The Usual Fight

you pull that on me
over over over
try to hide the truth
again again again
running far and forever
running to keep your own
mind mind mind
to yourself
dont try to deceive me
again again again
this isnt gonna work
i wont take your crap
your lies and the 
cover cover cover
i know you too well
yes yes yes
your escape wont come
because you say you 
love me love me love 
i dare you to be honest
tell me the truth
do you think ill be afraid
scared scared scared
it wont happen
why wont you trust me
i just want to be here for you

dogs, clocks and interesting things After all the times I couldn't go on I found my love I found my life I found the one to save me from myself and everyone else After all the times I cried all night I found the sleep I found the sandman I found the one to save me from long nights and days And thank you for being here to share love to share life to give me the courage to enter the song

Welcome to Troy... I thought you were supposed to love me. Since when does forever end just because you're tired. Why aren't I worthy enough to talk to? I thought I was your princess. I thought we were one. And yet I'm here by myself I thought I wasn't supposed to cry over you. You said you'd always be here for me well you're not. So why do I sit in tears nearly every day? You're supposed to love me. You're supposed to care. But now I'm here by myself. You know I won't be the one to let go. I'm still too attached. And maybe you are, too somewhere deep inside. Very deep. I haven't seen you for weeks. We've barely spoken in days. I don't want to be here by myself. You know I love you. I always will. But please at least try to talk to me. And it would be nice if you said I love you.

Princess i didn't know i was your love til you got sick of me cant you just tell me these things im sick of waiting by the phone because you promised you'd call im sick of waiting up cuz you're supposed to be online i wish i could see inside your brain so id know what went wrong why you dont love me anymore

thanks Push for the surface Grasping for a lifeline Your head sinks under As you inhale The icy cold of your very own mind Full of those thoughts And then You grab ahold of life again Pull yourself onto the bank And you take That first clean breath of air And the hand reaches out To renew your life.

dew the written life smeared by my very tears shadow cast among the ground the pen cast down the pages torn i look below a push from the side plunging into the voids the shatter of a glass and yet, no grief and the echo sounds from far away, the page is found the soul replentished and the words begin to flow the soul reborn the strength of the bond and i am pulled back the days go by and all changes for the better or not pick up the pen and write and the echo will sound

this day you're still blind an unopened book on the shelf... because nobody cares about your pages, thin and crisp yes, you're an unread novel you're still new go, and hide your heart from the world cover your spirit your eyes, though open, refuse to see cannot see put on that warm cover the dear mask of which you've grown fond hide those blind eyes from the world and keep that book closed.

seriously, everything's just great. This is my suicide poem. My swan song. The burden of life is pressing down, crushing my insides. For everything I've been through why is there so solace? Why no heart to listen? (or simply a pair of ears...) Does nothing I say matter? Or do the tears just evaporate, becoming part of the dust that is me. My only comfort is myself, (and this I know is my fault) for I cannot find it in myself to say, 'Help.' And 'Help', my greatest cry, well, would it fall upon deaf ears? Or be carried into the wind by angels on heavenly mounts? So, that is the fate that awaits my soul. (but do I leave it to the powers above?) Or plunge into the illness of my twisted self?

Mike Rizzolo's Poem i say all the wrong things at all the wrong times so id like to take a moment to say how much im sorry to tell you to never worry i'll always be here for you and i love you too

Far Away Call away to the sun, Far away from the depths of depression. Seek the land that is rich and is strong Seek the people that embrace you with heart. Pass by the sea of dispair, Longing for new life and new love. Leave at home the tears of shame Leave at home the pain and the hate. Those who have told you That love can turn bleak Those are the ones who are Turning to dust.

jumpin cactus Does the sound of my name ever make you weep Painful tears falling down your face Salty You just cant seem to blink them away So you walk down See the children playing their little games Mindless silly games No worries on their faces Does the memory of my face ever bring you pain Speak my name softly, Letting the harshness escape your lips And then you hold the memories, Stuck Stuck in your mind like god knows what Help them escape The old, the young Their lives are gone, and still beginning Remember my heart, the one in your hand Does the beat hurt? Stab your ears, piercing them like those words we spoke to eachother? So so long ago

three Three pearls One you had before, and now you cant get back One you have now, but just canít grasp One is so far out of reach it may as well be gone Three tears One for what you canít have back One for what you cannot grasp One for what is distant Three dreams One is growing steadily stronger, then falls away completely One is never quite there, and yet it places itself so permanently in your heart One is the happiest, the truest, but still canít be touched Three thorns One left a wound that still bleeds One is ripping more and more One is covering a rose Three tears One for what used to be One for what is One for what never will be Three loves One that fell away and is probably gone completely One that hurts more and more each day One that is perfect, but never will be

Last Girl she is the one never rising, never falling a constant limbo of emotions and times her voice never reaches higher than a whisper, but then again, never lower either she is the one you pass daily on the street beautiful in her own right but probably never in yours she is the one you'll forget today or tomorrow never looking back, or giving her a second thought but deep inside, you'll hold her words to heart because, sometimes, you can still hear their sting she is the one plagued by her own voice her own thoughts her own dreams someday you might remember her, but then again, maybe not she is the last girl you'd date befriend or hate the last girl you'd think to be dark or terribly bright but deep inside, you might remember her voice clear as the summer breeze and just as quiet she's learned not to voice her own hurts triumphs or qualities she waits quietly for you to notice them instead and wonders if you shall she is the last girl you'd dream about or pine for but for some reason, you still care her face will haunt you like a specter and her eyes will burn into your heart because, someday, you'll see her again and remember that voice those words she is the one who is silently dyng inside by the ones who surround her their words wound, heal, uplift and kill she is the last girl you'd think of before going to sleep but you'll see her in your dreams she is the last girl she is me

Star Water falling from rose pedals Drops glisten in the sun The tears are dried New life looks ahead from what once was dark A light springs from the depths of souls My very being is altered New love pure as mountain snow trickles from a stream A mind is clear again And a child's laugh not heard for ages Will echo across the stars

The Wind Dropped by For a Visit i mount my courage like a night on his stallion the courage to let go the courage to end it all the time has passed us by and now its time to let go to forgive to forget your name is like a forbidden tale told across the depths of my heart i wish i could hear the song again for once for good

Far Away Call away to the sun, Far away from the depths of depression. Seek the land that is rich and is strong Seek the people that embrace you with heart. Pass by the sea of dispair, Longing for new life and new love. Leave at home the tears of shame Leave at home the pain and the hate. Those who have told you That love can turn bleak Those are the ones who are Turning to dust.

Ropes of the Tide We all see the light as a different glimmer The dungeons of our souls are at ease with life The pace of the world seperates the free and doomed Dwelling once and forever Sweeping the free out of the light Into the darknesses of past Call to the light Reach for the safe havens Above Find out your soul Seek the new The calling of man leads to the end The light is forgotten The hope's spark is dimmed Fire is gone, water rushes in Dare to believe

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