Myths and mysteries related to the Knights Templar.

There are many myths and mysteries concerning the Templars. At the moment this page covers the basics but will develop as I discover more information."

The Ark Of The Covenant?

Necromantic Skull Of Sidon.

The Baphomet Mythos.

The Holy Grail?

Did The Templars
Form Switzerland?

The Shroud of Turin.

The Ark Of The Covenant.

The Ark of the Covenant was the case in which Moses saved the two tablets inscribed with the commandments.

The Legend Of The Necromantic Skull Of Sidon.

The legend of the Skull of Sidon claims that one of the Templars had a relationship with a beautiful young woman who subsequently died. The knight is said to have then dug up her corpse and consummated their relationship.

A voice told him that he should return to the grave nine months later. On doing so he found a skull and cross-bones in the grave and was told that this was "giver of all good things".

He took the bones away with him and defeated his enemies merely by showing them the magic head.

The Baphomet Mythos.

Evidence gained from the records of the Inquisition states that the Templars were involved in some sort of ceremony involving the “worship” of a head which was referred to as Baphomet.

The information currently available suggests that this may have been a slight modification of the Arabic which translates as “father (and/or source) of wisdom (and/or understanding)”.

While it has been suggested that the Baphomet was some sort of devil is it not true that the “Father of Wisdom” was King Solomon.

The Holy Grail.

There is a very interesting book concerning one theory about the Grail. It is highly controversial and should be studied rather than read -

The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail.

Baigent, M. Leigh, R. and Lincoln, H.
ISBN 0 09 968241 9

Did The Templars Form Switzerland ?

In “The Warriors and the Bankers” Butler and Defoe suggest that "on a balance of probabilities it seems most likely that the Templars were responsible for the formation of Switzerland".

It has been shown in several sources that not all of the Knight Templars were in fact “captured” by the forces of Phillipe IV. It has been suggested that some of these escaped by sea (the Templars did have their own fleet) however there is also circumstantial evidence which leads to the hypothesis that others escaped to the East.

Switzerland was founded at the same period as the Templars were being persecuted in France and was an area that would have been easily accessible for any of the French Templars to get to.

White coated knights are reported in the history of the first Swiss Cantons to have appeared mysteriously and helped the locals to defend their lands from foreign forces and therefore gain independence.

Although the Swiss suggest that they don't really know the ins and outs of their earliest history this may be due to their penchant for secrecy ( a Templar trait ). Other similarities include emblems, such as the Templar Cross, keys and lambs, which are included into flags of many of the Swiss Cantons. There are also the obvious links between the Templars and the Swiss with regards banking, farming and engineering and religious tolerance.

more will follow here when I get the time for more detailed research

The Shroud of Turin.

Traditionally considered to be the shroud in which Jesus Christ was wrapped there have been several other claims made concerning the shroud of Turin.

One of these is that it may have been the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar, Jaques de Mornay.

Another hypothesis is that the Shroud was in fact a photograph produced by Leonardo da Vinci, alleged to have been the Grand Master of the Prieure de Sion ( 1510 – 1519 ).