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The weather was awful down south, non stop rain and the forcast was for even worse to come. The best option then, was to head for one of the wettest parts of the country; The Peak District. A good choice as it turned out. Although cold, well very cold actually, the rain wasn't too bad. Meanwhile down south Reading's F.A. cup game was called off with a waterlogged pitch....10 minutes before the start!

We actually managed to set off early and arrived in the afternoon and checked out the er...rather plain cuisine.

What better place to escape the rain!!

The pub we stayed in was in the village of "Hope"

There's my MG in the background. There was a guy in the pub, 75, fit as a butchers dog who still goes hiking and used to run the Penine Way. They breed them tough up here.

Later on we had a beer in a pub called, "The Cheshire Cheese"

Now, even though we had come for a hiking holiday a certain person hadn't brought any hiking shoes so we had to go and buy another pair before we could go anywhere! The weather was pretty grim the next morning when we set off for Padley Gorge. Matters were made worse when I took us the wrong way and we had to retrace our steps

Not looking too happy about it all!

Mia was holding up well in her dashing pink number

I'm not lost way!

Ah, Grindleford! You'd never guess we were up north with a name like that.

Nice as the Grindleford station cafe seemed, they didn't sell beer and that was was the punters were after. Half a mile up the road we found the Maynard which was a bit "high end" but no matter, there was alcohol.

The afternoon saw us visiting an old mill

Top hiking country

A stone seat for the gods?

There was lots of old industrial relics knocking about

An interesting walk. good exercise for the youngster though she did complain a bit towards the end

Couldn't decide what to eat in the evening, so ended up with a takeaway chinese!!

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