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My Historical Costumes.

One of my many passions in life is to sew. And since I also am very hooked on history, making historical costumes came natural to me.
Below here follows photos of some of the costumes I've made over the years.

Pastich of Queen Margarete's Bridal Gown

This gown I made with some modifications.
Instead of arms la grand asciettes, I made them like they're made on an ordinary T-tunic. With tippets and some lacing on the under arms.
I also scouped the neckline a bit more than on the original gown. To that I added some lacing at the front seam.
The white arms you you can see is the arms of the underdress, since the overgowns arms weren't laced when the photo was taken.

An Everyday Dress Of The 14th Century.

This one of the easywear that I've made in linen.
It's nice and cool in the hot days of the summer.
It has a lacing up the back and gores of green linen at the front and back seams.

Pastich Of Eleonora Of Toledo's Burial Gown.

Thanks to Janet Arnold and her great book about historical costumes, I was able to make this gown.
The bodice is made of cotton-velvet and the skirt out of twill. That makes it really practical to wash.
The arms are made of strips of the twill, hold together by pearls, attached down the splits.
Don't you worry, it's not real pearl. If it were, I'd not be able to wash it myself.
The skirt has a small train which bellows out behind me in a most beautiful - and impractical way when I walk.

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