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The Traditionalist

Traditionalists want to belong, to do their duty, to be useful to the social units they belong to, to be givers, to take care of others, especially the young and the old, and those in positions of authority, to be responsible, to do what they are "supposed to do," to be bound and obligated, to support the work ethic and the rules and hierarchies of society, to establish and conserve the institutions of society, to become an official of some kind, to gain a title and entitlement, to be reverent of elders, to preserve heritage and heritability, to earn status in whatever social units they belong to, to be prepared, to be prepared for the worst.

Negative Attributes:

Aimless, blank, compromising, doubtful, fearful, hesitant, indecisive, indifferent, lazy, mumbles, nonchalant, plain, reluctant, reticent, slow, sluggish, timid, unenthusiastic, uninvolved, worrier.