Wrestletober, Live From Aggies 10-26-2001

The show kicks off with Stranglehold's Brian Stull doing his thing on the mike. Nikki comes out and decides to hell with the censors, and waxes uncooth about the September 11th attack. The crowd was left in stunned silence, unable to fathom the hate that must flow in the form of ice through the veins of a man to make him say that. Pretty Boy finally decides to stand up for ol' glory and comes and tells Nikki whats what. The notion of a match begins to be kicked, which upests the man who is better than you, me, and even Patrick, Jack Adonis. They all gossip for a while and it's decided that it's Adonis and Sharp in the main even and Nikki and Sharp next week at North County Tech.

Match 1: MsChif crushes Ratboy
It would appear that MsChif is more than just a pretty face and smiles. She manages to keep her mind off that special cousin ringside just long enough to innovate some interesting pinnning moves. To Ratboy's credit, he had a nice spear and a sitdown powerbomb, and he got to touch MsChif, which is allways swell. The swelling went down, though, when she flattened him for the 1-2-3.

Match 2: Keith Smith Kinda Beat Sam Bacardi
The first casuality of the night was when the entrance ramp tapped out during Sam's entrance. Ego Buster personafied. During the actual match, Sam did not rock the mullett in quite the manner he planned. While Sam tried his best, Keith Smith kept the upper hand. Keith couldnt seem to pin Sam, though, until coach tossed a chain to Chaz, who tossed it to Keith, who tossed it into Sam's face.
They all beat the zima outta the Whole Drunken Show, until...

Match 3: Johnny Greenpeace Overcomes the OSW And Chaz Wesson
Fair? No this match was not fair. 'Peace got beat six ways from sunday. He had to take on Keith, Chaz, and that no good sell out Coach in what turned into a hardcore match. The fact that Greenpeace was pummeled is overshadowed by the fact that no matter what these excuses for wrestlers threw at him Chaz COULD NOT pin Greenpeace. Chaz lept overthe top ropes, but took the brunt of the fall himself. Greenpeace capitalizes on the opportunity by scoring a pinfall.

Match 4: Delerious wins over Deno Blade and the Outtkast
I cant really do this match justice because I have no tape to take notes from and I was way too engrossed with the action to jot stuff down at the show. But this easily has my vote for match of the night. All three men were showcased and most almost almost wound up paralyzed. So as for a recap of this match, I suck. Check the tape. All I can say is Deno's backstab is gonna kill somebody.

Match 5: D'Mon G and CJ McManus ran wild on Big Bad Ben and Doogie
Yeah, this is pretty much what you expect. A lot of CJ beating up Doogie and taking his lunch money and the occasional showing of Ben's panties when he turned and ran like a little girl from D'Mon (not that I'm claiming I would do otherwise, but I also dont claim to be big and or bad either). Ben displayed his keen intellect by putting a serious hurt on his boy / he-bitch Doogie, at one point even putting the hapless official in a tartantula. Ben also showcased his anger management skills and sportsmanship by wailing on some innocent and unmistakably handsome fan at ringside with a pizza pan. In the end, Ben damn near put his eight grader of a tag partner in a coma, making the three count a mere formality.

During the intermission it is announced that tonite's main even has morphed into a three way dance between Jack "Full of Ego" Adonis, Nikki "full of hate" Strychnine, and Kevin "just full" Sharp. The scheduled match between Ash and Nikki is appearantly scrapped. Now, when I went to a wwf house show a long time past, and Stone Cold wasnt gonna be there, WWF offered ticket refunds. I assume mine is in the mail

Match 6: Matt made Mike Sharona his Bitch via tables
Both contestants put life and limb on the line for our entertainment, and I'm glad to say that I was in fact entertained, so good job. These two's feud may now be over (for the time being) , and what better finale than Matt soaring over the ring and crash landing not on, but through the battered body of the better third of the Syndacate. Check the picture for the theme of this match.

Match 7: Billy McNeil somehow (and I dont know how) doesnt beat YOUR light heavyweight champ, the Diamond Back Dingo
For my money, Billy McNeil is quite possibly the most interesting and innovative wrestler on the roster. We've all seen him make up moves as he goes in matches. Sometimes we're treated to three or four cool Billy moves in one match. This title bout showcased what seemed to be dern near all of Billy's moves. The Luchadore Irish threw everything he had at the Aussie Aggressor two or three times. It is a testiment to the Mecca of Melbore that he still has his strap. Granted, it took a dingo driver so much through, but on a chair to defeat the young whipper snapper, but in the end, all that counts is who leaves with the belt and on this occasion, just all the other occasions since last march or so, it was Digo's night

Match 8 and YOUR Main Event: Nikki Strychnine become the new Gateway Championship Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion; defeating both Jack Adonis and The Pretty Boy Kevin Sharp
God help us all. Our last champ was happy just so long as no one hit his face. Out new champ considers faces of death the funniest movie ever. This is not a good thing, its a bad thing. This match could have gone any number of ways. At one point Adonis entangled Nikki in a sharpshooter in the guard rail, untill sharp kicked him in his pretty eyes. Outside the ring and in, alliences formed for five minutes at a time over and over. But when the dust settled and the referee slapped the mat three times, we had a new champ and a new era in Gateway; one that could thrive on hate and overall bad vibes. With the last pillar of morality in coach turning to the dark side, I'm left to wonder who, if anyone can end this reign of terror before it gets worse. And it will get worse.