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Livs from the National Car Rental Center: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida



**The lights in the arena dim to a cold blue, some small fireworks then go off which are shortly followed by some huge explosions. The Ice Age logo then appears on the Tron as the lights return back to normal.. The camera's then scan around the arena and pick out some signs:

"I Love you Eiji."
"We want Golgotha back"
"Show us some Sue Plex's"


Sam Rouge - "Hello and welcome to our first ever Tuesday Night Atmosphere, tonight will be explosive, we have an action packed card which will be revealed later, and we also have a few suprises for you."

Jesse Wilson - "That is correct, we do have an action packed card and some suprises... But lets talk about last Friday, we saw Golgotha leave the arena for some sports camp, what was that all about?"

Sam Rouge - "I know just as much as you, i think he went away for the weekend, but i havent seen him around the arena as of latly."

**"My Generation" by Limp Bizkit hits as the arena lights dim to a dark black, red flashes then shock the crowd as Nightmare appears on the top of the ramp with a microphone, he walks down the ramp and into the ring. The lights return back to normal as Nightmare raises the mic to his mouth.**

Nightmare - "Tonight... I will be going up against Iceberg, tonight i will please every single on of you and i shall show you how great i am. Iceberg won't be able to stop me, no-one will for that matter, i will be unstopable here in Ice Age."

**Nightmare then lowers the mic and waits for Iceberg.**

Sam Rouge - "Iceberg won't be to happy with that."

**"Higher" by Creed then blasts thru the Arena's PA as the arena lights turn to a ice blue color, The name Iceberg then appears on the Tron as the man himself walks out to the crowd, he looks at Nightmare as he holds the mic to his mouth.**

Iceberg - "Nightmare, you seem quite confident that you will win tonight. Well i wouldn't be to sure of that, you don't know how i wrestle as i believe i have never been in a match with you untill now. Also, you think you will be unstopable here in the PWF Ice Age, well i wouldn't be to sure of that also... Many people have said those exact words, and they have failed in there mission, so be prepared!"

**Iceberg then spikes the mic and walks back stage. Nightmare shortly follows**

Jesse Wilson - "Both those men seem pretty confident of winning tonight, but only one can come out victorious."

Sam Rouge - "Nightmare seems a bit to over confident of winning, but anything could happen."



Jesse Wilson - "Welcome back from that short break."

**"Fight Music" by D12 blares throught out the arena and on the Tron Pictures of him hitting the Lethal Injection on several wrestlers from the defunct MOW E. Then Piccolo Friez comes down the ramp with his MOW E World Title Belt. The crowd boos, and boos. Piccolo slaps a few of the @#%$ fans and contiues to the ring and shows his MOW E world title belt to the crowd who continue to boo him. He calls for the mic and begins to speak**

Piccolo Friez - "SHUT UP! I'VE OBTAINED SOMETHING THAT NONE OF YOU USELESS REDNECK'S COULD EVER HOPE TO GET CLOSE TO! Now I WILL be the FIRST PWF ICE AGE WORLD CHAMPION! Unfourtunatly, Solo and Twisted Fate aren't ready to hand over the belt to me. So I watched the film from Static and by the looks of it, there is only one who has a chance of surviving a Lethal Injection. BLOOD ANGEL! I'm Challenging you, do you have the guts to take out the Last MOW E World Champion? Do you have the skill to be the PWF Ice Age WORLD CHAMPION? I bet you think so.... fight me and will find out."

**"Fight Music by D12" hits and Piccolo Freiz heads back to his locker room showing off the MOW E World Title Belt**

Sam Rouge - "The fans don't seem to happy with Inmate."

Jesse Wilson - "I would be to if i saw someone carrying around a title from another fed."

Sam Rouge - "Well it is his belt, it's just a Possession of his."

Writing Credit - McFreeze

Jesse Wilson - "Up next we have our first match of the night"

Sam Rogue - "That is correct, and it says here that it will be between Nightmare and Iceberg, both men in their debut match."

Announcer - "The Following match is a normal match between Nightmare and Iceberg, First weighing in at 262, Nightmare."

**"My Generation" by Limp Bizkit hits as the arena lights dim to a dark black, red flashes then shock the crowd as Nightmare appears on the top of the ramp, he looks at the crowd and then walks down the ramp and gets into the ring.**

Announcer - "And his opponent, weighing in at 246, Iceberg"

**"Higher" by Creed then blasts thru the Arena's PA as the arena lights turn to a ice blue color, The name Iceberg then appears on the Tron as the man himself walks out to the crowd, Iceberg then focuses his eyes on Nightmare as he walks down the ramp and into the ring.**

Jesse Wilson - "Now the match will start"

Report - Iceberg starts out on the attack by pummeling Nightmare. Nightmare blocks a punch and hits Iceberg with a Sidekick. Iceberg gets back up. Nightmare with a Falling Powerslam. Nightmare follows up with a Surfboard Stretch. Iceberg manages to get his feet on the ropes. Nightmare picks Iceberg up and whips him into the Turnbuckle. Nightmare puts Iceberg in position for *Sweet Dreams* but Iceberg pushes Nightmare off of the turnbuckle and leaps off the second rope, hitting Nightmare with a Leg Drop. Iceberg picks Nightmare up and delivers a neckbreaker. Iceberg picks Nightmare up again and signals for the *Ice Crusher* Iceberg nails the Ice Crusher and Nightmare is on the ground holding his head. Iceberg goes for the pin.

Kickout by Nightmare.

Jesse Wilson - "Ohh, It looked like Iceberg was gonna get the early pin there"

Sam Rouge - "Its unusual to see a pin so early in the match."

Iceberg picks Nightmare up and whips him into the ropes. Iceberg puts his head down for the backdrop but Nightmare notices it in time and executes a chin breaker. Nightmare follows up by picking Iceberg up and executes a DVD. Nightmare picks Iceberg back up and delivers the Piledriver 4 times in a Row.

Jesse Wilson - "Nightmare is on the attack right now"

Sam Rouge - "I don’t belive I’ve ever seen anyone so aggressive, Nightmare is taking Icebergs head apart."

Nightmare picks Iceberg back up and delivers a stalling piledriver. He goes for the pin

..Nightmare suddenly gets off of Iceberg as if he’s had an idea. Nightmare goes to the top rope. He signals for the *Midnight Madness* (Swanton Bomb).

Jesse Wilson - "He wants to finish this off in style"

Nightmare leaps off the turnbuckle with the *Midnight Madness*. Iceberg barely manages to roll out of the way.


The Referee starts his count

Both men are on their knees
Iceberg gets up
Nightmare gets up.

Jesse Wilson - "Both men must be extremely tired right now."

Sam Rouge - "I can’t imagine the pain that they’re going through."

The two men slowly circle each other, each waiting for the other to attack. Nightmare does so first, attacking with a couple of flashy punches. Iceberg responds with some punches of his own. Iceberg takes the advantage with a standing clothesline. While Nightmare is down Iceberg starts punching him furiously.

Jesse Wilson - "Iceberg seems to be in a fit of rage right now"

Sam Rouge - "I would not like to be in his path."

The Ref attempts to get Iceberg off of Nightmare but he wont budge Iceberg so he threatens to disqualify Iceberg if he keeps going. Iceberg stops after another second and picks Nightmare up. He executes 2 Brainbusters in a row.

Jesse Wilson - "I believe Iceberg is getting his revenge on Nightmare."

Sam Rouge - "Yes, Nightmare attacked Icebergs head, and now Iceberg is attacking Nightmares Head, Without mercy I might add."

Iceberg picks Nightmare up and attempts another standing clothesline but Nightmare ducks and executes a Diving Reverse DDT, attempting to slow Iceberg down but Iceberg gets back up and executes another Standing Clothesline but this one hits the target and is very powerful.

Jesse Wilson - "Ouch, Iceberg nearly took Nightmares head off with that clothesline."

Iceberg picks Nightmare up again and whips him to the turnbuckle. Iceberg picks Nightmare up and places him on top of the turnbuckle. Iceberg grabs Nightmares head and executes a Diamond Cutter from the turnbuckle. Iceberg covers Nightmare

Winner by Pinfall at 11.20, Iceberg

Jesse Wilson - "Nightmare didn’t have a chance in hell at the end of that match"

Sam Rouge - "I believe I speak for everyone when I say that Iceberg was impressive.

Jesse Wilson - "Nightmare should have pinned him when he had the chance, but instead he wasted it, and attemted a move that was not needed."

Sam Rouge - "Nightmare's ego got the better of him, hehe."

Writing Credit - Twisted Fate

**The lights go out and the crowd murmur in excitement. Suddenly everything goes red and the Angel Theme hits. Blood Angel is seen standing on the ramp with his beautiful Valet/Girlfriend Shannon. Blood Angel looks around him and lets the crowds cheer get his adrenaline pumping. Then he spins round and strides to the ring and slides under the bottom rope. He holds the bottom rope up for Shannon then he mounts the turnbuckle and an explosion occurs and bits of Blood red dust falls from the Ceiling. He drops down and grabs a mic from the announcer. **

Blood Angel - "Well now i have proved to everyone here that i have what it takes to go far in the Ice Age. No disrespect to Golgotha he was a good opponent but i new the match was mine once i hit the Flight of Angels. Now i have been challenged by a former MOW E champion. Well this is the ICE AGE pal and i don't think we have time to go into what you once were. If you want a match against me fine i will face you and i have all the guts in the world. If you think your lethal injection is going to stop me then you better pray that i don't hit the Flight of Angels first cause if i do you will not get up."

**Blood Angel hands the mic to Shannon and leaves the ring. Once Blood Angel has gone Shannon addresses the crowd.**

Shannon - "Looks like inmate is in for a beating, oh and speaking of Beatings i have heard that i would have to face someone after all. Sue Plex you want to stand in the way of me obtaining the Womens title then be prepared to fall down hard. I am here to win the womens title and i will not stop until it is around my waist. Now Blood Angel is on his way to becoming a star here in the Ice Age and i plan on doing the same. So today i am a contender, tomorrow i will be the Champion."

Jesse Wilson - "Harsh words there by Shannon."

Sam Rouge - "Lets see what Sue has to say"

**The lights go out and "Digital B*tch" by Black Sabbath hits. Red pyros go off and a woman walks through them. She is tall, muscular and has a look of distain on her face. She is holding a mic.**

Sue Plex - "Today I am a contender, tomorrow I will be the champion'? Oh, that's good. Very catchy, very memorable. The only problem is, it is also totally inaccurate. You should have said: “Today I am a big mouthed b*tch, tomorrow I will be in agony after Sue Plex shut my mouth for me”. That would have made more sense. Because, tonight I am going to throw you around this ring like the little rag doll you are. And there isn't a thing you can do to stop me!"

**Sue drops the mic and runs down to the ring. The match is on!**

Sam Rouge - "No time for the announcer to speak, these to want to battle it out now."

Report - Blood Angel slides out the ring as both Sue and Shannon lock eyes on each other, Shannon makes the first move with a Falling Suplex. Sue immediately gets up and hits Shannon with a suplex of her own. Both women then begin to slowly walk around the ring looking at each other. Sue runs at Shannon and attempts to push her over but Shannon moves to the side and then drags Sue back by her hair. Sue wiggles around pinching Shannon’s arms but it takes no effect. Shannon drags Sue over to the corner where she sets her up on the top rope.

Jesse Wilson - "What’s she going to perform now…?"

Shannon puts her arm around Sue Plex and then she leaps off landing a Super RB straight to the mat. Shannon then drops to the ground and hooks Sue’s leg.

Kick out.

Sam Rouge - "That was a close one. Nice move by Shannon."

Shannon gets back to her feet and she picks up Sue, both of them lock up once again. Sue wins and she executes a devastating Spinning Belly-To-Belly suplex. Shannon lies on the floor without movement as Sue taunts Blood Angel. Blood Angel gets furious and starts hitting the outside of the ring mat with his fist. Shannon recovers back to her feet and moves her self over to Sue Plex. Sue grapples Shannon and delivers a T-Bone Suplex to her. She then goes for the cover.

Shoulder up.

Jesse Wilson - "Nearly got the pinfall, just needs a bit more effort."

Sue picks up Shannon and then whips her to the ropes, when Shannon returns from bouncing off the ropes she gets hit by a Spinning Elbow to the chin. Shannon manages to keep her balance but not for long as Sue follows it up with a strong Haymaker to Body. Sue then tries another punch this time to the face but Shannon dodges it and grabs her fist, she then locks it under her arm and drops to the ground.

Sam Rouge - "Nice Dropping Arm Bar there by Shannon."

Shannon prevents Sue Plex from getting to the ropes by every now and again giving her a jab to the back of the head. Sue finally gets to the ropes and Shannon is forced to release the hold. When Sue gets to her feet she holds her arm due to the pain. Shannon then delivers a few blows to the injured arm of Sue and then follows it up with a Standing Clothesline. Shannon keeps a hold of Sue’s arm and picks her up, Shannon then delivers yet another Standing Clothesline to Sue Plex. Shannon then releases the hold and goes over to the turnbuckle where she climbs to the top rope. Shannon taunts to the crowd and then jumps off the top turnbuckle executing a Dragon Attack… Shannon gets up and looks down at Sue… She then picks her up and whips her to the ropes, Sue comes off and tries to attack with a clothesline from her good arm but Shannon goes under it and grapples Sue from behind. Shannon then looks over to Blood Angel and gives him a wink. Shannon then lifts Sue in the air and delivers a superb Tiger Suplex 85’… Shannon then hooks the leg.


Winner by pin at 3.01, Shannon.

Sam Rouge - "Shannon did it, she beat Sue Plex."

Jesse Wilson - "Great match there."

**Blood Angel then gets into the ring and gives Shannon a big victory hug, both of them then leave the ring and walk up the ramp and into the back.**

Sam Rouge - "Very romantic."



Jesse Wilson - "Welcome back, so far this evening Iceberg has beaten Nightmare and Shannon just beat Sue Plex."

Writing Credit - Solo

Jesse Wilson - "We have another debute tonight. The Frost Brothers are making their first appearance in the ring here tonight."

Sam Rouge - "They will be taking on the Brutal Force. Who are making their first appearance as a tag team."

Jesse Wilson - "That is right. This past Friday Battlin' Barry Burton took on Law Hiyabusa in a singles match."

Sam Rouge - "Lets go to the ring for the introduction."

**'Mamma said knock you out' hits and Greene and Burton make their way down to the ring. Greene is dancing to the music but Burton is just staring straight ahead. they both get in the ring, grabing microphones from the ring announcer.**

Leroy - "Well, looks like we made it. We are finally here in the PWF!"

Barry - "It's the PWF: Ice Age, Leroy."

Leroy - "Yeah, you are right. But it won't be long before we get out of this stinking, 2-bit fed [Crowd Boos] and hit the big time. I mean, who is going to stop us?"

Barry - "The Frosts? I don't think so. I could knock the **** out of both of them on my own! I could pound their faces into a bloody red mess! Imagine it!!!! the snapping of their noses, the sounds of their screams , the blood, THE BLOOD!!!!!!"

**Leroy grabs Barry by the shoulders and shakes him.**

Leroy - "Hey calm down, you know you shouldn't work yourself up like that. Not till the match anyway."

**Burton calms down.**

Barry - "I am OK now. It's just I get so angry when people insult us by offering a joke like the Frosts as our opponents."

Leroy - "Wise Man Say: The smallest ant looks harmless, until it stings. I say: Step on the ************* ant before he gets chance to sting. So, Frosts, it looks like you are going to get stepped on, Brutal Force style!!"

Barry - "We are going to Brutalize them!!!!!"

**Suddenly "Terminal Frost" by Pink Floyd hits and blue light flashes to the Drum beat. The words "Terminal Frost" are whispered and all of a sudden someone turns up the volume. Meanwhile Barry and Terry Frost walk out of the entrance way with microphones, They stop at the ramp**

Terry Frost - "So, Now we have two men in the ring and all they are talking about is being brutal, violence and blood. Is this the kind of people we want our childern to idolize?"

Barry Frost - "That is so true, I mean If this is what the new generation is looking up to then; Wrestling is the source of violence, but no, not all wrestling just these people out here. Whose Name I can't say out loud, i'll Just Say Brutal F. no, B. Force, ok?"

Terry Frost - "Thats good, Now Brutal F, I mean B. Force is the exact kind of thing we do not want our kids looking up to. But how can they look up to B. Force if B. Force never shows their Face on Televison again."

Barry Frost - "And how can we do that?

Terry Frost - "By Beating their asses so bad, they will never want to wrestle again!"

**Terry and Barry Frost run torwards the ring and slide into the ring. Brutal Force starts kicking The Frost Brothers. The Frost Brothers get up and Each member of Brutal Force grabs a Frost Brother and whips him into the ropes, Brutal Force knocks the Brothers down with a clothesline. The ref then stops the wo teams and tells them to retreat back to there corners so they can get the match officially started.**

Report - Terry and Leroy start things off. Leroy with quick strikes with kicks and punches. Terry levels leroy with a massive clothesline. Terry picks up leroy on his shoulders, then delivers a Death Valley Driver. Terry tags in Barry. Barry goes to work on Leroy. Barry picks up Leroy. Leroy then kicks Barry in the head. Barry steps back as Leroy makes a tag to Burton. Burton charges Barry with left and right punches. Barry tries to block the punches. Burton then drives his knee into the gut of Barry. Barry on the ground. Burton on top of Barry going to town with big punches to the head of Barry. Burton then tags in Leroy. Leroy and Burton double team Barry as Terry is being held back by the ref. Leroy and Burton with a spiked piledriver on Barry. Leroy then attempts a pin. Ref gets down and begins the count.


Jesse Wilson - "An early pin attempt by Leroy. Too early if i may say."

Save by Terry with a boot to the head of Leroy. Leroy then starts kicking Barry everywhere on his body. Barry grabs Leroy's leg, then clotheslines Leroy. Barry makes a tag to his brother Terry. Terry now in the ring. Terry picks up Leroy and delivers a big powerbomb. Attempts a pin.


Sam Rouge - "Wow what a powerbomb. I think Leroy is out."

Jesse Wilson - "I think so too."

Save by Burton. Leroy tries to get up. Terry to his feet pick up Leroy. Terry whips Leroy into the ropes. Terry with a big Tilt a Whirl Driver. Terry then follows up with a big T-bone Suplex. Terry tags in Barry. Barry picks up Leroy. Barry whips Leroy into the turnbuckle. Barry runs after Leroy. Leroy then slings over Barry then makes a tag to Burton. Burton then catches Barry with a big clothesline. Barry is down. Burton on top of Barry wailing away with punches. Ref breaks it up. Burton tags Leroy. Both men then start punching and kicking Barry repeatedly. Leroy and Burton stop and turn their attention to the IceTron.

Sam Rouge - "What is going on. Who is that on the IceTron."

Jesse Wilson - "Lets listen in to find out."

**Suddenly the arena turns dark and a mist can be seen from the top of the rampway. As this mist continues to flow over the banks of the ramp, a dark shadow appears onto the Ice Tron an unseen smile on his face.**

Voice - "Are you done trying to acheive greatness? Neither of you can comprehend what he wishes so stop trying to please him by winning these mear games and start getting yourselves, hehehehe, prepared. To him you are nothing but puppets on strings, dolls for his amusement. I suggest you remember that, for a time when your strings will be cut lose and you will rest helpless among your own brethren. An event he looks forward to as do his followers. So do not try to change your fates for your efforts are futile."

**The Voice echos out as the arena returns to its former state.**

Sam Rouge - "The Hellspawn are here in the Ice Age?"

Jesse Wilson - "I am just as lost as you are. What is their reason being here?"

Terry sneaks up on both men and levels Burton with a clothesline that send him to the out side. Leroy turns around and is meet with a big boot to the face. Terry then picks Leroy up and delivers a super powerbomb. Terry covers Leroy and the Ref begins to count.

Sam Rouge - "This looks to be all over now."

Jesse Wilson - "Thanks to the distraction by The Hellspawn."

... 3

Winner by a time of 8:38, The Frost Brothers.

Sam Rouge - "Impressive victory by The Frost Brothers, but a minor assist from The Hellspawn."

Jesse Wilson - "Yes, The Frost Brothers were impressive so was Brutal Force, but it was The Hellspawn that distracted Brutal Force giving Terry the opening he needed."

Sam Rouge - "I am sure there is more to this than what was seen and heard."

Jesse Wilson - "Next week, we are hoping to shed light on this mysterious event"

**Raustin is seen sitting in his locker room preparing for his match versus Tavis**

Raustin - "Well son, it looks like we both have something in common. Starting off here in this fed we're both 0 and 1. Aint that a damn shame? Well tonight I will change that, I guaran-damn-tee that i will leave this event 1 and 1 with a victory over Brian Tavis, because i'm pissed off and i will break your damn neck, pinning you for the one two three"

**The cameras fade to black.**

Sam Rouge - "Well Raustin looks ready for his match against Brian Tavis, but the question is... Is Brian ready?"

Jesse Wilson - "Well he's had the weekend to prepare, so i would say he is ready..."

Sam Rouge - "We have another break coming up now so see you in a bit."



Jesse Wilson - "Lets get straight to our next match."

Writing Credit - Solo

Jesse Wilson - "Up next we have yet another Frost. Larry Frost. He will be facing Eiji Jubei."

Sam Rouge - "Eiji Jubei is definately a major player here in the Ice Age. He defeated Super Soldier at Static this past Friday."

Jesse Wilson - "I agree totally. He will have the advantage over Larry for this match up, having a victory under his belt already. This is Larry Frost first match.

Sam Rouge - "Speaking of Larry here he comes now."

**Larry Frosts comes out with a microphone and walks to the ring. He steps in the ring and starts to talk.**

Larry Frost - "Tonight I am about to step in the ring with a person by the name of Eiji Jubei. What type name is that. Is he a recent decendent of Jude? By what I here this person can't even walk through a door way with out running into the door. It will be wide open and he will walk into it. So after tonight I will walk out of here with a victory."

Sam Rouge - "Larry there getting a bit insultive towards Eiji"

**The arena goes black as the fans await in anticipation. Suddenly, two blasts of pyro descend from the raftors, cross in midair, and collide with each side of the ramp. Simultaneously, 'Silently Screaming' by Serial Joe blasts throughout the arena as the lights come back on, and Eiji Jubei is standing at the top of the ramp with his arms raised in the air. After a small crowd pop, he lowers his arms and makes his way down the ramp and leapfrogs in the ring. A man at ringside throws him a mic, and he raises it to his mouth as the crowd settles down.**

Eiji - "You know Larry, lately I've been thinking about this whole 'Frost family' phenomenon. I suppose you guys think you're pretty special; the next Hart Foundation. It's the same with the Sassafrass's. You guys think you can just come out here and do whatever you want."

**Eiji slowly begins to circle Larry.**

Eiji - "You want to know what I think about the whole situation?"

Larry Frost - "Enlighten me."

**Eiji stops dead and looks right into Larry's eyes.**

Eiji - "Honestly? Honestly I think you're nothin'. Nothin' but a pure waste of God given talent. You don't listen to anybody, man. You strut around here thinking you can kick anyone's ass just because you're a Frost. Well the Frost name doesn't carry any weight in this fed, my friend. As a matter of fact, it doesn't carry any weight in any fed, becuase once the first one of you got in the business, the rest of you decided to jump on the bandwagon.

Larry Frost - "You're full of it."

Eiji - "A fool sees not the same tree that the wise man sees."

Larry Frost - "What? Eiji You've got the talent, but instead you decide to focus your attention on your name. You don't work for anything. None of you do. Maybe if you weren't so intoxicated from all the 'Root' Beer you've been drinking, you'd realize it."

**Larry and Eiji begin to walk closer to one another, until their faces are within a foot of each other.**

Larry Frost - "Hard work!? I would die for wrestling!"

Eiji - "One who does not value life does not deserve it!"

Larry Frost - "Well then why don't you try and take it from me!"

**Larry hauls off and lands a thunderous right hand to the temple of Eiji, knocking him backwards to the ropes. Larry follows up with a flurry of punches, and Eiji reciprocates. As the two men exchange blows, the camera changes to a view of the ramp, where numerous Ice Age officials are running down to the ring. Eventually, the officials manage to tear the two men apart. The ref then calls for the bell and the match gets underway.**

Report - Both men tie up. Eiji with a headlock on Larry. Larry whips Eiji into the ropes. Larry then bounces off the opposite ropes. Larry with a wheel kick. Larry then follows up with a lionsault. Larry picks up Eiji. Larry attempts a dropkick. Eiji blocks the dropkick. Larry falls to mat. Eiji follows up with an armbar. Larry reaches the rope. Ref forces Eiji to release the hold. Eiji to his feet first. Larry now to his feet. Eiji then charges Larry. Eiji with a wheel kick. Larry knocked to the outside. Eiji follows up with a top rope 180 moonsault. Larry moves out of the way. Eiji lands on the floor. Ref begins the 10 count.


Jesse Wilson - "What a close one. Larry almost won this match."

Sam Rouge - "This is amazing. Larry is taking it to Eiji Jubei."

Larry picks up Eiji. Larry then whips Eiji into the safety rails.


Eiji holding his back. Larry slides into the ring.


Jesse Wilson - "Larry better take this back to the ring. The count is getting up there."

Sam Rouge - "Inexperience is starting to show from Larry. This might cost him his first victory."

Larry climbs the turnbuckle. Larry leaps off into a cross body block onto Eiji. Both men on the floor.


Larry first to his feet. Larry picks up Eiji and roles him back into the ring. Larry on the apron. Larry with a leg drop from the outside. Larry attempts a pin.


Jesse Wilson - "Another close one from Larry. Eiji Jubei is lacking in this match. I don't even think he has an advantage in the entire match."

Sam Rouge - "Larry has dominated the entire match. It could be all over now for Eiji."

Eiji kicks out. Larry picks up Eiji and delivers a Jump Swinging DDT. Larry covers Eiji. Ref starts count.

Jesse Wilson - "It's all over. Larry nailed him with a huge DDT."


Winner at a time of 2:50, Larry Frost.

Sam Rouge - "Larry Frost has defeated Eiji for his first victory."

Jesse Wilson - "Larry was the aggressor the entire match. He didn't give Eiji a chance at all."

Sam Rouge - "Well the Frost family havent lost a match yet, both the Frost Brothers and Larry have won there matches."

Jesse Wilson - "I don't think it will last for long though. Most wrestlers get sucess on there debut's."

Sam Rouge - "Thats not true, as everyone fights an opponent on there debut and that opponent may also be making his debut, so it could go either way, and one of the wrestlers making their debut would lose."

Jesse Wilson - "Well we just witnessed Eiji Jubei lose to Larry Frost, and now we have Brian Tavis vs Raustin."

Sam Rouge - "You got to give Eiji Jubei credit though, he put up a good fight, but Larry just was to much for him."

Jesse Wilson - "Well lets get straight to our next match then."

Announcer - "This next match has been set to Normal Rules, firstly making his way to the ring weighing in at 260lbs from Long Beach, CA… 'R-Rated' Brian Tavis!"

**2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted hits and Blue flashing lights go off. "R-Rated" is shown flashing on the titantron. Tavis walks out lifts his hands in the air and at that the crowd lifts to their feet, cheering. He walks down the ramp and climbs up into the ring. He walks over to the ring announcer and grabs the mic.**

Tavis - "Alright Raustin, you think you're just walk down this ramp, get into this ring, and break my neck? Uh uh, it's just not gonna work like way!! Tavis isn't that easy to take out. I don't just lay down for anyone and everyone."

**The crowd cheers**

Tavis - "So Raustin, get your ass out here and prove to me that you can take me out that easy!!"

**Tavis throws the mic out of the ring and awaits Raustin**

Announcer - "His opponent weighting in at 300lbs, from C-Bo, Nigeria he is the 'Nigerian Nightmare' Raustin Escobar."

**The arena lights go out as "My Way" by Limp Bizkit plays. When the lights are turned back on, Raustin steps out into the ramp and poses. He proceeds to walk down the ring sliding in under the ropes.**

Sam Rouge - "Both these men haven’t one a match yet, but that will soon change after this match."

Report - Both men start off by locking eyes on each other, they slowly walk inwards until they are facing face to face. Brian Tavis makes the first move by delivering a quick jab to the nose to Raustin, he then follows that up with a Neck Breaker. Raustin is quick to his feet and the two then lock up. Raustin gets the advantage and whips Tavis to the ropes. Raustin then connects with a Hammer blow to the shoulders of Tavis, which knocks him to the mat. Once Tavis recovers he runs at Raustin and attempts a rocketing spear but Raustin quickly moves out the way and grapples Tavis from behind.

Jesse Wilson - "Superb reversal by Raustin there."

Raustin holds Tavis from behind in a tight grip and begins to tighten the hold to a point that Tavis’ Stomach begins to go a cherry red. The ref asks Tavis is he wants to give up but he refuses and begins to make his way over to the ropes. Just as Tavis is about to get to the ropes Raustin launches Tavis over his head performing a perfect German Suplex.

Sam Rouge - "Smart move there by Raustin, he seems to be taking control of this match now."

Raustin picks up Tavis and whips him to the ropes again this time he executes a Samoan drop but Tavis manages to reverse it into a Crucifix Pin.

Sam Rouge - "How come every time I say someone is taking control it always turns around?"

Jesse Wilson - "Humm… A Crucifix pin, I never knew it even existed any more."

The ref then drops to his knees and makes the cover.

Kick out.

Both men then return to there feet and lock up once again, Brian Tavis gets the upper advantage and he knees Raustin in the kidney’s and then delivers a Snap Powerbomb. Raustin hits the floor hard, this gives Tavis the time to recover and catch his breath back. Raustin gets back up to his feet and he wanders over to Tavis and swings him to the nearest turnbuckle, once Tavis is there Raustin knocks a few punches into him and then sets him on the top rope for a Tornado DDT. Tavis attempts a few strong punches to Raustin’s Stomach but Raustin refuses to move.

Jesse Wilson - "Will Brian Tavis reverse it or not?"

Sam Rouge - "We’ll just have to wait and see…"

Raustin then pushes himself off the turnbuckle and takes Tavis with him, Raustin spins in a spiral direction with Tavis’ head under his arm, Raustin then hits the ground on his back and Tavis hits the ground on his head. Both men lie in pain, Tavis holding his head and neck and Raustin holding his back, both men seem to be in pain but Raustin manages to rest his arm on top of Tavis’ injured body.

Shoulder Up.

Sam Rouge - "One of the most devastating moves in this business and Tavis STILL kicks out… How does he do it?"

Jesse Wilson - "But you must remember, that move took more energy out of Tavis than out of Raustin, so now Raustin has the upper advantage unless Tavis can ware him down."

Raustin is the first to his feet and he picks Tavis up by the neck. Raustin swings Tavis to the ropes and gets in the position for his finisher *The Africana* (Stone Cold Stunner) but Tavis has just enough energy inside him to take down Raustin with a sharp spear to the legs. Both men lie on the floor for a few seconds before locking up. Tavis gets the advantage and delivers a Sambo Suplex but it doesn’t keep Raustin down and he returns straight back to his full height. The two men then decide to exchange left and rights, after a few minutes of this Raustin knocks Tavis down with a kick to the mid-section which is shortly followed by a Powerful Uppercut to Tavis’ lower lip.

Jesse Wilson - "That must of hurt." Once again both men return to there feet, this time Raustin makes a quick tie up and moves himself to the back of Tavis where he delivers a delayed German Suplex (German Suplex 3) Raustin then drops his body on top of Tavis’ and the ref makes the count…


Winner by Pinfall at 4.28, Raustin Escobar.

Jesse Wilson - "He did it, Raustin got his first victory in Ice Age."

Sam Rouge - "But Brian Tavis still hasn’t had a taste of victory, he sure as hell put up a good fight though"

Jesse Wilson - "His time will come, soon."

Sam Rouge - "What makes you think that?"

Jesse Wilson - "Thats the way it works, in PWF Big Poppa went without victory for two or three events, and then he found his goal and won his next match."

Sam Rouge - "Thats just one person."

**The scene opens up with the camera locked in on the Sandstorm nameplate on the front of his locker room. The reporter slowly cracks open the door and peers in to see Sandstorm taking a steambath.**

Sandstorm - "Hello?"

Reporter - "Umm...yes, hello, Mr. Storm."

Sandstorm - "Whats up?"

Reporter - "I was wondering if I could get a few words about your match on Atmosphere against Super Soldier."

Sandstorm - "Sure, why not, I'm always open to making fun of those no-good, bottom-feeding americans."

Reporter - "Actually, um, nevermi......."

Sandstorm - "HEY! Get in here!"

**The cameraman and reporter quickly slide into the angry Sandstorm's room knowing that them, along with there fellow americans will be insulted.**

Reporter - "Ok, lets just stay away from the good old country of america ok?"

Sandstorm - "Sure, why would I wanna talk about those dirty, good-for-nothing yankees anyway."

Reporter - "Umm, ok, onto your match now."

Sandstorm - "No problem."

Reporter - "What will your game plan be going into this grueling matchu.........."

Sandstorm - "What's that miss, americans blow? Oh, I know, what kind of a country would elect someone like Bill Clinton to be president? I mean, if you really want a leader, then go to Canada!"

**The fans can be heard booing throughout the arena.**

Reporter - "Sir! I happen to be american and I am damn proud of it!"

**The fans go crazy.**

Sandstorm - "Ok, I'm sorry, **cough** not **cough** anyway, Super Soldier just happens to be a yank..... american, which will certainly give me the upper hand because going into the match, he will either be drunk, or proposing to his cousin.

Sandstorm - "Now get out, I have to **laughs** prepare! **laughs**"

**The reporter storms out of the room after being extremely insulted.**

Jesse Wilson - "Steam Bath? We have Steam Bath's here in the arena?"

Sam Rouge - "Yea, you didn't know? I took one this morning when i arrived."

Jesse Wilson - "How come no-one ever tells me anything?"

Sam Rouge - "Because you never ask... Anyways we have another short break now."



Sam Rouge - "Welcome back... We have Sandstorm Vs Super Solider next."

Writing Credit - McFreeze

Announcer - "The following match will be a normal match between Super Soldier and Sandstorm. First, Making his way to the ring, weighing in at 280bs from Charleston, South Carolina he is the War Machine, Super Soldier!"

**"No Limit Soldiers" by Master P hits the arena as Super Soldier walks out of the entrance way. He walks to the ring and tests the ropes... Super Solider then grabs a mic from one of the officials.**

Super Soldier - "Sandstorm, when you insult my country it is just like insulting me, so tonight i'm going to fight for my country, not for my country but for the people of the America, i will show you how it is done."

**Super Solider then waits for Sandstorm.**

Announcer - Now, Making his way torwards the ring, weighing in at 268 from Cario, Egypt he is Sandstorm!"

**"Enter Sandman" by Metallica hits as the arena lights dim... Golden sand sprinkle then from the rafters and Sandstorm walks out with his hands raised in the air, the golden sand sprinkles finsh and Sandstorm walks down the ramp and into the ring.**

Report - The Two men start out with a test of strength which Super Soldier wins, Sandstorm gets up and is met with a fury of punches. Soldier grabs Sandstorm and Whips him to the ropes, Soldier lunges at Sandstorm with a clothesline but Sandstorm ducks, Sandstorm keep running and when he comes back at Soldier he hits Soldier with a Body Avalanche. Sandstorm picks Soldier up and hits a Double Chokelift Slam. Sandstorm goes to the Top Rope and Signals for the *Optical Illusion* (Shooting Star Press)

Jesse Wilson - "Can he do it? He seems pretty big."

Sam Rouge - "If it lands it will hurt Super Soldier very much, but if he misses He will hurt himself very much."

Sandstorm Leaps off the top rope with the *Optical Illusion* and just as he’s coming down, Super Soldier gets his knees up. Both men lay on the Ground as the Referee starts counting.

Super Soldier gets on Both Knees
Super Solder Gets on his Feet
Sandstorm gets on Both Knees
Sandstorm gets up.

The two men circle each other, Super Soldier goes on the attack with a knee to Sandstorms midsection. Sandstorm goes down, but gets back up quickly. Super Soldier Executes a Body Press to Front Slam. Super Solder puts the boots to Sandstorm. The Ref tells Super Soldier to stop and Sandstorm gets up. Sandstorm makes a sudden comeback with the *Mummification* (Snap Powerbomb 01). Sandstorm pins

Super Soldier quickly pushes Sandstorm off of him.

Sam Rouge - "Nearly got the three count"

Super Soldier gets up and Sandstorm comes attacking with a Jumping Roundhouse kick. Super Soldier gets knocked down but gets back up and is met with a couple of punches, Sandstorm goes for a Big Headbutt, but Soldier Blocks it and attacks Sandstorm with three*Soldier Plexs* (T-Bone Suplex) in a row. Soldier then whips Sandstorm to the turnbuckle. Soldier Goes to the Turbuckle and executes the *Final Salute* (Flipping Slam), Soldier covers

..Sandstorm gets a shoulder up.

Jesse Wilson - "Sandstorm barley mangaged to escape a loss there."

Sam Rouge - "The Refs hand was inches from the ground when Sandstorm got the shoulder up."

Soldier Picks Sandstorm up and delivers two Full Nelson Suplexes. Soldier pins again


Winner by pinfall at 8.45 Super Soldier.

Sam Rouge - "Super Solider did what he promised, get a victory for his country."

Jesse Wilson - "And teach that Sandstorm a lesson."

Sam Rouge - "Overall a good match, Sandstorm did well for his debut."

**Law is in the back pacing back and forth with his hand covering his mouth. He removes his hand and starts to talk.**

Law - "You run your mouth on how your excell in martial arts. Well, so do I so what's the point? But can you wrestle as good as I can? You may have saw the match on Friday between Barry Burton and myself. He said he excelled in martial arts also and I made a mochery of him! So that brings me back to my original question."

**The camera then fades as Law walks off.**

Sam Rouge - "Looks like Law means business."

Jesse Wilson - "Thats a good question he asked to Wori though, i wonder what Wori will have to say..."

Writing Credit - Twisted Fate

Jesse Wilson - "Now we have the hardcore match up between "Inmate" Piccolo Friez Vs Blood Angel. Should be interesting."

Sam Rouge - "Yes it should be interesting, both these men won there first matches, and are tough competitors."

Jesse Wilson - "Well now we have our Announcer introducing both of our competitors."

Announcer - "This match has been set to be a Hardcore Match between "Inmate" Piccolo Friez and Blood Angel, firstly coming down to the ring weighting in at 279lbs from Amityville, Maine, He is the Mentally Ill On, Piccolo Friez!"

**"Amityville" by Eminem hits the arena as the lights dim to a dark black. Two dark orange spotlights then shine down on the entranceway as Inmate walks out, he raises his hands to the crowd and then begins to walks down the ramp, the two spotlights shine on him until he gets to the ring where the lights come back to normal.**

Announcer - "And now coming down to the ring weighting in at 240lbs, all the way from Venice Beach, California accompanied by Shannon, he is Blood Angel!"

**The lights go out and the crowd murmur in excitement. Suddenly everything goes red and the Angel Theme hits. Blood Angel is seen standing on the ramp with his beautiful Valet/Girlfriend Shannon. Blood Angel looks around him and lets the crowds cheer get his adrenaline pumping. Then he spins round and strides to the ring and slides under the bottom rope. He holds the bottom rope up for Shannon then he mounts the turnbuckle and an explosion occurs and bits of Blood red paper or dust falls from the Ceiling.**

Jesse Wilson - "His entrance just gets better and better every time."

Sam Rouge - "True, it is a fantastic entrance, but lets get to the match."

Report - Both men immediately go for each other and they lock up in a strong hold. Inmate gets the advantage and he puts Blood Angel in the corner where he stomps away at his lower kidney. After a short while of the vicious stomping Inmate backs away and waits for Blood Angel to rise to his feet. Once Blood Angel gets his balance back Inmate runs at him with his arm stretched out, he tries to connect with a Clothesline but Blood Angel reverses it into a Sitting Arm Bar.

Sam Rouge - "That was nice, quick reaction."

After a short while Blood Angel releases the hold and swings him to the ropes where he attacks him with a Dropkick to the knee. Inmate stumbles over and hits the mat with force. Blood Angel quickly picks him up and then grapples him to try and deliver a Fisherman Suplex but Inmate is just to strong and over powers Blood Angel. Inmate then forces Blood Angel to release the grapple but Blood Angel refuses to and he keeps trying for a Fisherman Suplex but every time it fails. Eventually Inmate pushes Blood Angel away and then attacks him with a few sharp punches to the jaw and chest. Blood Angel slowly loses his balance and falls on to the ropes where he gets tangled up.

Jesse Wilson - "This could be bad, Inmate has him right where he wants him."

Sam Rouge - "Blood Angel is Doomed!"

Inmate then begins to hit Blood Angel with some Big Kicks to the face and then some blows to the stomach. Inmate then strikes at Blood Angel with a double eye poke. Blood Angel’s eyes begin to fill up with water and it looks as if he is crying.

Sam Rouge - "That was a huge Cheap Shot"

Jesse Wilson - "It’s a Hardcore match anything goes."

Inmate then turns his back and goes outside the ring to pick out some weapons, while Inmate does this Shannon gets in the ring and tries to get Blood Angel untangled, the ref also tries and they eventually set him free. Blood Angel then runs to the ropes and jumps off them landing a perfect 3rd Rope Body Press straight onto Inmate’s back. Inmate collapse’s on the floor in a heap and Blood Angel picks up some of the weapons that Inmate collected from under the ring.

Jesse Wilson - "Here’s where the Hardcore comes in." Blood Angel raises the black metal chair that has Ice Age printed on the back of it and he slams it down straight onto Inmate’s back. He does this a few times and then turns the chair till it’s at a vertical angle and smashes it against Inmate’s left leg, after a few shots of this he throws the dented chair in the ring and then picks up Inmate. Blood Angel then swings him into the metal stairs.

Jesse Wilson - "Ouch, those stairs are pure metal and Inmate just went face first into them."

Blood Angel then goes for the cover.

Kick out.

Blood Angel then picks up Inmate again and attempts to swing him into the ring post but Inmate reverses it and Blood Angel goes smashing into it. Both men lie on the floor motionless. After a few minutes Inmate gets to his feet some how, and throws Blood Angel back in the ring. Inmate then picks up the metal chair and smashes it against Blood Angel’s head a few times, Some blood then begins to trickle down Blood Angel’s forehead as he lies on the floor in pain.

Sam Rouge - "These chair shots are truly devastating!"

Inmate then throws the chair outside the ring and picks up Blood Angel. They lock up and Inmate comes out on top, he tries to go for a Belly To Back Suplex but Blood Angel finds it in him to reverse it into a Belly to back Suplex of his own. Blood Angel goes for the cover.

Kick out.

Jesse Wilson - "Blood Angel’s getting back in this now." Both men return to the feet and Blood Angel whips Inmate to the ropes where he strikes out a blistering Throat Thrust. Inmate crashes to the ground with a thud. Blood Angel then walks over to Inmate and locks on the *Angelic Stretch* (Walls of Jericho). Inmate tries to make it to the ropes but the force for him is to strong. As Inmate gets closer to the ropes Blood Angel pulls him back and adds more pressure to the hold.

Sam Rouge - "I have a feeling he’s gonna tap."

Just as Blood Angel pulls Inmate back again the arena lights dim, red mist then forms on the ramp and out from the back comes Golgotha… He has some black jeans on and a black T-shirt with red writing reading "Golgotha" he then picks up the battered chair that was thrown outside and slides into the ring, he smashes the chair against Blood Angel’s head and Inmate is set free from the hold. Inmate slides out the ring as the two slug it out.

Jesse Rouge - "Golgotha is here, he’s come for Blood Angel!" Golgotha lays some devastating right hands to Blood Angel and he slowly falls into the turnbuckle. Golgotha then sets Blood Angel on the top rope and executes a perfect Top Rope TazzPlex. Golgotha then slides out of the ring and leaves as Inmate gets back in the ring.

Jesse Wilson - "That was pure nasty."

Sam Rouge - "And I liked it."

Inmate then stagers to his feet and picks up Blood Angel who is out cold. Inmate then sets Blood Angel on the top rope and taunts to the crowd. Blood Angel tries a few punches to the face and chest but Inmate stays where he is. Inmate then leaps off the turnbuckle hitting the *Lethal Injection* (Diamond Dust).

Jesse Wilson - "Two top rope moves to Blood Angel in the space of 30 seconds or more."

Inmate then rests his arm over Blood Angel’s bruised chest and the ref makes the count.


Winner by pinfall at 9.06, "Inmate" Piccolo Friez.

Jesse Wilson - "Blood Angel deserved to win that, and he would of if that dam Golgotha hadn’t interfered!"

Sam Rouge - "What are you on about? Inmate had it in the bag from the start."

**The camera cuts to Wori's locker room where he is sitting down with a cameraman**

Wori - "Law, you don't think I can wrestle? Ha, what a mockery. I have trained in Russian Bear WRESTLING!"

**Wori puts a big emphasis on the word wrestling**

Wori - "As the great scientist Albert Einstein once said, "E=mc2" But that's not the point here. At Atmosphere, I will throw everything at you including the kitchen sink. he he *snort snort*. Get it. The Kitchen Sink is a wrestling move. Or maybe I should use the textbook maneuvres on you. he he *snort snort*"

**The camera fades out as Wori falls off his chair laughing. One last snort can be heard as the screen turns to black**

Jesse Wilson - "Well there's Wori's answer to Law's question."



Sam Rouge - "Well the time has come for the main event, Wori Sasafrass Cs Law Hiyabusa."

Jesse Wilson - "Well lets get right to it."

Writing Credit - McFreeze

Sam Rouge - "Law impressed everyone in his excellent debut against Barry Burton on Friday."

Jesse Wilson - "Yes, and now Wori Sasafrass will debut against him."

Announcer - "The following match will be a normal match between Law Hiyabusa and Wori Sasafrass. First, Making his way to the ring, weighing in at 189lbs from Kyoto, Japan he is "The Enforcer" Law Hiyabusa!"

**"Crush Em" by Megadeth hits the arena as the lights dim to a navy blue, the crowd awaits Law to appear, ad once he does he stands at the top of the ramp looking at every single member of the crowd. Once he has finished scanning the crowd he slowly walks down the ramp and into the ring where he awaits Wori Sasafrass silently.**

Jesse Wilson - "Now all we need is our second opponent Wori."

Announcer - "Now, Making his way torwards the ring, weighing in at 256 from Denver, Colorado he is Wori Sasafrass."

**"Intergalactic" by the Beastie Boys hits as Wori Sasafrass pops out onto the ramp, he then fixes his glasses and starts to clear them up with his shirt. Pyros then shoot out making Wori jump five feet from where he was.**

Sam Rouge - "That kid is one hell of a funny guy."

Report - They start out by circling each other, Law attacks with a strong punch. Wori recovers quickly but is met with a Jump Spinning Roundhouse Kick, knocking him back down. Law waits for Wori to get up and then executes a perfect Belly to Belly suplex. Wori is on the ground clutching his back. Law goes to Wori’s feet and locks on a tight leg lock.

Jesse Wilson - "Law is dominating right now, Wori hasn’t got a single move in yet."

Sam Rouge - "Now he has the Leg Lock on Wori and it seems as if Wori is in pain."

Wori squirms and jerks and finally manages to get to the ropes. The Ref separates them. Law runs torwards and Wori moves aside sending Law straight into the turnbuckle. Wori follows up with a Full Nelson Slam. Wori picks Law up and Irish whips him into the turnbuckle Wori executes a Tilt-A-Whirl Driver and leaves Law laying there.

Jesse Wilson - "Wori has made an excellent comeback."

Sam Rouge - "Now lets see if he can capitalize on his comback."

Once both men get back to there feet they tie up, Wori comes out on top and delivers a weak arm drag, Law gets straight back up from this and attacks with a few blow to the face of Wori. Wori retreats into the corner, Law sees this as an opportunity to strike him down and he moves over to where Wori rests and throws him into the turnbuckle, Law then sits Wori on the top rope where he delivers a Double Underhook Suplex. Both men lie on the floor for a while before rising to their feet...

Sam Rouge - "Nice move, but it wasn't very effective, he should try something more powerfull next time."

Both men then start to exchange blows, Wori comes out of top and he delivers a small uppercut to the jaw of Law, he then tries another one but Law catches his fist and then takes him down with a leg sweep.

Jesse Wilson - "Nice maneuver there by Law, he truly brings out the Martial Arts in him."

Law picks up Wori and whips him to the ropes where he tries to knock Wori down with a Thai Roundhouse kick but Wori ducks underneath and grapples Law from behind. Wori eventually delivers a strong Cannon Ball Buster straight to the mat. Wori then goes for the cover.

Kick out.

Jesse Wilson - "So close, Wori nearly had the match in the bag."

While Law is still down Wori gets up the top rope and prepares for a Guillotine Leg Drop. Law sees this and he lies there in wait for Wori to jump, Wori sees Law looking at him and he decides to get off the turnbuckle and kick Law while he is down.

Sam Rouge - "Good tactics by Wori."

Wori picks up Law and kicks him in the mid-section a few times, he then runs at the ropes and when he bounces off he attacks Law with a fast swinging neck breaker. Both men return to the feet and Wori whips Law to the ropes and then locks on a fantastic Sleeper Hold, Law tries to get to the ropes but Wori drags him back. Law then drops to one knee, then two. He slowly starts to fade away as Wori locks on the hold tighter.

Sam Rouge - "This could be the end of the match right here!"

Jesse Wilson - "It could be, but I think Law has just enough energy left inside him to attack back."

Law slowly begins to regain conciseness and gets back to his feet, he then elbows Wori a few times in the stomach, which forces him to let go. Wori back steps to the ropes and then runs at Law trying to perform a spear but Law dodges it and quickly executes a Back Body drop. Law then goes for the cover.

Kick out.

Law then picks up Wori and they lock up. Wori gets the advantag and attacks Law with a funky Snap Power Bomb. Law slowly gets up and they circle each other again, Law lunges at Wori with a punch but Wori blocks the punch and hits Law with a punch of his own. Wori executes a perfect T-Bone Suplex. He signals for the finish. Wori picks Law up and executes *Quantum Physics* (Sky High), He pins.


Jesse Wilson - "Nice victory by Wori."

Sam Rouge - "Yes he did, and by doing so he has proved himself to be one of the best in the Ice Age."

Winner by pin, at 5.19, Wori Sasafrass

**As Wori celebrates he turns to the entrance and see Pappy Sasafrass coming to the ring with a big grin on his face, he walks over to Wori who is just starting to stir, as Wori attempts to get up Pappy stops him by putting his hand on Wori's shoulder.**

Pappy - "You ain't getting up yet Wori. What the hell was that? That was the worst match i have ever seen one of my students wrestle. Your god damn suplexes were sloppy, your @#%$ punches had no power to them, where the hell did i go wrong?"

**Wori tries to get up again but Pappy pushes him to the ground, Wori looks up with a look of anger on his face.**

Pappy - "I said you ain't gettin up boy!, not until you give me at least 100 push-ups, GOOD PUSH-UPS!!!!!!! I want to see all of them."

**Wori shakes his head in protest and starts to get to his feet, Pappy tries to keep him down but Wori rolls out of reach and gets up, then gets right up into Pappy's face.**

Wori - "You can't tell me what to do, you're my uncle not my daddy."

Pappy - "Actual......."

Wori - "Oh be quiet you horny old man, the only reason why we didn't put you in a nursing home was because you'd be in heaven with all those women in nurse outfits."

Pappy - "Hmmmmmm. I never thought about that."

Wori - "All you think about is Women."

**Wori pauses a moment then begins again**

Wori - "You're going to need to think about wrestling because you're fighting me next week."

**Wori pauses and waits for his uncle to slap him on the head**

Sam Rouge - "Wori's getting serious now."

**Pappy takes a step back and sizes up Wori, he then starts to chuckle as he brings his hand to his chin.**

Pappy - "You say you want me? You know what you're doing boy? I am the man who taught you every damn thing you know, the man who got you into this sport, hell, into this federation. And you want to fight me?"

**Wori nods his head in agreement**

Pappy - "I accept your challenge you little @#%$. Ya thats right, you thought i wouldn't, but next show, i will show you the true meaning of being Schooled!"

**Pappy turns his back to Wori and makes his way backstage**

Jesse Wilson - "Tonight has been one hell of a good night, and what better way of finishing than what we just had..."

Sam Rouge - "Two Sasafrass's going all serious on each other, and now they want to settle it in the ring."

Jesse Wilson - "Well were out of time now, see you on Static."

**The camera then fades as a Copywrite sign appears in the bottom left of the screen. Ice Age logo then appears as the screen fades and the show goes off air.**


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