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Captains log stardate 18.11.2004

Early morning start for the trip to Neihu studio's. I was late, but "I'm the captain of the ship daahling and I'll turn up when I damned well like"
In the first picture you can see us in our "gayboy" anti-radiation vests and in the second, fully equipped in our "day and night" spacesuits. A true international team comprising of Owen(first Lieutenant-Canada), Andy(ships mate-Australia), Natasha(2nd Officer-Canada) and myself(Captain-UK)

<a href="spacerecamera.mpg"> <img src="spaceteam.jpg" border="0" align="left" width="160" height="120" vspace="10" hspace="20" /> </a>

A brief clip of the action where
we had to be aware of a strange odour.......

Captains log supplementary

So, we started off with make-up then off for rehearsals in front of the camera. Natasha, Andy and I were around the ships breakfast table discussing sex with Martians when who should appear but Owen with the foulest breath in the universe. He was then blown out of the ship (the air-conditioning couldn't handle the stench) but finally rescued by the timely arrival of a bottle of "Day and night". His return to the craft was met with euphoria from the delighted and I dare say relieved crew.....

After a hard day's interplanetary travel the crew relaxed with a lunchbox and we were off home at 3.30pm.

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