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**  Disclaimer ** The following role-play was produced, created and presented by xXxThEgAmExXx for Pro Wrestling Online.  This role-play layout was created by myself, name located above no need to repeat it, as was the A grade banner you see above this role-play.  Should I catch you with the banner then there will be trouble, the role-play layout I couldn't give a rats ass about.... why?  Well its a matter of presentation, you want to use it fine, just make sure "xXxThEgAmExXx" is located on the page.  At the end of the day we are all here for fun and that's what counts.  This role-play is not affiliated with the World Wrestling Federation Entertainment group and it's sub parties of WCW and ECW.  If you don't like what you see click the X in the top right hand corner and kiss my ass! **  Disclaimer **

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Kurt Angle, Stone Cold, Rock


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What Austin has to remember is that this (the ring) is my yard, and I am the big dog that is running that yard, he wants to step into my yard and take that number one contenders spot?  Well he has got another thing coming.  And that's a 6'10", 320-pound romping, stomping, fire-breathing dragon that's hell-bent on destruction.