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Bobby Zamora couldn't handle it!!

Zamora playing for West Ham

Before former Brighton boss Micky Adams signed the sensational talent, Zamora was blundering wide for ordinary Bristol Rovers reserves. And before that the seaside sensation was scuffing shots for ordinary West Ham juniors and ordinary Norwich City.

So just what happened to turn Zamora into today's striking sensation? Well the truth lies with an ordinary 19-year-old Mark Davies.
England Under-20s sensation Zamora said: 'The last two years for me have been unbelievable to tell you the truth. I mean Micky (Adams) came in for me when I was unknown really and since then it's been a whirlwind couple of seasons.'

But the sensational rise in form is not just down to hard work and sensational fortune. At the age of 19 Zamora, then Mark Davies, devised a sensational plan to transform an ordinary reserve striker into a dazzling striking sensation.
'Well, I'd been rejected as a kid by lots of clubs. West Ham told me I was too much of a lightweight, Norwich didn't like me and Bristol Rovers just forgot about me. In fact I was in the changing rooms one day and the gaffer asked me if I'd been enjoying my work experience.
'Then one day when I had the football on the tele I realised that it's the Zidanes and the Figos and Saviolas that the world takes notice of. So I wrote down a list of my favourite players ever and out came Maradona and Pele and Di Stefano. I didn't have one Cole or Smith or Davies.
'That's when I realised I had to get a name. I really liked Grange Hill when I was younger and remembered that anti-drugs song: Just say no, which I thought tied in with sport. Then I remembered the heroin addict was Zammo so I just reworked it a bit, slapped in the Bobby so everyone knew I could play for England and bang, the goals just came.'

After changing his name by deed poll, ordinary Mark Davies immediately hit form scoring a sensational 259 goals for Bristol Rovers reserves in five games before being lured to Brighton in a sensational cash-plus-tokens-for-the-arcades-on-the-pier deal.
'I had a plan, it's as simple as that. Within five years I wanted to be playing in the Premiership. There was no way ordinary Mark Davies was going to get me there. He was crap. In fact I'd rather not speak about him anymore'.

So, just who is a Mark Davies and proud of it??

Porn star, Musician and Black belt!!

Well if you look at the poster on the left you'll see the 5th "actor" on the list is none other than my good namesake doing a good job in the porn industry....and if you click on the treble clef you'll see that apparently I am lead Cello in a baroque orchestra. Apart from that I also run a karate club....

Speed king

And here I am as a racing on the photo to find out more.
Hey!! Being a Mark Davies aint so bad.

Ozzie legislator

Sir John Mark Davies
President: 1910-1919
Legislative Council: 1889-1895, 1899-1919

Whilst not strictly a member of the MD club....What a picture though!!

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