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Pic of the Update

04/24/02 - TK

Just a minor announcement, for those of you who missed the DA sealed tournament last Sunday Hobby Cafe Alabang will hold another one this coming Sunday. They will also hold a gold legal tourny and an open tourney but the emphasis would be on the sealed and gold tourneys. Check egroups for the latest news!

04/19/02 - TK

Neutral Grounds Galleria restocks on L5R. Gold Edition, Oni's Fury and Dark Allies starter decks and boosters now available. Hurry while stocks last.

04/14/02 - KT

The Site is Dead.

Just kidding! I haven't had the time to check my e-mail nor update the site recently because of my heavy workload this summer. If you emailed me and had received no reply, check your inbox now :). A minor correction the tournament in Hobby Café Alabang is held every other week! (we apologize for the inconvenience cause by the incorrect information.) Hopefully, the DA sealed tournament will be held soon, see you all there.

04/10/02 - KT

1st Tournament Report by Moto Vitoy

Yes, we have posted our first tournament report (Hopefully there will be more :) ). It is a good read and you may gain a new insight from this award-winning deck! We want to thank Moto Vitoy for giving us permission and Kitsuki for making it happen.

04/08/02 - KT

Sorry for the slow updates, I've just been busy this past weekend ;). Hopefully I may update the site every 2 to 3 days. To clarify matters, Hobby Cafe Alabang is regularly holding tournaments every other Saturday and Sunday. Here is the nomal schedule:

Hobby Cafe L5R Gold/Open Tournament

Date: Saturday/Sunday
Time: 4:00PM - 9:00PM CST (GMT+08:00)

P 100 Entrance . Players will be ranked

04/06/02 - KT

Kitsuki Ikeda has sent us an introduction to Legend of the Five Rings. The article is entitled "What is L5R?" and can be found in the articles section. We want to thank Kitsuki for his support and we look forward to more articles ;-). On an unrelated note, we plan to change the right side because it is hard to maintain and redundant. That's about it, have a good weekend and expect another update by Sunday.

This coming Saturday, Hobby Cafe Alabang is holding a gold legal tournament. Show your support for Legend of the Five Rings by participating in this weekly event.

Gold Legal Tourney - Hobby Cafe Alabang

Date: Saturday, April 6, 2002
Time: 4:00PM - 9:00PM CST (GMT+08:00)

Hobby Cafe - Gold Legal Tourneys. P 100 Entrance,

Players are ranked

04/03/02 - KT

A small update today. The first noticeable improvement is the removal of the pop-ups which has now sped the site tremendously. All the links are now fixed and the DA Spoiler is now online (Articles Section). We added two new links in the links section. The first one is Unicorn Underground by Moto Vitoy(Creator of the L5RPhilippines group). The second is Ascension of the Mantis by Yoritomo Jiriki(A US based Filipino Player).

Important Note: In the short amount of time that the L5R Philippines website was mentioned at Deathseeker, many pinoys have contacted us (some even living at the US). We now appeal to all Pinoy players to either contact us (TK or me) or join the L5R Yahoo Group.

A MileStone has been acheived . . .

No, it's not the 1000th hit or 100th post. As I was checking around the site, I noticed that we had gotten our first post at the forum! I know it's a little bland but be secure that we are striving our best to develop it, so until it's finished please bear with us.

Mabuhay! (Philippine greeting)

Welcome to our Legend of the Five Rings (L5R) website. We aim to revive and promote the L5R scene in the Philippines. For newcomers, L5R is set in an oriental universe much like feudal Japan/China where honor is stronger than steel and the code of the Bushido is sacred; where men shape their destiny but prophecies cannot be denied; where magic exist along with the vile dark side. But enough talk, we implore you to do you your own journey to the world of Rokugan. [It already has an innovative CCG (cards), a thriving RPG and a budding miniatures game]

For veterans and those who have fallen off the righteous path, we congratulate you for you have found a kindred spirit. The world of Rokugan is much changed after the death of Fu Leng and Toturi the First. Let us aid each other during these tumultuous times. P.S. Do not hesitate to contact us since it was for this reason this web page was made. Email address: or, cell number (Globe): 09173720866 We hope to create a list of all Philippine players soon with their corresponding general locations.

                                                                    - Toturi Kweksan
                                                  Toturi's Army Unaligned Samurai
                                                               Imperial Propagandist


Thanks to AEG, Rick Wulf, Ree Soesbee, Shawn Carmen, Zen Faulkes, Ikoma Andy, Jeff Alexander, Ryan Dancey, John Wick, Raymond Lau and all the other folks responsible and have supported L5R.


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