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I thought the train would be a fun trip but after standing in the packed out corridor with countless other's all the way to Birmingham it proved to be anything but...and the ticket cost 100 quid!! Luckily I got a seat after that and there were some good views of the Lake District before arriving in the rain of Edinburgh. Just a short walk to Joanne's university pad and then off to the pub!!...Next day we hiked up to Arthur's seat in the sun and here you can see Joanne and I just about to set off.

Edinburgh just seems to be full of views and here is the first one on the way up...
It was a trifle windy and young Jo had trouble keeping her hair in order!!.
I won the race to the top despite a determined effort from the lass...We were not alone up there, half of the city seemed to have made the trip!!
Quite a convention.
The history of some ruined chapel we came across on the way down.
Contrary to popular opinion, Scotland does get some sun!!
Knackered by the end of it!!


Once Joanne had done her homework(!) we did some shopping in the fashionable part of town and then wandered up to see the castle. The golden mile brought us back to the centre again where we tucked into some top Italian tucker!!

Great view on the hillside. I've come to the conclusion that this is the most beautiful city in the UK.

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The Edinburgh Experience 2008

Three days north of the border and a lot of fun. We climbed a mountain, went to the pub, ate curry and Italian, watched a comedy performance, went shopping and kind of celebrated my birthday!! Even sleeping on the floor wasn't so bad, though Joanne's Batman needs to be asassinated!!