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The Light And Shadow.

This is some of the documents that I've made over the years.
I've only got pictures of one scanned so far, but there are more to come.

Under Progress.

This is a photo taken during the making of the document.
I'm in the process to put on the gold-leaf. It's a delicate thing
to work with, but the result is really something quite special.

The Finished Product.

This Document was made as a prop for a LARP that took place during the 15th Century. Hence the elaborated leaf-pattern and all the gold. But I do think that the result is really nice, don't you agree?

The Finished Product.

This is a photo that shows how big the document actually is. It took me about 18 hours to make this document, and that includes about four hours extra help from my boyfriend, doing the gold-leaf. But it was a huge success at the LARP, not mentioning the banquet that I had prepared as well.

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