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SEASON 2001/02

League Division 2 - Final table top six - 21/4/2002
1Cardiff City462314975502583

See how the Royals got promoted at Brentford

Highlights of the rest of the season


JamieAshdown PhilWhitehead MattRobinson NickyShorey JohnMackie AdieWilliams AdieViveash
AdieWhitbread PhilParkinson KevinWatson NeilSmith AlexSmith GrahamMurty KeithJones
JamesHarper JoeGamble AlanPardew(manager) SammyIgoe AndyHughes JamieCureton TonyRougier
NickyForster MartinButler DariusHenderson JohnSalako NathanTyson
John Salako and Kevin Watson were signed after loan periods. Some of the youngsters are beginning to come through and are being loaned off to get some experience.I was only able to see the friendly against Spurs, three league games and one cup game all in August.

Sat Aug 11 LEAGUE Blackpool (away) 2-0 5,613 4 Parkinson, Forster
Sat Aug 18 LEAGUE HUDDERSFIELD TOWN (HOME) 1-0 11,915 3 Forster
Tue Aug 21 LGE CUP 1 LUTON TOWN (HOME) 4-0 5,115 - Henderson(2), Parkinson, A.Smith
Sat Aug 25 LEAGUE Queens Park Rangers (away) 0-0 13,829 4 -
Sat Sep 1 LEAGUE Port Vale (away) 2-0 5,196 3 Cureton(2)
Sat Sep 8 LEAGUE CARDIFF CITY (HOME) 1-2 13,017 7 A.Smith
Tue Sep 11 LGE CUP 2 WEST HAM UNITED (HOME) 6-5* 21,173 - -
Sat Sep 15 LEAGUE Stoke City (away) 0-2 11,752 10 -
Tue Sep 18 LEAGUE CAMBRIDGE UNITED (HOME) 1-0 8,348 6 Harper
Sat Sep 22 LEAGUE WYCOMBE WANDERERS (HOME) 2-0 13,565 5 Williams, Henderson
Tue Sep 25 LEAGUE Bournemouth (away) 0-1 3,691 8 -
Sat Sep 29 LEAGUE BURY (HOME) 1-1 10,035 9 Igoe
Fri Oct 5 LEAGUE Colchester United (away) 0-2 3,691 11 -
Wed Oct 10 LGE CUP 3 Aston Villa (away) 0-1 23,431 - -
Sat Oct 13 LEAGUE SWINDON TOWN (HOME) 1-3 14,389 14 Henderson
Sat Oct 20 LEAGUE Notts County (away) 4-3 5,604 11 Hughes, Cureton(2), A.Smith
Tue Oct 23 LEAGUE Oldham Athletic (away) 1-0 4,901 9 Cureton
Sat Oct 27 LEAGUE BRENTFORD (HOME) 1-2 14,680 11 Butler
Tue Oct 30 LDV 2 COLCHESTER UNITED (HOME) 2-1 2,725 - N.Smith, Henderson
Sat Nov 3 LEAGUE Northampton Town (away) 2-0 5,162 8 Cureton, Butler
Tue Nov 6 LEAGUE WREXHAM (HOME) 2-0 8,081 4 Forster, Henderson
Sat Nov 10 LEAGUE Bristol City (HOME) 3-2 14,060 4 Mackie, OG, Salako
Sat Nov 17 FA CUP 1 WELLING (HOME) 1-0 5,338 - Cureton
Tue Nov 20 LEAGUE TRANMERE ROVERS (HOME) 4-1 9,007 4 N.Smith, Forster(2), Henderson
Sat Nov 24 LEAGUE Peterborough United (away) 2-1 5,695 4 Henderson(2)
Sat Dec 1 LEAGUE CHESTERFIELD (home) 0-1 11,209 4 -
Tue Dec 4 LDV 3 Barnet (away) 1-4 1,171 - Henderson
Sat Dec 8 FA CUP 2 York City (away) 0-2 3,161 - -
Sat Dec 22 LEAGUE WIGAN ATHLETIC (HOME) 1-1 15,808 5 Salako
Wed Dec 26 LEAGUE Cardiff City (away) 2-2 16,708 5 Forster, Salako
Sat Dec 29 LEAGUE Wrexham (away) 2-0 3,885 5 Forster, Salako
Tue Jan 1 LEAGUE PORT VALE (HOME) 2-0 10,743 4 Cureton(2)
Sat Jan 5 LEAGUE QUEENS PARK RANGERS (HOME) 1-0 19,329 2 Hughes
Sat Jan 12 LEAGUE Huddersfield Town (away) 1-0 10,775 1 Forster
Sat Jan 19 LEAGUE BLACKPOOL (HOME) 3-0 13,732 1 Forster(3)
Tue Jan 22 LEAGUE Wigan Athletic (away) >2-0 5,546 1 Hughes, Forster
Sat Jan 26 LEAGUE COLCHESTER UNITED (HOME) 3-0 12,743 1 Forster(2), Hughes
Sat Feb 2 LEAGUE Bury (away) 1-1 3,667 1 Salako
Sat Feb 9 LEAGUE NOTTS COUNTY (HOME) 2-1 13,564 1 OG, Cureton
Mon Feb 11 LEAGUE Brighton and HA (away) 1-3 6,756 1 Cureton
Thu Feb 14 LEAGUE Swindon Town (away) 0-0 9,264 1 -
Sat Feb 23 LEAGUE STOKE CITY (HOME) 1-0 21,032 1 Cureton
Tue Feb 26 LEAGUE Wycombe Wanderers (away) 2-0 9,250 1 Cureton, Henderson
Sat Mar 2 LEAGUE Cambridge United (away) 2-2 3,841 1 Viveash, OG
Tue Mar 5 LEAGUE BOURNEMOUTH (HOME) 2-2 13,538 1 Cureton, Hughes
Sat Mar 9 LEAGUE BRIGHTON AND HA (HOME) 0-0 22,009 1 -
Sat Mar 16 LEAGUE Chesterfield (away) 2-0 5,154 1 Forster, Cureton
Sat Mar 23 LEAGUE OLDHAM ATHLETIC (HOME) 2-2 15,191 1 Mackie, Parkinson
Sat Mar 30 LEAGUE Bristol City (away) 3-3 15,609 1 Hughes, Forster, Watson
Mon Apr 1 LEAGUE NORTHAMPTON TOWN (HOME) 0-0 16,495 2 -
Sun Apr 7 LEAGUE Tranmere Rovers (away) 2-2 9,282 2 Rougier, Salako
Sat Apr 13 LEAGUE PETERBOROUGH UNITED (HOME) 2-2 22,151 2 Forster(2)
Sat Apr 20 LEAGUE Brentford (away) 1-1 11,303 2 Cureton

Against a packed Madjeski backdrop, Parky goes for the ball against Stoke.

Reading fans go wild after Forster scores the winning goal at Huddersfield

The 3-2 win over Bristol City

The following have been taken from the Royals message board after defeat against Brentford and after victory against Peterborough

Dear Mr Pardew,
I'd like to apologise for saying you should be sacked earlier in the season. I didn't like you very much then because I don't like it very much when Reading lose, being a Reading fan. Now you've got the team playing the ball on the ground. Now you've got the team scoring goals. Now you've got the team winning. I quite like you again now because I like it when Reading win, being a Reading fan. I know that's incredibly fickle, but I couldn't really give a Gnat's cock who is managing Reading as long as we win to be perfectly honest. At least when I rant and rave it is done so out of raw passion and desire to see my football club succeed. I am sure you will be first to admit you've dug yourself out of a huge hole. You didn't quit when it was easier to. You've dug in, made unpopular changes and you've made us proud to be Reading supporters again. I am so very glad to admit that I am wrong, because seven on the spin is phenomenal.
keep up the good work. Yours apologetically,
ps. Regards to God (Darius).
pps. SDR says to say hello.

So how do you feel when supporting the Royals? Somewhat of a roller-coaster ride supporting Reading Football Club. Many ups and downs and certainly a very low point at the end of last season for RFC. By jove, things are not improving this season either. What are your thoughts? . Check out Dodgers website
If Reading FC ever really want to become a successful Club then they should follow the 'Thoughts of Sir Dodger' So what do the Royals need in place to gain promotion? Complete and utter focus
Management that keep their mouths shut during the game
Team Players only
No Prima Donnas
Positive thoughts
Know the opposition
Organisation (know your role)
Play offensively (mentally and physically)
Quick passes
Think ahead
Keep running off the ball
Close down all spaces
Big rewards for getting it right
Look at Walsall and Rotherham. Both are examples of low budget teams, that have been successful in gaining promotion.
The problem with a team like Reading is that 70% of the team does not believe they are winners.
It is easy really but without the Management in place, who demonstrate they are winners, know exactly what they are doing and remain calm in difficult situations, then how can you expect the players to mirror that image?
Simple really. So why are we still stuck in this damm second-rate league? Did it happen today against Brentford?
Why not email Sir Dodger Royal with your own thoughts.
Stay webwise with Real Facts at Sir Dodgers. You know it makes good reading.

Great scene from the 4-3 victory at Notts County


We've signed Alex Smith from Port Vale(free), Andy Hughes from Notts County(tribunal) and Adie Whitbread is now permanent

Lost to Spurs in a friendly 2-0....They would have thrashed us if it wasn't for Phil Whitehead making some blinding saves

The queues outside the ground were enormous

A crowd of nearly 22,000 came to watch.I anticipate huge support all season!!

click here to see pics of our day trip to Cardiff

Barry Hunter left for Rushden and Caskey,Jimmy Mac,Lee Hodges,Andy Gurney,Steve Howie and Neil Smith were all released pre-season...Caskey's wage demands were too high,Howie couldn't get a game, nor could Hodges or Smith.Gurney just wasn't good enough so he was offloaded to Swindon!! Jimmy Mac had improved a lot from the previous season so he was just unlucky

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