parted hair and the traditional vampire evening wear complete with cape.
He retains the vampiric powers of his predecessors although he has no fangs, and his favourite food is broccoli sandwiches.


The Count's Butler is a hunched balding vulture with a deep, slow voice.
He dislikes his master's behaviour, and often encourages him to act in a far more ghastly manner.
He is convinced that, if he could only talk Duckula into biting, maiming, torturing and otherwise brutalising people, it would be a return to the "good old days".


An extremely large and clumsy hen who possesses incredible strength.
She refers to the Count as "Ducky-Boos"
Her right arm is perpetually in a sling.

Castle Duckula

Transylvanian castle with dungeon, torture chamber, library of macabre texts, laboratory, etc.
It can teleport to any place but returns automatically at dawn
The castle may have a degree of self-awareness although this may simply be superstition.


A werewolf that lives in castle Duckula but is never seen.


Mechanical bats that live inside an old fashioned cuckoo clock



Dr Von Goosewing

A goose who is a mad scientist and vampire hunter
He pursues Count Duckula relentlessly, never able to comprehend that he is harmless.
When not inventing some new machine to hunt vampires with, he relies on an old fashioned musket which is loaded with a wooden stake.


Von Goosewing's unseen assistant
He is often blamed for his bosses mistakes.
It has been suggested that Heinrich quit, but his former employer failed to realise it.

The Crow Brothers

Four criminally inclined crows who are typically seen scaling the walls of Castle Duckula with the aid of climbing equipment.
Their goal is to get at the treasure inside the castle, but they rarely make it to the top.
Ruffles wears a balaclava
Burt wears a longer balaclava
third wears a Peruvian chullo that seems to extend to his eyes
fourth wears a sock that covers his face entirely

The Egg

A supervillain egg with a grudge against anyone that is alive, because he was never able to hatch from his egg.
and a parrot with an Asian complexion who is very careful not to use words with the prefix "Egg", as he knows that it will offend his master.



A pair of French criminals who serve as occasional villains.
Although they are both undeniably incompetent, the arrogant Gaston is ostensibly the brains of the outfit.
Gaston is a tall thin black stork
Pierre is a stubby short parakeet


The Phantom of the Opera

Seek revenge on Count Duckula for foiling their plans.
The Phantom is a tall, thin bird with the same mask worn by the original Phantom
Cruel is a short, misshapen bird who acts as the Phantom's manservant.


Morris the Strongman

A pair of circus performers who have a grudge against Duckula

Charlie the Clown

The Pirate Penguins

A ruthless crew who are hired by Count Duckula
They turn on Count Duckula when his antics crash their ship.



Opens and closes every episode, in a voice which parodies Vincent Price.
Typically opens with him describing Castle Duckula and its gloomy atmosphere
and usually close with him saying "Goodnight out there...WHATever you are!"


Duckula has any number of vampiric relatives all over the world.
Only a small number show any affinity or friendship toward the Count.

Don Diego

a Spanish vampire duck who enjoys burning down villages

Rory McDuckula

a Scottish vampire duck who later makes himself an enemy of Duckula

The peasants

Live in constant fear of the Count, despite his harmless current incarnation.
Their local pub is called "The Teeth and Jugular"


Count Duckula : David Jason
Igor : Jack May
Nanny : Brian Trueman
Dr Von Goosewing : Jimmy Hibbert
Narrator : Barry Clayton
Various : Ruby Wax


Danger Mouse :

The greatest secret agent in the world
Also referred to as the "White Wonder"
Although he wears an eyepatch it is not actually needed.
He speaks 34 languages fluently, including some extraterrestrial ones.

Ernest Penfold :

DangerMouse’s hamster sidekick
Also referred to as the "Hopeless Hamster"
He once won third place in a Penfold lookalike contest
Often heard to say, "Ooh crumbs!", "Ooh-eck!", "Ooh, fiddle!", "Ooh, carrots!" and "Cor, chief!".

Colonel K :

DangerMouse's chinchilla boss
known as Special K when he worked for the special branch
a champion piano-thrower, decorated judo expert and the first to climb Mount Everest on a pogo stick.

Professor Heinrich Von Squawkencluck :

Mad scientist/inventor/boffin mole.
Inventor of the Mark III, DM's flying car, and the Space Hopper, DM's personal spacecraft.
Speaks in a broken German accent.

Agent 57 :

Amaster of disguise that gained the ability to alter his own molecular structure to transform into any appearance he wished.

Flying Officer Buggles Pigeon :

Another of Colonel K's agents.

B.L.E.E.P :

(Building Location and Emergency Expedition Platoon) This special squadron lead by Mad Major Melvin

Texas Jack McGraw McGraw :

A wild, loud-mouthed but loyal Texan

Miss Boathook :
Miss Prentergast :
Miss Hackett :

The colonel's secretary, only referred to by the colonel and never seen (though sometimes heard).

Fifi :

Although Penfold seems to remember her more than DM does she appears to have been a (french) ex-girlfriend of DM's.

Penfold's Aunt :

Penfold's formidable aunt from Abergavenny
She denies that Dangermouse is a real secret agent and says that he and Penfold are just playing silly pretend games.

Baron Silas Greenback :

DangerMouse's archenemy; a toad
Commonly known as the "Terrible Toad".

Stiletto Mafiosa :

Greenback's henchman; a crow
He always called Greenback "Barone"
Catchphrase: "Sì, Barone!"

Leatherhead :

Greenback's other crow henchman
Even less intelligent than Stiletto he spent most of his time reading comic books.

Nero :

Greenback's pet. A fluffy white caterpillar

Doctor Augustus P. Crumhorn III :

A mad scientist
One of DangerMouse's recurring adversaries
he says his full name is, "Aloisius Julian Philibert Elphinstone Eugene Dionysis Barry Manilow Crumhorn"

Count Duckula :

A showbiz-obsessed vampire duck who REALLY wanted to get his own show

Copper-Conk Cassidy :

A memorable villain who had the distinctive characteristic of causing everyone who encountered him to literally fall to pieces in sheer terror.

Doctor Frankenstoat :

Fformed a temporary alliance with Count Duckula.
Frankenstoat built machines to aid a bid for world domination.

J. J. Quark :

A snout-nosed space alien
Speaks with a Scottish Accent
plans to take over the world

Grovel :

Quark’s robot flunkie

The Fangboner :

A hideous and sharp-toothed alien beast that Quark unleashed on DangerMouse and Penfold

El Loco :

A violent Mexican criminal who packs a few pistols.
He was given his name when he "went off the rails at the age of three".

Mac The Fork :

A sneaky, Scottish snake

Mac the Spoon :

Mac The Fork’s half-witted brother

Dudley Poyson :

A mad owl scientist, who paired up with Mac the Fork

Hannibal Hogatey :

A villain with a herd of highly trained elephants

Wufgang Bah :

a canine with frazzeled hair who was patterned after Ludwig van Beethoven

The Gremlin :

an anti-logical being who beamed darkness down upon the earth via a spaceship.

P.A.W.S. :

A robotic cat
created by Greenback and used to kidnap Colonel K.

Mad Manuel :

The Flamenco Assassin hired by Greenback to kill Danger Mouse

Isambard Sinclair :

The narrator
occasionally interacts with the characters