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Dawn's Webpage

Welcome everyone!

Well, as you should have already guessed my name is Dawn. With the help of a great teacher I started this site last year, mainly working on it when I had nothing else do. I'm now 17 years old, with brown hair and blue eyes, and altho I'm not the shortest person I know, I am pretty darn short (just barely reaching 5'3"). I don't have as much time to work on this like I used to, but I'll try and update as much I can.

When school starts up again in the fall, I'll be working on my last year of High School; an Art Major sequencing in French, Math and English. I am a member of NHS (National Honor Society), Natural Helpers, Media Arts Club, and I am also Photographer/Chief Editor for our school's Yearbook Committee. I am a member of the swim team (it'll be my first year), pending a job and of course, the school work load. I don't wanna be too busy or stressed my Senior year. lol

Once I graduate, I'm pretty sure I will end up in college at Villa Maria, majoring in Graphic Design and minoring in Photography. From there, since it's only a two-year (private) college, I will prolly transfer to a four-year college (prehaps Buff State?) and get a teaching degree for art.. just in case the advertising thing doesn't work out. But who knows.. all that could change before the year is up. I'll just have to see what happens.

So if you couldn't tell already, one of my strongest passions is photography (especially black and white). I barely ever go anywhere without my camera, and as my friends or family can tell you, I'm always asking for pictures. Last year was the biggest jump for me. Our school's yearbook advisor gave birth to a beautiful baby girl a few weeks before Christmas and due to her pregnancy, she had me handle most of the work load. So instead of just labeling and sorting the majority of the pictures taken or submitted, I was mainly the one behind the camera. And well.. I just loved it!! But anywho... if anyone is seeking advice on anything dealing with photography, or you need someone to take pictures for anything, just let me know and I'll try to help out as best I can.

Other Basics about myself:

Movies: Crazy/Beautiful, Brokedown Palace, Fast and the Furious, Monsters Inc., The Lil' Mermaid, Shallow Hal, American Outlaws, the Bourne Identity, etc..
TV Shows: Friends, Felicity, I Love Lucy, Sponge Bob
Bands: Staind, Nickelback, Hoobastank, Default, Linkin Park, Lifehouse, Dave Matthews, Sting, METALLICA, Jimmy Eat World, the Beatles, Nirvana, Puddle of Mud, Michelle Branch, Avril Levine, STP, etc..
Fave New Tune: "Complicated" -Avril Levine (that girl sure knows how to sing a great song!)
Books: Girl With a Pearl Earing -Tracy Chevalier, Snow Falling on Cedars -David Guterson
Food: Chinese (orange chicken), mac and cheese, popcorn, chicken fingers, subs, etc..
Places to shop: Aero, Deb, American Eagle, Wet Seal
Things to do: hang out, watch movies, talk on-line, take pics, sing, dance, read, paint, listen, and most importantly: DRIVE!!
Season: Summer (who could disagree?)
Summer Activities: Camp, play cards, play softball, go swimming, and do just about everything I possibly can.
Winter Activities: Go Cross Country Skiing, tubing/sledding, ice skating, and altho I've only done it twice before, snowboarding is fun, too.
Digs: Aussi and English accents, French art, shoes, Levi jeans, football games, guitars
Big Dreams: Not in any particular order.... Graduating from college with a 4.0, visiting the Taj Mahal in India, spending a few weeks in London or in Venice, and then (of course) stopping off in Africa to visit Cassie doing what she's always dreamed of doing. Also, what female doesn't want to get married and have kids?! lol

But anyways.. enuff of this blah blah stuff about myself. Thanx for visiting my page! Be sure to check out the links that I'll attempt to add as the site progresses.

Don't forget to sign my guestbook!!!