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My garden has gone through various incarnations depending on who has been living here. It was grassed over for a couple of years but in general it's something of a jungle and a haven for wildlife! In June 2007 I bought a fig tree to replace the fir trees that had taken over my garden and have now thankfully been chopped down! I even get some sun now, which means there is a ray opportunity!
The day of conifer destruction


A guy knocked on my door saying my conifer tree needed to be either topped or chopped down because it was touching power lines. This was somewhat fortuitous because I had been wondering what to do about the monster that was taking over my garden. I went for the chop down option and was suitably gratified to learn that there was no charge for the service.The next day two chaps showed up and chopped the bugger down. I also managed to get rid of some of the other crap in my garden, which was great. When all was clear I discovered a hedgehog lying curled up in the debris. I thought it was dead or dying but five mins later when I returned, my spiky friend had legged it.

Even got Mia helping out...planting Lavender
The front of the house with my deadly Libernum in blossom....apparently if you eat the leaves, you die!
This picture was from when I rented out to a family and aquired grass and a wendy house!

check out a few different views of my garden

This is my garden as seen from my bedroom window

It's springtime and all me flowers are bloomin'in the front

Lovely white roses