Majora's Mask Items

Ocarina of Time- That old and sacred Ocarina is back again from Ocarina of Time. You get this item back from the Skull Kid at Midnight on the third day on top of the Clock Tower.
Kokiri Sword- This is that old, faithful sword from Ocarina of Time. This time, Link starts out with this sword.
Razor Sword- This double-bladed sword is more powerful than the Kokiri Sword, but breaks after 100 hits. You get this sword by upgrading your Kokiri Sword for 100 Rupees at the Smithy in the mountains.
Hero's Shield- Link has a new shield this time. Like the Kokiri Sword, Link starts out with this item, too.
Hero's Bow- This item is a bow used by hero's, thus the name. You can use it as much as you want as long as you have arrows. You get this item in Woodfall Temple.
Fire Arrows- These arrows emit a firey-blast on the target. To use these, you need a bow, magic, and some arrows. You get these in Snowhead Temple.
Ice Arrows- These arrows make an icy-blast cold enough to chill your bones. To use these, you need a bow, magic, and some arrows. You get these in Great Bay Temple.
Light Arrows- These arrows take twice as much magic power to use, but it's well worth it. Use these to shed Sacred Light on Evil. You get these in Stone Tower Temple.
Deku Stick- These can be used as weak swords or you can light them and carry them to other torches and light them. You get these from Deku Babas.
Deku nut- When thrown, these nuts create a blinding flash which stuns the enemy for a brief period. Also, Deku Link can use these when he is flying by pressing B. These can be found in some treasure chests, in bushes, and from Deku Babas.
Bombs- These create an explosion when lit. You can equip them to . Press once to take one out and then press again or A to drop it. If you run while you drop it, you will throw it. You can get these from bushes, stores, and some enemies.
Bomchus- These little babies will move along the ground in the direction you placed them in and will even go up walls and on the ceiling. They will blow after a few seconds. You can get these from some treasure chests and a few stores.
Powder Keg- These barrels of gunpowder create a very large explosion. They are very large so only Goron Link can use them. They are powerful so be careful not to get in the way of one. Since they are so powerful, you can only carry one at a time. These can be bought from the Goron in the Bomb Shop in West Clock Town and the Big Goron in Goron Village.
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