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We started off with a hike to Ping-Xi one weekend and the girls liked it SO much we decided to make it a regular event!

Here are my hiking girls!!


The first part of the hiking usually involves waiting for Laura at the MRT station!


This was the first hike and here was me feeling a tad tired

We made it to the top of the first spike...The last bit is always a bit hair raising

Here we are doing the "intergalactic sign of peace"

The cliff section is a bit slippery but it's an impressive walk

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Mandy dropped out of the next hike to Teapot Mountain, but Chloe brought along a friend instead. The weather wasn't looking too good...After waiting for Laura, we took the bus to Jin-Gua Sh.

As usual I'd had no time for breakfast so ate mine on the way up

This gazebo is located just before the main ascent

And up we go...

The teapot in front of us

Laura and her lovely smile!!

Charming Regina!!


The class clown....Tiffers!!

No hill too steep for us

Inside the teapot

Going down from the teapot

On the Banping ridge

After the hike we went to eat in Sababba...the girls first taste of Middle Eastern cuisine

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深坑 Shen Ken

Mandy was back on this trip and she brought along the lovely Charlene, an ex-student of mine

And here are the girls once more...This time Laura took the MRT all the way to Taipei Zoo, while we were waiting at Muza Station....

Now, I had been to Russell's wedding the night before and wasn't feeling in tip top condition. The start of the hike was a bit of a struggle!

Laura and her smile!! She certainly toughened up a bit after the first hike!

Meanwhile, sneaking along last!! Mandy also improved her fitness

Regina and her camera and me and my belly!

Keeping their eyes firmly on the path!

Yes, can I help you?

Stopped off for tea at the plantation. I've been there around a dozen times, but the woman still doesn't recognise me!!

Finished off at the waterfall which wasn't very big due to lack of rain
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After the first three hikes, the day after Shen-Ken, I flew back to the UK....We started up again as soon as I got back

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