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This is my friend Tims car we have both put wrench time in on this one here is a list of mods.

  • Kaminari Ground FX
  • Areospeed Spoiler
  • Hood Pins
  • Ebaich lowering springs
  • 18"kONIGS
  • Orange under car Kit


  • 3 angle valve job on the heads
  • Port and polished intake and plenum
  • Punched 30 over
  • Hardend seats
  • Zex 75 shot of NOS
  • Power chip
  • Dual exaust no cats Turbo Flow Mufflers
  • Oil Cooler
  • Trans Cooler
  • B&M Shift Kit
  • 3.73 gears
  • No A/C

    Soon to come

  • Vortech Supercharger Kit
  • Forged High compresion Pistons
  • H beam Rods