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Time to pack the bags, throw them in to the MG's miniscule boot and head off into deepest wurzel country...Somerset. One of my favourite haunts as my grandparents lived in Cheddar and we used to go there a lot when I was a youngster.

Started off in Bath to please young Mia who wanted to see the famous sights (ie the crusties begging for money!) I settled for a pint in this 'ere establishment before heading off to our quite magnificent B&B.

What can one say! It really was a castle we were going to be staying in. Complete with 4-poster bed!

The Parlour and Games Room

The Four Poster Bed and Conservatory

The garden was naturally resplendant with Peacocks. Couldn't get the blighters to crow though!

Mia was of course overwhelmed by it all. Breakfast always being her highlight!

Just to prove that I am in fact, king of the castle!

Watch the video which includes a full tour of the castle and a trip up the battlements to reveal that all was not as it seemed!

click here if you can't see the embedded video
click here to see the Banwell Castle website

Well, it was only a one night stay but very impressive nonetheless. Next stop was Cheddar gorge and a spot of energetic hiking before going down into the caves

Though it didn't turn out like that. Must have taken a wrong turn somewhere and just ended going up a quarry road. Still the caving was great with our enthusiastic German guide!

And here we have a muddy Mia!

After that we drove up through the gorge where I did a bit of exploring...

...Whilst lazy bones Mia sat posing in the MG

Then we continued on to Wells to check out the fine Cathedral

...and this, er, stone dog.

We got there too late to go inside the Cathedral but we did sit for ages waiting for the clock to chime! Then we wandered around for ages dithering about which place to eat...unusual that!