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.::( Forward )::. It's been a while, but once again the elite in the world of e-wrestling return to the arena which made them famous.  Pro Wrestling Online has to be one of the most successful promotions that has ever graced the world wide web.  It contains everything an e-federation needs.. great staff, great members and commitment!  There is nothing more which anyone can ask for when signing up for Pro Wrestling Online.  The past was bright, but the future looks even brighter with the induction of great new talent such as Edge, Triple H, The Rock, Sting and a host of others, the talent which PWO has is never ending.  On Thursday the 29th of November 2001, Pro Wrestling Online returns to your television screens with its return edition of Smackdown! .::( Forward )::.

.::( The Scene )::. Pro Wrestling Online is all about the fans and what better way to reward the fans after a long absence than to have a PWO fans day!  Today the many fans of Pro Wrestling Online can meet their favourite superstars, have photos with them, get their autographs of the men and women they haven't seen on PWO television which seems like an eternity!  We move to the PWO internet area where Kevin Kelly and Howard Finkle are hosting a special live edition of Byte This! For the people at the PWO fans day and who are logged onto .::( The Scene )::.

.::( Kevin Kelly )::. Welcome everybody to this very special day in the history of Pro Wrestling Online, where for the first time viewers will be able to see Byte This without being at home on there computers.  I am Kevin Kelly and as always I am joined by Howard Finkle!  Today we are only days away from the first PWO relaunch event Smackdown!  And not too long ago the card was released!  The card shows a huge double main event, where the top superstars in Pro Wrestling Arena hope to establish themselves early, but not only that a huge tournament is being held for the Pro Wrestling Online Television Championship.  8 men will compete in a series in which the winner of the championship would of had to wrestle three times in the one evening and of course he would have had to remain undefeated during the night.  Today we have a very special guest who will be joining us right now, he is one of the eight men in the Television Championship Tournament... he is Edge!

.::( The crowd watching this live PWO Byte This begin to cheer as I am sure the people at home watching on the internet are doing to as Edge steps out from behind a barrage of security to make his way up onto the stage.  Edge gives a wave to the crowd and takes a seat next to Kevin Kelly and Howard Finkle.  He puts a set of head phones on and looks out into the crowd giving the smile all the girls want to taste and all the guys want to have.  )::.

.::( Kevin Kelly )::. Welcome to Byte This! Edge and indeed to the Pro Wrestling Online.

.::( Edge )::. Well it is great to be here Kevin!  Pro Wrestling Online has always been a world apart for a person like myself and now that I have the opportunity to wrestle in the organization I am going to take it with both hands and I am not going to look back!  And I know how much all the fans want me here in PWO, I mean look at this place, you just have to say my name and the place goes nuts... go ahead Kevin give the people what they want.... announce Edge is here in Pro Wrestling Online.

.::( Kevin Kelly )::. Ladies and Gentlemen... EDGE!!

.::( The crowd breaks into mad hysteria as Kevin Kelly announces Edge one more time... Edge just sits and smiles nodding his head to the reaction he is getting from the crowd.  )::.

.::( Edge )::. See that Kevin, I bet you never got a reaction like that when you announce your name to the adoring public and quite frankly I can see why.. you are drastically over weight, I am pretty sure you are going bald and... wait a minute is that a piece of booger hanging out of your nose?  Oh My God!  It is!

.::( Kevin Kelly begins rubbing his nose frantically as the crowd begins to laugh..  )::.

.::( Edge )::. Have you no shame Kevin?  See these teeth.. (taps his fingers nails on them) I brush these bad boys as often as I can, sometimes up to 48 times a day!  I am sure you have as much time for your nose as I have for my teeth because lets face it Kevin, your nose is the only thing you have got going for you!  When your as butt ugly as you are you have to protect your assets!  There is no way Kevin that you or anybody else here today or on the Pro Wrestling Online roster for that matter who can match my good looks, look at me Kevin, not a hair out of place, clothes are neat, I have well controlled facial hair and lets face it my gut doesn't hang over my belt... not mentioning any names *cough, cough* Kevin Kelly *cough, cough*  So anyway Kevin I am not here to give beauty tips.. what's going down?

.::( Kevin Kelly )::. Well Edge as you are most likely aware, this Thursday Night you are one of the eight men which will be in the Television Championship Tournament, here on Byte This we are giving you the opportunity to give us all here today your thoughts on your opponent The Undertaker and the other superstars in the tournament.

.::( Edge )::. Well that's very nice of you Kevin, but before I begin can I make one thing very clear.  There is only one superstar in this tournament on Thursday Night and that's the Edgester!
Now that that is out of the way, lets get to that Television Championship Tournament.  Now Kevin Kelly, you know and the fans know I have only been in Pro Wrestling Online for a few days now, and I have been placed in a tournament which gives me the opportunity to hold gold.. Television Gold!  Just that thought has inspired me to bigger and better things over my training over the last few days, I have been pumping heavier weights and been eating my greens which I don't enjoy much, but lets face it... who really does?  The prize at the end of the tunnel will be my motivating factor on Thursday Night Kevin, and there is no doubting that the Television Championship was created to fit around my waste, being on the Undertaker, Hurricane Helms, Tazz, Kevin Nash and the rest of those reekazoids in the tournament does the belt no justice.  Check this out Kevin... and I hate to keep putting you down like this *placing hand over mouth* NOT...(lifting up shirt) but check this out.  This is years of heavy and hard training.  Years of blood, sweat and tears, and just how good would the Television Championship belt look here?  It would top off an already earth moving body, and as you could put it Kevin it would be like placing the icing on the cake!  But I don't want all the Edgeheads out there to think that I am all about looks.  All of you will find out soon enough that I am an all round athlete, good looks, great charisma and without a doubt I can wrestle too.
The first to find this out on Thursday Night in Washington DC is the American Jackass, Deadman Crawling, because he is sooooo old The Undertaker!  What's up with the taker these days?  Does he have a self image problem?  One day he is the Phenom, the next a bad ass and now he has returned to Deadman walking, one thing he is not and that's Edge and as DDP would say "That's not a bad thing.. that's a good thing!" but we will get onto Diamond Dallas Page a bit later!  10 years ago while I was studying hard in Canada, Undertaker took down some of the best.. Hulk Hogan, Physco Sid and many other now old timers.  Out with the old and in with the new that's what Pro Wrestling Online is all about and all of you around the world are looking at and listening to the new era of professional wrestling!  There is no room in the business for guys like the Undertaker, Diamond Dallas Page, Ric Flair, Kevin Nash, Bret Hart and the list goes on.. these guys are to be quite frank too old!  I mean does Pro Wrestling Online really want to be liable for the possible occurrence that one of these men or if not all of these men having a heart attack and dieing in the centre of the ring?  I don't think so, but what can I do about it, I am an employee just like these old timers, but the one thing which runs to my advantage is that I have the opportunity to show up the old talent and show them the way to the door, where there smelly boots can be thrown out in the trash as there careers were five years ago!  And you know I am right, these guys haven't wrestled a decent match in over half a decade, they are sticking up arenas all over the country with there old school wrestling techniques, there arm bars, monkey tosses and snapmeres!  Today's fans want more in there Pro Wrestling Online superstars, and what they see before there eyes today is the end of boring wrestling and the beginning of exciting new age sports entertainment!  Just like it should be! 

Back to the Undertaker, Kevin what's up with that bike he rides into and out of the arena on?  Can't he afford a car? hmm.... Nah he is a big wrestling superstar.... um....wait I got it.. he doesn't know how to drive a car.... or then again maybe he is a big boy with a fascination for bikes!  There is no need to be ashamed Undertaker, but here is a little bit of advise from me the Edgester!  You might want to get a piece of paper and write this down for future use.  Why don't you trade in that push bike for a nice shining, silver and black wheel chair?  It has to be a lot more useful to you old man.  When Deadman Walking hits and Limp Bizkit plays you can roll out on your wheel chair and do the lap of the ring to the ovation of your adoring public, and then you can show them you still have it by getting those 2 back wheels moving and burning it up!  I am sure that or a walking stick will lift Pro Wrestling Online's ratings real high! (laughs)   But in all seriousness Kevin, what does the Undertaker have on me?  Sure he is 6'10, 300 and something pounds and takes people on their last ride but is that all supposed to scare me?  So Undertaker is taller than me big deal.. heavier... all that means is that when I floor him the harder it is going to hurt, and the last ride?  Hmm.... I seem to be shaking in my boots.. can you see the Goosebumps Kevin?

.::( Kevin Kelly )::. To be quite frank Edge... yes I can!

.::( Edge )::. Ok your trying to be funny right.... hold on your right.. but wait I was just thinking I am going to have to wrestle the Undertaker... I mean he probably hasn't had a shower in over a month.. maybe longer.... *shivers* That sends a chill down my body Kevin.. can you imagine the body odour?  Just the thought of it makes me what to vomit my lunch all over the floor!  Can somebody get me a paper bag?  *squirms face up and does the dumb and dumber almost vomit routine*  Hold that thought, I just remembered that once I get through Taker, that Television Championship will be all mine.  Undertaker might have the Last Ride, but I have the Spear and The Edgecutioner!  

Even he can't handle what I am bringing and let my first match with the Undertaker be a little warning to the rest of the guys in this championship tournament!  Because its going to be B-r-ootal!  And I will show I can be very B-r-ootal.  Being the American Bad Ass Undertaker will mean nothing to me.... I am more than capable of beating you on Smackdown!
Hold on a second here... what's that I hear (standing up and looking around)  I believe I can hear some chants of Edge Sucks down the back... well If I suck I must of learnt from the best buddy.. your mother!  This is one place I don't want to be.. as soon as the plane hit the ground here in Pennsylvania I wish I was taking off again.  Unfortunately that's not the case.  I have to be hear doing Pro Wrestling Online Byte This.. with Mr. Hygiene himself and the Fink!  But I am hear to please my fans here.... oh my God.. I had almost forgot.... you all want your five seconds of flash photography right... well I am not going to disappoint you....


.::( Edge stands and places his hands over his neck and begins to choke himself... he makes sure every fan has a vantage point for this pose... the flashes go ballistic as he returns to his seat after the five seconds of photography. )::.

.::( Edge )::. Ok now where was I.... ah ha.. that's right I was talking about coming here for the fans... well now that you have my photo, that is probably the happiest and closest you will ever get to greatness your whole lives... so I am glad to produce a smile on your dial and give you something to live for, because God knows what you would be like without me!  I feel so sorry for all you people here today... I get to leave this afternoon but you are stuck here your whole lives.... that sucks.... But what you going to do... as the old line goes... sh... stuff happens!  And being the role model that I am for many of you I would like to advise you that swearing is not all that impressive!  Do you guys think you can pick up all the lovely ladies by swearing?  Well I will tell you right from the word go, you have a hard enough time already, I mean look at you, I can't even tell what colour pants you are wearing because your stomach hangs so low... and is that your tooth or one huge giant snot ball hanging from your nose??  I am so very glad I look the way I do... If I had to look myself in the mirror everyday and see a fat, ugly wanna be then I would have no choice but to find the biggest rock, tie a rope to my leg and plummet into the river!

.::( Kevin Kelly )::. Edge... should you get through the Undertaker on Thursday Night, there are a total of 6 other Pro Wrestling Online superstars which you could meet in the next round... with the fate of the positions uncertain how do you feel about the following superstars;  Hurricane Helms, Tazz, Kevin Nash, Diamond Dallas Page, Bret Hart and William Regal.. all who you could meet down the track should you advance in the tournament.

.::( Edge )::. What you mean should I advance?  I have a greater chance of advancing than the American Soccer Team has of winning the World Cup!  Which is not very high but anyway my point is that I can do it... I know I can do it and all the Edgeheads out there know I can do it, even though there mad because I am going to be leaving this hell hole very soon, so I can make it back to Washington DC in time for Smackdown!

.::( Kevin Kelly )::. That's all well and good Edge but what about those six Pro Wrestling Online superstars I just named!  They have to be at the back of your mind going into Smackdown!  And if there not I don't have a clue what is running threw your head!

.::( Edge )::. Well Kevin, if you stop interrupting me and allowing me to finish, you would get your answers.... The six other Pro Wrestling Online superstars are locked in my thought.. and well seeing that I am here I may as well give me little predictions and insights on the matches in the Television Championship Tournament!
Well Kevin the first match I am going to talk about and give the Edgester's tips is the match that will directly effect me once I defeat the Undertaker on Smackdown!  

That match is between Hurricane Helms and Tazz.  Hurricane Helms.. the SUUUPPPPER HERRROOO of Pro Wrestling Online!  What a joke, I mean look at this guy Kevin, my legs are more defined than his whole body, they contain more strength and can and will give more of an ass kicking than he ever will.  So he is a SUUUPPPPER HERRROOO, what is he savings us from?  Bad Gimmicks and lousy ring attire?  If that is the case then he should start protecting all the Pro Wrestling Online fans from himself.  He seems to take his inspiration from the Green Lantern, well let me tell you... the Green Lantern Sucks!  He totally reeks of lack of powers, not to mention lack of good looks.  If Hurricane Helms wants to base himself around a SUUUPPPPER HERRROOO, he has to look no further than here... ME... I am more of a hero than Green Lantern was, and I look a lot better also.  I have everything that a super hero can be based around, the looks, the chicks, the right looking clothing, not to mention that I can do all the super hero propaganda.. I can fight crime and promote dental care!  Everybody wants  a super hero who has good oral hygiene...  I mean do you want to be saved by a man like Hurricane Helms, and as he looks into your eyes and says "Don't worry fine young lady you are safe" you are hit with the worst case of bad breath you have ever encountered?  I don't think so.. I am sure you would want to be back with the villain in no time at all!  At the end of the day in my busy life I don't have time to be a super hero!  So I will let Helms do that collective super hero crap because in the ring on Thursday Night, he is going to need all the powers he can pump into his body if he advances into the next round of the Television Championship Tournament, because you guessed it, I will be ready and waiting for him, I have had all my Wheeties growing up, and I am still eating them now, helps Edge get big and strong.. stronger and bigger than what he already is...and with that I should be able to take down little Hurricane Helms, because like the Undertaker will choke.. Hurricane won't even be able to cook up a storm.. (laughs)
Well as you all know it takes two to tango... and the second waste of space in this qualifying match on Smackdown is, Thug Life Born, Thug Life Bred and when he meets Edge in the ring He will be Thug Life Dead!  That's if he doesn't have a heart attack against Helms!  Tazz, Tazz, Tazz.. you have really let yourself go.... I mean you once where a mean, slightly trim, fighting machine... all you do now is sit around and rant about the past.... *Puts on Tazz voice* "I come from Brooklyn.. most of my friends are either in gaol or dead!"  How many of you believe that crap?  That is the worst cover I have ever seen... Tazz tells you that his friends are in gaol or dead.. but the fact is that he doesn't have any friends... Who can blame anyone for not wanting to get close too Tazz, apart from the fact that he reeks.... He looks like a bull dog.. Have you seen him lately Kevin?  He has a face that looks like it has been struck with a frying pan about a dozen times and a little stumpy head that barely contains a neck!  When your in the ring, you have to worry about Tazz biting your ankles rather than getting you with a headlock!  He has to be the shortest guy in Pro Wrestling Online... and you know what they say.. SIZE DOES MATTER!  How can this little dwarf be expected to handle the pressures of the ring against a superstar like myself?  Its really not fair for Tazz, but I am not going to lie down for anybody, but I am all for it if he wants to forfeit should he make it through!  I mean he will be saving himself one hell of a butt kicking, and I am sure the fans in the back row seats want to be able to see the wrestlers not just me.. even though you pay to see me!  Tazz you seem to be the dwarf Snow White left behind because you were begging to bite at her heels, the one which gave Sleepy his name when you choked him out as soon as your mom put you out of her oven!  It has been well over 30 years Tazz and I still believe that you are the very same hight when you were first brought into this world!  You couldn't cut it as a part of Snow White's Dwarfs Tazz and you won't be able to cut it in the ring with me on Thursday should you make it... and let me underline that.. its a big SHOULD!
Well now that those two guys are out of the way I will give my Edgespert opinion on who I feel will advance into the next round of the championship tournament.  Well Helms is a super hero and Tazz is a little Bull dog... hmm this match is a tough one to call, I am sure a super hero can take care of a bull dog but intern a bull dog can take care of a super hero should that hero be dressed like a mail man... I know how about we just throw that match off the card and when I win I can have  a break in the next round because I totally reek of awesomeness and I totally deserve it... and you know I am going to need a shower after I tackle the Undertaker, because lets go back to my earlier points.. he stinks!  In the ring and all over the body!  I am going to need a lot of soap after I finish wrestling the Undertaker!  But in this match I think maybe Helms will get over Tazz, because he can *Russian Voice* "Crush him" * with his super hero powers, if he decides to base his whole life, and job around me!!!!  Pro Wrestling Online's only real super hero!

.::( Kevin Kelly )::. Well Edge, you are right in saying one of those two men Tazz or Hurricane Helms will be your opponent in the next round should you advance, but as you know on the other side of the board are another for superstars in two big matches in this championship tournament.. these two matches are Kevin Nash vs. Diamond Dallas Page and Bret Hart vs. William Regal.

.::( Edge )::. Thanks for that important piece of information Kevin.. Like I already didn't know that... duh!  Well the next match in the tournament is Kevin Nash vs. Diamond Dallas Page.  

A battle between two dinosaurs here in Pro Wrestling Online... Kevin Nash who is around what 45 years old and Diamond Dallas Page who has to be around the same also.  What I don't understand Kevin and I said this earlier.. why are these grand dads still wrestling?  Don't they have anything better to do... they had there last good match five or ten years ago.... The world of professional wrestling is becoming like a retirement village where all these old timers come and have there butts carried and looked after by the younger up and coming superstars like myself...  I mean I do all the hard and daring ring work, while these old fossils do the old kick to the face followed up with a leg drop!  I mean *slowly* "W-h-a-t-s U-P W-i-t-h T-h-a-t!"  I say it like that Kevin so these old guys can understand what I am saying without turning up their hearing aids!  The whistler 500 or something... I won't be needing those for some time to come... but while I am on the subject of Kevin Nash and Diamond Dallas Page.. I might as well give all you people standing here watching Byte This the real low down on these so called legends of Professional Wrestling!
Well Kevin Nash... he is back in his red and black... but then again when has he ever changed the colour of his ring attire.. hasn't it always been red and black?  And I wonder if he even takes it off... each time you see him his stomach seems to be pushed out further and further.. another man who has no shame Kevin.. you and him must be really good friends... really good friends... I even heard you set up the club No Shame is Us.... where all you guys get together and talk about what you have done your whole miserable lives and how you have ended up here.... washed up with inhuman growths and other disgusting elements coming from your body.  However what I can say about Kevin Nash is that he is a hell of a comedian.. I mean what does he call himself now "Big Sexy?"  I mean... (laughing) Big Sexy what.. beer gut?  When I look at Kevin Nash.. I don't see sexy I see pity... I want to go up to him and hand him a weight loss voucher so when ever I look at him I won't be experiencing weight loss as I begin to bring up my food.  For Gods sake Nash... get some clothes that fit... not ones that show your gigantic man boobs...  Without a doubt he has a bigger rack than some of the Women here today... but then again look where we are....  Anyway Nash.. your old, your fat.. you got nothing on me and should we meet in the latter stages of the tournament then I would be happy to show you what I got.... 
The next man tells us all to feel the bang?  Feel the bang.. the only band Diamond Dallas Page will be feeling is the bang of my boot on his butt!  This is another guy who has lived past his time in the world of professional wrestling and there is no need for him to even step foot into Pro Wrestling Online because his butt will be sent to the curb as fast as he can say Edge.. the new and first Pro Wrestling Online Television Champion!  Page I have watched you on television over the years and I can see that nothing has changed... you have the same predictable moves, the same stupid boring ring attire.... the same music and the same wrong head which you have been carrying around since the dawn of time... Please.. Please do something about that face of yours...  I have noticed however that you have a nice set of teeth and a smile which you love to show people.. Well have a look at this one... all natural and a smile that the girls die for... and guess what Diamond Dallas Page... they didn't cost me a cent but they are bringing in well more than they are worth in terms of the lovely ladies.. and we all know how many ladies want to be with me...*Edge Smiles and shows the crowd and the fans on the Internet his teeth*  Look at that smile, look at these teeth... money can't buy a smile like this.. but Diamond Dallas Page you gave it a  shot anyway... I would go back to wherever you had that done and ask for your money back... take in a photo of myself and ask for the Edge special.. but even then you are no guarantee to look any better than what you already do... these teeth are meant for one face and that's mine... but Diamond Dallas Page.. if having shiny white teeth turns you on.. then please don't try anything in the ring on Thursday Night should I be seeing you along the way, because I am sure it could be classified as some sort of sexual harassment and I do have insurance on these teeth so don't even think about harming my most prized asset, but then again when you are Edge everything is a prized asset!  Diamond Dallas Page.. you are going to be the one I can feel it that I am going to be facing in the finals of this tournament for the television championship, you where just like me at one stage in your life, you had blonde hair, you could do all the moves I can do today and I bet you could pull the chicks... but as I said.. times have changed and I am the new blood in the world of Pro Wrestling Online, I am leading the charge for the younger more athletic superstars who have come to Pro Wrestling Online to realise a dream and in my very first match I have the chance to become a champion!  So what I have to wrestle three times in one night to realise my dream of becoming a champion in Pro Wrestling Online, but Diamond Dallas Page not you or anybody else in this tournament is going to stand in my way...  Its time for the Edgester to shine and I will be damned to let an old Dinosaur like Diamond Dallas Page stand in my way.  Should it be you that I have too face Diamond Dallas Page, I am going to give you a new age butt kicking... but that's not a bad thing Page... Its a Good Thing!
Kevin before I continue would you please be able to get me a glass of water?

.::( Kevin Kelly )::. Sure Edge, but can we leave the last match for a few moments... as accustomed for Byte This we like to give the fans an opportunity to ask the superstar in question, and today that's you Edge a few questions... do you mind that? 

.::( Edge )::. No *drinking some water* not at all... I just have one request, please I don't want anybody coming up here and touching me because I only have enough time tonight for 3 showers, any more would be pushing my schedule.

.::( Kevin Kelly )::. Ok, our first question comes from a member of audience here at the Pro Wrestling Online fans day... go ahead when your ready...

.::( Audience Member 1 )::. Hey Edge, how are you?  I have been watching you travel all over the country and it seems that finally here in the Pro Wrestling Online organization you finally get a chance to become a champion.  What do you think will be the hardest part of becoming the Television Champion on Thursday Night?

.::( Edge )::. Hi, I am fine, I don't know about you but.... I think you should lay off the hotdogs... I have seen you eat about 3 already in the time I have been up here.  Your right on one point that I am finally getting a chance at championship gold and I feel that I can do it and become a champion here in Pro Wrestling Online.
The toughest thing which I will confront on Thursday Night in my quest to become the Television Champion is the amount of matches that I will have to wrestle.  Three in one night is tough for any superstar, even a top superstar like myself, but without a doubt the hardest part of the night will be that I have to wrestle three times.  I am sure my body can take it however... I have been training for this my whole life and now I can prove myself to the world.. the world of professional wrestling!

.::( Kevin Kelly )::. Well nobody else wants to ask you any questions Edge.. this is a first!

.::( Edge )::. What.. you got to be joking right?  I am Edge!  What's wrong with you people.. this is the only chance of seeing greatness and asking him a question and you are turning him down!  Well that is your loss!  Where was I up to in the Television Championship Tournament... um.. that's right Bret Hart and William Regal.  Kevin Kelly, I really think they should rename this Television Championship Tournament to Oldies r Us, because what's up with this.. Bret Hart and William Regal.... at least 50% of the competitors in this competition are over 40 years of age... the only thing me and Hurricane Helms have in common is that we are dragging the average age of the competitors down!  This is so very unbelievable, I really hope that Pro Wrestling Online has enough ambulances back stage to compensate for all the possible heart attacks which could take place in the ring on Thursday Night!
Well Bret "The Hitman" Hart...  it has been quite a year for you hasn't it... you have been travelling around the world with the World Wrestling All-stars and your mother passed away only weeks ago... from the bottom of my heart I would like to say I am deeply saddened by your loss, and that I wish your family all the best... you on the other hand I hope I meet you in the ring so I can show you what I learned while I was training in Canada... Like Helms we have one thing in common and that's the country of out birth, but once we pass that hurdle we go our different ways and you seem to fall way, way behind!  I have great athletic ability, once again greater looks, and can wrestle ten times better than you could in your prime!  And when I look back it seems your prime age was a lousy 20 years ago.  So why don't you do me and all the fans a favour and take your wrinkly ass back to Canada and look after that overly populated family of yours... Did you know that the Harts make up nearly half of Canada?  Obviously the family was a little too close if you know what I mean!! *raises his eyebrows up and down*  But then again, you are probably standing next to your mother, sister and aunty!  And for you guys out there... your grandad, father, brother and uncle... the combinations are endless.. as I guess you have all found out over the years.  Bret Hart... I admit you were once a legend!  A folk hero in Canada.. a hero to me... then I started to believe and found myself an new hero... you want to know who my new hero is... well I guess they could be called hero's.. well my new hero is who ever is wrestling you... without a doubt...because they have the courage to step into the ring with the potential to stink up the arena with his boring old school, submission manoeuvres!  Its all about high flying Bret... have you ever jumped before?  If you haven't I am sure it puts too much strain on those arthritic legs of yours!  Your knees can't handle the pressure of today's professional wrestling matches.. so hang up your boots while you still have the choice.. because in a couple of weeks you might forget where you left them (Laughs)!!  Bret I heard your favourite song is Turn back time by Cher... I can see why... looking back over the past couple of years you haven't had a good match for God knows.. so Bret if you could turn back time, I bet you would have done things a whole lot differently.. maybe you would of changed that style of yours, maybe looked after that body of yours... but as another song goes.. THE END IS HERE... THE GAME IS OVER.. NO MORE PRETENDING.... NOOOOO MOOOOOORRREEEE!  Stop kidding yourself Old man... give it up now!
Kevin what do William Regal and Australia have in common?....

.::( Kevin Kelly )::. I don't know Edge.. what do William Regal and Australia have in common?

.::( Edge )::. They have both had there lips on the Queen's butt for so long, it feels unnatural to take them off! (Laughs)  See I know my world news Kevin.. I have read how much Australia love the Queen and I know they even voted to keep her!  What's wrong with that country?  We have one President who keeps the country under control.. even though I feel I may run for the next presidential election, I might stick with Pro Wrestling Online for the time being!  Now William Regal, is the Good Will Ambassador in Pro Wrestling Online from England, and he serves nobody but the Queen!  How far must he have his nose up her behind?  *English Accent* "Would you mind joining me for a cup of tea and a cookie laddie?  I am sure it will be scrumshious, we can wine and dine... with out a care in the world... HaHaHa"  Makes me sick.... I can tell you one thing but... Regal has nothing on me and as a matter of fact.. nobody has anything on me!

.::( Kevin Kelly )::. To any fans in the United Kingdom I am very sorry about that.... to our fans here in the United States please thank Edge for appearing on the show today.. in front of the live audience on the Internet and to yo here at the Pro Wrestling Online fans day!  We will see you all once again at Smackdown!

.::( Edge stands and takes off his head set and moves to the back behind the Pro Wrestling Online Byte This area.. the fans begin to move away as Smackdown draws closer and closer! )::