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Part 2...The Caves

The weather was still pretty shite the next day (but better than down south!) so we decided to go into Castletown and visit the caves. Here I am checking out exactly where we had to go!!

There are plenty of show caves in the area...I enquired about doing some caving in one of the camping shops but they were all a bit snobby about it.

The first place we went to was Speedwell cavern which required an underground boat trip

The cave was used for mining and they used boat to gain access

I tried to video the trip but the tour guide got stroppy and wouldn't let me...bloody jobsworth.

Then it was on to the Peak Cavern otherwise known as The Devil's Arse

We had to walk up into the hills for the entrance

We arrived before anyone had got there so we walked through the main gate and had a look around. when the guy arrived (late) he yelled at us and told us naughty children about the dangers...what is it with the people up here? Anyway, luckily he wasn't the guide! For that we had a woman with a very strong Derbyshire accent telling us all about Blue John stone which apparently is only found in Castleton, but according to Wikipedia...They lie!!

The cave had a huge entrance

A final scoff in one of the many tea houses before starting the long trek home

Stopped off in Chesterfield to check out the famous crooked spire. Also bought Tenacious D's first CD...yo ho ho, rocking, rude and funny too.

It wasn't pretty on the road home!!

The full weekends events

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