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Dawn's Webpage

Welcome everyone!

Well, as you should have already guessed my name is Dawn. I am 16 years old, with brown hair and blue eyes, and altho I'm not the shortest person I know, I am pretty darn short (just barely reaching 5'3"). I am a Junior in High School (duh, right? lol), majoring in Art and sequencing in French, Math and English. I am a member of NHS (National Honor Society), Natural Helpers, Art Club, and I am also photographer for our school's yearbook committee. Unfortunatly, I do not play any sports.. but (as my sister would say) "nerds can't play sports because they aren't athletic enuff" (sorry if that offends anyone). But anyways.. enuff of this blah blah stuff about myself. Thanx for visiting my page! Be sure to check out the links that I'll attempt to add as the site progresses.