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Catch 22
( Joseph Heller )

Crop Circles

(extra sensory perception)


Loch Ness

Prieure de Sion



Friendly Fire.

Catch 22 ( Joseph Heller ):

I think he’s dead now so I can’t ask him but I was wondering if he chose the number 22 due to it’s bingo call ; “two little ducks”. A “pair of ducks” sounding very much like “paradox”.

Crop Circles:

There are undoubtedly individuals and groups that have been responsible for some of the phenomenon that are referred to as “Crop Circles”. There are still however a number of these things that have either not been claimed by the Hoaxers or have in other ways shown signs of supernatural activity.

E.S.P. (extra sensory perception)

JF was going mad at work last week. It was either Wednesday or Thursday that he decided that he had seen on the news that Slobivan Milosovitch had been shot outside the UN building. The date would have been 27th or 28th November 2002. In this case he may have just had a dream involving things that were mentioned during the day or at least moved closer toward the conscious part of his mind. It is also possible that sometime in the future that Milosovich may indeed be shot as described by JF. I have personally had prophetic dreams and deja-vu experiences and would love to know how to control them even if I can never explain them.

Infinity :

A poor excuse to try to hide how ignorant we really are. What it really means that it is beyond the realms of our understanding.

Loch Ness :

There is definitely something strange which apparently has visited the Loch and been filmed. It is highly unlikely that it is a survivor of an otherwise extinct species of dinosaur or that it looks anything like the popular triple humped animal depicted in the media. There have been several alleged photographs and film footage taken of objects in Loch Ness but only one of them, to my knowledge, remains unexplained. Along with the film footage and an unexplained Sonar reading of a large fast moving sub aqua body it must be said that further investigations are needed. Perhaps trying to solve the mystery of the sightings rather than find the monster it may be possible to find a different angle to approach the problem from. Lets also look at the Loch Ness mystery in another way, mathematically, or to make it sound a little bit more interesting lets have a look at the "odds".

Estimating Loch Ness to be 24 miles long, one mile wide and one mile deep it would have a volume of 3.5 x 10^12 cu ft...
if monster was 100 ft long 20 ft high and 20 ft wide it would be 4 x 10^4 cu ft
The monster would then take up approx. 1.13 x 10^-8 of the Loch... ... that is 1 / 88,318,771.

To put this in context it would take nearly 90 million blue whales to fill the Loch.

From most reports it would seem that the monster is more likely to be in the range of 30 x 10 x 10 ft and would therefore be one trillionth of the volume of the Loch.

Prieure de Sion :

The theory proposed in Holy Blood Holy Grail (Baigent et al), i.e. that the Bloodline of King David suvived to the present day through Jesus Christ and the Royal families of Europe, is as preposterous as many of the other conspiracy theories involving Templars, holy grail, etc. Surely it makes much more sense for the established theory. The one which states that :
A young girl survived a “fatherless” pregnancy at a time and place where such a sin would be punishable by death from stoning.
The child that she subsequently gave birth to in a stable was visited by three kings who happened to bump into each other while following a star which foretold of the birth of a King.
By giving the baby/infant a choice of three gifts the child showed himself to be aware of worldly wisdom, the need to make devotional offering to the Gods and the importance of the relationship between life and death.
This showed that the claims must be true and that Jesus was the Son of God.
Jesus went on to be a single, chaste, peace loving man (apart from one episode where he became enraged at the behaviour in the Temple, “his father’s house”) who went round helping people and telling everyone else they should do the same.
This upset those in charge and so he was condemned to death for crimes against his people.
He died nailed to a cross and was taken down and buried.
Three days later he rose from the dead and after a bit more telling people to be good to each other ascended to his father in heaven.


There’s something out there but what ever it is we’re not likely to find out for a while yet. In a lot of cases the objects can be explained after further investigation but there are still those which remain either unexplainable or military secrets.


Culturally translated stories of the Indian Ocean brought back to Crete telling of the Narwhal. The confusion was probably caused by the Cretan habit of portraying individuals riding dolphins. The narwhal being slightly larger than a dolphin and having a single horn was translated to being a larger single horned horse. It’s rarity was also of course due to the fact that the stories were thought to have been Greek before it was realised that they had been imported from a Greek philosopher that had brought the Unicorn story back from a visit to India.

Friendly Fire.

What the hell does that mean ? Surely the only fire that is friendly is that which misses. If it hits you then it doesn't matter where it came from it is still hostile.