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.::( The Scene )::. What a week it has been in Pro Wrestling Online... there have been numerous events which have been held to get the fans up and going ready for Smackdown... and finally the time has come... the scene opens up at a sold out Pro Wrestling Online Smackdown!  The fans are pumped as are the wrestlers to get the show going.. backstage Jonathan Coachman stands. .::( The Scene )::.

.::( Jonathan Coachman )::. Welcome everybody to Smackdown!  This is the return of Pro Wrestling Online and I am Jonathan Coachman.  I am standing here backstage because I am hoping to get a word with one of the eight men in the Television Championship Tournament!  I have with me here Edge... He will be facing the Undertaker tonight in the first match of the tournament.  

.::( Edge )::. That's right Coach, tonight in the first match of the tournament I face the Undertaker... It should be one hell of a match, but I am ready to take him down tonight.  I haven't wrestled in Pro Wrestling Online in a long time and I want to make a great start and a real bang... I want the world and the world of professional wrestling to know what I am all about and that I am capable of beating the big names, because I am going to be a big name very, very soon.  Undertaker may have all the power and strength on his side, but there is one thing he doesn't have and that's his youth!  That was lost about 10 years ago when he first stepped into a ring for the World Wrestling Federation, where he took out a whole team at the Survivor Series!  This is a whole different game, with different rules and different players!  His time is over and I am sorry to say but mine is just beginning, so the Undertaker and everybody else here in PWO better get used to seeing me around a lot and making a name for myself!

.::( Jonathan Coachman )::. So Edge, tell me about some of your goals here in Pro Wrestling Online?

 .::( Edge )::. Well Coach, my immediate goal here in Pro Wrestling Online is to capture of course that Television Championship.  That is at the top of my list so far because it's the one which I have a close grasp on.  Its only three matches away... three opponents.. three pin falls.... The Undertaker... and two others which will be decided later tonight... If I can get past the Undertaker then I might have a very good chance of winning that Television Championship Belt.  After the Smackdown tournament I want to give Pro Wrestling Online the very best I have... I want to climb up through the rankings and give everybody and anybody hell, from the bottom to the very, very top!  I have a lot of potential and I can mix it with the best Pro Wrestling Online has to offer!  One day if I am good enough I hope to hold the top gold here in Pro Wrestling Online.  That is superstars dream, but I am happy to hold and gold here in Pro Wrestling Online!

.::( Jonathan Coachman )::. How much does it mean to you to hold the Television Championship?

 .::( Edge )::. Coach, holding a championship belt means a lot to everybody.  Ask anybody in the back right now what it feels like to have a championship belt around your waist or over your shoulder.  Holding a championship means you are the best in that division you are in the elite of the promotion.  The Television Championship is the third highest belt which can be won here in Pro Wrestling Online which makes you the third top superstar in the federation.  To hold the Television Championship would be a dream come true, it would push my claim as one of the top superstars in the business.  It will show the world, it will prove to the world.. that I have what it takes to mix with the big guns in Pro Wrestling Online!  I can't describe how it would feel.. ask me later on tonight when I walk out of this arena with that championship around my waist!  Bet I can tell you right now.. I am sure it feels a lot better than leaving tonight as a loser like seven other Pro Wrestling Online superstars will after this tournament concludes and the title has an owner!  I don't plan to be one of those seven.....

 .::( Jonathan Coachman )::. Edge to break away from tonight for a moment.. it seems you are showing the Pro Wrestling Online fans a more serious side of yourself unlike the last encounter you had on Byte This!

.::( Edge )::. Coach, you seem to ask a lot of questions that really have no relevance.. well how about I throw one your way.. but be warned, this has a lot of relevance!  Coach what noise does a bee make?

.::( Jonathan Coachman )::. Edge with all due respect what does this have to do with anything?

.::( Edge )::. Don't be a reekazoid Coach, answer the question.. what noise does a bee make?

.::( Jonathan Coachman )::. Well Edge a bee makes a Buzzing noise!

.::( Edge )::. That's very good Coach, you know your insects.. now do me a favour and make like a bee and buzz off!  Still too serious for ya Coach?

.::( Coachman leaves Edge the microphone and shakes his head as he leaves from the view of the Pro Wrestling Online camera )::.

.::( Edge )::. Well now its time to get back to business.  Undertaker I saw your little interview earlier this evening while I was sitting in my hotel room waiting to make my way down to the arena here in Washington DC!  Well once again you have succeeded in showing your true colours.  You asked that idiot Michael Cole what your nickname was.... The Big Dog right?  And you did the whole this is my yard routine trying your best to scare me... well Undertaker.. this ring tonight is your yard right, well consider me the repo man.. after tonight your yard belongs to me, and so does that Television Championship!  Wow two for the price of one!  The night just keeps looking better and better for me... and Undertaker you don't intimidate me... I have no fear for you or any other of the superstars in that championship tournament tonight!
Undertaker I am going to chop you down to size, I will show the world you are all talk and no action... that the big dog is one huge puppy dog that bows down to its master and your master tonight is me... I will teach this dog some new tricks and how to lay down because you will be seeing three seconds of mat tonight and those three seconds will mean the end of the Undertaker tonight in the race for the television championship.  You have held numerous championships in the past and so have I, but the fact of the matter is Undertaker.. why do you have to be so greedy?  I mean look at all the titles you have won.. the World Wrestling Federation Heavy Weight Championship, the tag team championship and countless others, why not let a young blood like me have some time in the sun already.. I can tell your already sun burnt and my perfect skin could do with some rays!
Undertaker I may have not been around for ten years like you, but in the short space of time I have been involved in professional wrestling I have learnt a lot.  Like for example how to tie my boots up, and how to make sure my tights don't fall down while I am wrestling.. it's these small things that make a wrestler, not the trash talking and the ass kissing!  Undertaker, you have so many names I can't remember them all, have you lived up to your reputation or is it a cover for what you really are.. washed up?  All the nicknames in the world still don't hide the fact that underneath all that propaganda is a boy with an obsession for motor bikes and who thinks he is a junk yard dog!  The time draws closer Undertaker and as the clock ticks down to our match and all the Edgeheads become restless you will find out what it is all about.... and it ain't all about the game either.. its all about the Edgester!

.::( Coachman returns to the interview area )::.

.::( Jonathan Coachman )::. Edge.. sorry to interrupt.. but it's my job to interview you... so if you don't mind can I have my microphone back?

.::( Edge )::. Um.. let me think about that for a second.... NOOO.. this microphone is now property of Edge.... so if you want to ask anymore questions.. go get your own microphone!

.::( Coachman goes and comes back with his own microphone )::.

.::( Jonathan Coachman )::. Edge now I am going to say the names of the other wrestlers in the Pro Wrestling Online Television Championship Tournament and you can give me your opinion on them!

.::( Edge )::. Cool, sounds like fun... I have to warn the viewers at home but that some of the stuff I will say in the next few minutes may offend you.. and well if it does tough luck and go complain to your dog!  So go ahead Coach fire away these superstars names..

.::( Jonathan Coachman )::. Hurricane Helms and Tazz

.::( Edge )::. What is this.. you want me to put these guys down or what...(laughing)  Hurricane Helms, immature little boy who likes to dress up like his favourite super hero and pretend he is doing something positive for the world, when in fact he is creating more and more trouble.  He is the biggest goof in Pro Wrestling Online and he seems to think that he has magical powers.. the only powers he has is the power to stop bringing a crowd into a Pro Wrestling Online event!  Is that really what Shane O Mac wants.. empty Pro Wrestling Online events because of a lack of talent?  No.. and that's why I am booked on the card on Thursday Night.. to draw in the crowd... when Edge is on the marquee everybody and anybody wants to come and watch.. and to take one from Kurt Angle.. its true!
Tazz, well I have said it before but this guy is a little bull dog.. he comes out of no where and goes straight for the throat... luckily enough I have the power to kick the crap out of bull dogs so should I come up against Tazz in the second round I should have no problem getting rid of him.  Tazz bases his game around submission holds.. the only problem is that half the time he can't reach up high enough to get his arms around your neck so he can choke you out with that Tazzmission.... I mean what is that.. another u know what position? (`_*) This is a family show so I won't say the word!  But yeah Tazz or Helms in the next round.. it should be one hell of a tournament Coachman... you never know which way it will go until the referee has made the three count!

.::( Jonathan Coachman )::. Kevin Nash and Diamond Dallas Page

.::( Edge )::. Two men with a lot in common.. and that's there age.. they have both passed there prime years and what makes me laugh is that Nash still goes around calling himself Big Sexy.. I mean what's wrong with him.. I am sure he must not have a single mirror in his home.  Because if he did he would have a rude shock, because he would notice all those grey hairs he now carries around with him and the wrinkles that are all over that face of his!  Have you seen his body lately Coach?  He has really let himself go.. I can't tell where the muscle begins and where the fat ends?  Its like one big giant blob!  When PWO decides to market toys of Kevin Nash they are going to have to buy and use the soft flexi plastic because this guy has no definition anymore!  The rubber man only he can't stretch those giant legs of his!  I only speak the truth Coachman and if you have a look at Nash today, you see those grey hairs,  the flabby muscles and the pot belly!  Its not what I would associate with sexy if you know what I mean.. and he has the nerve to call himself Big Sexy.. I have every right to call myself that.. but I don't need to remind myself.. all the ladies do it for me!  Nash came out here running his mouth before.. and well I don't think he even mentioned my name which makes me wonder if anybody is actually taking me serious in this title tournament!  I might be able and I want to be able to pull a huge surprise and win the God dam belt just to earn a little respect around Pro Wrestling Online, because it hardly seems if anybody is giving me any!
And Diamond Dallas Page is exactly the same.. he came out here earlier tonight and bored the crowd too sleep with all his crap about Big Sexy and Hurricane Helms.. was my name mentioned once in that whole time he was in the ring?  I don't think so.. the slightest mentioning of my name would send the Edgeheads into complete hysteria and they would boo Diamond Dallas Page out of the ring!  Dallas Page sat in the middle of the ring for half the night complaining about Kevin Nash.. well if he gets to do it.. I get to do it... 

I have compiled a list of things which seem to detract from the man they call Diamond Dallas Page;

  • The $10,000 smile he is now carrying around on that butt ugly face of his,

  • That hair, I mean what can you do with something like that?  It is a total embarrassment!  I mean I am not even Dallas Page thank God, but whenever I see him on television I feel sorry and embarrassed for him!

  • Feel the bang?  Sounds like a line from a pornographic movie, not that I watch them of course ( Coach starts to laugh)!  What you laughing at Coachman, with a face and body like this I could be staring in those films, but I don't need to be involved in films to get it you know!

  • His wife!  I mean I bet she has been around the block a few times.. in fact wasn't that her on the corner on the way to the arena?

  • Last but not least just being Diamond Dallas Page is a downer!

I know it and the whole world knows it... Diamond Dallas Page is a reekazoid! The Edgester has no more to say on the issue of Diamond Dallas Page... for now!!!

.::( Jonathan Coachman )::. Bret "The Hitman" Hart and William Regal

.::( Edge )::. I won't have to worry about these two tonight Coach, because the way these guys are coming into the tournament , what's preventing them from challenging me in the ring is Kevin Nash or Diamond Dallas Page, so there is really no need for me to waste any of my breath of those two worthless reekazoids!  I will say this, tonight a lot of blood, sweat and tears are going to be spilt in that ring tonight all for one thing.. the Television Championship!  I am going to give it hell and anybody that stands in my way is going to get it from the master of disaster!

 .::( Jonathan Coachman )::. Edge one last question before I let you go.. if you made it into the finals later on tonight.. who would you want it to be against?

.::( Edge )::. Personally Coachman I really couldn't give a rats behind who I would be facing in the final, just as long as I got there!  Because with out a doubt I can beat anyone or the remaining seven men in this tournament!  However since you put me on the spot and I guess you are paid to get the hard answers out of me then I would have to say Diamond Dallas Page!  He has been walking around like some sort of big shot and I would like to place my boot in his mouth!  I don't want to hear his voice anymore and I am sure none of the Edgeheads out there want to hear his voice anymore either!  So yeah if there was one person I would love to meet in the final of this tournament it would be Diamond Dallas Page!

 .::( Jonathan Coachman )::. Ok, thanks for your time Edge and good luck tonight!

.::( Edge )::. Luck, Coach you are talking to Edge!  I don't need any luck!

.::( Edge leaves leaving Jonathan Coachman as the show cuts back into the sold out arena! )::.