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Sketches That I've Made.

Here are some sketches that I've made over the years.
Some of them isn't quite the right size to be able to get scanned correctly,
but as soon as I'll get hold of a digitalcamera,
I'll load them up the way they should be.

Sketch of Back.

This is a sketch of the favourite model I
had in Artschool during the highschool years.


This is a sketch of an other model that I drawed during my time as a student at the University.
They held free nude models to sketch one day a week for the students.
I've always liked the poses when the model is coiled up together.


Another sketch of the University model. She's standing with her left foot on a chair, but since the scanner is smaller than the sketch, it doesn't show.

Onto Stomach.

This is another sketch that didn't fit the scanner,
but enough of it got into this picture that I think
it could get up on this page.
It's a sketch of that University model.


This is a study over the model's torso.
It's actually my favourite part to sketch,
when it comes to sketching nudes.
It has the most beautiful shadowplay.

Study Of Breast.

This is a study of the left breast of the pose in the sketch above.
You may call me fixated around breasts,
but the shape and the shadowplay
that it creates is something quite special,
I think.

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