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"For their rock is not our Rock, . . ." Deuteronomy 32:31
Welcome to J-A Rock Resource Page, we the staff here at J-A solemnly hope you enjoy your stay. Please come back soon. This site is in its beginning stages, so updating will be frequent.

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3-14-02, 2:32 PM (est) - I know we haven't updated in a L O N G time... But eh, you'll live. Anyway, I just put up the Album Review page, which Joe and I will be working on together... So go to it... Now... Okay... Check back later!

2-25-02, 9:45 PM (est) - Wow, we've been really sleeping lately. Adam's off playing his war games and me just too lazy to minimize Winamp(really it makes you reach all the over there to minimize), the site's been a bit quiet. So, I added Weezer pics to the rock picture page. I'll update the band spotlight page later, tomorrow, whenever.

2-21-02, 6:48 PM (est) - After almost a week of JARRP's exsistence, I finally realized something this site lacks. Pictures. So, to make it organized, I added twenty pictures of our current band in the spotlight: Nirvana. As you can notice(or maybe not), the Band Information was changed to the
Band Spotlight Page. Every two weeks it will be updated to a new band, as will the pics section be updated with twenty or more pics of that band. Get to the pics section here, in the Band Spotlight Page or through the link on the homepage. Doesn't matter, just click one. So, that's it...blah blah...

2-20-02, 4:17 PM (est) - Our Graphical Manager Nyte, has supplied us with a banner. You may see this at the top of the main page, and look, it's animated too! Great job Nyte...

2-19-02, 2:27 PM (est) - After Adam's little idea of making a forum, I made an ezboard to replace the other one. Register to this one please. And again, keep on coming back.

2-19-02, 2:27 PM (est) - I just got a account up. So the new address to JA RRP is "" Also, I got a stupid little forum up and running, it ain't great, but'll do for now...

2-19-02, 1:11 PM (est) - Put a new sidebar. Didn't come out as good as I hoped. But, it passes. That's Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day. And in case you didn't know, the left side is Kurt Cobain. Expect more updates. More than we already have.

2-19-02, 1:01 PM (est) - Joe told me to put in a new scroll bar... So I did, I think it looks better too. Check it out on your right.

2-19-02, 10:21 AM (est) - Just finished the Incesticide Album's lyrics for Nirvana.

2-18-02, 11:38 PM (est) - Just wanted to include that I started the Staff page. This way now you can contact us, it isn't nearly finished but'll do for now. I'm getting tired and have to get up early, so I'll leave the Staff Page as is for now. Oh yeah, we have a new member to the team as well, Nyte. He is very good in the aspects of Graphical Design, and a welcomed addition to the team! ...G'night.

2-18-02, 10:12 PM (est) - Cleaned up the site a little bit, fixed up some things. I'm planning to put in a few things in non-Nirvana later today/early tomorrow and fix some of the layout. Keep watch.

2-18-02, 6:43 PM (est) - Just got done with some minor display changes... basically now when you put your mouse over the link it turns red... (simple stuff) And I gave the scrollbar a little color tweak. That took some time... Anyway, look forward to more updates later!

2-17-02, 12:00 PM (est) - Finally got done with the 'Nevermind' lyrics in the Nirvana section in the Lyrics page... Phew...

2-16-02, 11:00 PM (est) - Welcome to JAA RRP's first week of existance. We have up already the lyrics main page, (Only Bleach album for Nirvana has been completed so far). We have the links page up, along with the disclaimer and information pages up. Enjoy!
Originally created by...Adam and Joe

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