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When I took Nina back to Germany at the end of August 2008, Nick came with us and we spent a few days exploring the place. Natasha had moved to Freital which is just outside Dresden and their house was massive. Here we are out on the patio.
A short train ride from the "Hauptbanhopf"
Nick and I took off into the country without any idea of where we were going and ended up in this town where luckily a bar was open to serve us a little cold beer.
This is a view of the old city of Dresden taken from Doo-doo's window. Doo-doo is a Chinese student who is friends with Natasha and family. We met her our first night there and got very drunk with her ending up in a bar called "Lebowski's" named after the classic film. Nick loved this particular bar because, unlike the UK they stuck two fingers up to EU law and allowed smoking!
This was the hostel we checked into...The Sleepy Lion.
Here is me acting the street tough in one of the rougher parts of town!
There is still a lot of work to do to bring the East up to the standard of the West and you can see a lot of these run down areas.
Ah, what japes we had offering these stiff Germans cigarettes!
Last time I came the church hadn't been completely restored. Here it is in its full glory.
They're even getting into the living statue thing that you see all over central London.
There was even a bit of romance in the air with our hard bitten Hog and the young Doo!!


An incident packed three days in East Germany!! Pity I didn't film on the flight back to UK when we had a very drunk Nicholas performing on the plane....

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