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-Disclaimer- This Layout was made by 'The One', 'The Only', Robert Poppel, and he is letting me, Justin Zabler, use it. The view are neither influencial nor are they aimed at WCW, WWF, or even the company that is done for ECW! I am not Jeff Hardy, nor do I pose as him. The great banner at the top was made and given to me by Tre and I give him a 100% credit for it. Now, what you people need to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy my masterpiece that I have created. And if you don't wanna do that, then get the hell out of here! Ha Ha Ha! -Disclaimer Ends-
--[ Forward ]-- The Pro Wrestling Online has finally opened its doors once again, and are ready to display its talent! The great staff of the PWO has thought up of and created a tremendous first show for the PWO to kick off on November 29th!. Thursday Night Smackdown! With great matches to be taking place, as well as a Co-Main Event! Thats right! Scott Hall vs Chris Jericho vs Steve Austin in a Triple Threat No Holds Barred Match! And a Fatal Four Way match up between Sting, Triple H, Rock and Scott Steiner in a Hell in a Cell Match! What more can you ask for for a debut event here in the PWO? Not Much more!

--[ Scene ]-- The scene opens up here in the great state of North Carolina! Also the home state of Jeff Hardy!! We are at the PWO arena, and the cameras are backstage. We see plenty of Pro Wrestling Online Superstars standing around, talking to one another, and also some of the superstars just arriving here tonight as the PWO is putting up a great house show. The scene cuts to inside the arena where we see the 20,000 plus fans standing on their feet, cheering and screaming in great anticipation for Heat to begin! They are holding up their greatly decorated signs up in the air, truly showing off their PWO spirit! The scene cuts one more time into the locker room of Jeff Hardy!! The fans begin to scream their lungs off for the hometeown boy as him, and his girlfriend Trish Stratus are seen together in Jeff's locker room. The fans quiet down so they can listen to what Trish and Jeff have to say!!!

--[ "The Swanton Masta" Jeff Hardy ]-- feels great to be home. You know Trish, I havent been back here in North Carolina for the longest time. It sure does feel good.

--[ "The Blonde Bombshell" Trish Stratus ]-- Thats great hun. You know, I can't say as if I have ever been in North Carolina long enough to really enjoy it as much as you have been telling me how great it is. If we are gonna be here for a bit, if you wouldnt mind showing me around here, I would really love to get to know the atmosphere.

--[ "The Swanton Masta" Jeff Hardy ]-- Not a problem Trish. I know all the great places to visit here in Cameron since it is where I grew up. I would love to show you around.

--[ "The Blonde Bombshell" Trish Stratus ]-- Wonderful! Well I do have to say that it is sure great to be back here in the PWO. I always wondered when it would start back up, and I am sure glad that we signed our contracts back here