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The queue for the ferry was about 400 yards long...luckily it was fast moving

Once over there we hired some bikes to tour the island...hoping to avoid the container port!

We climbed up this hill which had a lighthouse and fort atop it. We later discovered it was the nicest part of the island.

Posed for a group picture under a tree...Sisqo(!), Joanne, Edwards and me

As you can see, a great view of the beach.

Joanne and I decided to do some silly poses in the idea what style we were copying....You'd never see Taiwanese doing this!

Ah yes, the container port!! The ride back was through something of an industrial nightmare and we just happy to get out of it. Once back on the mainland we went to Sisqo's pub to eat dinner and almost missed our train back because the service was so slow. The wine was horrible and when I complained the woman said, "Oh, you don't like our wine? Maybe you can buy another one...." I don't think she understood the fact that the wine was in fact...shit and she should have given us another with the compliments of the house.


The video featuring some fine karaoke and a visit to remote little island(not!!)

If you can't watch the embedded video just click here