Completion of a bonus assignment will increase a term mark by 3%. Ie.- a B becomes a B+, B+ becomes and A- , etc... Only 1 bonus per term is offered.
NOTE: Computers is graded with your Science mark. So... you may do the Computers or Science Bonus for credit. Don't do both in one term.


1st Term bonus assignments due: End of October.
2nd Term bonus assignments due: End of February.
3rd Term bonus assignments due: End of May.


Review our class website Mr. Fitch's World. Type out a report listing the good & bad points about the website. Give suggestions for improvement. Your report must be at least 1.5 typed page (font size 12), signed by your folks & in full sentences. Include examples & suggestions for improvement.



Complete a short written project on computers. Focus on the physical components (parts) of a computer. Describe the materials used to make a computer. Describe at least 8 parts of a computer and include diagrams. Explain what the parts do. For example what is a graphics card? What does it look like? What are the names of some companies that make graphics cards? What's the price range for them? Include a picture or drawing. Continue such information for at least 7 other parts of the computer. i.e. processor, sound card, monitor, printer, motherboard, DVD Drive, CD burner, pointing devices (mouse, or trackball, or touch pad / screen), keyboard, speakers, scanners, modems, cases, etc... This must be typed & at least 2 pages long. Include a title page and table of contents please. Show the project to your parents & have them sign it confirming they have double checked it with you.



Have your parents complete the Online Computers Test at MR. FITCH'S WORLD & watch 1 Tim & Moby Movie together. Discuss what you've learned with them. Have them sign a note in your planner and show me. If you don't have access to the Internet at home access is available at public libraries or see me to book time for computer lab time after school with your folks.