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And heeeeeeeeeere's the Fiction Page!!! Im not totally done with it yet, so blah. I'm feelin sick (i got strep throat >.< waaaaaaaaah) and Im not in the mood to go into petty details and drown myself in work at the moment, so I'll put up a few snippets for you to enjoy and fix it all later ^^;;. Enjoy!
Akumu Odori
Three Evils, Guilt, Sin and Lust, fought a battle with one other long ago against Heaven, and lost. As punishment they were given mortal bodies and stranded on earth. Now, with their memories of the battle gone, but their demonic knowledge still remains, which complicates things a tad...
Characters: "Oh the poor souls..."
Original Fiction: "Let's get our puppets and play ^_^"
Fan Fiction: "Borrowing puppets is fun too..."
About Your Webmistress: "Yea, like any one would go there >:P"

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