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Most of ON TAP were invited down to Taidong for "Jones's" wedding so we made a weekend of it, checked into some cheap hotels and rented bicycles!!

Some fool in a posh car came a cropper on this little coastal road

Parked the bikes by the sea and contructed this here raft to see if we could make it across the Pacific!!

More raft capers

It was all a bit too much and after a few hour sat sea we were left stranded on the beach...remarkably my skin was so pale I managed to reflect the suns rays away from me!

After the fun and japes on the bikes and down at the seaside we had to get ready for the serious business of the wedding. On with the "whistles" and a quick pose outside the hotel before heading off for the meal and reception

The food was inedible for me but the wedding was more fun than your average Taiwanese affair because this was an "Abbo" wedding! Jones's wife is a member of the Paiwan tribe so we had singing, dancing and of course plenty of alcohol!

Video of the weekend down south

Captured a lot of the key events. Didn't manage to video Swifty being an arse in the pub after the wedding! The last day we went out on the bikes again only for it to absolutely pour with rain!

If you can't see the embedded video, click here
A Reading Mark production!