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This page is dedicated to my cat Mirran.
I adore her.
She's a wonderful little creature.

Mirran In Her Most Typical Pose.


Cozy Cat.

Well, can you say anything else then that
this cat sure know how to enjoy herself?


She likes to explore things.
And it's very interesting to be in the tub,
especially when it's NO water running...

It's MY Bed, Not Yours.

Well, could you get her to understand that it is My bed and not hers?
I've tried, and so far,
we've only come to a compromize....

None Shall Pass...

Mirran likes to see what's happening around her, especially when it's outside. And as to not miss a thing, she climbs up into this pot to get a better view....

A Relique From Hoth.

Yes, she usually sleeps like that, looking like a dstroyed ATAT from the battle of Hoth....

Unquestioned Love.

I really think that this photo says it all.
Words are unnecessary.

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