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ROLEPLAY TITLE: 'The Game'  The Start of the game!    ..:(Smackdown role-play):..
UPCOMING MATCH: No holes bared / HHH vs. Road Dog Smackdown title match 
Latest on the game: HHH Just beat HBK to win the PPV Title
PEOPLE MENTIONED: Tazz, Michael Cole, Booker T, HBK, Rodd Dog
People Disliked by HHH Booker t, hbk
CURRENT RECORD: Wins-2 Losses-0 Draws-0


.:(Highlight of previous match):.

.:(At Unforgiven, Triple H won The  WWE PPV Title from HBK.  The Game has vowed to get revenge on whoever steps in his way.):.


.:(The scene opens with a jam packed arena in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  The camera pans through the arena. Signs such as, I AM THE GAME, Screw the Rules, Austin 3:16, RAW Sucks, RVD, D-X Forever, and etc. are held up):.

WWE Pyro Intro

.:(The camera's then pan in on Tazz and Michael Cole who are sitting at ringside.):.

Tazz and Michael Cole

.:(Michael Cole):. We are  here on Smackdown before show!  What a program we have in store for you fans on the upcomeing smackdown.

Tazz):. That's right Cole.  First, let me say that we have a new WWE PPV Champion and his name is HHH!  He must now think that nobody can get in this way.

Michael Cole):. Not only that, but Road dogg is booked against 'The GAME", HHH and as road dogg won the right at unforgiven he will face HHH in a smackdown title Match!

.:(Tazz):.  With HHH the smckdown camp and ppv no body can gt in his way!

.:(Michael Cole):.  Yes well  Road dogg is one hrd guy im telling you tazz

.:(Tazz):.  Cole you dont have o tell m that more than once.

.:(Smackdown goes to a commercial.):.



.:(Following the commercial, there is a camera showing 'THE GAME' in his locker room.):.

'The Game' and talks on his phone

.:(Triple H):. Who the hell dose road dog think he is coming here to my show Smackdown!  He is a member of the DX roster, and besides it should be me makeing the  No.1 Contender's match for that title I  am the god damn campion!

.:(Triple H):. Well  im the game and no body scares me! this is my title and I am here to take out anyone who pisses me off !


.:(Triple H):. I know god damn it we will im telling you then i will ave all the power in this place!

.:(Triple H hands up the phone.  He heads to the ring.  Camera then goes back on Michael Cole and Tazz..):.


.:(Tazz):.  Well Cole, it looks like 'The Game' is still pissed about something.

.:(Michael Cole):. well i think the game is a bit scared tazz.

.:(Tazz):.  I can't tell you Cole if he is or not but who was that on the phone?!?

.:(As Tazz is talking, Time To Play The Game!.....ITS ALL ABOUT THE GAME. BUT ARE YOU PLAYING! Motor head plays throughout the arena. The fans scream at the Game. Triple H just stares at the ring. He has a serious look on his face. The red, blue, and green lights flash on and off him.):.


The Cerebral Assassin looks to the ring.

.:(The Game walks down the ramp with his bottle of water, a sledgehammer and a serious look on his face.  He stares down at the ring and continues to walk down the ramp. Triple H walks to the ring, when he reaches the end of the ramp, he turns and walks over to the ring announcer's table and grabs a mic.  He gets up on the left apron. He stares out into the crowd. Triple H throws his bottle of water into the crowd. He suddenly raises his arms in to the air spitting out the water. The crowd cheer The Game as he gets into the ring):.


Triple H!  Triple H!  Triple H!  Triple H!  Triple H!  Triple H! 

.:(Tazz):. Well Cole, as JR would say, business is about to pick up.

Michael Cole):. Just by looking at the Game you can tell Triple H has a lot on his mind.

.:(Triple H enters the ring. The crowd go nuts.):.

.:(Triple H has a mic, he raises it to his mouth to speak. The crowd continuously cheers him so he brings the mic down.  Then he speaks):.

.:(Triple H):.  First of all, I want to know why Road dogg gets a No.1 Contender's Match for MY title?  If anyone deserves a shot, it's aperson i know that i think can handly me!  And booker, nothing against you, but be careful because you never know when I can strike!  I may act like your best friend, but I can turn out to be your worst nightmare!  Now tonight, 'The Game' is the best i wil allways be the best why, because 'I AM THE GAME AND I AM THAT DAMN GOOD'!  i want to still rip the hell out of booker t but tha can wait tillafter smackdown so booker gt ready becuse your on my list!

and so is anyone that pisses me off!

Triple H looks over at the crowd and shows of his tiles.

.:(Triple H drops the mic and he heads backstage, so he can prepare for his match on Smackdown with the road dog.):.

.:(Camera goes to a WWE Slam of the Night segment.):.

.:(A Skittles WWE Slam of the Night comes on showing a clip from Unfogievn when HHH beats hbk and becomes the WWE PPV Champion!):. 

.:( Camera then goes to a commercial.):.

.:(A advertisement then comes on showing the upcoming smackdown!):.



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