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ASP Program

    QBC's staff includes former senior production and materials management professionals. Each manufacturing systems consultant has a practical working knowledge of formal systems, systems analysis capabilities of manufacturing and distribution based companies, as well as APICS training. The consultant is capable of bringing a client from the needs assessment stage through implementation, training, and post installation support.

    In many instances, the client needs direction and orientation as to the "business flow", from setting up the customer, inventory and financial master files to sales transactions that get shipped, invoiced, billed and finally posted to the general ledger, QBC's consultants are trained and well versed in the business functions of automating closed-loop, integrated systems. Ongoing internal QBC education assures the client of the latest training techniques, thus providing our clients and users not only with the ability of understanding how their business functions... but why.

     Our experience dictates one approach: "keep it simple, so people can understand how their system works and how to use it." However, it is important for consultant companies like QBC to maintain the knowledge and experience of various computer systems so that the client and user need only deal with applications solutions. QBC works closely with UNISYS, IBM, Compaq, Hewlett Packard, Eagle Consulting & Development, Liebert, Lexmark, and other partners to provide support for the equipment we sell.

     In order for QBC to bring the most cost effective software solutions to a manufacturer or distributor, it must select sound, field tested application software packages for its clients. QBC has carefully selected two VAR relationships with software firms:Dimasys, Inc. and QAD, Inc, Inc.

     We selected these companies based on their product functionality, technology, customer support, vision of the future and their ability to improve our client's businesses.

     Since a number of QBC's clients have multi-plant/multi-location business functions, a measure of expertise is required so that proper hardware and software is configured and maintained. This assures that even the smaller clients and "users" of a larger corporation will have appropriate support when hooking up a terminal or PC to a remote sales office or communicating from one computer system to another. QBC can configure networks from small LAN to a Citrix based WAN.

     All of the above experience facets are essential in QBC's client support plans. The most important facet, manufacturing, distribution, and accounting experience, does not eliminate the need for the other functions discussed above. All are required in order for clients to have computerized accounting, manufacturing and HR systems which are successful