1. Who is narrating the story?

2. List five points about how the narrator describes himself.

3. What is Grim's opinion of the narrator's father? Give proof.


1. Describe the "down under" (Make 5 points).

2. When does the story take place?

3. Describe the new neighbours (Make 5 points each).


1. Max says Kevin "scared" him. Explain what he meant.

2. What gets Max and Kevin speaking in Chapter 3? Explain the situation


1. Why does Kevin call his mother the "Fair Gwen"?

2. It is obvious that Kevin is very interested in two key things in Chapter 4. Give a brief description of each & tell why you think he is interested in each.

3. Does Max like to read? Explain why or why not.


1. Kevin's mother gets very upset when she finds Kevin in Max's room. Explain why, according to Max's thinking and the real reason.

2. Why did Gwen know who Max was?

3. Why is it such a big deal that Max looks like his father?


1. What event do Max & Kevin go to together in Chapter 6? Why is this year different for Max?

2. Describe Tony D. in detail. (Thougths, Actions, Words)

3. What does Kevin find so funny after they hear the sirens on pages 31-32?

4. Why does Max put Kevin on his shoulders?


1. What do Max & Kevin name themselves in Chapter 7? Describe why they chose this name?


1. Make 10 jot notes on the chapter.


1. Why did Kevin & Max go to the hospital? (Explain where they went, why Kevin took Max there & why it is important to the story).


1. Kevin has a vivid (intense, animated, lively) imagination. Use three examples from the novel, chapters 1- 10, that prove this is a true statement.

2. Predict what the boys will do with the purse they recovered. Or explain what you thought might or could happen.


1.Describe the New Tenements. Include details such as what it is called, what it looks like, who lives there, etc. Please put the details and your description into your own words.

2. Who are Iggy & Loretta Lee? What role do you think they will play in the novel? Explain your reasons.


1.Why is it important that Kevin and Max are in the same classes?

2. What do you think Max felt when the kids in class were teasing him?

3. What effect does Kevin sitting on Max's shoulders have on his class and teacher? What effect does it have on Max?

CHAPTER 13 - American Chop Suey

1. According to the novel, how smart is Freak?

2. How is hanging out with Kevin helping Max?

3. What does Kevin teach Max about reading?

4. What does Max think about writing?

5. Max is called alone to the Principal's office. Name two reasons Max thought he was called down. Why did the Principal actually want to talk to Max?

6. Why does Max state "If Freak ever tries to eat American chop suey again, I'll dump it on his head or something."

CHAPTER 14 - Cross My Heart and Hope to Die

1. Why is Grim yelling at Gram?

2. Who is Annie? Give details.

CHAPTER 15 - What Came Down the Chimney

1. What did Freak give Max for Christmas?

2. Who comes into Max's room?

CHAPTER 16 - A Chip off the old Block

1. Why does Max's father come back?

2. What do you think Max is feeling when his father takes him from the house?

CHAPTER 17 - By All That's Holy

1. Why does Max's father tie up Max?

2. How does "Killer Kane" describe his years in prison?

CHAPTER 18 - Never Trust a Cripple

1. What is "Killer Kane's" plan?

2. What do you think Iggy is trying to tell Max "with his eyes"

CHAPTER 19 - Into the Black Down Under

1. How do you feel about the way Max's father treats Max?

2. Why does Loretta help Max?

CHAPTER 20 - Freak the Mighty Strikes Again

1. What does the sight of Loretta being hurt do to Max?

2. How does Kevin save Max? What was really in the squirt gun?

CHAPTER 21 - 22

1. Why does everyone think they will "lock Killer Kane up for good this time."?

2. Why is it different for Max at school after the Christmas break?

3. Why didn't Max have to testify at the trial?

4. What does Kevin say to Max about his father that makes him feel better?

5. Complete this statement by Kevin: "Remembering is just ………"

6. What does Kevin get for his birthday? Why is it significant?

7. What important event happens at the end of Chapter 22?


1. What is a tracheotomy? What does Kevin do with his?

2. What gift does Kevin give Max? What is it for?

3. How does Kevin want Max to tell the story?

4. Why does Max "freak out" at the hospital?

5. Why did Kevin make up the story about the bionic body?

6. How did Max deal with Kevin's death?

7. How did seeing Loretta help Max?

8. How did writing his story help Max?


1. Describe Max's character. Remember to provide proof of any statement made about his personality.

2. Explain the title of the book.

3. Do you think it is appropriate? Why or why not? Support your answer.

4. Explain why Max is crying at the end of Chapter 5.

QUIZ #2: CHAPTERS 10- 13

1. Why did Kevin and Max go to the New Testaments?

2. Describe the New Testaments.

3. What characters did Max and Kevin meet there? What is their connection to Max?

4. Who is Mrs. Donelli? Why does she send Max and Kevin to the Principal's office?

5. Describe the most important thing Kevin is helping Max with in regards to school work. What does Kevin do that helps Max the most?

6. Max is called alone to the Principal's office in Chapter 13. Name the two reasons Max thought he was being called down for. Why did the Principal actually want to talk to Max?

7. Why does Max state, " … if Freak ever tries to eat American chop suey again, I'll dump it on his head or something."?


1. Describe how Max averts Kane's attention from Loretta.

2. How does Kevin save Max from Kane's attack?

3. Why does everyone think they will " lock Killer Kane up for good this time?"

4. What is different for Max at school after Christmas break?

5. Why did Max not have to testify at his father's trial?

6. Complete the following sentence, as stated by Kevin: "Remembering is just _____________________. " (5 words)

7. What does Kevin receive from his mother for his birthday?

8. Why is this gift significant to the story?

9. What important event happens at the end of Chapter 22?