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Magic Card Types

Since there are over 5,000 different Magic cards that have ever been made, of course there will be a lot of different types. Most of these types will be explained below:

Land- land are cards that can be "tapped" for power to put into your mana pool.. Land stays out the whole game. You need to pay the mana cost to play a card. You may only play one mana per turn.

Creatures- creatures can attack and block. Creatures can have special abilities or can affect the game when they are put out. All creatures have attack and defense. It is shown in the bottom right-hand corner of the card. One example of attack and defense is 3/2. The 3 stands for 3 attack power. The 2 stands for 2 defense points. A 1/2 would be killed against a 3/2. The creature abilities will be explained in the next few lines:

Trample - Some card abilities are trample, whenever a card with trample is blocked, if the card with trample has a higher attack than the defending card has defense, the leftover damage still gets through.

Flying - if a card has flying, it can only be blocked by another card with flying.

First Strike - If a card has first strike, if both cards would normally be killed when one cards blocks, then the card with first strike would attack first killing the other card. The card with First Strike is still alive.

Banding - If two cards have banding, then they can merge to form one card. For example- If one card with banding is a 2/2 and another card with banding is 1/2 they could band together to form a 3/4 creature.

Instants - instants can be used suring any point of the game. Once you pay the mana cost, you just do what the card sais. They can be played during an attack, during your turn, during someone elses turn, or even to counter a spell. Once an instant is played, it must go to your Graveyard, or discard pile.

Sorcery - Sorcery cards can only be played on your turn. They can be countered by instants from other players, though. Once a spell is played, it must go to your Graveyard, or discard pile.

Enchantments - enchantments stay in play until otherwise affected. Youcan enchant land, creatures, or they can just affect gameplay in general.

Land Types

Forest- forest may be the most common land type. The most poweful green cards have Penumbra in thier names. It's color is green.

Mountain- mountain is used mostly in decks with bloodfire cards, the best kind of red card. It's color is red.

Island- island is used in decks with mostly flying. The most powerful blue cards are whirlpool. It's color is blue.

Swamp- if any of the types were evil, this one is. Black gets "syphon" creatures. It's color is black.

Plains- plains are used mostly for flying creatures. White has the "Flagbearers." It's color is white.