“Garage Wars”
Adults F'N Only 3"
GCW Arena

Crocodile Kid vs. Great Bukaki
(Croc Kid wins)

Heart Attack Jack vs. Castaldi 4
(Heart Attack Jack wins)

Ms. Chif vs. Delirious vs. Matt vs. OuTtKaSt
(Ms. Chif came out on top)

Chaz Wesson vs. Gordon Pumpernickle
(Wesson wins, on a side note remember them chops in this match? jeez)

The Syndicate vs. D'Mon G. / Pete Madden
(Syndicate won by getting the body bag off the pole and putting someone in it)

Johnny Greenpeace vs. Kevin Sharp
(Greenpeace won, how?)

Nikki Strychnine vs. Ryan Ash
(Nikki retains the title, as if Ash would ever win it)

Billy McNeil vs. Diamondback Dingo
(Billy wins this 3 Ring Leprechaun Circus n’ stuff)