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Bonjour, Konnichiwa, Aloha, and hello. You've managed to stumble across this lil niche of hell, so why don't I tell you where you are.

Nightmare Avenue is my (shadow bane) lair, where I control all that goes on...(mwahahahaaa...jk ^^;;) It stores all of my original and anime/manga fanfiction.

So why the title, you wonder, if its just some harmless stories? Well, those 'harmless' stories are up to their brim in angst, blood, and twisted destiny.

No, wait!!! Don't run away!!! I also have some waff (warm and fuzzy fealing), humorous, and lighter stories for you 'angels' out there.

But as I said, not all are happily ever after fics, so if you aren't open to slightly angst-heavy (well..most of the humor still gets the better of me once in awhile)then don't read! (self explantetory).

And now, onto the scrolls...!

Muse Chart Must read before any fiction!!!
Characters: "Oh the poor souls..."
Original Fiction: "Let's get our puppets and play ^_^"
Fan Fiction: "Borrowing puppets is fun too..."
About Your Webmistress: "Yea, like any one would go there >:P"

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shadow bane