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It had been an eventful three years but come the end of January 2011 On Tap moved premises to take over the old Yuma restaurant. The new place is far bigger and has far greater potential but it isn't our pub anymore which for me as a punter is shame. Worse is the fact that only Jason and Matt Wharton are involved in the new venture which has caused some recriminations...

The old pub was taken over by some American Chinese who have painted it bright red and turned it into a gourmet burger bar. It looks quite impressive from the outside...They've certainly thrown some money at it and the colour, er, kind of grabs your attention! The area is a growing foody district but there are burger bars springing up everywhere...How many does Taipei need?

Anyway, what follows below is a celebration of the previous three years when we were all one big happy family and all loved each other very much!

On Tap, a pub for local people, run by local people!!


Boring Spice
(likes to go home)
Drunk Spice
(likes a drink)
Old Spice
(likes his dog)
Party Spice
(likes skirt)
So, a bunch of footy chaps who liked to spend their Saturday night's watching the Premiership in a Michel free environment, decided to open their own boozer with a bunch of wide screens. Not long after that, someone came up with the bright idea of starting a darts league....a monster was born!
A typical night down Tap
Russell and I demonstrating that PINK is the new colour to be seen in. The Bear shows how out of touch he is...

finished the league in 2nd place...Rob and Clem left so we recruited Gren who has helped us into the top spot...YA!

Mel(The assassin) gives his Serbian stare Rob(The Destroyer) warming up for another demolition job on the opposition

A brief intro to the pub...

The first bit is pilched from Dukes wedding. The second bit shows Alex failing miserably in a drinking competition!

If you can't see the embedded video, try this link

Dave Reynoldson gets married!!

Swifty shows us how it's done, quaffing from the bottle.
A motley crue! Ian's got a manic stare, Bear looks stoned and I look like i've been caught with my hand in the till!.

The wedding was held in a hotel up in the mountains. There was copious food and drink and it seemed like the whole of On Tap had up and moved to the hills. Here we see the boys looking like a couple of hoods, Jason provides the smiles while Matt provides the muscle.

We had a city bus come and pick us up from the hotel and drive us all the way into town and straight've guessed it, The Tap. The bus was one of those noisy drunken affairs and quite a barrel of laughs...Here we have Alex pondering the meaning of life.

Well, it's been a long time coming but once again we have a local pub in Taipei city. Not since the days of The Dragon back in the 90's have we had a boozer you can sit and relax in, have a snakebite, chow down on a pie and throw a few arrows. The chaps have done a great job and I for one am running up a tab that's getting far too scary to want to ever pay off!!
***Note to owners...crusty bread with the food please!!***

Halloween mayhem in 2009


The 2009 Christmas spirit ran strong in On Tap and the gang decided to celebrate with a bit of topless dancing. If you'd wandered in off the street you might have been forgiven for thinking you'd entered Taipei's hottest gay bar...but I like to think we are mature adults and comfortable with our sexuality!!

If you can't see the embedded video, try this link

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