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I picked them up at Heathrow in a beaten up old car suitable for two people not four!

I had only arrived myself the day before so it was all a bit of a rush. I took them off to Thorpe Park only to discover Elisa didn't like rollercoasters....

Nina takes on "Stealth"

There was one fasttrack ticket going spare so Nina went by herself on this superfast, eight second ride!.

Mum had to go into hospital for an operation she was booked in for so I took the kids away to the Devon/Cornwall border to stay in a stone cottage for a few days. Unfortunately the weather wasn't very good but I think they enjoyed staying up late, watching TV and generally slobbing around!

The cottage was down a long farm track and very close to the's a pick of the girls near the cliff edge

Yours truly enjoying the view

It really was quite an isolated place so it was up to me to drive off every morning to the little shop to stock up on supplies then go back to feed them while they remained glued to the TV!

Clovelly was just up the road so we paid a visit...outrageously, you have to pay just to enter the village.

They were certainly more intrigued by the local wildlife than the architecture...I guess you can see lots of quaint old buildings in Germany

I remember taking a phone call on the sea wall from a threatening debt collector trying to get money for something i'd already paid for. After dealing with him it was back to trying to rouse interest in the teenies

Cheddar Gorge

On the way back we stopped off in Cheddar to eat and take in the views. They didn't want to go caving so I parked the car up the gorge and suggested a walk. Nina and Elisa opted to stay in the car while Andrea and I climbed up the gorge, walked along the top and came down higher up the road....the other two lazy tykes were playing PS2 and listening to music

Next up was trip to London and a tour of the sights before some serious shopping.

Most of the pics are of me because it was almost impossible to get a photo of Nina!

It was a bit crowded at mum's house, I was sleeping on the floor of the lounge and the girls were three to a bed!.

Trip to London

Luckily the weather was nice because this is what they had been looking forward to the whole time

So that was it, a 12 day trip and my yearly chance to see my daughter was over. I had five more days in the UK to see my mates and then it was back to Taiwan followed by Indonesia