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Michael DeJesus's Rsum

I am the Technical Assistant in the Research and Development Department for Kādant Web Systems.  Kādant Web Systems is the industry leader in the supplying and servicing of doctoring equipment to the pulp and paper making industry.  My responsibility in this position is to improve the current product line of doctoring equipment, which includes doctors, doctor blades and holders. I am currently attending the continuing education courses at Nichols College so that I may receive my degree in business with a minor in computer science.

I have been working for Kādant Web Systems since 1984.  This resume summarizes my achievements according to the following categories, which you can select to find out more.

Educational Qualifications

Bay Path Regional Vocational Technical, Charlton, Massachusetts, June 1984, Member of the Vocational Industrial Club Association

Nichols College, (1999 - Present) Continuing Education towards Masters in Business, Minor in Computer Science

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Kādant Web Systems Auburn, MA (October 1984 - Present)

Machinist (October 1984 - July 1990)

Lead Setup/Assembler (July 1990 - December 2000)

Research and Development Technical Assistant (January 2001 - Present)

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Rsum contents | Michael's Home Page

How to contact me

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