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             DAVIDIC DYNASTY

PART 1: David's Family, his parents, his seven older brothers and two half-sisters & their families

       The DAVIDIC DYNASTY is called the "STEM OF JESSE" (Isa. 11:1) and the "ROOT OF JESSE" (Isa. 11:10) in scripture. David was the youngest of the eight sons (1 Sam. 17:12) of his father Jesse, a Judahite sheikh, and his wife, Abalaya [or, Habalit], grand-daughter of Ibzan "of Bethlehem", Israel’s 10th Judge. The seven older brothers of David were: (a) Eliab [the father of Abihail, wife of [her cousin] Jerimoth, one of King David’s sons], (b) Abinadab, (c) Shimeah [the father of three sons: i.e., [Jo]Nadab, Joel, and [Jo]Nathan], (d) Nethaneel, (e) Raddai, (f) Ozem (Asam), and (g) Elihu. David, beside seven older full-brothers, had two half-sisters, who were (a) Abigail, wife of Ithra (Jether), an Arabic sheikh [mother of Amasa], and (b) Zeruiah (Cerouya) [who, of her 1st husband, Suri “the Naphalite“, was the mother of three sons, i.e., (a) Abishai [the father of Absessalom, the father of Ahimaaz, husband of King Solomon's daughter, Basemath, of his Egyptian wife, the parents of Ana, the wife of King Abijah of Judah, of whom later], (b) Joab, and (c) Asahel [father of Zebadiah]; and, was the step-mother, by her 2nd husband, Nebat “the Ephraimite”, to his illegitimate son, King Jeroboam of Israel, begotten of his mistress, Sariya “The Harlot”].


PART 2: Kings of Israel & Judah: Davidic Dynasty, the royal genealogy, first kingdom era

1. DAVID, reigned at Hebron as Judah’s 1st king for 7 years, 1010-1003BC, then, reigned at Jerusalem as Israel’s 3rd king [or, 2nd, not counting Eshbaal, King Saul‘s son] for 33 years, 1003-970BC (2 Sam 5:5). David had 10 wives. He =1 Michal, daughter of King Saul of Israel, his predecessor; =2 Ahinoam “the Jezreelite“; =3 Abigail, the widow of Nabal “the Carmelite“; =4 Maachah, daughter of King Talmai of Geshur; =5 Haggith; =6 Abital; =7 Eglah; =8 name unknown; =9 name unknown; =10 Bathsheba, daughter of Ammiel (Eliam) “the Gilonite“, and, widow of Uriah “the Hittite“:

issue of 1st wife: none

issue of 2nd wife: (a) Amnon, was murdered by his half-bro, Absalom, for raping his full-sister

issue of 3rd wife: (b) Chileab [aka Daniel], died young without issue

issue of 4th wife: (c) Absalom, the crown-prince; the name of Absalom's wife is not given, but he begot three sons [who all died in infancy] and a daughter, Tamar, the wife of Uriel, Sheikh of Gibeah, and mother of Michaiah (Maachah), the 2nd wife of [her cousin] King Rehoboam; & (d) Tamar (daughter), was Absalom's full-sister; after her rape by a half-brother was married to a foreign prince

issue of 5th wife: (e) Adonijah, heir-expectant after Absalom’s death

issue of 6th wife: (f) Shephatiah (Chefatia), ancestor of a secondary descent-line

issue of 7th wife: (g) Ithream (Yitream)

issue of 8th wife: 6 sons, who were: (h) Ibhar, (i) Elishua (Elishama), (j) Elpalet (Eliphelet), (k) Eliadah (Beeliada), (l) Abishai, & (m) Nogah

issue of 9th wife: 5 sons, who were: (n) Japhia, (o) Nepheg, (p) Jerimoth [father of Mahalath, 1st wife of [her cousin] King Rehoboam], (q) Asahel, & (r) Joab

issue of 10th wife: 5 sons, who were: (s) un-named infant son, who died a few days after birth, (t) Nathan, the ancestor of a major descent-line (below), (u) Shammuah (Shimea), (v) Shobab, & (w) Jedidiah, who changed his name to Solomon, on his accession, was the favorite son of David's favorite wife


note: The doctrine of the “divine right of kings” was introduced by the covenant God made with David, which was the origin of the “Davidic Dynasty Tradition”, that is, “royal Zionist theology”, which tied the dynasty to the messianic prophecies of earlier times, and was the basis of the messianism of later times, which made the Davidic Dynasty a part of Israel’s religion, Judaism, and later of Christianity also. The essence of the “Davidic Dynasty Tradition” is: (a) that God chose Jerusalem as the place of His presence [which replaced Shiloh as the cultic centre of Jehovah-worship]; (b) that God would make for David a “house”, that is, an everlasting dynasty of kings, whose destiny was worldwide rule with a divine mandate, sitting upon God’s very throne (1 Chr 29:33), whose kingdom was to be established forever; and (c) the special intermediary role of the Davidic king between God and the people, whereby, the monarchy would be the channel through which God would bless the people. The covenant made David’s House a “divine dynasty” [so to speak]. This new status brought with it the inviolability of the person of the king, called “The Lord’s Anointed”, and gave rise to a court rhetoric in which the king was called “the Son of God” (Ps 2:7) as the visible symbol of the invisible God, occupying God’s throne (Ps 2:6), representing God to the people; while at the same-time the king was called “the Son of Man” (Dan 7:13-14) as the corporate embodiment of the people representing them to God. The king was answerable to God alone, and was responsible to Him to care for the people, as the politique father [“parens patriae”] of a large family, his people. Too, the king was likened to a shepherd duty-bound to watch over his flock and provide for all its needs, and his people in return would attend upon the king as his servants and give him worship. The basic duties of the king were to feed his people  [meal-tickets]: to heal his people, i.e., “the royal touch” [health service]; to defend his people [the military to defend from without, and the police to defend within], and, above all to lead his people, as a shepherd leads his flock. 

Not all of the Hebrew people accepted this idea of an everlasting union of their nation, religion, and David’s House; and later ten of the twelve Hebrew tribes rebelled against David’s House in the time of his grandson [Rehoboam, son of Solomon] that caused the disruption of the Hebrew kingdom.


2. SOLOMON, reigned 40 years, 970-930BC (1 Ki 11:42). He had a harem of 1000 secondary-wives; his primary wives, or queens, were: =1 Abishag of Shunem, the un-named Shulamite woman of his youth, his first love, whom he wrote about in “Canticles“; =2 Nicaule [Tashere] of Egypt, the daughter [or sister] of Psusennes II [or Psusennes III] [note: the myth that she was Shishak‘s daughter is chronologically impossible]; =3 [prob. mistress] Bilqis, Queen of Arabia; =4 name unknown, daughter of Hamath, King of Lebanon; =5 name unknown, daughter of King Rezon [I] of Syria; =6 [mistress] Makeda, Queen of Sheba [Ethiopia]; =7 Nabah (Naamah) “the Ammonite”, daughter of King Hanun of Jordan:

issue of the Shulamite woman: none

issue of his Egyptian queen: two daughters, who were: (a) Basemath, wife of Ahimaaz, “the Naphalite“, the mother of Ana, wife of [her cousin] King Abijah (below), & (b) Taphath, wife of Ben-Abinadab of Dor

issue of the Arabian queen: (c) [prob. his step-son] Kahtan (Qahtan; Cahtan), called 1st King of Arabia [note: he is given an Arabic ancestry descended from Ishmael in Arabic literature] - that he was Solomon's son may have been a later tradition reflective upon Solomon glorious reign which was remembered in ancient Arabic literature 

issue of the "Queen of Sheba": (d) Menelik [Ibn El-Hakim], called 1st King of Ethiopia

issue of his Jordanese queen: (e) Rehoboam, who succeeded as King of Judah alone


note: The Bible tells us that God gave Solomon His promise that the title to the throne would pass through his descendants (1 Ki 9:5; 1 Chr 22:8-10; 2 Chr 7:18).


3. REHOBOAM, reigned 17 Years, 930-913BC (1 Ki 14:21). He had eighteen secondary-wives and a harem of sixty concubines, however, only had two primary wives, that is, queens, whom he married in turn after the demise of the other: =1 Mahalath [his cousin], daughter of King David’s son Jerimoth and his wife, Abihail, grand-daughter [not “daughter”] of Eliab [an older brother of King David, i.e., one of Jesse’s eight sons]; =2 Michaiah (Maachah) [his cousin’s daughter] [note: in 1 Ki 15:2 she is said to be the daughter of Absalom, the late crown-prince, his uncle, but in 2 Chr 13:2 she is said to be the daughter of Uriel of Gibeah, which discrepancy is resolved by the supposition that she was the daughter of Tamar, Absalom’s daughter, and her husband, Uriel of Gibeah, which makes her the “grand-daughter” of Absalom and not actually his “daughter”], and had issue:

issue of his 1st wife: 5 sons, who were: (a) Jeush, (b) Zizah, (c) Shemariah (Semariah), ancestor of a secondary-line of the royal house, (d) Attai, & (e) Zaham

issue of his 2nd wife: (f) Abijah (Abijam), who succeeded his father in prejudice of his older half-brothers

4. ABIJAH, reigned 3 years, 913-910 BC (1 Ki 15:2). He had 14 secondary-wives, 22 sons & 16 daughters. His primary wife was Ana [cousin], daughter of Ahimaaz “the Naphalite“, and his wife, Basemath, King Solomon’s daughter. [note: Ahimaaz, who was Solomon’s purveyor, was the son of Absessalom, the son of Abishai, the son of King David’s half-sister, Zeruiah, and her first husband, Suri “the Naphalite”.] It is through her, Ana, that the bloodline of the Egyptian Pharaohs enters into the veins of the Jewish royal house. The name of King Abijah’s wife, Ana, is not given in the “Masoretic Text”, but is given in the “Septuagint Text” [denoted as “LXX”] (3 Ki 15:10). [note: I & II “Samuel” in the “MT” is I & II “Kings” in the “LXX”; and III & IV “Kings” in the “LXX” is I & II “Kings” in the “MT”.] In one version of the “LXX”, Ana, is called the “daughter” of Absessalom, but we know from comparison of scripture that this is an instance of the term of a relationship used in a loose sense and that she was actually his “grand-daughter”. Abijah, of his primary wife, Ana, had issue: (a) Asa, the crown-prince

5. ASA, reigned 41 years, 910-869BC (1 Ki 15:10). His grandmother, Michaiah (Maachah), is called his “mother” in the “Masoretic Text” (1 Ki 15:9-10), but here the term “mother” is used in a loose sense. This has caused some confusion since the “MT” does not give his mother’s name, however, the “LXX” corrects this by giving his mother’s name. The confusion was created by the fact that his wife Ana died before her husband’s succession. His grandmother, Michaiah (Maachah), the queen-mother of his father’s reign, was still alive, and, in the absence of Asa’s mother, Ana, filled a vacuum in the royal court. It appears that the Judahite monarchy had a “madonna and child” cult in its ideology represented by the office of “queen-mother”. There was no such office of “queen-mother” in the Hebrew monarchy of the “northern kingdom“; which is the reason that the mothers of the “northern kings” are seldom mentioned but in passing, whereas, the mothers of the “southern kings” are nearly always given by name. He = Azuba, daughter of Shilhi, one of the grandsons of Jeroboam, the rebel Hebrew king, of his wife, Karamat, daughter of King Shishak of Egypt, who fled south to Judah during the massacre of King Jeroboam’s House by the usurper Baasha where she found refuge. Another descent-line from the Egyptian Pharaohs may be trace through Azuba [via, her paternal grandmother, Karamat] to the Jewish Royal House. He, of his wife, Azuba, had issue: (a) Jehoshaphat, the crown prince

6. JEHOSHAPHAT, reigned 869-848, regent from 872. He reigned 25 years (1 Ki 15:23; 2 Chr 16:2), including the 3 years he was regent during his father’s illness (1 Ki 22:42). The name of his wife is unrecorded in scripture. He begot (a) Jehoram (Joram), the crown-prince, (b) Azariah, (c) Zechariah, (d) Shaphatiah, (e) Michael, (f) Jehiel, & (g) Ahaziah

7. JEHORAM, reigned 848-841, associate-ruler from 853. He reigned for 8 years, not counting the years of his associate-rule with his father (2 Ki 8:17; 2 Chr 21:5). He was made associate-ruler at the time for concerns over the up-coming war with Syria. The fact that his mother’s name does not appear in scripture is unusual for Judahite annalists, especially if he were crown-prince, which suggests that there is a story the annalists wished to “cover-up”. He, as crown-prince, married the Hebrew princess Athalia, the daughter of King Ahab of Israel, and his wife Jezebel of Tyre, a Phoenician princess. His marriage was arranged between his father, the King of Judah, and her father, the King of Israel, perhaps in hope of the reunion of all the Hebrew tribes under one crown. He came down with a terrible disease (2 Chr 21:18,19), and his son, Ahaziah, the crown-prince, was regent the last year of his life. He, by Athalia, his queen, had issue: (a) Jehoahaz [who changed his name to Ahaziah on his accession], the crown-prince; (b) Jehosheba (daughter), the wife of Jehoiada I, High-Priest, and mother of Jehoadda, the wife of [her cousin] King Jehoash, of whom later; (c) other children by secondary-wives, whom were taken captive (2 Chr 21:16,17) by the Arabs when they stormed and plundered Jerusalem, and afterwards were all slain (2 Chr 22:1). 

8. AHAZIAH, reigned 841, regent from 842. He reigned for 1 year (2 Ki 8:26), not counting the year he was regent during his father's illness. In 2 Ki 8:26 it says he was age 22 when he began to reign, but in 2 Chr 22:2 his age is given as 42. The “22” is undoubtedly correct, as 2 Chr 21:20 we see that his father was age 40 on his demise, which would have made him younger than his son. He, by his wife, Zibiah of Beersheba, had several sons, the only surviving of whom was (a) Jehoash (Joash), of whom later

9. ATHALIA, usurper-queen, widow of King Jehoram and mother of King Ahaziah (above), sole ruler for 7 years, 841-835 (2 Ki 11:3; 2 Chr 22:12)

10. JEHOASH, reigned 40 years, 835-796 (2 Ki 12:1; 2 Chr 24:1), survivor of the massacre of the royal house, married Jehoadda, an Aaronic Levite [his cousin], daughter of the High-Priest Jehoiada and [his aunt] Jehosheba, a princess “of the blood [royal]”, who rescued him as an infant, and had issue: (a) Amaziah, the future king, & (b) Amateza

11. AMAZIAH, reigned 796-767, regent from 801; captured, released & restored 792. He reigned as regent during his father’s suffering [who had been severely wounded in battle] (2 Chr 24:25), and, after his father’s murder, reigned as king 29 years (2 Ki 14:2; 2 Chr 25:1). In 2 Ki 14:2 it says he was age 25 when he began to reign, but this must be an error, for it would mean that he was only 12 when his son [Uzziah] was born. He, of his wife, Jecolia[h], had issue: (a) Uzziah (Azariah), crown-prince, and twice king

12. UZZIAH, reigned 767-740, reign dated from 792, his first accession. He reigned 52 years (2 Ki 15:2; 2 Chr 26:3). He had a double accession: the first in 792 when his father was taken prisoner following his defeat in battle; and, the second in 767 on his father’s demise. In 2 Ki 14:17 it says he began to reign in the 15th year of King Jeroboam II of Israel [from 767 date]; while 2 Ki 15:1 says he began to reign in the 27th year of King Jeroboam of Israel [from 792 date]. This means that 2 Ki 14:21 and 2 Ki 15:2 are chronologically out of place and should be inserted between 2 Chr 26:22 and 2 Chr 26:23. These references compared to 2 Ki 15:8 reveals that his 38th year is synchronist to the 14th anniversary of his father’s demise. He married Jerusha, daughter of High-Priest Zadok II, and had issue: (a) Jotham, the crown-prince; (b) Tabael (Isa 7:6), the father of Elkanah, rival claimant versus King Ahaz (below), his cousin.

13. JOTHAM, reigned 740-735, regent from 750BC. He reigned 16 years (2 Ki 15:33), which includes the years he was prince-regent during his father’s retirement (2 Ki 15:5; 2 Chr 26:1). He was regent for 11 years (2 Ki 15:32). He, by his wife, Ahio, the Hebrew princess, the daughter of Azrikam, the Benjaminite sheikh of King Saul’s House (1 Chr 9:44), begot Ahaz, the crown-prince [which name was common in the Saulite family-clan], which, indeed, was a strategic marriage in a feasible plan to re-unite the Hebrew tribes. He, during his regency, made an alliance with King Jeroboam II of Israel, who gave him his grand-daughter, Abija[h], the daughter of his son, Zechariah, the crown-prince and future king of the “northern kingdom”, in marriage to his [Jotham’s] son, Ahaz, the crown-prince, in a long-range scheme to reunite the Hebrew Nation. The murder of King Zechariah of Israel the year before Jotham, the prince-regent, became king, and, the overthrow of King Jehu’s House, which was followed by a series of usurpers in the “northern kingdom”, dashed all hope for the re-unification of the Hebrew tribes. He was the father of (a) Ahaz, the crown-prince; & (b) Yaba (daughter), wife of Tiglath-pileser III [aka Pulu], King of Assyria 745-727BC

14. AHAZ, reigned 735-726, regent from 743. He reigned 16 years, including the years of his regency (2 Ki 16:2). 2 Ki 16:2 & 2 Chr 28:1 give his age at 20 on his accession, but this must be in error or else he was 11 when his son [Hezekiah] was born [compare 2 Ki 16:2; 18:2]. He married Abijah, daughter and heiress of King Zechariah of Israel [House of Jehu], and had issue: (a) un-named infant son, his eldest, was sacrifice in Moloch-worship (2 Ki 16:3); (b) Maaseiah, the crown-prince, who was captured during war-time by Judah’s neighbors, and was murdered along with other hostages (2 Chr 28:7); (c) Hezekiah, the future king

15. HEZEKIAH, reigned 29 years, 726-697 (2 Ki 18:2; 2 Chr 29:1). In the 6th year of his reign (721BC) the “northern kingdom” was conquered by Assyria (2 Ki 18:10), whose king deported the country’s population, the so-called “ten lost tribes”, and resettled them elsewhere (2 Ki 17:6). He married Hephzibah, and begot (a) Bilhah (daughter), who married a foreign-prince; (b) Manasseh, the crown-prince, & (c) Amariah

16. MANASSEH, reigned 55 years, 697-642BC (2 Ki 21:1; 2 Chr 33:1). He was a minor on his succession, and his mother, Queen Hephzibah, governed the kingdom until he came of age. Thus, it is not possible that he could have served as regent during any part of his father’s reign as some writers have claimed in order to work out their faulty chronologies! He married Meshullemeth, and begot (a) Amon, the crown-prince

17. AMON, reigned 2 years, 642-640BC (2 Ki 21:19; 2 Chr 33:21). He married Jedidah, daughter of Adaiah, a priest, of the Aaronic-line [the house of the high-priest], and had issue: (a) Josiah, the crown prince; & (b) Kareah, father of Johanan, claimant 587/6BC [identified with “Ion, son of Kari” in ancient Irish annals], ancestor of a dynasty of rival claimants in “a far off place” or “in the isles of the seas”. Here, according to British-Israelism, “the isles of the seas” in “a far off place” refers to the British Isles. Here, too, they say applies the prophecy of the “three overturns” of Ezek 21:27; that is, from: (1) Judah to Ireland; (2) Ireland to Scotland; & (3) from Scotland to England.

18. JOSIAH, reigned 31 years, 640-609BC (2 Ki 22:1; 2 Chr 34:1). He =1 Zebudah (Zebidah), daughter of Pedaiah of Rumah, and, =2 Hamutal, daughter of Jeremias of Libnah

issue of 1st wife:

(a) Johanan, the crown-prince, father of a daughter, Tamar, who, according to the judicial-ruling made by Moses (Num 28:8) & its conditional clause (Num 36:8), was technically the dynasty's heiress. Her 1st husband was Prince Neri[ah], representative of a major Davidic descent-line; and her 2nd husband was King [Je]Coniah, of whom later; & (b) Eliakim, who changed his name to Jehoiakim, on his accession

issue of 2nd wife:

(c) Shallum, who changed his name to Jehoahaz, on his accession; & (d) Mattaniah, who changed his name to Zedekiah, on his accession

19. JEHOAHAZ, reigned three months Year 609 (2 Ki 23:31; 2 Chr 36:2). His mother, Queen Hamutal, engineered his succession in prejudice of her late husband’s issue of his late first wife, on the news of the death of her husband, King Josiah, and the crown-prince, Johanan, in the Battle of Megiddo. Jehoahaz was deposed, and he and his mother, Queen Hamutal, were carried hostage to Egypt by Pharaoh Necho II, and disappear from history, without any known descendants.

20. JEHOIAKIM, reigned 11 years, 609-598 (2 Ki 23:36; 2 Chr 36:5). He was set on the throne by Pharaoh Necho, and Judah became an Egyptian vassal-state. He married Nehushta, daughter of Elnathan of Jerusalem, and begot (a) Jeconiah (Jechonias), called "Coniah" for short, who took the name Jehoiakin (Jehoiachin), on his accession

21. JEHOIAKIN, called "The Captive" ("Assir"), also referred to as [Je]Coniah in scripture, reigned three months Year 598/597 BC (2 Ki 24:8; 2 Chr 36:9). 2 Ki 24:8 says he was 18 on his accession, but 2 Chr 36:9 says he was age 8. The accepted explanation of this discrepancy is that in 2 Chr 36:9 the “yodh” [= 10] was dropped out by a copyist due to a corruption in the text, for he is known to have been married with at least one child, Zedekiah, at the time of his succession (1 Chr 3:16). Too, some cuneiform tablets discovered at Babylon by archaeologists mention [Je]Coniah by name as well as his sons [“step-sons”], indicating that his sons [“step-sons”] were already born at the time he was taken captive, which points to his marriage to a widow with children. He married Tamar, his cousin, her second marriage, the daughter of the late crown-prince, Johanan, his uncle, and begot (a) Zedekiah, the crown-prince 


note: the early death of the crown-prince was the fulfillment of "Coniah's Curse", placed on King [Je]Coniah's off-spring by Jeremiah "The Prophet" (Jer 22:30); after which King [Je]Coniah adopted his step-sons, the sons of his wife, Tamar, by a previous marriage [since they too were of the "royal seed"] to Neri[ah], her first husband, who was also a Davidic prince. Here, Tamar is a pivotal figure who transfers the title of the throne from the main-line [the Solomonic line], of which she was [technically] the heiress, to a secondary-line of the royal house, the Nathanite-line


sons of Queen Tamar by Prince Neriah [her 1st husband], & adoptive sons of King [Je]Coniah [her 2nd husband]: (b) Shealtiel (Salathiel), his acknowledged heir [after the death of the crown-prince], father of Zerubabel (below); (c) Malchiram; (d) Pedaiah (Phadaia), father of Esthra (daughter), 3rd wife of Zerubabel [her cousin]; (e) Shenazzur (Sin-ab-Usur), had issue; (f) Jekamiah (Yekamia);(g) Hoshama (Hochama); (h) Nedabiah, father of Shemphat (S[u]mbat), the ancestor of the Bagratids (Bagratuni) of the Caucasus States


note: the ancestry of Tamar’s first husband, Prince Neri[ah], in The "Lucan Text" (3:27-31) reads by generation:

(01) David, King of Israel, who, by Bathsheba, begot

(02) Nathan, ancestor of the Nathanite-line of the royal house, the father of

(03) Mattatha[n], the father of

(04) Menon (Menna), the father of

(05) Melea, the father of

(06) Eliakim, the father of

(07) Jonam, the father of

(08) Joseph, the father of

(09) Jude, the father of

(10) Simeon, the father of

(11) Levi, the father of

(12) Mattatha[n], the father of

(13) Joram, the father of

(14) Eliezer, the father of

(15) Jose (Joshua), the father of

(16) Er, the father of

(17) Elmodam, the father of

(18) Cosam, the father of

(19) Addi, the father of

(20) Melchi, the father of

(21) Neri[ah], "1st" husband of Tamar, daughter of the late crown-prince, Johanan [King Josiah's eldest son], the father of (22) Shealtiel (Salathiel) (above), father of (23) Zerubabel (below)


The Babylonians besieged Jerusalem’s walls in 598/597BC. At some point King Jehoiakin, that is, [Je]Coniah, decided to surrender, probably upon the early death of the crown-prince. He packed his bags, and gathered together the royal family, including the queen-mother, Nehushta, and, in an entourage of ministers and servants rode out to meet the Babylonian Emperor Nebuchadnezzar, who took him and his entourage captive to Babylon, where they lived in comfortable confinement for 36 years. Nebuchadnezzar occupied Jerusalem, and sat the ex-king’s uncle, Zedekiah, on the throne, and Judah became a Babylonian vassal-state.

22. ZEDEKIAH, reigned 11 years, 598/7-587/6BC (2 Ki 24:18; 2 Chr 36:11). He was the last King of Judah. He, and Judah's neighbor-states rebelled against Babylonian vassalage, to which Nebuchadnezzar responded by re-conquering the Middle East. It was at this time that Jerusalem and the First Temple were destroyed by the Babylonians, 587/586BC, and the mass deportation of the Jews to Babylonia took place, called “The Babylonian Captivity”. He, by an un-named wife, begot six sons & three daughters, including the crown-prince Malchijah (Melchiah) (Jer 38:6); his brother, Yerahmeel (Jer 36:26); another brother not mentioned in scripture was Mulek, who, according to mythology, escaped the massacre of the royal family; one daughter, Maacha, came down with an illness and died in Egypt during their sojourn there; another of the king's daughters [name not given] married the ruler of the House of Saragossa, then Spain's reigning dynasty; too, there is their famous sister, Tamar-Tephi, who married a foreign-prince, identified with an Irish prince, and later was considered the mother of Irish, then Scottish, then English kings. Legend says that the Irish prince Eochaid, whose father is called the "King of Ireland" in British lore, was visiting Jerusalem at the time of its conquest by the Babylonians and had become betrothed to the Jewish princess Tamar-Tephi [or, "Tea", who may have been another sister], one of King Zedekiah’s daughters. It was Eochaid who invited Tamar-Tephi and her party of Jewish refugees [under the leadership of Prince Johanan, son of Kareah, brother of King Josiah, above] to Ireland to where they apparently came, about 582BC.

The execution of the sons of the ex-king Zedekiah by the Babylonian Emperor Nebuchadnezzar II, and the carrying-away of King Zedekiah in chains to Babylon where he languished in prison until his death nine years later, caused several claimants of the royal house to come forward presenting their claims; among whom were: (a) Johanan, son of Kareah, brother of King Josiah; (b) Gedaliah, the son of Ahikam, the son of Shaphan, the son of Azaliah, the son of Meshullam, the son of Elkanah [rival claimant versus King Ahaz, his cousin], the son of Tabael, the brother of King Jotham, and, (c) Ishmael, the son of Nathaniah, the son of Elishama, the son of Achbor, the son of Michaiah, the son of Azrikam, who descended in the ninth degree from Prince Shamariah (Semariah), one of the three sons of King Rehoboam (above) by his first wife. The Jewish prince Gedaliah was appointed “Governor” [not “King”] of Judea by Nebuchadnezzar II, which now became a Babylonian province. He could be called the first Palestinian "Nasi" [= "Prince"].

Meanwhile, in Babylon, the ex-king [Je]Coniah was still alive, and it was the hope of the Jewish remnant in Judah who escaped the mass deportation of the country’s population into the “Babylonian Captivity” that he would in time be restored to the Judahite throne.


PART 3: the dynasty's post-exilic royal heirs: ancient Babylonian Exilarchs ["Resh Galuta"] & Palestinian Princes/Patriarchs ["Nesi'im"], representing separate branches of the Davidic Dynasty, were rivals for the heirship of the old Jewish Davidic royal house, i.e., the "princes" of the "diaspora", or the lords of the world’s Jews


regnal-list [exilarchs, 1st dynasty, from c. 560BC to AD130]

1. Jehoiakin or [Je]Coniah "The Captive", who was still regarded by the “Jewish Exiles” as their king, is numbered the "first" Exilarch, circa 562BC. On the release and advancement of the Jewish ex-king [Je]Coniah at the imperial Babylonian court, the Jewish ex-king established a residence in the city’s Jewish quarter. He did not return to Trans-Jordan [Palestine] probably because most of the Jewish population had already been re-settled in Babylonia; too, the old capital city of Jerusalem laid in ruins, and his old kingdom, now a Babylonian province, was then under Babylonian military-rule. He later moved his residence to Nehardea, a small town on the Euphrates with a large Jewish community, where, since the Temple at Jerusalem had been destroyed, he built the first synagogue, which was called “Shaf ve-Yativ”, which means “the Divine Presence is remove and is settle in this place”, which the author of the Seder Olam Zuta”, a medieval Jewish chronicle, regarded as the origin of the Babylonian “Exilarchate”, the office of the “exilarch”, who bore the title “resh-galuta” meaning “exiled-king”, who claimed lordship over the Jewish “Diaspora”. He died 559BC, and, was succeeded as "exilarch" by

2. Shealtiel, step-son, his “acknowledged heir” (Mt 1:12), son of the wife of King Jehoiakin ([Je]Coniah), namely, "Queen" Tamar, the dynasty’s heiress, by a former husband, Prince Neri[ah] (Lk 3:27) (above), was reckoned the “royal Davidic heir” after the death of their late king, Jehoiakin, and numbered the 2nd Exilarch (d545). He begot (a) Zerubabel, whose Babylonian name was Sheshbazzar, & (b) Shimei

3. Zerubabel (Zorobabel), the "royal Jewish heir", 3rd Exilarch at Babylon, circa 545BC; 8th Governor of Judea, circa 537/536BC; 1st Patriarch of Jerusalem and/or "Prince of Judah", circa 515BC; recalled & imprisoned 513BC; executed 510BC. He is called the son of Shealtiel in every Bible reference except in one text (1 Chr 3:19) where he is called the son of Shealtiel’s brother, Pedaiah, which makes that text suspect. This discrepancy is explained by a scribal error in the parent-manuscript of the “MT” or a missing part in the text due to corruption or deterioration of the original manuscript, for  the “LXX” text of 1 Chr 3:19 lists Shealtiel (Salathiel) as Zerubabel’s father.  A theory proposed by one Bible scholar contends that Shealtiel died without issue and that his widow in a “levirate marriage” with his brother Pedaiah gave birth to Zerubabel, but this explanation is unlikely for Zerubabel is called Shealtiel’s son everywhere, even in “Josephus”. The conjecture that Zerubabel, was the son of Pedaiah, who is made into a son of Shealtiel is unlikely also. The discrepancy may have a solution in Zerubabel's marriage to Pedaiah's daughter, Esthra, which made Zerubabel the "son-in-law" of Pedaiah, for there are examples in the Bible where a man is described as the "son" of his wife's father. In any case, Zerubabel was the recognized “royal Davidic heir” of his generation. He was the 23rd generation in male-line descent from King David [numbered 1st generation]. He, upon permission of the Persian shah, led the first and largest colony of Jewish Exiles back to Palestine, and, was entrusted with the office of “governor” [“pehah”] of Judea, his ancestors’ old kingdom to which he was heir, which was now a Persian province. His family did not accompany him, but remained behind in Babylonia [perhaps as hostages] with the majority of the Jewish “Diaspora”. He =1 Amytis, a Babylonian princess, called a “foreign wife”; =2 Rhodah, a Persian princess [who later re-married a Persian prince], called a "foreign wife"; =3 Esthra, a Jewish princess [his cousin], daughter of Pedaiah, his father's brother 

issue of his 1st wife:

(24A) Shazrezzar [a Babylonian name], the ancestor of the Abiudite Line, a major Davidic line

issue of his 2nd wife:

(24B) Reza (Rhesa) [a Persian name] [the half-brother through his mother of the Persian Shah Darius I “The Great“], the ancestor of the Rhesaite Line, a major Davidic line

issue of his 3rd wife:

(24C) Meshullam, 4th Exilarch, ancestor of the dynasty's senior-line of descent & its dual-branches, the Tobaids & the Onaids (collateral-lines)

(24D) Hananiah (Khanayia) (Chanania) ["A"], 5th Exilarch, ancestor of the Pelatiahite Line [anti-kings and rivals of the Tobaids & the Onaids] & the Yeshaiahite Line [Babylonian Exilarchs, 1st Dynasty]

(24E) Shelomith, a daughter, the wife of Elnathan, Governor of Judea 510-490BC [distant-cousin], who represented another Davidic lineage


note: Ezra "The Scribe", during his reforms (458/457BC), ruled in favor of the descendants of Zerubabel by his Jewish wife, and said "to be Jewish one's mother had to be"; and, that is why the descent-lines of the sons of Zerubabel’s "foreign wives" were omitted from "Chronicles", which was written by Ezra’s scribes. Therefore, the descendants of Zerubabel’s Jewish [3rd] wife are listed first. The failure of the senior-line in 4BC obliged the Sanhedrin to legitimate the descendants of Zerubabel by his [1st & 2nd] "foreign wives", who were the ancestors of Christianity's Holy Family.


regnal-list [exilarchs, 1st dynasty], continued from above [dates approximate]

4. Meshullam (535)

5. Hananiah I, c. 510-490

6. Birchiyah, c. 490-485

7. Hasadiah, c. 485-480

8. Yeshaiah, c. 480-475

9. Hezekiah I (475)

10. Rephaiah

11. Obadiah [I]

12. Schania I

13. Shemaya I

14. Shemida

15. Hattush

16. Igal

17. Baraiah

18. Neariah, c. 350-325

19. Shaphat (325)

20. Elioenai

21. Hezekiah II

22. Nakhum [I]

23. Ezrikam I

24. Hodaviah

25. Eliashib

26. Pelaiah

27. Akkub (200BC)

28. Yohanna

29. Delaiah

30. Hananiah II

31. name unknown

32. name unknown

33. name unknown

34. name unknown

35. name unknown

36. name unknown, c. 50-25BC

37. Ezrikam II, c. 25-13BC dep

interregnum: 13BC-AD31

38. Shemaya II, c. AD30-40

39. Liunan, usurper c. 40-50

40. Schania II, c. 50-80

41. Uvadaya [II], c. 80-90

42. Shlomo, c. 90-120

43. Pinchi,c. 120-130, last exilarch of "1st" dynasty


genealogy [exilarchs, "1st" dynasty], compare above

section 3.1: descendants of Zerubabel's son Meshullam

the five sons of (24C) Meshullam [4] (above) were:

(25A) Hashubah (Hashabniah), one, father of (26) Hattush ["A"] "Nasi", Prince 455-445

(25B) Ohel (Jehiel) "Nasi" [id. with Jahaziel "A"],  two, father of (26) Shecaniah ["A"], associate-prince, father of (27) Shemaiah ["A"], associate-prince, who helped Nehemiah, the Governor of Judea, repair the walls of Jerusalem, and, was the city’s “the keeper of the east gate” (Neh 3:29), father of (28) Jahaziel ["B"] (Jezelus), Prince 405-400BC

(25C) Berechiah (Birchiyah) (Brachya) (Berkhya) (Birchiyah) (Berachyah) [which are variations of his names in different manuscripts], three,  6th Exilarch

(25D) Hasadiah (Chisdiah) (Khassidiya) (Hassadia) (Yesadia) (Hasdiah) (Chasdiyah), four, 7th Exilarch, father of (26) Hezekiah I (Chiskiah) (Chizkiyah) (Khizkiya) (Hizkiah), 9th Exilarch

(25E) Jushab-Hesed, five


senior-line of Meshullam's descendants:

(26) Hattush ["A"] "Nasi" (above) [son of Hashubah, son of Meshullum, Zerubabel's son], declared "royal Davidic heir" by Ezra “The Scribe“, with whom he returned to Jerusalem in a second colony of Jewish Exiles in 458/457BC, where he established himself in the Palestinian Patriarchate [or Principate] and reigned as “Prince of Israel” [“Nasi”] 455-445BC

the son of (26) Hattush ["A"] "Nasi" (above) was

(27) Hananiah (Anani) ["B"], the Palestian Patriarch, that is, “Prince of Israel” 425-405BC,  who is identified with the Palestinian "Nasi" Anani mentioned in a letter from priests from Elephantine, Egypt, in 407BC

the twin-sons of (27) Hananiah ["B"] (above) were

(28A) Tobit (Tobeit; Tobaid), co-prince (400BC)

(28B) Onaid (Enaid), co-prince (400BC)

note: the dual-lines of Tobit's and Onaid's descendants alternated in the office of Palestinian Principate, i.e., Patriarchate, with some exceptions


section 3.1A:descendants of Tobit, twin-line 

the son of (28A) Tobit (above) was:

(29) [H]Elias (Elijah), the father of

(30) Simeon (Simon) [I] "Saddiq", the father of

(31) Antigone "Soko", the father of

(32) Zeredah (Zuraida), the father of

(33) Joazer (Joezar)

the sons of (33) Joazer (above) were:

(34A) Jose [I] (Yossei) (Joseph), co-duumvir with nephew, the father of (35) Shetah (below)

(34B) John (Johanan; Yohanna)

the sons of (34B) John (above) were:

(35A) Jude [I];

(35B) Perachiah, father of (36) Jeshu, claimant 88BC

(35C) Jose [II], a rabbi, co-duumvir with uncle

the sons of (35C) Jose [II] (above) were:

(36A) Mattai [I]

(36B) Tabbai, father of (37) Jude [II]

issue of (35) Shetah (above) was:

(36A) Simeon (Simon) [II]

(36B) Shelzion (daughter), the 1st wife of Alexander Jannaeus, Maccabee King of Judea 104/3-76BC

the sons of (36A) Simeon (Simon) [II] (above) were:

(37A) Jose, claimant, executed 88BC

(37B) Panthera[h] (Pamphir; Panther) (Pantera; Pantiri; Pandera), who, an army-officer, raped a young maiden, namely, Stada, & begot (38) Jesus Bar-Panther[a] (Bar-Panthir), his illegitimate son. He was “legitimized” by the Sadducees in the Sanhedrin but was opposed by the Pharisees who debarred him from the throne; was rival claimant versus the Maccabee King Alexander Jannaeus; fled to Egypt 88BC, but later returned 76BC; opposed the Roman occupation of Jerusalem; crucified by the Romans 63BC. He, by wife, Bianca, begot (39) Sarah [a.k.a. Doris] (daughter), considered the dynasty's heiress, and, was the first wife of Herod "The Great", King of Judea

(37C) Jude, rival king versus Alexander Jannaeus, the father of  

the son of (37C) Jude (above) was:

(38) Matthias [Mattai II] "Nasi", the "royal Davidic heir" of his generation, 75-50BC, the father of 

(39A) Jose [Joseph III], Patriarch, who married Salome, sister of King Herod "The Great" of Judea; removed from office in 41BC; executed 35BC

(39B) Salome (daughter), wife of Joseph IV/II, Patriarch 41-38BC, the brother of King Herod "The Great" of Judea

the son of (39A) Jose [Joseph III] (above) was:

(40) Simon "of Perea", the royal heir of the dynasty's main-line, was arrested during one of King Herod's persecutions of the Davidic Dynasty and made a slave by King Herod, who constantly abused him; and, following King Herod’s death in 4BC, was killed in his attempt to restore the Davidic Dynasty on the throne; his death ended the Tobaidite main-line


section 3.1B: descendants of Onaid, twin-line

the son of (28B) Onaid (above) was

(29) Haggai, the father of

(30) Nadavah, the father of

(31) Sirach, the father of

(32) Eleazar, the father of

(33) Simon, the father of

(34) Joshua, the father of

(35) Levi, the father of

(36) Malchi, the father of

(37) Shem, the father of

(38) Honaseh, the father of

(39) Alamyos, the father of 

(40) Joachim "Nasi" (ex 10BC), who, by wife, JoAnna [Jane], one of the daughters of High-Priest Jeshua III (below), begot 3 daughters, with whom the Onaidite Line ends; they were:

(41A) Escha, wife of Ptolas, of whom later

(41B) Salome, wife of Zedebee

(41C) Mary, wife of Clopas, of whom later


note: the daughters of Jeshua III, [numbered 59th] High-Priest, 36-23BC, were:

(a) Anne, wife of Heli, a Davidic prince, mother of “The Virgin” Mary

(b) Elizabeth, wife of Zacharias, a Levite priest, mother of John “The Baptist”

(c) Jane, wife of Joachim "Nasi" (above), the Onaidite heir, mother of three daughters, Escha, Salome, & Mary (above) 


section 3.2: descendants of Zerubabel's son Hananiah ["A"]

the sons of (24D) Hananiah, 5th Exilarch (above) were:

(25A) Pelatiah (Phaltial), had issue by his "foreign wife", ancestor of the Pelatiahite Line

(25B) Yeshaiah (Jeshaiah) (Yeshayahu) (Yeshaya), 8th Exilarch, ancestor of the Yeshaiahite Line


section 3.2A: the Pelatiahite Line

the record of the descendants of (25A) Pelatiah (above) is lost, however, descent from him was claimed by several later Jewish anti-kings

(40) Athronges, anti-king 4BC-AD6, claimed descent from Pelatiah (above), thus, was senior heir of the Davidic Dynasty upon the failure of Meshullam's male-line descendants in 4BC

the five sons of (40) Athronges (above) were:

(41A) Theudas, a bishop, killed AD 44/46, who, by wife, Miriam [see], begot (42) five sons & three daughters, of whom later 

(41B) Amram, fl. circa AD 44/46, the father of (42) Alexander "The Zealot" (AD50), the father of (43) Aimar, who fled to France AD 50

(41C) Hanibas (Annibas), fl. circa AD 44/46

(41D) Dinai, the father of (42) Eleazar "The Zealot", killed AD60, the father of (43) Moshe (Moshi), executed AD60

(41E) Perisha, the father of (42) Tahinas "Asida", fl. circa AD 44/46


section 3.2B: the Yeshaiahite Line

the descendants of (25B) Yeshaiah, 8th Exilarch (above) were:

(26) Rephaiah (Raphaiai), 10th Exilarch, the father of

(27) Arnan, the father of

(28) Obadiah (Ovadaya) [I] ["A"], 11th Exilarch, the father of

(29) Shechaniah [I] ["B"] (Shecanya) (Schania), 12th Exilarch, the father of

(30) Shemaiah [I] ["B"] (Shemaiai) (Shemaya), 13th Exilarch, the father of six sons, who were:

(31A) Shemida, 14th Exilarch, one

(31B) Hattush ["B"], 15th Exilarch, two

(31C) Igal, 16th Exilarch, three

(31D) Baraiah, 17th Exilarch, four

(31E) Neariah (Naariya), 18th Exilarch, five, begot (32A-C) three sons 

(31F) Shaphat, 19th Exilarch, six

the three sons of (31E) Neariah, 18th Exilarch (above), were:

(32A) Elioenai (Eliehoenai), 20th Exilarch, one, begot (33A-G) seven sons 

(32B) Hezekieh [II] (Hizkiah) (Khiskiya), 21st Exilarch, two, the father of (33) Na[k]hum I, 22nd Exilarch

(32C) Ezrikam [Azrikas I], 23rd Exilarch, three

the seven sons of (32A) Elioenai, 20th Exilarch (above), were:

(33A) Hodaviah, 24th Exilarch, one, ancestor of a dynasty of exilarchs, who were a continuation of the 1st dynasty of exilarchs, among whom were (40) Azrikas II ["B"], 37th Exilarch, deposed 13BC by Romans, father of (41a) Asineus (Asinai) and (41b) Anileus (Anilai), claimants AD 20, father of (42) Amilias, claimant, murdered c. AD25

(33B) Eliashib, 25th Exilarch, two

(33C) Pelaiah,26th Exilarch, three, ancestor of (41) Shemaya ["C"] [Shemaiah II], 38th Exilarch, who revived the office circa AD30 after an interregnum (13BC-AD31), father of (42) Schania ["C"] [Shechaniah II], 40th Exilarch 50-80, father of two sons, who were: (43a) Uvada[ya], 41st Exilarch 80-90, and (43b) Hunya, father of (44a) Shlomo, 42nd Exilarch 90-120, & (44b) Pinchi, 43rd Exilarch 120-130 [last exilarch of "1st" dynasty],  father of an only child, a daughter (45) Rachab, wife of Bahram "of Seistan", a Persian prince [descendant of Cyrus "The Great", 1st Persian Shah], &, mother of Sassan, ancestor of the Persian Sassanids. The senior-line of the exilarchs' descendants became extinct on Pinchi's death (circa AD130), whereupon the title to the throne devolved to a secondary-line of the royal house, the Akkubite Line.

(33D) Akkub (Akuv), 27th Exilarch, four, flourished circa 200BC, ancestor of the Akkubite Line (below)

(33E) Yohanna, 28th Exilarch, five 

(33F) Delaiah, 29th Exilarch, six

(33G) Hananiah [Anani] ["C"], 30th Exilarch, seven, ancestor of (41) Babbutan, father of (42) Liunan, 39th Exilarch, usurper, c AD 40-50


section 3.2C: the Akkubite Line, descendants of (33D) Akkub, 27th Exilarch (above), by generations, were:

(33D) Akkub, 27th Exilarch (200BC) (above), the father of

(34) David, the father of

(35) Shlomo, the father of

(36) Shemaya, the father of

(37) David (100BC), the father of

(38) Schania, the father of

(39) Hizkiah, the father of

(40) Shalom, the father of

(41) Nathan "De-Zuzita" (AD30), the father of

(42) Hunya (AD60), the father of

(43) Shlomo (AD90), the father of

(44) Yakov (AD120), the father of

(45) Ahija[h], "first" [Medieval] Exilarch, who founded a new [2nd] dynasty of exilarchs, circa AD 130, upon the extinction of the dynasty's senior-line 


PART 4: medieval Jewish exilarchs

regnal-list [the exilarchs, 2nd Dynasty, from c. AD 130 to 642]

1. Ahija[h], 130-145, founds new [2nd] dynasty of exilarchs upon failure of the dynasty's senior-line, ancestor of the Ahijahite Line

2. Nakhum [II], 145-170

3. Johanan [II], 170-175

4. Shaphat, 175-195

5. Huna I, 195-210

6. Yakob I, 210-215

7. Mar-Ukba I [Nathan], 215-240

8. Huna II, 240-259

9. [C]hiyya, 259

10. Hanan (Annan; Anani), 260

11. Nathan I, 260-270

12. Nosson I, 270

13. Yakob II, 270

14. Nehemiah I, 270-313

15. Mar-Ukba II, 313

16. Nahman, 313-320

17. Mar-Ukba III, 320-337

18. Isaac, 337-8

19. Huna III [Huna-Mar I], 338-350

20. Abba "Mari", 350-370

21. Nathan II, 370-400

22. Hachni, 400

23. Kahana I, 400-415

24. Huna IV, 415-442

25. Mar-Zutra I, 442-455

26. Kahana II, 455-465

27. Huna V, 465-475

28. Nosson II, 475

interim: 475-484

29. Huna VI, 484-508

X. Pachda, regent 508-512

30. Mar-Zutra II, 512-520 

interim: 520-550

31. Ahunai [Huna-Mar II], 550-560

32. Hofnai, 560-581

33. Haninai, 581-589

34. Mar-Zutra III, 589

interim: 589-614

35. Nehemiah II, 614-640

36(A) Abdullah, 640-642 dep, d660; was opposed for his conversion to Islam; was the "Arab Sheik" who was deposed in favor of Bostanai, who founded a new dynasty of exilarchs

36(B) Heman [I], 640-642, anti-king, opposed Abdullah


genealogy [the exilarchs, from c. AD 130 to 642]

section 4.1: primary-line

the three sons of (45) Ahija[h], 1st [Medieval] Exilarch (above), were:

(46A) Nak[h]um II, 2nd Exilarch c 145-170

(46B) Johanan [II] (Yohanna), 3rd Exilarch c 170-?, the father of (47) Shaphat (Shafa[t]) (Shepot), 4th Exilarch

(46C) Nathan, who went to Palestine, & rivaled the “Nasi” Simeon III, 135-160

the two sons of (46A) Nakhum II, 2nd Exilarch  (above) were:

(47A) Huna I (Hunya), 5th Exilarch 195-210, the father of (48) Yakob I, 6th Exilarch 210-215,  father of (49) Hama,  father of (50) Joseph,  father of (51) Rava "Gaon" (d352)

(47B) Mar-Ukba I [Nathan], 7th Exilarch 215-240

the son of (47B) Mar-Ukba I (above) was:

(48) Huna II, 8th Exilarch 240-259

the two sons of (48) Huna II, 8th Exilarch (above) were:

(49A) Nathan I, 11th Exilarch 260-270

(49B) Nosson I, 12th Exilarch 270

the two sons of (49A) Nathan I [11] (above) were:

(50A) Nehemiah I, 14th Exilarch 270-313 executed

(50B) Mar-Ukba II, 15th Exilarch 313, executed [omitted in some lists because reigned only 1 day]

the three sons of (50A) Nehemiah I [14] (above) were:

(51A) Mar-Ukba III/II, 17th Exilarch, reigned 320-337

(51B) Isaac, 18th Exilarch, reigned 337-8

(51C) Huna III [Huna-Mar I], 19th Exilarch, reigned 337-350

the son of (51A) Mar-Ukba III/II [17] (above) was:

(52) Abba "Mari", 20th Exilarch, reigned 350-370

the issue of (52) Abba "Mari" [20] (above) was:

(53A) Nathan II, 21st Exilarch 370-400, father of (54a) Hachni, 22nd Exilarch 400 [father of (55) Kahane,  father of (56) Rechemiah, father of (57) Nathan, father of (58) Julian of Canaan, claimant AD 520] & (54b) Soshandukht (Susan), 1st wife of Yazdigerd I, King of Persia (399-421) 

(53B) Safra (d399), father of (54), a son [name unsure], the father of (55) Moses of Crete, claimant 440

(53C) Kahana I, 23rd Exilarch, reigned 400-415

the issue of (53C) Kahana I [23] (above) was:

(54A) Nathan (d 413), prince (below)

(54B) Gasyandukht (daughter), 2nd wife of Yazdigerd I, King of Persia 399-421

the five sons of (54A) Nathan (above) were:

(55A) Huna IV, 24th Exilarch 415-442, father of (56) Nahman, father of (57) Ravina, father of (58) Merima, father of (59A) Pachda, Regent 508-512 [father of (60) [name], daughter, 2nd wife of 30th Exilarch Mar-Zutra II] and (59B) [name], daughter,1st wife of the 30th Exilarch Mar-Zutra II 

(55B) Mar-Zutra I, 25th Exilarch, reigned 442-455 (below)

(55C) Rava (d431)

(55D) Kahana (Khanai), father of (56) Zutra, father of (57) Maremar, father of (58) Haninai (ex 520), father of (59) Mar-Zutra II, 30th Exilarch (below)

(55E) Ashi (d427), father of (56) Tavyomi (d468), father of (57) Huna, father of (58) Achai (d516), father of (59) Simon (d540), father of (60) Ravai (d555), father of (61) Abba, father of (62) Mar Rav Huna, father of (63) Mar Rav Mar, 1st Gaon of Sura 591-614/or 609-620, father of (64) Mar Rav Huna, father of (65) Joseph, father of (66) Mar Rav Huna [Huna-Mari], Gaon of Pumbedita 689-?, father of (67) Mar Rav Mar, father of (68) Samuel, Gaon of Pumbedita 748-755, father of (69) Mar Abba Gaon, father of (70) Isaiah (d798), father of (71) Rav Ashi Gaon, father of (72) Tzadok (823), father of (73) Mar Chaiym Gaon, father of (74) Tzemach (891), father of (75) [Judith], daughter, wife of Yehuda, Gaon of Pumbedita 906-911 (d916), a Davidic prince

the three sons of (55B) Mar-Zutra I [25] (above) were:

(56A) Kahana II, 26th Exilarch, reigned 455-465

(56B) Huna V, 27th Exilarch 465-475, father of a daughter (57) [Ruth], wife of Rabiah ibn Mudhar [Ma'adi-Karib Ya'fur], King of Yemen, &, mother of Dhu Nuwas, King of Yemen 517-525

(56C) Nosson II, 28th Exilarch 475 [note: his execution was followed by an interim or vacancy in the office of the exilarchate: 475-484]

the son of (56A) Kahana II [26] (above) was:

(57) Huna VI, 29th Exilarch 484-508, restored after an interim

the only child & daughter of (57) Huna VI [29] (above) was:

(58) Hava[h], heiress (d493), wife of (58) Haninai (ex 520) (above), son of (57) Maremar, son of (56) Zutra, son of (55) Khanai, son of (54) Nathan, son of (53) Kahana I, 23rd Exilarch (above)

[note: here was the second-time that the title to the throne passed through a female, as per Num. 28:8 & its conditional clause Num 36:8]

the two sons of (58) Hava[h], the heiress (above) were:

(59A) Mar-Zutra II, 30th Exilarch 508/512-520; reigned first under the regency of Pachda, the brother of his 1st wife and the father of his 2nd wife. Pachda was deposed by Mar-Zutra's father, (58) Haninai, who thereafter was associated with his son in his reign. The execution of Mar-Zutra II was followed by an interim in the office of the exilarchate (520-550). 

(59B) Hizkiah, father of (60) David, father of (61) Akhtab, aka Mar-Zutra III, 34th Exilarch 589 [whose execution was followed by an interim or vacancy in the office of the exilarchate (589-614)], the father of (62a) Yahya [poss. father of (63) Safiya (daughter), 9th wife of "Prophet" Mohammed] (62b) Zahna (daughter), wife of Assad Ibn Hashim, an Arabic sheikh (d582), the parents of (63) Fatima (daughter), wife of Abd Manaf, the parents of (64) Ali, 4th Caliph

the two sons of (59A) Mar-Zutra II [30] (above) were:

(60A) Ahunai [Huna-Mar II], 31st Exilarch 550-560, begotten of his father's 1st wife, sister of Pachda, regent 508-512, restored after an interim 

(60B) Sutra [I] [Mar-Zutra] "Rav", begotten of his father's 2nd wife, daughter of Pachda, regent 508-512; was carried as an infant to Palestine where as an adult he was accepted as "Nasi" or "Patriarch", and, founded a new dynasty of the Palestinian "Nesi'im", circa AD 550 (below)

the son of (60A) Ahunai [31] (above) was:

(61) Hofnai (Kafnai; Qafnai), 32nd Exilarch 560-581

the three sons of (61) Hofnai [32] (above) were:

(62A) Haninai, 33rd Exilarch 581-589, father of (63) Bostanai [1], who founds a new [3rd] dynasty of exilarchs (below)

(62B) Hushiel (d608?), father of (63A) Nehemiah II, 35th Exilarch 614-640 

(62C) Hanamel (d614)

the son of (63A) Nehemiah II, 35th Exilarch (above) was:

(64) Shallum (d640), crown-prince & heir, who converted to Islam in 624, father of (65) Abdullah, 36th Exilarch 640-642 (d660), the "Arabic Sheik", who was deposed in favor of Bostanai

the sons of (62C) Hanamel (above) were:

(63A) Heman [I], Anti-Exilarch 640-2

(63B) Yakov of Syria, claimant 642 (ex 643), father of (64) Ishak [3], Exilarch 685-700, deposed, d705,  father of (65A) Saura of Syria (Sherini; Sheria; Serene), claimant 720-3, & (65B) Yakov, father of (66) Ishak [Abu-Isa] (d755) [ancestor of the Issawite-Line,  which represented the claimants of the 2nd dynasty], father of (67) Judah Al-Ra'i [Yudghan of Hamadan], father of (68) Mushka (850), had issue 


section 4.2: secondary-lines:

the three sons of (47) Shaphat, 4th Exilarch (above) were

(48A) [C]hiyya, 9th Exilarch 259, section 4.2A

(48B) Hanan (Annan; Anani), 10th Exilarch 260, section 4.2B

(48C) Joash, section 4.2C


section 4.2A:

the son of (48A) [C]hiyya [9] (above) was:

(49) Yakob II, 13th Exilarch 270 

the three sons of (49) Yakob II [13] (above) were

(50A) Huna "Gaon" (d297), father of (51) Abbaye "Gaon" (d339), father of (52) Papa "Gaon" (d375)

(50B) Nahman, 16th Exilarch 313-320, the father of (51) Rabba (d330/2)

(50C) Hisdai "Rav" (d309)


section 4.2B:

the descendants of (48B) Hanan [10] (above) were:

(49) Nathan, his son, father of

(50) Chochana, father of

(51) Khanna, father of

(52) Huna, father of

(53) Marima, father of

(54) [C]Hanina, father of

(55) Chunah (Khanna), father of

(56) Nissan, father of

(57) Khunai, father of

(58) Yosi (d516), father of

(59) Eina (d540)

the three sons of (59) Eina (above) were:

(60A) Giza

(60B) Sama

(60C) Huna (d555)

the son of (60C) Huna (above) was:

(61) Kahana (Chana[n]) (d589), father of

(62) Dimi Bephizur Sheva, father of

(63) Mari Sorgo Gaon (609), father of

(64) Chana[n] "Gaon", father of

(65) Isaac "Gaon" (660), father of

(66) Sheshna

the sons of (66) Sheshna (above) were:

(67A) Hiyya (690)

(67B) Ravya (700)


the three sons of (67A) Hiyya (above) were:

(68A) Papa, father of (69) Ahunai Kahana (d768)

(68B) Amunah, father of (69) Natroni Kahana (d759), father of (70) Yaakov Kahanna (d812), father of (71) Mesharsheya (Moshe), Gaon of Sura 832-843 (below)

(68C) Huna, father of (69) Hanina Kahana (d776)

the three sons of (71) Mesharsheya (Moshe) (above) were:

(72A) Ravi, father of (73) Matityahu "Gaon" (d868), father of (74) son [name unsure], father of (75) Mar Joseph Rav, father of (76) Tzadok Kahana (d935), father of (77) dau [name unsure], wife of Hophni (d963), a Davidic prince, &, had issue 

(72B) Sheshna, father of (73) Amram, Gaon of Sura 858-876 

(72C) Ammi, father of (73) Abba (d869)


the son of (67B) Ravya (above) was:

(68) Nachman

the sons of (68) Nachman (above) were:

(69A) Judah, Gaon of Sura 757-761/or 760-764

(69B) Dodai, Gaon of Pumbedita 761-767 (below)

(69C) Achai (760), father of (70) Malcha (d773),  father of (71) Abbaye, father of (72) Paltoi (d857)

the son of (69B) Dodai (above) was:

(70) Rabba, Gaon 773-? (d782)

the sons of (70) Rabba (above) were:

(71A) Bibai, Gaon of Sura 777-788 (d790)

(71B) Sofro Demar Yosef

(71C) Hiyya, father of (72) Yosef (833), father of (73) Menahem (859), father of (74) Samuel, father of (75) Judah (917)

the son of (71B) Sofro Demar Yosef (above) was:

(72) Mar Rav Aba, father of

(73) Marimar (Mari-Mar), father of

(74) Samuel Reish Kalah Ha-Gaon, father of

(75) Yehuda, Gaon of Pumbedita 906-911 (d916), who, of wife, Judith [daughter of Tzemach (891), son of Mar Chaiym Gaon, son of Tzadok (823), above], begot 

(76) Hananiah (Khanayah), Gaon of Pumbedita 938-943, father of

(77) Sherira (Shrirah), Gaon of Pumbedita 968-998 (d1006), father of

(78) [K]Hai, Gaon of Pumbeita (d1038), the last male-line 2nd Dynasty prince, father of

(79) Eve (Ava), daughter, wife of Samuel Ha-Nagid (d1056), of whom later


section 4.2C: [note: line is suspect]

the ancestral-line of Manoel Soeiro (d1657), claimant, &/or descent-line of (48C) Joash, bro of (48A) [C]Hiyya [9] & (48B) Hanan  [10] (above), the father of

(49) Avraham, the father of

(50) Micah, the father of

(51A) Salmon [bro of (51B) Jehoshaphat & (51C) Aram], the father of

(52) Joash, the father of

(53A) Samuel [bro of (53B) Zerubabbel], the father of

(54A) Heli [bro of (54B) Asa & (54C) Amon], the father of

(55A) Salmon [bro of (55B) Josiah]

the five sons of (55A) Salmon (above) were: 

(56A) Ahaz

(56B) David

(56C) Menasseh

(56D) Hezron

(56E) Jacob

the sons of (56C) Menasseh (above) were:

(57A) Samuel

(57B) Uzziah

the sons of (57A) Samuel (above) were:

(58A) Jacob

(58B) Matthias

the descendants of (58B) Matthias (above) were:

(59) Aminadab, the father of

(60) Jonathan, the father of

(61) Abiram, the father of

(62) Joab, the father of

(63) Ahaz, the father of

(64) Avraham, the father of

(65) David, the father of

(66) Shaltiel, the father of

(67) Avraham, the father of

(68) Solomon, the father of

(69A) Amon [bro of (69B) David], the father of

(70) Jesse, the father of

(71) Avraham, the father of

(72) Levi, the father of

(73) Menasseh, the father of

(74) Josiah, the father of

(75) Asa, the father of

(76) Aminadab, the father of

(77) Jacob, the father of

(78) Laban, the father of

(79) Menasseh, the father of

(80) Mordecai, the father of

(81A) Jedidiah [bro of (81B) Ahaz], the father of

(82) Ephraim, the father of

(83) Solomon, the father of

(84) Menasseh, the father of

(85) David, the father of

(86) Abiram, the father of

(87) Eliezur, the father of

(88) Ahaz, the father of

(89) Jesse, the father of

(90) Menasseh, the father of

(91) Solomon, the father of

(92) David, the father of

(93) Uzziah, the father of

(94) Hezekiah, the father of

(95) Solomon, the father of

(96) Zedekiah, the father of

(97) Menasseh "Ben Israel", bapt. Manoel Soeiro (1604-1657), the father of

(98) Rachel (daughter), wife of Edward Russell


PART 5: medieval Palestinian patriarchs ["nesi'im"]

section 5.1: House of Mar-Zutra

(60) Sutra [I] [Mar-Zutra] "Rav", "Prince [of Israel]", the son of the 30th Exilarch, (59A) Mar-Zutra II (above), founded a new dynasty of Palestinian "Nesi'im", circa AD 550, ending the interim that followed the deposition of Gamaliel VI [House of Hillel "The Great"] in AD 425, and, was the father of

(61) Saadia (Saadyah), Prince of Israel, the father of

(62) Guriya (Guria), Prince, the father of

(63) Sutra II [Mar-Zutra], Prince, the father of

(64) Yakov, Prince, the father of

(65) Shemaiah, Prince, the father of

(66) Haninai, Prince, the father of

(67) Magis (Magus)(Migas)(Misas) [id. with Minis], Prince, the father of

(68) Nehemiah (Nekhemya) (Nechemia), Prince, the father of

(69) Abdimi (Avdimi) (Avidima) (Dimi), Prince, the father of

(70) Abbai, Prince, the father of

(71) Pinchi (Phinehas) (Pinchus), Prince, the father of

(72) Hazub (Khazuv)(Chatzuv), the last prince of the Davidic Dynasty mentioned in the “Seder Olam Zuta”, the father of

(73) David, a rabbi, the father of

(74) Nathan, the father of

(75) Avraham, the father of

(76) Zakkai, the father of

(77) David, the father of

(78) Hizkiya, the father of

(79) David, the father of

(80) Hiyya Al-Daudi (d1154), the father of

(81) Yaish (d1196), the father of

(82) Yahya Ha-Nasi, or Don Yahya "El Negro", Lord of Aldeia dos Negros, Portugal (d 1222), ancestor of the "Ibn Yahya" Family


section 5.2: the "Ibn Yahya"/Charlap Family

the three sons of (82) Yahya Ha-Nasi (above) were:

(83A) Yaish Ibn Yahya, the father of three sons, namely, (84a) Yosef (Jucef), (84b) Shlomo (1255), & (84c) Moshe (d1279) (below)

(83B) Yakov Ben Yahya, the father of (84) Hiyya, the father of (85) Eli

(83C) Yosef Ibn Yahya (d1264), the father of (84) Shlomo Ha-Zaken (d1299), the father of three sons, who were: (85a) Yosef (Jucef), (85b) Gedaliah (below), and (85c) Hiyya

the son of (84c) Moshe (d1279) (above) was: 

(85) Yahya "Ibn Yayha", the father of five sons, who were:

(86a) David Ibn Yahya Negro (d1385) (below);  (86b) Shmuel (1352); (86c) Yehuda (Judah) [father of (87) Yucef Abenafia of Barcelona (1381)]; (86d) Shlomo; & (86e) Aaron


the issue of (85b) Gedaliah [son of (84) Shlomo Ha-Zaken] (above) was:

(86A) Dan Ha-Rav 

(86B) Paloma (daughter), the wife of Fadrique (d1358), Prince of Castile (below)


descendants of (86a) David Ibn Yahya Negro (d1385) (above) by generation were:

(87a) Shlomo (d1430), had a bro (87b) Gedaliah [father of 3 sons] & another bro (87c) Yehuda "Ha-Meshorer" (d1420)

(88a) David (d1450), had a bro (88b) Gedaliah (d1440) & a bro (88c) Yosef

(89a) Yosef (d1498), bro of (89b) Shlomo (d1490) [father of (90a) Yosef, (90b) Gedaliah, & (90c) David (d1528), father of (91) Yacov-Tam (d1542), had issue] & bro of (89c) Yehuda (Judah), had issue

(90a) David "The Martyr" (d1542), bro of (90b) Shlomo (d1533) [father of (91) Yosef (1550), father of (92a&b) 2 sons] & bro of (90c) Meir (d1530)

(91a) Yosef, a rabbi, bro of (91b) Gedaliah [father of (92) Shlomo of Ancona] & bro of (91c) Shlomo

(92b) Gedaliah (d1587), middle bro between (92a) David (d1565) & (92c) Judah Ha-Rofe (d1560)

(93) Yehuda, begotten by his father's 2nd wife 

(94a) David, bro of (94b) Hanannel, (94c) Noah (d1650), (94d) Gedaliah, & (94e) Moshe

(95) Eliezer Charlap (c 1575), the first "Charlap", upon his adoption of the surname, which is an acronym for "Chiya Rosh Le-Galey Polin", ancestor of the Charlap Family

(96) Shimon Charlap

(97) David Charlap

(98) Shalom Charlap

(99) Ze'ev Charlap

(100) Avraham Charlap

(101) Shimon Charlap

(102) Kalman Charlap (1700)

(103) Zalman Charlap

(104) Avraham Charlap


(105a) Eliezer Charlap (c 1800), the last "Charlap", the father of three sons, who founded three great branches of his descendants, namely: (106a) Ser [had issue]; (106b) Mankuta [had issue]; & (106c) Kur [had issue]

(105b) Betzalel "Lew" (below)

(105c) Sheshat

descendants of (105b) Betzalel "Lew" (above) were:

(106) Yankel Lew

(107) Ezriel Aharon, adopted surname "Lewine"/"Levine"

(108) Kalman Levine

(109) Joseph Levine (d1971)

(110) Louis Levine (d1994)

(111) Harvey Levine, the "Ibn Yahya"/Charlap heir, i.e., one of several royal heirs, who, at this writing, is the father of 

(112a) Mark & (112b) Sarah (dau)


section 5.3: the descent-line from the "Ibn Yahya" Family  to British Royalty by generation is:

(85b) Gedaliah, son of (84) Shlomo Ha-Zaken (d1299), son of (83C) Yosef Ibn Yahya (d1264) (above)

(86) Paloma

= Fadrique (d1358), the brother of King Enrique II of Castile

(87) Alfonso

= Juana de Mendoza

(88) Fadrique (d1473)

= Mariana of Cordova

(89) Juana (d1468)

= Juan II, King of Aragon

(90) Fernando II/V of Aragon (d1516)

= Queen Isabella I of Castile

(91) Juana [Joan "The Mad"] (d1555)

= Philip "The Handsome" of Austria (d1506), a.k.a. Felipe I, King of Spain

(92) Ferdinand I, HRE 1558-1564

= Anne of Bohemia & Hungary

(93) Marie (d1581)

= William V of Cleves, Julich, & Berg (d1592)

(94) Anne (d1632)

= Philip-Ludwig of Neuberg (d1614)

(95) Anne-Marie (d1643)

= Frederick-William I of Saxe-Altenburg (d1602)

(96) John-Philip of Saxe-Altenburg (d1639)

= Elizabeth of Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel

(97) Elizabeth-Sophia (d1680)

= Ernest I of Saxe-Gotha & Altenburg (d1675)

(98) Frederick I of Saxe-Gotha (d1691)

= Magdalene-Sibylle of Saxe-Weissenfels

(99) Frederick II of Saxe-Gotha (d1732)

= Magdalene-Augusta of Anhalt-Zerbst

(100) Augusta (1772)

= Frederick-Lewis, Prince of Wales (d1751)

(101) George III, King of Britain, etc., who lost America, was exactly 100th in descent [by way of several female-links] from King David of Israel, ancestor of succeeding British monarchs


PART 6: medieval Jewish exilarchs, continued from above

regnal-list [the exilarchs, 3rd Dynasty, from Year 642 to 1401] 

1. Bostonai (Bustanai) (d665), a Davidic prince of the "2nd" dynasty of exilarchs (above), was appointed by the Arabic Caliph as the new exilarch in 642, which began a new [3rd] dynasty of exilarchs, the Bostonaite Line, meantime, the Issawite Line, an offshoot of the previous [2nd] dynasty, i.e., the Ahijahite Line, claimed to represent the continuation of the previous [2nd] dynasty until its eventual extinction.

2. Hisdai I, 665-685

3. Ishak, 685-700, deposed, d705, represented previous [2nd] dynasty (above)

4. Hisdai II, 700-730

5. Zakkai I, 730-733

6. Solomon I, 733-759

7. Isaac Iskoi I (760)

8. Hananiah (762)

9. Zakkai-Yehuda (d771)

10. Natronai I 771-3, dep

11. Makhir, 773 dep

12. Zakkai II, 773 dep

13. Babawai-Moses, 773-?

14. Hisdai III (803)

15. Samuel I, 803-816

16. Isaac Iskoi II (817)

17. Daniel I, 820

18. David I, 820-840

19. Lucke, 840

20. Judah I, 840-857

21. Natronai II (857)

22. Hisdai IV/III (875)

23. Jehoshaphat

24. Hisdai V/IV

25. Ukba, deposed twice, 913 & 918

26. David II, 1st time, 921-930

27. Josiah I, 930-933, dep

28. David II, 2nd time, 933-940

29. Judah II, 940-1

30. Chizkiya I, 1st time, 940

31. Heman [II], 941-951

32. Solomon II, 951-953

33. Chizkiya I, 2nd time, 953-975

34. Azariah I (975)

35. Chizkiya I, 3rd time, ?-980

36. David III/I, 980-1001

37. Zakkai III, 1001-1021

38. Chizkiya II, 1021-40, dep, exec 1058

39. David IV, 1st time, 1040, abdicated in favor of

40. Solomon III "Rosh", 1040-?

41. Zakkai IV

42. Joseph

43. Jedidah, ?-1081, dep

44. David IV/II, 2nd time, 1081-1092

45. Chizkiya III, 1st time, 1092-4

46. Solomon IV, 1094-6

47. Chizkiya III, 2nd time, 1096-9

48. David V/III, 1099-1134

49. Nehemiah [III], 1134

50. Hisdai IV/V, 1134-5

51. Solomon V, 1135-1150

52. Daniel II, 1150-1175

53. Natronai III, 1175

54. Judah III, 1175

55. Samuel II/I, usurper,1175

56. David IV/V 1175

57. Samuel II, 1175-95

58. David VII/V, 1195-1201

59. Azariah II, 1201-1216

60. David VIII/VI (1216)

61. Hasdai V/VI

62. Solomon VI

63. Hisdai VI/VII

64. Daniel III, ?-1240

65. Samuel IV/III, 1240-1270

66. Josiah II, 1270-?

67. David IX/VII (1288)

68. Daniel IV

69. Nissim (1295)

70. Judah IV (1300)

71. Solomon VII

72. David X

73. Sar-Shalom (1341)

74. Melchi "Nasi", ?-1365

75. Shalom, the last one, 1365-1401, deposed by Tartar King Tamerlane, however, his descendants were continued to be recognized by the Jews of the "Diaspora" as their kings until their extinction upon the death of Pasha, called "King of the Jews" by the Baghdad ghetto, in 1825, the last prince of the dynasty's main-line, upon which the title to the throne devolved to another Davidic descent-line.


genealogy [the exilarchs, from Year 642 to 1401]

(63) Bostonai (Bustanai), "first" Exilarch 642-665; the posthumous son of the Exilarch  Haninai [# 33; 2nd Dyn.] (above), founded a new [3rd] dynasty of exilarchs after the Islam-Arabic conquest, AD 642; ancestor of the Bostonaite Line; =1 Adoa, an Arabic-Jewish princess [one of Fatima's sisters], dau of Quraysh chief Assad Ibn Hashim (d582) & Zahna, dau of (34) Exilarch Mar-Zutra III; = 2 Dara[-Izdadwar] (Izdundad), a Persian princess, daughter of King Yazdagird III, Sassanian-Shah

issue by 1st wife: 

(64A) Hisdai I (Chasdayi) (Hasdai), 2nd Exilarch 665-685, begot (65) dau [name unk]

(64B) Haninai Baradai (Bar-Adoi) (d689), had issue (below)

issue by 2nd wife: 

(64C) Shahrijar (Shahari), Prince of Tabaristan (665), had issue (below)

(64D) Ghilanshah, id. with Gil "Gawbara", Prince of Gilan (665) (d676), had issue (below)

(64E) Mardanshah, Prince of Mazandaran (665), begot (65) son [name unk] [poss. id. with Hurmuzd]


the issue of (64B) Haninai Baradai, aka Bar-Adoi (above) was:

(65A) Hisdai II, 4th Exilarch 700-730,  section 6.1

(65B) Nehemiah (Nechemia), section 6.2 

(65C) Haninai, Gaon of Sura 689-694, section 6.3


issue of (64C) Shahrijar (above) was:

(65A) Yomtov-Ruzbihan [a.k.a. Ahunai]

(65B) Sur[k]hab [I] (d717), Prince of Tabaristan, ancestor of the Afshar Dynasty of Persia, of whom later

(65C) dau [name unsure]

the issue of (65A) Yomtov-Ruzbihan [a.k.a. Ahunai] (above) was:

(66A) Zakkai-Yehuda, 9th Exilarch (d771)

(66B) Babawai-Moses, 13th Exilarch

(66C) Judith (dau), wife of [cousin] (65B) Nehemiah, son of (64B) Haninai Baradai (above)

the sons of (66A) Zakkai-Yehuda [9] (above) were:

(67A) Nathan, claimant (771)

(67B) Makhir (Machir) ["A"], claimant, went to France (771) and became Theodore (Thierri) of Narbonne, Marquis of Septimania, founded a French noble house from which European Royalty may trace many genealogical-links, of whom later

(67C) Yehuda, the father of (68) Mushka (825), the father of (69) son [name unsure]

the son of (66B) Babawai-Moses [13] (above) was:

(67) Isaac Iskoi II, 16th Exilarch (817), deposed upon his conversion to Islam, father of (68) Qarim, ancestor of Baha'u'llah, of whom later


the issue of (64D) Ghilanshah, aka Gil "Gawbara", Prince of Gilan (d676), by wife, [name], dau of Farrikhan, a Persian prince, was:

(65A) Dabuya (Dabwaih) (David), Prince of Gilan (d706), whose descendants were called the Dabwaihides

(65B) Khurshid [I], Prince of Gilan (d709)

(65C) Patospan, aka Baduspan [I], Prince of Mazandaran (d694), whose descendants were called the Baduspanides


section 6.1:

the five sons of (65A) Hisdai II [4] (above), were:

(66A) Jacob, Gaon of Sura 715-730

(66B) Zakkai I, 5th Exilarch 730-733

(66C) Judah, Gaon of Pumbedita (739)

(66D) Solomon I, 6th Exilarch 733-759

(66E) David 

the issue of (66D) Solomon I [6] (above) were:

(67A) Isaac Iskoi I, 7th Exilarch 759-761, the father of (68) Shemaiah, the father of (69) Daniel I, 17th Exilarch (820)

(67B) Semah

(67C) Judah

(67D) Judith Ha-Geveret (dau), wife of [cousin] Hananiah, 8th Exilarch (below)

the three sons of (66E) David (above), were:

(67A) Anan [I], anti-exilarch 757/761, founded the Karaite sect & the Ananite-Line, section 6.1A

(67B) Hananiah, 8th Exilarch (762), founded the Hananiahite-Line, section 6.1B

(67C) Meir, founded the Meirite-Line, section 6.1C


section 6.1A: the Ananite Line

the son of (67A) Anan [I] (above), [1] Karaite Anti-Exilarch, was:

(68) Saul, [2] Karaite Anti-Exilarch

the two sons of (68) Saul, [2] Karaite Anti-Exilarch, (above) were:

(69A) Daniel [3] Karaite Anti-Exilarch (820), the father of (70) Anan [II], [4] Karaite Anti-Exilarch

(69B) Josiah, [5] Karaite Anti-Exilarch

the three sons of (69B) Josiah, [5] Karaite Anti-Exilarch (above) were:

(70A) Boaz, [6A] Karaite Anti-Exilarch, father of (71) Jehoshaphat, [7A] Karaite Anti-Exilarch, the father of (72) David, [8A] Karaite Anti-Exilarch

(70B) Jehoshaphat, [6B] Karaite Anti-Exilarch, father of (71) Boaz, [7B] Karaite Anti-Exilarch, father of (72) David [Abu Sa'id], [8B] Karaite Anti-Exilarch

(70C) Semah, the father of (71A) Yefet and (71B) Asa, the father of (72) Semah, the father of (73) David, the father of (74) Solomon, the father of (75) Jabez

the two sons of (71) Boaz, [7B] Karaite Anti-Exilarch (above) were:

(72A) David [Abu Sa’id], [8B] Karaite Anti-Exilarch

(72B) Josiah

[note: the question here is which "David" (above) was the father of the next generation]

(73) Solomon, [9] Karaite Anti-Exilarch, son of either David, [8A] Karaite Anti-Exilarch, son of Jehoshaphat (above), or David, [8B] Karaite Anti-Exilarch, son of Boaz (above)

the two sons of (73) Solomon, [9] Karaite Anti-Exilarch (above) were:

(74A) Hizkiah (Chezkia), [10] Karaite Anti-Exilarch, the father of (75) Hisdai (Hasdai), [11] Karaite Anti-Exilarch, the father of (76) Solomon [II], [12] Karaite Anti-Exilarch, the father of (77) Judah, [13] Karaite Anti-Exilarch

(74B) Josiah, the father of (75) Isaac, the father of (76) Nathan, [14] Karaite Anti-Exilarch (1050), last prince of the Karaite/Ananite Line 


section 6.1B: the Hananiahite Line

the issue of (67B) Hananiah, [8] Exilarch, (above) was:

(68A) Zakkai, the father of (69) Jedediah, the father of (70) Natronai II, 21st Exilarch 857-?, the father of (71) Hisdai IV/III, 22nd Exilarch ?-875, the father of (72) Jehoshaphat, 23rd Exilarch 875-?, the father of (73) Sabbatai, the father of (74) Esther (daughter), wife of Hananeel [II], Prince of Oria, Italy, a distant-cousin

(68B) Shimon Kayara, the father of (69) Boaz, the father of (70) Sar-Shalom (d853), the father of (71) Ezra, the father of (72) Yitzchak, the father of (73) Abu Yusuf (d970)

(68C) Chiyya, the father of (69) Joseph (d833), the father of (70) Menahem (d859), the father of (71) Mishael, the father of (72) Shalom (d911)


section 6.1C: the Meirite Line

the son of (67C) Meir (above) [brother of (67B) Hananiah, 8th Exilarch, & (67A) Anan, Anti-Exilarch], was:

(68) Moshe, claimant 832, the father of

(69) Aaron, a gaon, the father of

(70) Meir (d 912), the father of

(71) Aaron (923), the father of

(72) Avraham (d955), the father of

(73) Aaron, the father of

(74) Meir, the father of

(75) Solomon, the father of

(76) Judah, the father of

(77) Solomon III "Rosh", 40th Exilarch 1040-? [in whose favor the Exilarch David IV/II [39/44] abdicates before his travels]; was later deposed & went to Palestine were he was accepted as Patriarch (d1051), & had issue

the three sons of (77) Solomon III "Rosh" [40] (above) were:

(78A) Yachya

(78B) Avraham, father of (79) Yachya, claimant (1090), had issue (below)

(78C) Mansur

the descent-line of (79) Yachya (above) [son of (78B) Avraham] by generation is:

(79) Yahya (above), claimant (1090), the father of

(80) Meir, the father of

(81) Migash, the father of

(82) Joseph (d1141), the father of

(83) Meir, the father of

(84) Neriah, the father of

(85) Baruch, the father of

(86) Avraham, the father of

(87) Joseph, the father of

(88) Avraham, the father of

(89) Samuel, the father of

(90) Joseph (1303), the father of

(91) Meir, the ancestor of (98) Luis Diaz, claimant (ex 1542)


section 6.2: exilarchs, continued from above

the three sons of (65B) Nehemiah (above) were:

(66A) Natronai, Gaon of Pumbedita 719-739, section 6.2A

(66B) Haninai (Hakinai) (Habibai; Havivai), section 6.2B 

(66C) Yitzchak (Yizkah) (Isaac), section 6.2C


section 6.2A:

the son of (66A) Natronai, Gaon of Pumbedita (above), was:

(67) Haninai "Ha-Gaon", the father of three sons

the three sons of (67) Haninai "Ha-Gaon" (above) were:

(68A) Hilai (Hillel), Gaon of Sura 823-827

(68B) Machir (Makhir) ["B"] [sometimes confused with cousins of the same name]

(68C) Isaac, Gaon of Pumbedita 833-839


the son of (68A) Hilai (Hillel), Gaon of Sura 823-827 (above) was:

(69) Natronai "Gaon" (d858)

issue of (69) Natronai "Gaon" (above) was:

(70A) Hilai (Hillel), Gaon of Sura 896-904, father of (71) Natronai, father of (72) Shlomo, father of (73) Sarah (daughter), wife of Mar Barzilai [distant cousin]

(70B) Jacob, Gaon of Sura 911-924,  father of (71a) Yomtov Kahana, Gaon of Sura 924-928, & (71b) Joseph, Gaon of Sura 942-944, the father of (72) Aaron, Gaon of Pumbedita 943-961


the son of (68C) Isaac, Gaon of Pumbedita 833-839 (above) was:

(69) Shaprut, the father of (70) Isaac, the father of (71) Hasdai "Nasi" [went to Spain] (929), the father of (72) son [identity unsure] (950)


section 6.2B:

issue of (66B) Haninai (Hakinai) (above) were:

(67A) Natronai I, 10th Exilarch 771-3, deposed and went to Spain, the father of three sons, who were: (68a) Hisdai III, 14th Exilarch (803) [the father of (69) Shlomo "Gaon"], (68b) Samuel Ha-Nasi (814) [the father of (69) Aaron, who went to Italy (876), the father of (70) son [name unsure] (900), ancestor of an Italian noble house], & (68c) son [name unsure], born in Spain [the father of (69) Judah "The Hebrew" of Barcelona (875), who begot (70) son [identity unsure] (900), had issue

(67B) Makhir ["C"], 11th Exilarch 773 dep [sometimes mis-identified with Makhir ["A"], the son of Zakkai-Yehuda, 9th Exilarch]

(67C) Samuel [I], 15th Exilarch 803-816, the father of (68) Daniel, claimant (820)


section 6.2C:

issue of (66C) Yitzchak (above) was:

(67A) Zakkai II, 12th Exilarch 773 dep

(67B) Judah (Yehuda), had issue

(67C) Nathan [Mar-Huna] (d788)

issue of (67B) Judah (above) was:

(68A) David I, 18th Exilarch, 820-840

(68B) Makhir ["D"] [sometimes confused with Makhir ["A"], the son of Zakkai-Yehuda, 9th Exilarch]

(68C) Gershom, father of (69) Solomon "Nasi", who went to France and was made Marquis of The Spanish March, ancestor of the "House of Plantevelue", a French noble house, of whom later

the five sons of (68A) David I [18] (above) were:

(69A) Lucke, 19th Exilarch 840

(69B) Judah I, 20th Exilarch 840-857, had issue 

(69C) Hisdai V/IV, 24th Exilarch

(69D) Jacob, Gaon of Sura 832-?

(69E) Isaac, the father of (70) Joash, the father of (71) Hizkiah, the father of (72) David, the father of (73) Nathan, the father of (74) Nabal (1000), the father of (75) Aminadab (1050), the father of (76) Eliphelet, the father of (77) Solomon (1100), the father of (78) Jehoash, the father of (79) Hezekiah, the father of (80) David, a scribe (d1200)

the two sons of (69B) Judah I [20] (above) were:

(70A) Ukba, 25th Exilarch, deposed twice, 913 & 918; after whose deposition there was an interim 918-921

(70B) Zakkai, ancestor of the Zakkaite Line & its offshoots, section 6.4 (below)


section 6.3:

issue of (65C) Haninai, Gaon of Sura 689-694 (above), was:

(66A) Hilai (Hillel), Gaon of Sura 694-712

(66B) Yakob, Gaon of Sura 712-730

the son of (66B) Yakob, Gaon of Sura (above) was:

(67) Mari, Gaon of Sura 748-756/or 751-756, the father of

the son of (67) Mari, Gaon of Sura (above) was:

(68) Hillel, Gaon of Sura 788-797/or 792-798

the sons of (68) Hillel (above) were:

(69A) Ivomai (821)

(69B) Natroi, Gaon of Sura (d853)

(69C) Rivyai, the father of (70) Joseph (841)

the son of (69A) Ivomai (above) was:

(70) Tzedek Ha-Kohen (d848)

the sons of (70) Tzedek Ha-Kohen (above) were:

(71A) Nahshon, Gaon of Sura 874-882, the father of (72) [K]Hai, Gaon of Sura 889-896

(71B) Hophni

(71C) Nehemiah

the descendants of (71B) Hophni (above) were:

(72) Rabban [his son], the father of

(73) Mari [went to Spain 941], descendants called the Mariate Line, and/or [later] the House of Ha-Nagid, the father of

(74) Samuel Ha-Gaon, the father of

(75) Hophni (d963)

= daughter of Tzadok Kahana (d935), son of Mar Joseph Rav

the two sons of (75) Hophni (above) were:

(76A) Samuel Ha-Kohen (d1013)

(76B) Joseph Na-Nagid, the father of (77) Samuel, the father of (78) Joseph Ha-Nagid, killed 1062 in a pogrom

the issue of (76A) Samuel Ha-Kohen (above) was:

(77A) Israel (1017)

(77B) Joseph Ibn Nagrela [Al-Nagrila] Ha-Nagid (d1034)

(77C) Asmouna, wife of [K]Hai, Gaon of Pumbedita (d1038)

the son of (77B) Joseph Ibn Nagrela Ha-Nagid (above) was:

(78) Samuel Ha-Nagid, vizier 1027 (d1056)

= Eve (Ava), daughter of [K]Hai, Gaon of Pumbedita

the descendants of (78) Samuel Ha-Nagid (above), by generation, were:

(79) Joseph Ha-Nagid [his son] (executed 1066)

= [name unsure], daughter of Rabbi Nissim Ben Yaakov, the parents of

(80) Yechiel, the father of

(81) Avraham, the father of

(82) Azariah (Azarya), the father of

(83) Yekhezkel (Ezekiel), the father of

(84) Laemiel, the father of

(85) Azariah, the father of

(86) Eliyah (Elijah), the father of

(87) Joseph (Yosef), the father of

(88) Nachman, the father of

(89) Kalonymos Kalman, the father of

(90) Leibush, the father of

(91) Eleazar, the father of

(92) Yerakhmiel, the father of

(93) Arye-Zeev (Arieh-Zeev), the father of

(94) Yakov, the father of

(95) Betzalel Ha-Zaken, the father of

(96) Isaac, the father of

(97) Yehuda Lev Hazaken (d1439/40), the father of

(98) Betzalel, the father of

(99) Hayyim (d1565), the father of

(100) Betzalel Loew (Lowe), ancestor of the Lowe, Loew, Loeb, & Lieb families, &, the father of

(101) Yehuda Lieb, called "The Maharel of Prague", a rabbi (d1609), of whom later


section 6.4: exilarchs, continued from above, the Zakkaite Line & its offshoots

the five sons of (70B) Zakkai (above) were:

(71A) David II, 26th/28th Exilarch 921-930 & 933-940, section 6.4A

(71B) Joshua, claimant, section 6.4B

(71C) Shlomo (d929), the father of (72) Paltiel Ha-Nagid (952), had issue

(71D) Josiah I (Yoshiyahu) [Al-Hasan], 27th Exilarch 930-3, section 6.4C

(71E) Isaac (Yitzchak) "Gaon", the father of (72) Tzemach (d997), had issue


section 6.4A:

the two sons of (71A) David II [26/28] (above) were:

(72A) Judah II, 29th Exilarch 940-1

(72B) Heman [II], 31st Exilarch 941-951

the son of (72A) Judah II [29] (above) was:

(73) Chizkiya I/III (Hezekiah), 30th/33rd/35th Exilarch 941 [age 12] [1st time], 953-75 [2nd time], & ?-980 [3rd time]

the two sons of (73) Chizkiya I/III [30/33/35] (above) were:

(74A) David III/I, 36th Exilarch 980-1001

(74B) Zakkai III, 37th Exilarch 1001-1021

the son of (74A) David III/I [36] (above) was:

(75) Chizkiya II/IV (Hezekiah), 38th Exilarch 1021-40, Gaon of Pumbedita [last one] 1038; deposed & imprisoned 1040; released 1046; executed 1058 by the Arabic Caliph

the issue of (75) Chizkiya II/IV [38] (above) was:

(76A) David IV/II, 39th/44th Exilarch 1040 [1st time], Palestinian Patriarch/Prince 1040-1051; went to Spain; returned to Baghdad and restored as Exilarch 1081-1092 [2nd time]

(76B) Joseph of Fustat, father of (77) Pagano "Ebriaci" [= "The Hebrew"], ancestor of the Ebriaci Family of Pisa, Italy, an Italian noble house 

(76C) Isaac, father of three sons, who were: (77a) Shaltiel [had issue], (77b) Yosef "Oroved" [father of (78) Barzilai, father of (79) Judah Ben Barzilai] & (77c) Menahem [father of (78) Sheshet, father of (79) Shaltiel]

(76D) Reyna (daughter), wife of Eliayahu, parents of (77) Reyna (daughter), wife of Joseph "Oroved", a Davidic prince (above)

the sons of (77a) Shaltiel (above) were:

(78A) Shemuel Ha-Nasi

(78B) Isaac, father of three sons: (79a) Meshullam "Prefect" [had issue], (79b) Yosef Ibn Benveniste [ancestor of the Benveniste Family], & (79c) Solomon "Baron"

(78C) Sharbit Hazahav "verge di oro", ancestor of the Berdugo Family

the three sons of (79a) Meshullam "Prefect" (above) were:

(80A) Sheshet, father of (81) Shaltiel (1160), ancestor of the Shaltiel Family 

[note: (81) Shaltiel (1160), the ancestor of the Shaltiel Family (above), was the father of  (82) son [name unsure], father of  (83) son [name unsure], father of (84) Isaac "Bonafos", father of  (85) son [name unsure], father of (86) Avraham Shaltiem, father of three sons, namely: (87a) Judah [ancestor of the Chaltiel Family of Algiers & the Choltiel Family of Tunis], (87b) Moshe [ancestor of the Shaltiel Family of the U.K. & the U.S.], & (87c) David [ancestor of the Graziani Family of Italy]

(80B) Isaac

(80C) Shaltiel, father of (81) Sheshet, father of (82) Isaac, father of (83) Yosef "The Ribash", father of (84) dau [name unsure]

the three sons of (76A) David IV/II [39/44] (above) were:

(77A) Chizkiya III/V, 45th/47th Exilarch 1092-1094 [1st time], 1096-1099 [2nd time]

(77B) Baruch, bapt. Benedictus Christos, father of Leo (d1111), Roman Senator, father of Pierre de Leon (d1128), ancestor of the Pierleoni Family, an Italian noble house

(77C) [C]Hiyya Ha-Nasi [born in Spain], father of three sons (78a) Avraham "Nasi" [ancestor of several "Marrano" families], (78b) Moshe Al-Dar'l of Fez (1127), & (78c) Bonjudah Vital [ancestor of the Vital Family]

the son of (77A) Chizkiya III/V [45/47] (above) was:

(78) David V/III, 48th Exilarch 1099-1134, section 6.5


section 6.4B:

the son of (71B) Joshua [claimant] (above) was:

(72) Hachni

the sons of (72) Hachni (above) were: 

(73A) Aahron, the father of (74a) Josiah (d1020) & (74b) Hushiel, the father of (75) Hananel (d1055), the father of (76) nine daughters

(73B) Nathan, the father of (74) Avraham Ha-Nagid (1000), the father of (75) Saadya (1030), the father of three sons: (76a) Judah, (76b) Meborak Ha-Nagid (1098) [the father of (77) Haninai, the father of (78) Samuel Ha-Nagid (d1159), no issue], & (76c) Nathan


section 6.4C:

the son of (71D) Josiah I [Al-Hasan] [27] (above) was:

(72) Solomon II, 32nd Exilarch 951-953

the sons of Solomon II [32] (above) were:

(73A) Azariah I, 34th Exilarch (975)

(73B) Yeshai (Josiah) ["A"], compare below

(73C) Haninai, father of (74) son [name unsure]


the five sons of (73A) Azariah I [34] (above) were:

(74A) Zakkai IV, 41st Exilarch

(74B) Yeshai (Josiah) ["B"], compare above & below

(74C) Solomon, had issue

(74D) Joseph "Gaon" (d1054), father of (75) son [name unsure], called "Messiah of Lyons" (1087), possible ancestor of the Bernadotte Family

(74E) Daniel "Nasi", claimant, went to Palestine, Patriarch/Prince 1051-62; the invasion of the Turks [Seljuk] put an end to his reign; the father of three sons, who were: (75a) David [V] "Nasi", anti-exilarch, patriarch/prince 1081-94, who, by wife, Nashiya [daughter of Moshe Ha-Kohen], had issue [note: there were several families in the 1300s which claimed descent from him]; (75b) [name unsure], the father of (76) Jacob, the father of (77) Isaac "Alfasi" [fled to Spain 1088] (d1103), the father of (78) Ibn Arye of Cordova (1117), claimant, the father of (79) son [identity unsure], ancestor of a Spanish noble house; & (75c) Yosef Ha-Nagid of Egypt 1081-1091


the five sons of (74C) Solomon (above) were:

(75A) Joseph, 42nd Exilarch

(75B) Jesse, the father of (76) Jedidah, 43rd Exilarch ?-1081, the father of (77) Solomon IV Al-Duji, 46th Exilarch 1094-1096, the father of (78) Avraham, the father of (79) Menahem, a.k.a. David Alroy, claimant (1150), ancestor of the Menahemite Line, from whom descends Sabbatai Zevi, claimant 1648, renounced claim 1666 (d1676), who, by wife, Jochobed [daughter of Joseph Filosoff], begot Jacob Querido, claimant 1676, renounced claim 1687 (d1691), father of Berokia, claimant 1716 (d1740), father of [name not given], playboy heir, guitar-playing gallant prince at the royal Spanish court, father of two sons: one [name not given], was a Christian merchant at Copenhagen, and, the other, [name not given], was a tobacco dealer at Pigueral, who begot [name not given], an army officer, the father of Enrique Puig y Molto, the paramour of Queen Isabella II of Spain, who may have been the biological father of King Alfonso XII of Spain & thus the possible ancestor of the Spanish Bourbons

(75C) Yeshai (Josiah) ["C"], compare above, ancestor of The Day[y]an Family

(75D) Judah

(75E) Joazar


section 6.5, continuation of the medieval Jewish exilarchs

the issue of (78) David V/III [48] (above) was:

(79A) Nehemiah II, 49th Exilarch 1134

(79B) Hisdai IV/V, 50th Exilarch 1134-5

(79C) Natronai III, 53rd Exilarch 1175

the issue of (79B) Hisdai IV/V [50] (above) was:

(80A) Solomon V, 51st Exilarch 1135-50

(80B) Daniel II, 52nd Exilarch 1150-1175

(80C) [name unsure] (daughter), wife of Hodayah, a Davidic prince [Hillelite Line], the parents of (81) David VI/IV, 56th Exilarch 1175, the father of (82) Hasdai V/VI, 61st Exilarch, the father of (83) Solomon VI, 62nd Exilarch, the father of (84) Daniel IV, 68th Exilarch


the three sons of (79C) Natronai III [53] (above) were:

(80A) Judah III, 54th Exilarch 1175

(80B) Samuel III/II, 57th Exilarch 1175-1195

(80C) David, prince


the three sons of (80A) Judah III [54] (above) were:

(81A) David VIII/VI, 60th Exilarch (1216), father of (82) Abraham, father of (83) Nissim, 69th Exilarch (1295), deposed, went to Spain

(81B) Joshua, the father of (82) Hisdai V/VI, 63rd Exilarch, the father (83) David IX/VII, 67th Exilarch (1288)

(81C) Shlomo, the father of (82) Daniel III, 64th Exilarch (d1240), the father of (83) Samuel, who went to Spain in 1240, the father of (84) Abraham Abulafia "Raziel", who went to Italy, claimant 1282/84 (d1291), the ancestor of an Italian noble house


the descendants of (80B) Samuel III/II [57] (above) were:

(81) David VII/V, 58th Exilarch 1195-1201, his son, the father of

(82) Azariah II, 59th Exilarch 1201-16, the father of

(83) Samuel IV/III, 65th Exilarch 1240-1270, the father of

(84) Phineas, the father of

(85) Sar-Shalom, 73rd Exilarch (1341), the father of

(86) Melchi "Nasi", 74th Exilarch ?-1365, the father of

(87) Shalom, 75th Exilarch 1365-1401, the last exilarch, deposed by the Tartar King Tamerlane; the ancestor of Moshiah HaMelech, claimant (1600), the ancestor of Saleh Ha-Nasi (d1791), claimant, the father of Pasha (1775-1825), the last of his line, who was called "King of The Jews" by the Jews of the Baghdad “ghetto”


the son of (80C) David [bro of Judah III [54] & Samuel III/II [57] (above)] was:

(81) Jesse, the father of

(82) Solomon "Nasi", claimant (1244), the father of

(83) Josiah II, 66th Exilarch 1270-?, the father of

(84) Judah IV, 70th Exilarch (1300), the father of

(85) Solomon VII, 71st Exilarch, the father of

(86) David X, 72nd Exilarch ?-1341


PART 7: medieval Palestinian patriarchs [the "nesi'im"] (continued)

regnal-list [medieval Palestinian "nesi'im", House of Ha-Nasi ]

1. Yosef Ha-Nasi (above), founded a new dynasty of Palestinian "Nesi'im", 1187? [date unsure]

2. Seadia I Ha-Nasi

3. Moshe I Ha-Nasi

4. Seadia II Ha-Nasi

5. Yehuda I (Judah) Ha-Nasi

6. Moshe II Ha-Nasi

7. Yehuda II Ha-Nasi

8. Seadia III

9. Moshe III

10. Ovadia I

11. Zedaka I

12. Ovadia II

13. Moshe III, adopted the surname "Nasi"

14. Ovadia [III] Nasi

15. Yeduda [III] Nasi

16. Seadia [IV] Nasi

17. Zedaka [II] Nasi

18. Moshe [V] Nasi, deposed 1678

[note: the "vilayet" governor appointed the "Nasi" [= "Prince of Israel"] from 1678 to 1849 when the Jewish Palestinian Patriarchate was abolished by the Turkish Sultan]


genealogy [medieval Palestinian "nesi'im", House of Ha-Nasi ]

(73) Azariah I, 34th Exilarch [3rd Dyn.] (above), the father of

(74) Solomon, the father of 

(75) Yeshai (Josiah) ["C"], settled with his father (above) at Aleppo, Syria, where his descendants reconstituted the palestinian patriarchate, ancestor of the Dayan Family 

[note: the pedigree of The Day[y]an Family given in "Yashir Mosheh" (1879) traces the lineage to Josiah [A], son of the Exilarch Solomon II [32], though, the pedigree of the Day[y]an Family given in an unpublished manuscript written in 1617 by the great Rabbi Kehahr [abrev. = Kevod HaRav HaGaon] traces the lineage to Josiah [B], the son of Solomon II's son the Exilarch Azariah I [34], however, the article "DAYYAN [fam.]" in the "Encyclopaedia Judaica" traces the lineage to Josiah [C], the son of Prince Solomon, the son of the Exilarch Azariah I [34], which harmonizes the sources and satisfies chronological difficulties]

(76) Hayyim, son of (75) Yeshai (Josiah) ["C"] (above), was the father of 

(77) David, who begot

(78) Zechariah, who begot

(79) Yosef Ha-Nasi [1], who founded a new dynasty of the Palestinian "Nesi'im", Year 1187 [date unsure], ancestor of the Nasi Family, and begot

(80) Seadia Ha-Nasi [2], who begot

(81) Moshe Ha-Nasi [3], who begot

(82) Shelomo, who begot

(83) Yehuda Ha-Nasi [5], who begot

(84) Ovadia (Obadia), who begot

(85) Zedaka (Tzedaka), who begot

(86) Seadia (Sedayah) Ha-Nasi [8], who begot

(87) Moshe Ha-Nasi [9], who begot

(88) Ovadia Ha-Nasi [10], who begot

(89) Zedaka Ha-Nasi [11], who begot

(90) Ovadia Ha-Nasi [12], who begot

(91) Moshe Ha-Nasi [13], Chief Justice of "Bet Din" [= "Sanhedrin"] (1500), who begot

(92) Seadia Ha-Dayan, who, was appointed “Supreme Rabbinical Judge” by his older brother, the "Nasi" [Ovadia III] [14], and, begot

(93) Moshe Ha-Dayan, a judge, who begot

(94) Mordechai "Zalhah" Ha-Dayan (1541-90), a judge, who begot

(95) Nathan Ha-Dayan (c1575-1650), a judge, who emigrated from Damascus to Jerusalem, then later moved to Hebron, and begot

(96) Yosef Dayan,  who became the "royal heir" upon the extinction of the senior-line, i.e., the Nasi Family, in 1678; adopted "Day[y]an" as his family's surname


[note: the prophet Hosea wrote (3:4-5) that "...the children of Israel shall abide many days without a king, and...afterwards, shall the children of Israel return to their land [which is happening at the present time], and seek after The Lord, their God, and David, their king, the latter days". Are these "the latter days" of which the prophet spoke? If so, the prophecy may speak not only of the inevitable rebuilding of the Third Temple in Jerusalem but also of the restoration of the ancient Jewish monarchy! And, what better a symbol of national sovereignty than a monarchy?]


PART 8: the Dayan Family

the two sons of (96) Yosef Dayan, the royal heir, (above) were:

(97A) Mordechai "Mokiah", claimant, had issue

(97B) Hayyim, the father of (98) Mordechai, the father of (99) Isaiah, the father of three sons, namely, (100a) Saul, (100b) Isaac, & (100c) Ezra, the father of (101) Yosef, a rabbi

the son of (97A) Mordechai "Mokiah" (above) was:

(98) Yosef (d1757), who begot

(99) Mordechai (d1774), who begot three sons

the three sons of (99) Mordechai (above) were:

(100A) Elazar-Hayim, recognized unofficially as exilarch (d1787)

(100B) Yedidya, succeeded in office over the young sons of his late elder brother] (d1819), "Prince of Israel", ancestor of surviving descent-lines

(100C) Mansur


the two sons of (100A) Elazar-Hayyim (above) were:

(101A) Mordechai

(101B) Yeshayahu [Isaiah] (d1830), the father of (102) Avraham (d1876), the father of (103a) Moshe (d1901), the author of the book “Yashir Moshe” (1879), & (103b) Shaul


the sons of (100B) Yedidya (d1819) (above) were:

(101A) Mordechai (d1847), section 8.1

(101B) David, section 8.2


section 8.1: modern descendants 

the sons of (101A) Mordechai (above) were:

(102A) Moshe (d1879)

(102B) Ezra (1830-1905)

(102C) Hacham Yeshia (d1903), head of the Sanhedrin at Aleppo, Syria


the sons of (102A) Moshe (above) were:

(103A) Yitzak

(103B) Nissim, father of (104) Asia (daughter)

(103C) Chaim

the sons of (103C) Chaim (above) were:

(104A) Moshe Dayan "of Florida"

(104B) Nissim

(104C) Shlomo


the sons of (102B) Ezra (1830-1905) (above) were:

(103A) Mordechai (d1903) (below)

(103B) Aaron "Mohel", who, by his wife, Djamile Piccito, begot a son, (104) Yosef 

the issue of (103A) Mordechai (above), by his wife, Farida Herari, is:

(104A) Yeshia [Carlos] of Mexico City (d1993)

(104B) Ezra ["Eddie"] of Indianapolis

(104C) Rachel (daughter), wife of Jesse Dayan [cousin]

the issue of (104A) Yeshia [Carlos] (above), by wife, Elvira Tawil, is:

(105A) Marcos "of Mexico"

(105B) Jaime

(105C) Isidoro

(105D) Aaron

(105E) David

(105F) Francis (daughter), wife of Isidoro Guindi

(105G) Rebeca (daughter), wife of Ramon Marcos

(105H) Raquel (daughter), wife of Eduardo Abadi

issue of (105A) Marcos "of Mexico" (above), by wife, Ester Harari, is:

(106A) Carlos

(106B) Elvira (daughter), wife of Jacobo Hanono

(106C) Adela (daughter), wife of Alberto Galante

issue of (105B) Jaime (above), by wife, Emilia Amkie, is:

(106A) Carlos; = Raquel Asquenzi, & begot (107) Jaime

(106B) Marcos

(106C) Elvira (daughter), wife of Leon Harari

issue of (105C) Isidoro (above), by wife, Allegra Harari, is:

(106A) Carlos

(106B) Eduardo

(106C) Alan

issue of (105D) Aaron (above), by wife, name, is:

(106) Carlos

issue of (105E) David (above), by wife, Raquel Esses, is:

(106A) Carlos

(106B) Raoul

(106C) Michele (daughter)

the issue of (104B) Ezra ["Eddie"] "of Indianapolis" (above), by his wife, Sophie Nahem, is:

(105A) Marty

(105B) Frances (daughter)


the sons of (102C) Hacham Yeshia (d1903) (above), by his wife, Sarah, are:

(103A) Shaul (d1916), a rabbi, section 8.1A

(103B) Yitzak, a famous rabbi, was considered head of his house during his greatest influence in 1933, section 8.1B

(103C) Selim (d1951), section 8.1C


section 8.1A:

the issue of (103A) Shaul (d1916) (above), by his wife, Jamiel Dayan [cousin], is:

(104A) Jesse "of Louisville"

(104B) Selim ["Sam"] (d1993)

(104C) David [Dave]

(104D) Edmond "of Atlanta" (d1990)

(104E) Joe [Joseph] "of Atlanta"

(104F) Margaret (daughter), wife of Marcus Marrache

the son of (104A) Jesse "of Louisville" (above), by his wife, Rachel Dayan [cousin], is:

(105) Stanley

the issue of (104B) Selim ["Sam"] (above), by his wife, Milo Shayo, is:

(105A) Saul

(105B) Raymond, in Israel

(105C) Ezra ["Eddie"] of Long-Island, New York

(105D) Frances 

(105E) Jean (daughter), wife of Eddie Hedaya

the three sons of (105B) Raymond (above), by wife, Miriam, are:

(106A) Yigal

(106B) Omri, who, by  wife, Miriam, begot three sons, namely, (107a)  Ziv, (107b) Yval, & (107c) Tom

(106C) Uri, who, by wife, Tal, is the father of a son, (107) Alon

the sons of (105C) Ezra ["Eddie"] "of Long Island, NY" (above), by his wife, Sari Eskanazi, are:

(106A) Steven

(106B) Alan

(106C) Michael

the sons of (104C) David ["Dave"] (above), by his wife, Adele Dayan [cousin], are:

(105A) Stephen, who, by his wife, Debbie, begot a son, (106) Dylan

(105B) Stuart

(105C) Jamie (daughter), wife of Michael Millet

the issue of (104D) Edmond "of Atlants" (d1990) (above), by his wife, Sophie Chalom, is:

(105) Joan (daughter)

the sons of (104E) Joe [Joseph] "of Atlanta" (above), by his wife, Florence, are:

(105A) Scott

(105B) Jonathon

(105C) Brad


section 8.1B:

the sons of (103B) Yitzak (above), by his wife Frieda Hakim, are:

(104A) Shaia [Jesse] "of Brazil", the father of (105) Ralph "of Brazil"

(104B) Rashid "Rom"

(104C) Selim


section 8.1C:

the issue of (103C) Selim (d1951) (above), by his wife, Mazal Meneche, is:

(104A) Jesse (d1950s)

(104B) Murray (d1955)

(104C) Ralph (d1987)

(104D) Isaac Selim [Erwin] (d2003)

(104E) Raymond

(104F) Esther (daughter)

(104G) Adele (daughter)

the issue of (104A) Jesse (above), by his wife, Thelma Prentis, is:

(105A) Rodney

(105B) Mozelle (daughter)

(105C) Fortune (daughter)

the issue of (104B) Murray (d1955) (above), by his wife, Fortune Dayan [cousin], is:

(105A) Dennis

(105B) Mervin

(105C) Roxie (daughter), wife of Meyer Assoulin

the sons of (105A) Dennis (above), by his wife, Linda Hara, are:

(106A) Murray, who, by his wife, Heather Jamal, begot three sons, namely, (107a) Dennis, (107b) Alan, & (107c) Yeshia ["Ike"]

(106B) Irv, who, by his wife, Esther Menashe, begot a son, (107A) Dennis, & two daughters, (107B) Linda & (107C) Joyce

(106C) Daniel

the son of (105B) Mervin (above), by his wife, Vivian Diner, is:

(106) Murray, who, by wife, Jennifer, begot issue of one son (107a) Mazal, and two daughters (107b) Vivian, & (107c) Joyce

the issue of (104C) Ralph (d1987) (above), by his wife Rachel Cohen, is:

(105A) Stanley, who, by his wife, Pat, begot a son, (106a) Jonah, & a daughter (106b) Rene

(105B) Aaron, who, by his wife, Linda Shalom, begot  5 sons: (106a) Chaim, (106b) Shalom, (106c) Chaya, (106d) Raphael, & (106e) Bracha, plus 3 daus: (106f) Rachel, (106g) Adina, & (106h) Miriam

(105C) Mozelle (daughter), wife of Leon Tawil

(105D) Bonnie (daughter), wife of Avraham Mansour

the issue of (104D) Isaac Selim [Erwin] (d2003) (above), by his wife, Lulu [Pearl] Sasson, is:

(105A) Stanley (1951-1983)

(105B) Mitchell Murad (b1954)

(105C) Maurice Jack

(105D) Alan Jesse

(105E) Mozelle (daughter), wife of Michael Blitz

the sons of (105B) Mitchell Murad (above), by his wife, Bonnie Saltzman, are:

(106A) Isaac Mitchell (b1985)

(106B) Max Solomon (b1987)

(106C) Stanley Philip (b1990)

the sons of (105C) Maurice Jack (above), by his wife, Karen Cohen, are:

(106A) Eden Yitzak Yosef

(106B) Michael Solomon

the issue of (105D) Alan Jesse (above), by his wife, Perline Mizrahi, is:

(106A) Isaac Alan

(106B) Jason Michael

(106C) Naomi (daughter)

the sons of (104E) Raymond  (above), by his wife, Merlene Levy, are:

(105A) Stephen, who, by his wife, Laura, begot two sons, namely, (106a) Ari & (106b) Ian

(105B) Morris

(105C) Jonny, who, by his wife, Pazit Gabay, begot  (106a) Raymond(106b) Joshua, & (106c) Merlene (daughter)


section 8.2: continued

the sons of (101B) David (above) were:

(102A) Aaron Dayan (d1893), advisor to Ottoman-Sultan Abed-El-Hamid of Turkey, section 8.2A

(102B) Nissim, section 8.2B

(102C) Shlomo "of Urfa, Turkey", section 8.2C


section 8.2A:

the sons of (102A) Aaron Dayan (above) are:

(103A) Ezra

(103B) Yosef 

the son of (103B) Yosef (above) was:

(104) Avraham

the son of (104) Avraham (above) was:

(105) Yosef Dayan (d1968), considered "royal heir" by the rabbis of his time


issue of (105) Yosef Dayan (above), who, by his wife, Irene Levy, was:

(106A) Avraham (d1986)

(106B) Isaac

(106C) Yacov

(106D) Moshe

(106E) Enrique [Aaron]


issue of (106A) Avraham (above), of his wife, Irene Abadi, is:

(107A) Yosef Dayan (born 1945), claimant, in Israel, who, by [first] wife, Rachel Forst, is the father of  a son, (108a) Avraham, & three daughters, namely: (108b) Rony, (108c) Noa [wife of Jonathan Davidi], & (108d) Moria; [note: to date, Prince Yosef has no issue of his 2nd wife, Ayala Sarusi]

(107B) Shelomo, who, by wife, Fredelle Cohen, is the father of  (108a) Alan [Avraham] & (108b) Yeshaya [Carlos] 

(107C) Joshua [Yehoshua], who, by wife, Sofia Azkenzai, is the father of (108a) Alan [Avraham] & (108b) Renne (dau), wife of Alberto Amkie

(107D) Moshe, who, by wife, Jane Avraham, is the father of (108a) Abraham, (108b) Shemuel, & (108c) Ayrin (dau), wife of Eliezer Shick


the two sons of (108a) Alan [Avraham] (afore) [son of (107B) Shelomo] (above), of wife, Monica Levy, are:

(109A) Shelomo

(109B) Isaac


the issue of (108a) Abraham [son of (107D) Moshe] (above), of  wife, Sandy Guindi Chaiyo, is:

(109) Miriam (dau)


the issue of (106B) Isaac (above), of wife, Victoria Adadi, is:

(107) Yosef, who, by wife, Sarah Dichi, begot (108a) Isaac & (108b) Tuvia [Teofilo]


 the issue of (106C) Yacov (above), of wife, Berta Chensinsky, is:

(107A) Yosef

(107B) David


the issue of (106D) Moshe (above), of wife, Frida Sasson, is:

(107) Yosef


the issue of (106E) Enrique [Aaron] (above), of wife, Niza Harari, is:

(107A) Avraham

(107B) Yosef

(107C) Eliahu


section 8.2B

the sons of (102B) Nissim (above) were:

(103A) David

(103B) Joseph, father of (104) Marilyn (daughter)

(103C) Ezra, begot (104a) Michael, (104b) Joe, & (104c) Mimi (daughter)


section 8.2C

the sons of (102C) Shlomo "of Urfa" (above), by wife, Hannah, were:

(103A) David 

(103B) Avraham 

(103C) Jamiel (daughter), wife of Shaul Dayan [cousin]


issue of (103A) David (above), by wife, Farah Some, is:

(104A) Selim

(104B) Meir

(104C) Avraham

(104D) Zakieh

(104E) Joseph

(104F) Moize

(104G) Latiffe (daughter)

issue of (104A) Selim (above), by his wife, Rachel, was:

(105A) David

(105B) Jack

(105C) Nissim

(105D) Edmond

(105E) Albert

(105F) Ivone (daughter)

(105G) Marcelle (daughter)

(105H) Linda (daughter)

issue of (104B) Meir (above), by wife, Adele Piciotto, are:

(105A) David ["Dave"] "of Florida", who, by wife, Agmar, begot (106A) Mark & (106B) Adele (dau)

(105B) Ezra "of NYC", who, by wife, Rose, begot (106a) Mervin & (106b) Barnard, who, by wife, Jill, begot (107a) Eric, (107b) David, & (107c) Rachel (daughter)

(105C) Edmond "of California", who, by his wife, Patricia, begot (106a) Mervin & (106b) Richard

(105D) Charles, who, by his wife, Giselle, begot (106) Medwin, who, by wife, Merril, begot  (107a) Jorie, (107b) Evan, & (107c) Jacob

issue of (104C) Avraham (above), by his wife, Sofia Bijou, was:

(105A) David

(105B) Raphael

(105C) Edmond

(105D) Mozie

(105E) Alegra (dau)

(105F) Paulette (dau)

(105G) Dorette (dau)

(105H) Linda (dau)

(105i) Jackline (dau)

issue of (104E) Joseph (above), by his wife, Jeanne Dayan [cousin], is:

(105A) David

(105B) Abraham

(105C) Yitzhak

(105D) Mozie

(105E) Henry

(105F) Alegra (daughter)

the issue of (104F) Moize (above), by his wife, Bahira, is:

(105) Aliza (daughter)


issue of (103B) Abraham (above) [son of (102C) Shlomo], by wife, Sallouh Safdieh, is:

(104A) Selim, the father of (105a) Albert & (105b) Sasson

(104B) Yom Tov, the father of (105) Avram

(104C) Moize, the father of (105a) Albert,  (105b) Rahmo, (105c) Eddie

(104D) Oscar, the father of  (105a) Albert  & (105b) Elliot

(104E) Raymond, who, by his wife, Linda Btesh, begot (105) Albert, who, by wife, Gay, begot (106a) Ramon, (106b) Moise,  & (106e) Camille (dau)

(104F) David, the father of (105a) Albert & (105b) Gabriel

(104G) Isaac, the father of  (105a) Albert & (105b) Shlomo

(104H) Jack, the father of  (105a) Albert, (105b) Salvador, & (105c) Marvin

(104i) Victor, the father of (105) Albert


PART 9:  descent-line from (77) Pagano "Ebriaci" (d1090), ancestor of the Ebriaci Family, of Pisa, Italy, son of Joseph of Fustat [son of 38th Exilarch Chizkiya II/IV] (above) to British Royalty by generation is:

(77)  Pagano "Ebriaci" [= "The Hebrew"] di Pisa (d1091) 

(78) Ugo Ebriaci (d1115)

(79) Ugo Ebriaci (d1136)

(80) Maria (dau)

= Gonario II de Lacon-Gunale, Giudice di Torres

(81) Barisone II de Lacon-Gunale, Giudice di Torres (d1191)

= Preziosa de Orrubu

(82) Comita III of Sardinia [II of Lacon-Gunale], Guidice di Torres (d1218)

= Ispelle di Arborea

(83) Maria (dau)

= Bonifacio III del Vasto, Marquis de Saluzzo (d1212)

(84) Manfredo III del Vasto, Marquis de Saluzzo

= Beatrice, dau of Amadeus IV of Savoy

(85) Tommaso I del Vasto, Marquis of Saluzzo (d1296)

= Luisa de Cave, dau of Giorgio [I] di Ceva & Elisa, dau of Alberto de Este

(86) Alicia (dau)

= Richard Fitz Alan, 7th Earl of Arundel (d1302)

(87) Edmund Fitz Alan, 8th Earl of Arundel (d1326)

= Alice de Warenne, sister of John, Earl Warenne

(88) Richard Fitz Alan, 9th Earl of Arundel (d1375/6)

= Eleanor, dau of Henry Plantagenet, Earl of Lancaster [his 2nd =]

(89) Alice (d1416)

= Thomas Holland, Earl of Kent

(90) Eleanor (d1405)

= Roger Mortimer, Earl of March (d1395/8)

(91) Anne (d1411)

= Richard, Earl of Cambridge

(92) Richard, Duke of York

= Cecily Neville

(93) Edward IV, King of England, ancestor of succeeding English monarchs


PART 10: "The Maharal of Prague" (above) & his descendants

(101) Yehuda Lieb, called "The Maharel of Prague" (above), a rabbi (d1609), who, by wife, Pearl Shmelkes, begot 3 sons & 6 daughters, of whom one son had issue

(102) Betzalel Loewe, a rabbi (d1600), the father of

(103) Schmuel, a rabbi (d1655)

(104) Yehuda Lieb, a rabbi (d1704)

(105) Moishe, a rabbi (d1736)

(106) Schneur Zalman, a rabbi (d1735)

(107) Boruch Ha-Tzakid Loewe, a rabbi (d1790), who, by wife, Rivkah, begot

(108) Schneur Zalman Boruchovitch, called "The Alter Rebbe" (d1813), who, by wife, Sterna Segal, begot

(109A) Dover Shneuri Dov Baer, aka Dor Ber, adopted "Schneerson" as surname (d1826/7), section 10.1

(109B) Chayim Avraham Schneuri (d1844), section 10.2

(109C) Moshe Schneuri (d1877), begot (110a&b) 2 daughters, Sarah & Rachel

section 10.1

issue of (109A) Dover Shneuri Dov Baer, aka Dor Ber, adopted "Schneerson" as surname (above), by wife, Sheina, was:

(110A) Menahem Nachum

(110B) Baruch Shmuel, father of (111) Schneur Zalman

(110C) Moshka (dau), wife of Menahem Mendel, adopted wife's surname "Schneerson"

issue of (110A) Menahem Nachum (above), by 1st wife, Sarah Frieda Twerski, was:

(111A) Mordechai Dor Tversky Shneurson (d1920), father of (112) Moshe Chaim Tversky-Shneursohn, father of (113) Levi Yitzchak Tversky-Shneursohn

issue of (110A) Menahem Nachum (above), by 2nd wife, Sheina Rivlin, was:

(111B) Shneur Schneerson, father of (112A) Baruch & (112B) Yehuda Lieb, father of (113) Zalman (d1939)

(111C) Levi Yitzchak

issue of (111C) Levi Yitzchak (above) was:

(112A) Mordechai Zalman

(112B) Aaron Moshe

(112C) Hirsch Lieb, father of (113) Adel Lieb

(112D) Pinchas Ber, father of (113a) Zalman, (113b) Meir, & (113c) Volodia Vladmir (d1954)

issue of (112A) Mordechai Zalman (above) is:

(113) Yakov Yisrael (d1938), who, by wife, Sarah Yoffe, begot (114a) Herzliya (d1989) & (114b) Mordechai, the father of (115) Eliezer Schneerson, the father of (116a) Merav, (116b) Michal, (116c) Efrat, & (116d) Yuval

issue of (112B) Aaron Moshe (above), by wife, Rachel Fanish, is:

(113A) Mordechai Kalman

(113B) Dov Ber (Dover), father of (114) Dan, father of (115) Guy

(113C) Shneur Schneerson

issue of (113C) Shneur Schneerson (above) is:

(114) Aaron Schneerson-Yoeli, who, by wife, Miriam Berger, begot (115a) Noga, (115b) Amir, & (115c) Obed, who each took "Yoeli" as their surname

section 10.2

issue of (109B) Chayim Avraham Schneuri (above) is:

(110A) Dover [Bliyadi], father of (111a) Yehuda Avli & (111b) Levi Yitzchak, father of (112) Chaim Moshe

(110B) Baruch Shmuel, father of (111a) Zalman & (111b) Levi Yitzhak

issue of (111b) Levi Yitzhak (above) [son of (110B) Baruch Shmuel], by 1st wife is:

(112A) Chaim

(112B) Shmari

(112C) Shneur Tzvi Hirsh

(112D) Baruch

(112E) Lieb

(112F) Yona[h]

(112G) Moshe

(112H) Doobah (dau)

(112i) Tzila (dau)

issue of (111b) Levi Yitzhak (above) [son of (110B) Baruch Shmuel], by 2nd wife is:

(112J) Meshullam Zusel

(112K) Raphael Mordechai

(112L) Sarah Freidah (dau)


PART 11: another Davidic descent-line: this line is suspect - pedigree based on that given by Earnest L. Whitehead in his "The House of Israel", Appendix 2, pp 575-577

section 11.1: ancestors of Hillel "The Great" "Nasi"

(01) David, King of Israel, begot

(02) Shephatiah, son of King David by his 6th wife, begot

(03) Daniel, begot

(04) Nathan, begot

(05) Maacha, begot

(06) Jedija, begot

(07) Manasseh, begot

(08) Ephraim, begot

(09) Gilhon, begot

(10) Joash, begot

(11) Joshua, begot

(12) Nathan, begot

(13) Jehoram, begot

(14) Ezram, begot

(15) Tola, begot

(16) Simeon, begot

(17) Amon, begot

(18) Moche, begot

(19) Melchi, begot

(20) Aminadab, carried captive with King Zedekiah to Babylon, begot

(21) Elnathan, Governor of Judea c. 510-490BC

= Shelomith, daughter of Zorobabel [post-exilic royal heir], begot

(22) Judah, begot

(23) Uriah, begot

(24) David, begot

(25) Solomon, begot

(26) Ahithophel, begot

(27) Abimelech, begot

(28) Nathan, begot

(29) Gideon, begot

(30) Avraham, begot

(31) Baasha, begot

(32) Ephraim, begot

(33) Joash, begot

(34) Jehoshaphat, begot

(35) Eliezer, begot

(36) David, begot

(37) Solomon, begot

(38) Uzziah, begot

(39) Hezekiah, begot

(40) Hillel "The Great", “Nasi” (below)


section 11.2: House of Hillel "The Great", the Hillelite Line

(40) Hillel "The Great", “Nasi” (above), Patriarch/Prince 20BC-AD10, begot

(41) Simeon I Ha-Nasi, Patriarch/Prince AD10-30, begot

(42) Gamaliel I "The Elder", Patriarch/Prince 30/43-68, begot

(43) Simeon II, Patriarch/Prince 68-70, begot

(44) Gamaliel II, Patriarch/Prince, circa 90-110 [his sister, Imme Shalom, = Eliezer Ben Hyrcanus], begot

(45) Simeon III, Patriarch/Prince 135-165 [his brothers were Haninah and Judah], begot

(46) Judah I Ha-Nasi, Patriarch/Prince 165-217, begot

(47) Gamaliel III, Patriarch/Prince 217-225 [his brother [name unsure] was the ancestor of Moshe Maimonide Ha-Nagid (d1204), who founded a dynasty [the Maimonides] of the Nagids in Egypt, 1185], begot

(48) Judah II (Joullos) (Jude Nesi'ah), Patriarch/Prince 225-250, begot

(49) Gamaliel IV, Patriarch/Prince, circa 250-265, begot

(50) Judah III, Patriarch/Prince, circa 265-330, begot

(51) Hillel II, Patriarch/Prince, c 330-365, begot

(52) Gamaliel V, Patriarch/Prince, c 365-380, begot

(53) Judah IV, Patriarch/Prince, c 380-400, begot

(54) Gamaliel VI Nasi, Patriarch/Prince, c 400-415/425, (d426) (below), the last of his line, deposed by Theodosius II, the Byzantine Emperor, who abolished the Palestinian Patriarchate

[note: the office of Palestinian Patriarch/Prince was later revived, for we find another dynasty reigning at Tiberias, c. 550 to c. 890; and, a rivaling dynasty at Jerusalem, from 691 to 1099; and, later, we find another dynasty reigning in Palestine from 1187 to 1849]


section 11.3: medieval descendants, ancestors of (a) the Palaeologi Family of Greece; (b) a line of medieval Jewish exilarchs; & (c) an European noble house

the issue of (54) Gamaliel VI Nasi (above) were:

(55A) Ezra (below), ancestor of the Palaeologi Family of Greece [male-line extinct 1874]

(55B) Abraham "Helevi", ancestor of the Abravanel Family of Spain & Portugal

(55C) Reza, ancestor of the Riccio Family of Italy, whose most famous member was David Riccio (d1566), the private secretary of Mary, Queen of Scots



the descent-line of (55A) Ezra (above) [son of Gamaliel VI "Nasi"] by generation is:

(55A) Ezra (above), begot

(56) Hezron, begot

(57) Ezra, begot

(58) Solomon, begot

(59) Abinadab, begot

(60) Daniel, begot

(61) Yaakov, begot

(62) Joseph, begot

(63) Manasseh, begot

(64) Ebenezer, begot

(65) Jehoash, begot

(66) Moshe, begot

(67) Malachi, begot

(68) Isaac, begot

(69) Jonathan, begot

the issue of (69) Jonathan (above) was:

(70A) Nabal, father of (71) John "Paleologus" (below)

(70B) Gamaliel, whose descendants gave another descent-line of medieval Jewish exilarchs (above/below)

(70C) Joash, ancestor of an European noble house


descendants of (70A) Nabal (above) were:

(71) John, adopted "Paleologus" as surname, the father of

(72) Andrew

(73) Michael

(74) Theodore

(75) Constantine

(76) Alexander

(77) John

(78) Theodore

(79) Emanuel

(80) Michael

(81) Alexis

= Irene, dau of Byzantine Emperor Alexis III & Euphrosyne, dau of Andronikus Dukas Kamateros & Qirwerne, sister of Ethiopian Emperor Lalibela [Zagwe Dyn.], see

[note: by marrying into the imperial house at Constantinople the heirs of the Palestinian Patriarchate [Davidic Dynasty] eventually, very ironically, inherited the very empire that had earlier overthrown their principate, that is, the successor state of the ancient Jewish kingdom], begot

(82) Andronicus

= Theodora Palaeologus [cousin], begot

(83) Michael VIII, Byzantine Emperor 1259-1282

= Theodora, dau of Byzantine Emperor John III "Vatatzes", begot

(84) Andronicus II, Byzantine Emperor 1282-1328 dep (d1332)

= twice

issue by 1st wife

(85) Michael IX, associate-emperor 1294-1320

= Xena of Armenia, begot

(86) Andronicus III, Byzantine Emperor 1328-1341

= Anne of Savoy, begot

(87) John V, Byzantine Emperor 1353-1391

= Helene Cantacuzene, begot

(88A) Andronicus IV, Byzantine Emperor 1376-1379, father of (89) John VII, Byzantine Emperor 1390 dep (d1408)

(88B) Manuel II, Byzantine Emperor 1391-1425

issue of (88B) Manuel II, Byzantine Emperor 1391-1425 (above), by wife, Helene Dragas, was:

(89A) John VIII, Byzantine Emperor 1425-1448

(89B) Constantine XI, Byzantine Emperor 1448-1453 dep

(89C) Thomas (d1460)

(89D) Theodore, Despot at Mistra (d1433)

(89E) Dimitri (d1471), father of (90) Helene (dau), wife of Mehmed II "The Conqueror" of Turkey

issue of (89C) Thomas (above), by wife, Catherine Zaccaria, was:

(90A) Manuel, father of (91a) John & (91b) Andrew, aka Messih Pashal

(90B) Andrew, titular despot

(90C) Sofie (Zoe) (dau), wife of Ivan III of Russia

(90D) Elena (dau), wife of Lazar II of Serbia

issue of (89D) Theodore, Despot at Mistra (above) was:

(90A) Manuel Peter Paleologos of Mistra (below)

(90B) Helene (dau), wife of John II, King of Cyprus (d1458), &, mother of (91) Charlotte, Queen of Cyprus

the son of (90A) Manuel Peter Paleologos of Mistra (above) was:

(91) Theodore, father of

(92) John-Theodore, father of

(93) George, father of

(94) Dimitri (d1525), father of

(95) Hieronymus (d1565), father of

(96) Giovanni Andrea, father of

(97) Rocca Pietro, father of

(98) Francisco Paleologos

issue of (98) Francisco Paleologos (above) was:

(99A) Gian-Antonio

(99B) Pier-Giuseppe

the son of (99B) Pier-Giuseppe (above) was:

(100) Gian-Antonio (d1760), father of

(101) Giovanni Antonio, father of

(102) Giovanni Antonio Paleologue (d1874), last male-line descendant


LINE "B": another line of medieval Jewish exilarchs

the son of (70B) Gamaliel (above) was:

(71) Judah, the father of

(72) Gamaliel, the father of

(73) Judah, the father of

(74) Hezekiah, the father of

(75) Judah, the father of

(76) Moche (Messias), the father of

(77) Solomon, the father of

(78) Azariah, the father of

(79) Hodayah, who, by wife [name unsure], daughter of Hisdai IV/V, 50th Exilarch (above), begot

(80) David IV/V, 56th Exilarch (1175), the father of

(81) Hasdai V/VI, 61st Exilarch, the father of

(82) Solomon VI, 62nd Exilarch, the father of

(83) Daniel IV, 68th Exilarch


PART 12: descent-line from (84) Andronicus II, Byzantine Emperor (above) & 2nd wife by generation to British Royalty is:

(85) Theodore Paleologus, Marquis of Montferrat (d1338), half-brother of Byzantine Emperor Michael IX (above), who, by wife, Argentina Spinola, begot

(86) Yolande (daughter), wife of Aimone, Count of Savoy (d1343), &, mother of

(87) Amadeus VI, Count of Savoy (d1383), who, of wife, Bonnie, daughter of Pierre I, Duke of Bourbon, begot

(88) Amadeus VII, Count of Savoy (d1391), who, of wife, Bonnie, daughter of Jean/John I, Duke of Berri, begot

(89) Amadeus VIII, Count of Savoy, aka  Pope Felix V 1439-1449 (d1451), of wife, Marie, daughter of Philip II, Duke of Burgundy, begot

(90) Luigi (Louis), Duke of Savoy (d1465), of wife, Anne Lusignan, heiress of Cyprus, Jerusalem [the Crusader Kingdom], Armenia, etc., begot

(91) Margaret (d1483), wife of Pierre II, Count of Saint Paul (d1482) [his 2nd =], &, mother of

(92) Marie (d1546), wife of Francis de Bourbon, Count of Vendome (d1495), &, mother of

(93) Antoinette (d1583), wife of Claude de Lorraine, Duke of Guise (d1550), &, mother of

(94) Marie (d1560), wife of James V, King of Scotland (d1542) [whose mother, Margaret, was sister of England's King Henry VIII], &, mother of

(95) Mary (d1587), Queen of Scots, who, of her [2nd] husband, Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley (d1567), was the mother of

(96) James I, King of Britain 1603-1625, the ancestor of all of Britain’s succeeding monarchs


PART 13: pedigree of The "Rashi" of Troyes, another Davidic descent-line

note: one genealogist attaches the pedigree of "Rashi" to the House of Hillel "The Great" (above), which appears to be conjecture, nevertheless, the earliest known ancestor of "Rashi" was

(46) John Ha-Sandalar (AD 200), whose ancestry is unknown except that he was recognized by his contemporaries to have been "of the lineage of King David's House", and, was the father of

(47) Joshua, the father of

(48) Yochanan, the father of

(49) Nachman, the father of

(50) Jose (Yosei), the father of

(51) Jannai (Yanai), the father of

(52) Benjamin Manyumi, the father of

(53) Jose (Yosei), the father of

(54) Abraham Ha-Gaon, the father of

(55) Aahron Harofe, the father of

(56) Eliakim Ha-Gaon

there is a gap of about 20 generations here

(77) Solomon, the father of

(78) Isaac, the father of

(79) Solomon "Rashi" of Troyes, France (d1105), who had no sons only three daughters [with many descendants], who were:

(80A) Rachel, wife of Eliezer Belle Asses Jocelin

(80B) Jochebed, wife of Hayashish Meir, a rabbi (d1135)

(80C) Miriam, wife of Judah Ribam


PART 14: House of Makhir

(67) Makhir (Machir) (above), also called Makhiri, Macaire, changed name to Theodore [or French: Thierri], and held office as Marquis of Septimania (d793); = Aldana, daughter of Pepin "Le Korte", King of France, and, had issue

the issue of (67) Makhir (above) was:

(68A) Thierri [I] "de Ripuarie", Count of Autun (d793), the father of two daughters: (69a) Utte & (69b) Doue

(68B) Thouin (Theodoen), Count of Autun (d816), the father of (69) Thierri II, Count of Autun (d821), the father of (70) Aube (daughter), wife of Guerin V, Count of Chalons (d853)

(68C) Adalesme (Alleaume), a count, who, by wife, Alba, begot (69A) Gerhard (Gerard), Count of Auvergne (d841), ancestor of the House of Poitou, that is, the Dukes of Aquitaine (below), & (69B) William [I] "The Lion", Count of Auvergne (d846), father of (70) Bernard I "Le Vieux", Count of Auvergne (d868), father of (81) Liutgard (dau), wife of Solomon "Nasi"

(68D) "Saint" William "Le Cornet",  Marquis of Septimania 790-806, Count of Gellone 791 [a.k.a. Guillem de Gellone]; Count of Razes 795; styled “Peer of France”; one of Charlemagne's “paladins”; retired 806;  (d812);  =1 Cunegonde, sister & heiress of William [I], Count of Razes [last Merovingian prince]; 2=2 Orible, daughter of Khorson, Count of Toulouse, &, widow of Thibaut "of Orange"; =3 Guitburge, daughter of Lambert, Count of Hornbach

(68E) Aimeric, a count

(68F) "Saint" Ida (dau), wife of a "Saxon" king

(68G) Bertha (dau), [2nd] wife of Pepin I, King of Italy (d810), whose daughter, Senegonde, married Fulcoald, Count of Rouergue (d836), &, was the mother of Raymond I, Count of Rouergue & Toulouse (d863), through whom European Royalty may trace a descent-line

(68H) Aube (dau); the identity of her husband is unsure


issue of (68C) Adalesme (above), a count, by wife, Alba, was:

(69A) Gerhard (Gerard), Count of Auvergne (d841), who, by wife, Rotrude [daughter of King Louis I "The Pious" of France], begot

(70) Rainulfe I, Count of Poitou & Duke of Aquitaine 845-867, who, by wife, Bilhilde [daughter of Pepin II, Duke of Aquitaine], begot

(71) Rainulfe II,  Count of Poitou & Duke of Aquitaine 867/888-890, who, by his concubine, Ada, begot

(72) Ebales "Manzer" [nat. son], Count of Poitou (901) & Duke of Aquitaine (927) (d935), who, by wife, Emilienne [daughter of William I "The Pious", Duke of Aquitaine], begot

(73) William III/I "Tete d'Etoupe", Count of Poitou & Duke of Aquitaine 935-963, who, by wife, Gerloc [daughter of Rollo, Duke of Normandy], begot

(74) William IV/II "Firebrace", Count of Poitou & Duke of Aquitaine 963-990 (d995), who, by wife, Emma [daughter of Thibaud II, Count of Blois], begot

(75) William V/III "The Great", Count of Poitou & Duke of Aquitaine 990-1029 (d1030), who, by 1st wife, begot (76a) William VI/IV "The Fat", Count of Poitou & Duke of Aquitaine 1029-1038, &, who, by 2nd wife, begot (76b) Eudes, Count of Poitou & Duke of Aquitaine 1038-1039, &, who, by 3rd wife, begot (76c) Pierre, a.k.a. William VII/V "The Eagle", Count of Poitou & Duke of Aquitaine 1039-1058, &

(76d) Guido-Geoffrey, a.k.a. William VIII/VI, Count of Poitou & Duke of Aquitaine 1058-1086, who, by wife, Hildegarde [daughter of Robert I, Duke of Burgundy], begot

(77) William IX/VII "Le Vieux", Count of Poitou & Duke of Aquitaine 1086-1126, who, by wife, Matilda/Philippa [daughter of William IV, Count of Toulouse], begot (78) William X/VIII "the Troubadour", Count of Poitou & Duke of Aquitaine 1126-1137, who, by wife, Aenora de Chatellerault, begot

(79) Eleanor (daughter), Duchess of Aquitaine 1137 & 1152-1204, wife of King Henry II of England, from whom descends all succeeding English kings


the issue of (68D) "Saint" William "Le Cornet" (above) by 1st wife, was:

(69A) William, d y

(69B) Bera IV/[I], Count of Razes 795, Marquis of The Spanish March 801, Marquis of Septimania 817 (d823), had issue

(69C) Herbert (d830), father of (70) Cunegonde (dau), wife of Bernard, King of Italy

issue of (68D) "Saint" William "Le Cornet" (above) by 2nd wife, was:

(69D) Bernard "Naso", Marq. of Septimania 820; Ct. of Toulouse 835 (d844), had issue

(69E) Gerburge (dau), an abbess

(69F) Rolinde (dau); = Wala (d636)

issue of (68D) "Saint" William "Le Cornet" (above) by 3rd wife, was:

(69G) Thierri III, Count of Autun (d840)

(69H) Jousseaume, Marquis of Gothie (d834)

(69i) Gaucellone (Gaucelm), Count of Roussillon (d834)

(69J) Ernault (Arnold), a count


issue of (69B) Bera IV/[I] (above), who, by wife, Romille, was:

(70) Argila, Count of Razes (d836), who, by wife, Reverge, was the father of 

(71) Bera V/[II], Count of Razes (d860), who, by wife, Duodeme, was the father of three sons, namely:

(72A) Hilderic, Count of Razes (d867)

(72B) Acfred, Count of Razes 867

(72C) Bernard, Count of Razes 867-877

issue of (72A) Hilderic (above) was:

(73) Sigbert III, Count of Razes, called "Prince Ursus", deposed & expelled (881) by his father-in-law, King Charles I/II “The Bald” of France, and died in exile in Bretagne (894); &, of wife, Rotilde, was survived by a son, namely:

(74) William de Razes, dispossessed heir, styled self "Count of Razes" as William III, fled to England as the results of Viking raids in 914 and died there that year; &, of wife, Idoine of Nantes, was survived by a son, namely:

(75) William de Razes (d936), who lived his whole life in the English royal court as the guest of England's king; married Egythe, an English princess, & begot

(76) Arnaud de Razes (d952), who returned to his grandfather’s estate in Bretagne in 939 (d952); &, of wife, a Breton princess, begot 

(77) Bera "The Architect" (d975); said to have introduced the "masonic arts" to England circa 950; descendants were called "architects" which is an illusion to “freemasonry”; was the father of three sons, who were:

(78A) Sigebert (d978/982)

(78B) Arnaud

(78C) Bernhard

issue of (78A) Sigebert (above) was:

(79A) Hugh des Plantard (d971), had issue (below)

(79B) Agnes (daughter), wife of Hugh II de Lusignan

issue of (79A) Hugh des Plantard (above) by wife, Anna of Byzantium was:

(80A) John des Plantard, ancestor of the Plantard Family, from whom descends Pierre Plantard de Saint-Clair (1920-2000), claimant, who revived the "Order of Zion" ["Ordre du Sion"] as the "Prior of Zion" in 1956, &, begot Thomas Plantard de Saint-Clair, male-line heir of Makhir's House, claimant 

(80B) Gerald de Ademar, 1st Prince of Orange (1000), father of (81) Raimbaud I, Prince of Orange, father of (82) Bertrand I, Prince of Orange, father of (83) Raimbaud II, Prince of Orange (d1121), father of (84) Tiburge [I] (daughter), Countess of Orange (d1150), wife of William [I] de Ometas, the parents of two sons and one daughter

(80C) Hugh des Plantard (d1015), the 1st husband of Agnes de Jumieges, &, the father of her eldest son, (81) William de Joinville, who was raised by her 2nd husband, Ernicule II, Count of Boulogne, by whom she begot Eustace I, Count of Boulogne


issue of (69D) Bernard "Naso" (above), by wife, Dhuade (Duodene), daughter of Lupus II, Duke of Gascogne, was:

(70A) Bernard II "Le Veau", also called "Vitellus", Marquis of Septimania; Count of Toulouse, “Master” of Aquitaine (d872), had issue

(70B) William II, Count of Toulouse (d848/850)

(70C) Humfrid "Marchio", expelled 864/5 (d867)

(70D) Rolinde (daughter), wife of Vulgrim (Vougrin), Count of Angouleme (d886)


issue of (70A) Bernard II "Le Veau" (above), by wife, Udalgarde, dau of Fredol, Count of Toulouse & Rouergue, was:

(71A) Aton, Viscount of Rouergue

(71B) Benoit (Bigo), Viscount of Toulouse, father of (72) Aton, Viscount of Toulouse

(71C) Ymon, Viscount of Evreux


PART 15: House of "Plantevelue"

(69) Solomon "Nasi" (above) [son of (68C) Gershom, the brother of [another] (68B) Makhir ["D"] & (68A) the Exilarch David I [#18; 3rd Dyn.], the three sons of (67B) Judah, prince, brother of (67A) Zakkai II, 12th Exilarch, above] came to France (840) & became the Marquis of The Spanish March (d 869)

the son of (69) Solomon "Nasi" (above) by wife, Liutgarde, daughter of Bernard I, Count of Auvergne, was:

(70) Bernard "Nasi"/"Plantevelue" ["Hairyfoot"], "Prince Nasi", Marquis of The Spanish March, Count of Auvergne 868, also Toulouse 872, & Narbonne 878 (d886)

the issue of (70B) Bernard "Nasi"/"Plantevelue", "Prince Nasi" (above), by wife, Ermengarde, dau of Guerin V, Count of Chalons, was:

(71A) Aton, Viscount of Albi (dc 900), had issue

(71B) Raculfe de Macon (d920), the father of (72a) Etolane (dau), wife of Alberic [I] of Narbonne, & (72b) Atalane (dau), wife of Valcharic of Languedoc

(71C) Giraud [I] de La Tour

(71D) William [I] (Guillaume) "The Pious", "Prince Nasi", Marquis of The Spanish March, Septimania, & Count of Toulouse, Limoges, & Auvergne (d918), had issue

(71E) Guerin, a count

(71F) Aeva (dau), wife of Geoffrey, Count of Nevers

(71G) Adalinde (dau), wife of Effroi, Count of Carcassonne (d906), had issue

(71H) Aida (dau), wife of Manasses of Chalons


issue of (71A) Aton, Viscount of Albi (dc 900) (above), by wife, Aissene d'Ambialet, was:

(72) Bernard I, Viscount of Albi & Seigneur of Ambialet (d937/940), who, by wife, Guillemette de Melgueil, begot three sons, who were:


(73A) Aton I, Viscount of Albi (d942), father of (74) Bernard II, Viscount of Albi (d974), father of (75) Aton II, Viscount of Albi (d1032), father of (76) Bernard III, Viscount of Albi (d1060), father of (77) Raymond-Bernard, Viscount of Albi (d1074), who, by wife, Ermengarde [sister & heiress of Roger III, Count of Carcassonne], begot (78) Bernard-Aton, Count of Carcassonne (d1129/30), father of (79) Roger IV, Count of Carcassonne (d1150), father of (80) Trencavel I, Count of Carcassonne (d1167), father of (81) Roger V, Count of Carcassonne (d1194), father of (82) Raymond-Roger, Count of Carcassonne (d1209), father of (83) Trencavel II, Count of Carcassonne (d1263), father of (84) Roger Beziers (d1270), the last of his line


(73B) Bernard, Viscount of Melgueil (d963), father of (74) Almeradus, Marquis of Gothia (dc 1000), father of (75) Bernard I, Viscount of Anduze (d1029), ancestor of the d'Anduze Line, father of (76) Bermond, Viscount of Anduze (d1054), father of (77) Bernard II, Viscount of Anduze (d1078), father of (78) Raymond I, Viscount of Anduze (d1114), father of (79) Bernard III, Viscount of Anduze (d1162), father of (80) Bernard IV, Viscount of Anduze (1169), who, by Adele, the Roquefueil heiress, daughter of Fredol de Roquefueil, begot (81) Raymond de Roquefueil (d1204), father of (82) Arnaud de Roquefeuil (d1242), father of (83) William I, Sire of Versols (d1280), who, by wife, Ricarde de Versols [heiress], begot (84a) Ramon, ancestor of the Rocaful Family of Spain, & (84b) John (Jean), Sire of Versols (d1304), father of (85) William II, Sire of Versols (d1329), father of (86) John (Jean), Sire of Versols (d1362), father of (87) William III, Sire of Versols (d1403), father of (88) Rigaud, Sire of Versols, father of (89) Adhemar, Sire of Versols (d1477), father of (90a) William IV, ancestor of later sires, (90b) John (Jean), ancestor of the Roquefeuil Family of France, &, (90c) Augier, ancestor of the Rockefeller Family of the U.K. & the U.S.


(73C) Sicard I, Viscount of Lautrec (d974), father of (74a) Frotaire I & (74b) Isarne I (d988), father of (75) Sicard II (d1038), father of (76a) Frotaire II & (76b) Isarne II, father of (77a) Isarne III (d1130) [ancestor of a secondary-line] & (77b) Sicard III, father of (78a) Sicard IV (d1152), (78b) Sicard V [father of (79) Frotaire III], (78c) Amelius-Sicard I, (78d) Pierre, & (78e) Raymond. The afore (78c) Amelius-Sicard I was the father of (79a) Fredol I & (79b) Amelius-Sicard II, father of (80a) Fredol II & (80b) Amelius-Sicard III, father of (81a) Isarne I, (81b) Amelius, & (81c) Fredol III, father of (82a) Fredol IV & (82b) Isarne II (d1354), father of (83) Philippe I (d1402), father of (84) Philippe II, father of (85) John (Jean) (b/d 1407), last of his line. The afore (78d) Pierre was the father of (79a) Sicard, (79b) William, & (79c) Pierre, father of (80a) Hugues & (80b) Guille, who, by wife, Indie, dau of Raymond VI of Toulouse, begot (81) Laure, wife of Raymond I, Prince of Orange, &, mother of (82) Bertrand III, Prince of Orange (d1300/5), who, by wife, Berengaria of Andria, begot (83) Bertrand, Count of Andria & Senator of Rome (d1347/55), who, by wife Margaret d'Alneto, begot (84) Francis, Duke of Andria (d1422), who, by wife, Justine, dau of Nicolas des Ursins, begot (85) Margaret (dau), wife of Pierre de Luxembourg, Count of Saint Paul, &, mother of (86) Jacqueline (dau), wife of Richard Wydeville, Earl Rivers, &, mother of (87) Elizabeth (dau), wife & queen of King Edward IV of England, ancestors of all succeeding English monarchs.

[note: a secondary descent-line appears to have been the ancestors of Henry de Toulouse-Lautrec]


issue of (71D) William [I] "The Pious", Prince "Nasi" (above), by 1st wife, Engelburge, daughter of Boso V, Duke of Burgundy, was:

(72A) Boso, d.y.

issue of (71D) William [I] "The Pious", Prince "Nasi" (above), by 2nd wife, Ermengarde, was:

(72B) Aube "Pieux" (dau), wife of Rotbold I, Count of Arles (d949)

(72C) Emilienne (dau), wife of Ebales "Manzer", Duke of Aquitaine"


PART 16: rulers of Mazandaran, ancestry of Baha'u'llah

(63) Bostanai [1], Exilarch (above), of his 2nd wife, begot

(64) Shahrijar (Shahari), ancestor of the Shaharite Line, the father of 

(65) Yomtov Ruzbihan [a.k.a. Ahunai], the father of 

(66) Babawai Moses, Exilarch [13], the father of 

(67) Isaac Iskoi II, Exilarch [16], deposed 817 upon his conversion to Islam, & took the name "Husayn", ancestor of the Iskoiate Line

the son of (67) Isaac Iskoi II [Husayn] [16] (above) was:

(68) Qarim (Karen) (d856)

= [name], the Badusepanide heiress, daughter of Surkhab (d856), son of Nemawar, son of Baduspan II, Prince of Mazandaran

the son of (68) Qarim (above) by the Badusepanide heiress was:

(69) Farrikhan (Faridun), Prince of Mazandaran 856-?

the sons of (69) Farrikhan (above) were:

(70A) Baduspan III, Prince ?-872, the father of (71) Shahriyar II, Prince 872-888

(70B) Shirzad

the sons of (70B) Shirzad (above) were:

(71A) Tida, father of (72) Hazar-Sindan, Prince 888-899

(71B) Diwbend

the son of (71B) Diwbend (above) was:

(72) Djemshad, the father of

(73) Shahriyar III, Prince 899-939

the sons of (73) Shahriyar III (above) were:

(74A) Mohammed I, Prince 939-952, the father of (75) Ustundar Abul-Fadl, Prince 952-965

(74B) Feramurz

the son of (74B) Feramurz (above) was:

(75) Zarin-Kemer I, Prince 965-996, the father of

(76) Baharb, Prince 996-1023

the sons of (76) Baharb (above) were:

(77A) Ardashir I, Prince 1023-1047

(77B) Nazir-ed-Dawla

the son of (77B) Nazir-ed-Dawla (above) was:

(78) Namwar I, Prince 1047-8, the father of

(79) Hazarasp I, Prince 1078-1116; = sister of Kiya Buzurg Bin Al-Hadi, Prince of Daylam

the sons of (79) Hazarasp I (above) were:

(80A) Shahrivash, Prince 1116-1129, the father of (81) Hazarasp II, Prince 1165-1210

(80B) Kai-Ka'us I, Prince 1129-1165

the descendants of (80B) Kai-Ka'us I (above) were:

(81) Djestan, the father of

(82) Zarin-Kemer II, Prince 1210-1214, the father of

(83) Bistun, Prince 1214-1223, the father of

(84) Namwar II, Prince 1223-?

the sons of (84) Namwar II (above) were:

(85A) Ardashir II, Prince ?-1236

(85B) Rakin Gaubara, Prince 1236-1272

(85C) Iskender, the father of (86) [name] (daughter), wife of ...

the sons of (85B) Rakin Gaubara (above) were:

(86A) Namwar III, Prince 1272-1302, the father of (87) Iskender, the father of (88) [name] (daughter), wife of ...

(86B) Kai-Khusrau, Prince 1302-1312

(86C) Arghush

the sons of (86B) Kai-Khusrau (above) were:

(87A) Mohammed II, Prince 1312-1318

(87B) Shahriyar IV, Prince 1318-1325

(87C) Ziyar, Prince 1325-1334

the sons of (87C) Ziyar (above) were:

(88A) Iskandar I, Prince 1334-1360, the father of (89) [name] (daughter)

(88B) Ghazi, Prince 1360-1379, the father of (89) Qubad, Prince 1379-1399

(88C) Tus, Prince 1399-1404

(88D) Gustahem

the son of (88D) Gustahem (above) was:

(89) Bistun (d1358), the father of

(90) Kayumarth, Prince 1404-1453

the sons of (90) Kayumarth (above) were:

(91A) Kai-Ka'us II, co-ruler 1453-1476

(91B) Islandar II, co-ruler 1453-1475

the son of (91A) Kai-Ka'us II (above) was:

(92) Jahangir, Prince 1476-1508

the sons of (92) Jahangir (above) were:

(93A) Behem I, Prince of Nur

(93B) Bistun

the son of (93B) Bistun (above) was:

(94) Behmen II

the sons of (94) Behmen II were:

(95A) Behem III

(95B) Kayomart, father of (96) Aziz, father of (97) Jahangir of Takur (below)

(95C) Oweis


the son of (91B) Islandar II (above) was:

(92) Tadj-ed-Daula, Sultan of Kujur (d1492), the father of

(93) Ashraf, Sultan of Kujur (d1509), the father of

(94) Kais, Sultan of Kujur (d1543)

the sons of (94) Kais (above) were:

(95A) Kayomart, Sultan of Kujur

(95B) Jahangir I, Sultan of Kujur (d1567)

the son of (95B) Jahangir I (above) was:

(96) Mohammed, Sultan of Kujur (d1590), the father of

(97) Jahangir II, Sultan of Kujur (ex 1598)


the son of (97) Jahangir of Takur (above) was:

(98) Faridun, the father of

(99) Aga Fakhr Beg, the father of

(100) Hajji Mohammed Rida, the father of

(101) Karbilai Abbas Khan, the father of

(102) Mirza Rida-Quli Beg, the father of

(103) Mirza Abbas Buzurg, the father of

(104) Husayn Ali, a.k.a. Baha'u'llah, proclaimed self king 1868 (d1892), the father of

(105) Abdu'l-Baha (d1921), the father of

(106) Diya'iyyah (daughter) (d1951), wife of Mirza Hadi Afnan (d1955) [descendant of "The Prophet" Mohammed], &, mother of

(107) Shoghi Effendi (d1957); = Mary Maxwell (d2000)

no issue; male-line extinct


PART 17: ancestry & descendants of Persia's Afshar Dynasty [note: descent-line is suspect]

(63) Bostanai [1], Exilarch (above), of 2nd wife, Dara [Izdundad], daughter of Yazdagird III, King of Persia, begot

(64) Shahrijar (Shahari), ancestor of the Shaharite Line, who, by wife, [name], daughter of Baw Ka'usiyeh, 1st Prince of Tabaristan 665-680, begot

(65) Surkhab I, 3rd Prince of Tabaristan 688-717; who, by wife, [name], sister of Walash, 2nd Prince of Tabaristan 680-688, had issue

the descendants of (65) Surkhab I (above) were:

(66) Mihr Mardan Shah, Prince 717-755, the father of

(67) Surkhab II, Prince of 755-772, the father of

(68) Sharwin I, Prince of 772-797; = Bayanue, daughter of Mo-Yen-Cho (Moyunchur), King of Uighur, &, wife, Ning-Kuo, daughter of Su-Zong, Emperor of China [Tang Dyn.], and, were the parents of

(69) Isaac Karim (d796); = [name], daughter & heiress of Hormuz, last Prince of Gilan 759-762, and, were the parents of

(70) Shahriyar I, Prince 797-825; = [name], daughter of Alp Qutlugh [Kutulu] Khan [Huai-Hsin], King of Uighur

the sons of (70) Shahriyar I (above) were:

(71A) Djafar, Prince 825-837

(71B) Qarin I, Prince 837-867 [converted to Islam 854]; = Amina, daughter of Abul-Hasan Ali, an Arabic ruler

the sons of (71B) Qarin I (above) were:

(72A) Surkhab; = Atika, daughter of Abdallah, Emir of Khorasan

(72B) Abdul-Melik, the father of (73) [name unsure], a daughter, wife of Ziyar, the parents of Mardawi, Emir of Georgia

the sons of (72A) Surkhab (above) were:

(73A) Rustam I, Prince 867-895

(73B) Abdul-Hamza, the father of (74) [name unsure], a daughter, wife of Prince Artsruni

the son of (73A) Rustam I (above) was:

(74) Sharwin II, Prince 985-930, who, by wife, [name], daughter of Tahir III, Prince of Sistan, begot

the sons of (74) Sharwin II (above) were:

(75A) Shahriyar II, Prince 930-966, who, and his wife, [name], the daughter of Kvirike I of Khakheti, were the parents of (76) Khosrovanush (daughter), wife of Ashot III [VII] of Armenia

(75B) Rustam [II] (d966)

the son of (75B) Rustam [II] (above) was:

(76) Dara, Prince 966-969, who, of wife, [name], the daughter of Irdimin Khan of Uighur, the father of

(77) Shahriyar III, Prince 969-1006; = Auria, daughter of Marzuban, King of Fars, Khuristan, & Iraq

the sons of (77) Shahriyar III (above) were:

(78A) Rustam II/III, Prince 1006-1057

(78B) Surkhab; = [name], daughter/or sister of Altuntash-Hajid, the Ghaznavid Sultan of Khwarazm

the son of (78B) Surkhab (above) was:

(79) Qarin II, Prince 1057-1074; = [name], daughter of Mahmud Khan, Prince of Kashghar

the son of (79) Qarin II (above) was:

(80) Shahriyar IV, Prince 1074-1110; = [name], an Azerbaijanese princess

the sons of (80) Shahriyar IV (above) were:

(81A) Qarin III, Prince 1110-1117

(81B) Ali I, Prince 1118-1140

(81C) Dara Ispahbadiyah

the son of (81A) Qarin III (above) was:

(82) Rustam III/IV [I], Prince 1117-1118, the father of a daughter, (83) Ayesha (daughter), wife of Schahan Pahlavuni, Prince of Dzovk

the sons of (81B) Ali I (above) were:

(82A) Rustam IV/V [II], Prince 1140-1163

(82B) Husam, the father of (83) [name] (daughter), wife of …

the descendants of (82A) Rustam IV/V [II] (above) were:

(83) Hassan I, Prince 1163-1171, the father of

(84) Ardashir I, Prince 1171-1206, the father of

(85) Rustam V/VI [III], Prince 1206-1210, after whom their was an interim: 1210-1238

the descendants of (81C) Dara Ispahbadivah (above) were:

(82) Rustam, his son, the father of

(83) Kinkhwar (Kinkhwariyah), the father of

(84) Ardashir II, Prince 1238-1249; =1(1210) [name], daughter of Mingburnu, Prince of Khwarazm; =2 (1227) [name], daughter of Chagatay (Jaghatai), Khan of Transoxania

the two sons of (84) Ardashir II (above) were:

(85A) Mohammed, Prince 1249-1267 [begotten of 1st wife]

(85B) Shahriyar [begotten of 2nd wife]; = [name], daughter of Samgramadeva II of Kashmir

the son of (85B) Shahriyar (above) was:

(86) Ali II, Prince 1267-1276; =(1256) [name], daughter of Hulegu, Il-Khan of Persia; the parents of

(87) Yazdegird, Prince 1276-1299; =1[name],  daughter of Iskender, son of Namwar II, Prince of Mazandaran; =2 [name], daughter of [?] Daula-Hasan II, Prince of Azerbaijan

the issue of (87) Yazdegird (above), by 1st wife, was:

(88A) Shahriyar V, Prince 1299-1314; = [name], daughter of Kai-Qubad III, Sultan of Turkey

the issue of (87) Yazdegird (above), by 2nd wife, was:

(88B) Sayalun (daughter), wife of Farrukhzad II, Prince of Shirvan

the son of (88A) Shahriyar V (above) was:

(89) Kai-Khusrau, Prince 1314-1328

the two sons of (89) Kai-Khusrau (above) were:

(90A) Sharaf El-Muluk, Prince 1328-1334, who, of wife, [name], daughter of Iskender, son of Namwar III, Prince of Mazandaran, begot (91) [name] (daughter), the wife of Quarquare II, Prince of Samatzkhe

(90B) Fakhr ud-Dawlah, aka Hassan II, Prince 1334-1349

the sons of (90B) Fakhr ud-Dawlah [aka Hassan II] (above) were:

(91A) Ghazi

(91B) Shems El-Muluk (1350)

(91C) Kais

the descendants of (91C) Kais (above) were:

(92) Kayomart, the father of

(93) Kais, the father of

(94) Jahavgir, the father of

(95) Kayomart, the father of

(96) Muhammed Qaraklu, the father of

(97) Amir-Hamza, the father of

(98) Kamrau Shah, the father of

(99) Seyh-Fadl Afshar, the father of

(100) Malik Bayinder Han, the father of

(101) Sheriyar Hassan, the father of

(102) Aqha-Fakhr Beg, the father of

(103) Quli Beg e Afshar, an "imam" (d 1695)

the two sons of (103) Quli Beg e Afshar (above) were:

(104A) Nadir Afshar Shah "The Great", King of Persia 1736-1747, founded the Afshar Dynasty of Persia

(104B) Ibrahim, the father of (105a) Adel-Shah, King of Persia 1747-1748, & (105b) Ibrahim Shah, King of Persia 1748-1749

the son of (104A) Nadir Afshar Shah (above) was:

(105) Reza-Gholi-Mirza; = Fatima, daughter of Abu'l Muzaffar, a.k.a. Husain Shah, King of Persia, the parents of

(106) Shahrukh, King of Persia 1749 & 1750/1755-1796

the issue of (106) Shahrukh (above) was:

(107A) Nadir Mirza (d1803)

(107B) Husain Quli Khan, father of two daughters, who were: (108A) Qamar,  wife of Fath 'Ali Shah, King of Persia, & (108B) Begum, [another] wife of Fath 'Ali Shah, King of Persia 1797-1834

(107C) Gauhir (dau), wife of Timur Shah, King of Afghanistan (d1793)

(107D) Zanan (dau), wife of Muhammed Quli Mizra, son of Fath 'Ali Shah, King of Persia, of wife, Aisha, daughter of Muhammed Khan-e Qajar

(107E) Khanum (dau), one of the wives of Fath 'Ali Shah [Qajar], King of Persia

the illegitimate son of (106) Shahrukh (above) was:

(107F) Lotfi Ali Khan (d1794); = Mariam Khanum [daughter of Hassan Ali Sayyed, descendant of "Prophet" Mohammed]

[note: there are alternative genealogies of the descendants of (107F) Lotfi Ali Khan (above), none of which are verifiable]

the sons of (107F) Lutfi Ali Khan (above) were:

(108A) Karim [I] "Tul" (Karimtool)

(108B) Rahim "Tul"

the son of (108A) Karim [I] "Tul" (above) was:

(109) Mohammed Zaman Khan (d1834); = Khanum, dau of Fath 'Ali Shah, King of Persia & (108B) Begum, dau of (107B) Husain Quli Khan (above)

the sons of (109) Mohammed Zaman Khan (above) were:

(110A) Baba Khan

(110B) Fathullah

(110C) Agha Jani

the sons of (110A) Baba Khan (above) were:

(111A) Karim II "Tul" [aka Karim "Beg"]

(111B) Allah Verdi

(111C) Hasan Mirza

the son of (111A) Karum II "Tul" (above) was:

(112) Habibollah [aka Hadi Beg] (d1919)

the son of (112) Habibollah (above) was:

(113) Bahram Mirza, a mullah, the father of

(114) Abdullah Mirza, a mullah, the father of

(115) Abdul-Qarim [adopted surname: Mohadjer], who, by wife, Farokhagha Shahrasari, begot

(116) Mohammed Mohadjer, claimant, who calls himself "Maitreya"


PART 18: the descendants of Zorobabel by his 1st wife, ancestry of St.  Joseph, foster-father of Jesus "Christ"

(23) Zorobabel, the father of

(24) Shazrezzar [a Babylonian name], had issue

the issue of (24) Shazrezzar (above) was

(25a) Hacaliah, had issue (below)

(25b) Hur, father of (26) Rephaiah, father of (27) Uri

(25c) Halohesh, father of (26) Shallum, father of (27) several daughters

issue of (25a) Hacaliah (above) were

(26A) Nehemiah [possible claimant], was Governor of Judea 445-434 & 432-? BC (d415/405BC) [note: the family of Samuel Nahmias, a.k.a. Giulio Morosini (1612-1687), claimed descent from Nehemiah]

(26B) Hanani[ah]

issue of (26B) Hanani[ah] (above) was:

(27) Ohel, who begot

(28) [H]Achiyah, who begot

(29) Nuri, who begot

(30) Yehezqiyah, Governor of Judea ?-330s, who, by wife [name unsure], sister of Bigvai (Bagohi; Bagaos) "The Persian", Governor of Judea 407-? (d336), begot

(31) Neariah (Nearchus) (d312BC) = Barsine, a "foreign princess" [daughter of Nearchus, one of Alexander The Great’s generals, and, wife, Barsine, who descended from the Persian shahs, Babylonian emperors, Assyrian kings, etc., whose blood-lines she brought into this line of the Jewish royal house], who begot

(32) sons & daus, of whom one son [name unknown] was the father of

(33) Abiud, ancestor of the Abiudite Line, who begot

(34) Eliakim, who begot

(35) Azor, who begot

(36) Sadoc (Zadok), who begot

(37) Achim, who begot

(38) Eliud, who begot

(39) Ezar (Eleazar) (Lazar), who begot

(40) Matthan, who had three sons

the three sons of (40) Matthan (above) were:

(41A) Jacob (Yakov) "Nasi", Prince of Israel &/or Patriarch of Jerusalem 32-23BC, removed & executed by King Herod of Judea; =1 Eucharia, a Jewish princess; =2 Cleopatra of Jerusalem, his “foreign wife”, section 18.1 

(41B) Hizkiah (Hezekiah) (Ezekias) "The Zealot", claimant & rebel-leader (exec 4BC), section 18.2 

(41C) Judas "of Gamala" or "The Galiliean", claimant & rebel-leader (exec AD6), section 18.3


section 18.1

the issue of (41A) Jacob "Nasi" (above) by his 1st wife, Eucharia, was:

(42A) Miriam (Mary), wife of Theudas, a Davidic prince, early Church elder, killed AD44/46

the issue of (41A) Jacob "Nasi" (above) by his 2nd wife, Cleopatra, were:

[note: Jacob "Nasi" was the first husband of Cleopatra of Jerusalem; she =2 Simon IV, the High-Priest 23-19BC, his 2nd wife; and, =3 Herod "The Great", King of Judea 37-4BC, his 5th wife; and had issue by all three husbands]

(42B) Joseph (29BC-AD26), recognized the "royal Davidic heir" despite his foreign mother, husband of "The Virgin" Mary, reduced to poverty by the series of King Herod’s persecution of the royal Davidic house, and took up carpentry as a trade. The foster-father of (43) Jesus

(42C) Ptolas [twin], whose wife, Escha, was one of three daughters of Joachim "Nasi" (above) 

(42D) Clopas [twin], whose wife, Mary [called "the other Mary"], was the sister-in-law, not “sister”, of “The Virgin” Mary


section 18.2: the issue of (41B) Hizkiah "The Zealot" (above), St. Joseph's uncle, were:

(42A) Judas "The Zealot" "of Galilee" (exec 4BC), had issue

(42B) Menahem

(42C) Jacob, had issue

the issue of (42A) Judas "The Zealot" "of Galilee" (above) were:

(43A) Jacob (exec AD47)

(43B) Simon (exec AD 47)

(43C) Menahem, anti-king AD 66-67, restored the Davidic Dynasty upon the departure of Herod Agrippa II in AD6, had issue, sons all killed with father AD67

(43D) Jair, the father of three sons, namely, (44A) Menahem, (44B) Eleazar "The Zealot", resistance-leader at Masada 67/70-73 [whose sons were all killed at Masada, AD 73], & (44C) Simon (68/69)

(43E) Levi, the father of three sons, namely, (44A) John "of Giscala", a Jewish general 66-70 (exec 73), (44B) Simon (68/69), & (44C) Jude

(43F) Saphath (Sapphia), the father of (44) Jesus, a Jewish general (exec AD68)

(43G) Sosas, the father of (44) Jacob (68/69)

the sons of (43B) Simon (ex AD47) (above) were:

(44A) Eleazar, a captain (d67), the father of (45) Andrew Lukuas (exec AD 115)

(44B) Hyrcanus, the father of (45) Eleazar "Ha-Gadol" [= Imme Shalom, daughter of the Palestinian Patriarch Simeon II], the father of (46) Simon, the father of (47) Gamaliel, the father of (48) Hilai (Hillel), the father of (49) Malchi[on], the father of (50) son [name unknown], the father of (51) Conan[us] "The Martyr" (exec AD 250), the father of (52) son [name unknown], the father of (53) Salom[us] (Shallum) (Salomon), the father of (54) Urban[us], who appears in Rome in the early 300s, the father of (55) Mansuetus, the father of (56) Symetrius, the father of (57) Martialis (d419), ancestor of the Counts of Salm

(44C) Kosevah (Cocheba), the father of (45) Simon Bar-Kochba, anti-king 132-135

the issue of (42C) Jacob (above) [son of Hizkiah "The Zealot"], were:

(43A) Hur, father of (44) Judah Ben-Hur, father of (45) son [name unsure], taken captive to Italy, ancestor of the Princes of Oria 

(43B) Eleazar

(43C) Uri


section 18.3: the issue of (41C) Judas "of Gamala" or "the Galilean" (above), St. Joseph's [other] uncle, were:

(42A) Abbas, the father of (43) Barabbas, claimant (mur AD66)

(42B) Joseph "of Gamala", claimant (killed AD66), father of (43) Jesus Bar-Joseph "of Gamala" (68/69) [note: confused by the author of "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" with Jesus "of Nazareth", which misidentification has ignorantly been  perpetuated by the author of "The Da Vinci Code"], had issue

(42C) Tholomi (Ptolemy) (Thomas) (44/46), the father of (43) Nathanael Bar-Tholomi [Bartholomew] (killed AD 68), the father of (44) Judas, had issue

(42D) Kathla, the father of (43) Simon (68/69), the father of (44) five sons, each taken captive to Italy by Titus, and, were the ancestors of five noble Italian families, namely, (1) de Pomis, (2) Adolescentoli, (3) Anaw [Degli Mansi], (4) Degli Piatelli, & (5) de Rossi

(42E) Adnan, may very likely be identified with [?] the contemporary Arabic prince who had the same [Jewish] name


issue of (43) Jesus Bar-Joseph "of Gamala" (68/69) [not "of Nazareth"] (above) was:

(44A) Jesus Justus "of Rome"; = Marcella of Narbonne, had issue

(44B) Joseph Bar-Jesus "of Rome", had issue

(44C) Tamar (dau), wife of Paullus Maximus, a Roman senator


the descent-line of (44A) Jesus Justus "of Rome" (above), by generation, is:

(45) Joseph Bar-Jesus or "Rama-Theo", son, the father of

(46) Ameshas Spentas, the father of

(47) Theophilus (d181), the father of

(48) Narcissus (d211), the father of

(49) Ipromorus, the father of

(50) Flammulus (Flambeaus), the father of

(51) Tytalus, the father of

(52) Pamphilus (d309), the father of

(53) Maximus, the father of

(54) Patricius Quiriacus, the father of

(55) Ignis Cyriacus Magus, the father of

(56) Quintus Tarus, a Roman prefect (d428); = Argotta [Siegse], a Frankish princess, the parents of

(57) Merovaeus (Merovee), inherited the Frankish kingship through his mother, King of France 447-457/8, ancestor of the Merovingians of France



the sons of (44B) Joseph Bar-Jesus "of Rome" (above), were:

(45A) John, a bishop, had issue

(45B) Jude, father of (46) Jacob [aka Giacomo "of Rome"], ancestor of the Comizzoli Family of Italy

the descent-line of (45A) John (above) [son of Joseph Bar-Jesus "of Rome"], by generation, is:

(46) Anicetus, 11th Bishop of Rome (d166), son, the father of

(47) Hilarius (175), the father of

(48) Eustathius (200), the father of

(49) Athanasius, the father of

(50) Severianus, the father of

(51) Constantinus (300), the father of

(52) Lucinianus, the father of

(53) Valentinus, the father of

(54) Johannes (John) (375), the father of

(55) son [name unsure] (400), father of

(56) Johannes, Roman Emperor 423-425, father of

(57) son [identity unsure] (450), had issue


PART 19: the descendants of Zorobabel of his 2nd wife, ancestry of The Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus "Christ"

(23) Zorobabel, who begot

(24) Reza (Rhesa) [the half-brother of the Persian Shah Darius I], had issue

issue of (24) Reza (above) was

(25A) Yehoezer (Jehoezar), Governor of Judea 490-470, the father of (26) Ahzai (Jahzevah), Governor of Judea 470

(25B) Yohanna[i]

the descent-line of (25B) Yohanna[i] (above), by generation, is: 

(26) Jude (Judah; Judas) (Joda), who begot

(27) Josech (Joseph), who begot

(28) Semei[n], who begot

(29) Mattathias (Mattathiah), who begot

(30) Maath (Maadd), who begot

(31) Nagge (Naggai) (Nogah), who begot

(32) Esli (Azaliah), who begot

(33) Naum (Nahum) (Nakhum), who begot

(34) Amos, who begot

(35) Mattathias (Mattathiah), who begot

(36) Jose (Joseph), who begot

(37) Jannai (Johanan) (John), who begot

(38) Melchi (Melki), who begot

(39) Levi, who begot

(40) Matthat "Nasi" (Lk 3:23-38); 1=1 Esther of Jerusalem, a Maccabee princess [poss. id. with [?] Alexandra II, the Maccabee Queen (exec 28BC), her first of three husbands] (divorced); 2=2 Rachel of Arimathea [note: she had three children by a former marriage, namely, Joshua, [Jo]Nathan, & JoAnna]; =3 Salome, called "the Proselyte"; an Idumean [Herodian] princess; and had issue by all three wives

the son of (40) Matthat "Nasi" (above) by his 1st wife was:

(41A) Heli, possible heir (exec 20/16BC); = Anne, daughter of Jeshua II/III, High-Priest 36-23BC, and, begot

(42) "The Virgin" Mary, who, early orphaned, was placed in an order of temple-virgins; the mother of (43) Jesus "Christ"

the son of (40) Matthat "Nasi" (above) by his 2nd wife was:

(41B) Joseph "of Arimathea" (dc AD58), a wealthy merchant who frequently traveled abroad on business-trips; = Alyuba, & begot

(42A) Joseph[es], ancestor of the Grail-Kings, see

(42B) Enygeus (dau), wife of the British prince, Bran, called “The Fisher-King”

the son of (40) Matthat "Nasi "(above) by his 3rd wife was:

(41C) Gjor, possible heir, exec AD45/6

the son of (41C) Gjor (above) was:

(42) Simon "Bar Gjora", claimant, briefly restored the Davidic Dynasty and reigned as the Jews; last king AD 69-70; defended Jerusalem, made a heroic stance, surrendered officially after the Romans had laid the city waste, AD 70, made to lead the remnant of his army and government officials in a procession, the “triumph” of Titus, in AD 73, through the streets of Rome, obliged to bow before the emperor, then, taken and crucified naked as "King of the Jews"


PART 20: "The Holy Family" & the "Desposyni"/"Desposynoi"


(42) Joseph (above), the heir of the descendants of Zorobabel and his 1st wife, married (42) "The Virgin" Mary (above), daughter of Heli, the heir of the descendants of Zorobabel and his 2nd wife, and were the "legal" parents of

(43A) JESUS "THE CHRIST" [of Mary alone], see


note: the dogma that Mary was "ever virgin" has caused confusion as to the identity of the so-called “brothers” and “sisters” of Jesus who are referred to in scripture (Mt 13:55,56; Mk 6:3). There are three views: (a) the Protestant view is that they were the later children of Joseph and Mary; (b) the Catholic view is that they were the children of either Joseph’s brother Ptolas, which is the more probable case, or the children of Joseph’s brother Clopas, which is unlikely for it identifies Jesus’ “brethren” with His disciples. The most feasible scenario is that upon the early death of Joseph’s brother Ptolas, his widow, Escha, moved into the home of her “in-laws”, Joseph and Mary, and died herself shortly after leaving behind her young children to be brought up by them. And, (c) the Orthodox view is that they were Joseph’s children of a previous marriage, or by a “levirate marriage”. The possibility that Joseph had children of his brother’s [Ptolas’] widow, Escha, in a “levirate marriage” while he was also married to “The Virgin” Mary is not improbable nor contrary to Jewish practice of that time (Dt 25:5).


the (so-called) "brothers" and "sisters" of Jesus were:

(43B) James "Major", "Saint James", also called "The Just", the first “Nasi” of the Nazarene Sanhedrin, that is, the first "Chief Apostle" [or "Pope"] of The Church, the Jerusalem “Mother-Church” (killed AD62). St. Paul mentions St. James in 1 Cor 9:5 in a way that suggests St. James had been married and was by then a widower; and Jude (Judas) called "the son of James" in Luke 6:16 is generally regarded as his son. John, "the brother of Jude", was another of James' sons. The hereditary bishops of Seleucia, in Syria, claimed descent from Jose [whose epithet was "Mar"], who was said to have been a son of James, "the Lord's brother".


note: the office of apostle [pope] of the Jerusalem Church was elective by the toss of lots, however, confined to the "Desposyni"/"Desposynoi" [= "The Master's Kin"], thus, the office was hereditary in one family-group, though, open to any member of that family-group, sort of like a Christian caliphate, and, was the “original papacy”, called the "n'tzarim" [= “overseer of the Nazarenes“, which was an early name for “Christians”], which in AD 304 was usurped by the Bishops of Rome, who sought to wipe out the "desposyni" to protect and maintain their position. The “desposyni” took the surname "Kyriakon", meaning "The Lord's House".


(43C) Jose[ph] "Rama-Theo", imprisoned twice (exec AD79)

(43D) Simon

(43E) Jude "of Galilee"

(43F) Mary (Miriam) (dau), =1 Ptolo, identity uncertain, [?] possibly identified with Ptolemy, King of Numidia [North-West Africa], AD 25-40, divorced AD 35; =2 Amana, [?] possibly identified with Amanitaraqide, King of Meroe [Sudan], 35-45, son of Queen Candice; and, =3 Masen, [?] possibly  identified with Za-Maseneh, King of Axum [Ethiopia] 45-52

(43G) Salome (dau), wife of Abgar, a prince of Osroene, cap. Edessa [Urfa], identity uncertain, poss. son of Abgar V

(43H) Anne (dau), compare above, the wife of the British prince, Belus (Beli), had issue [note: Beli & his bro Bran, were the sons of the British ex-king Dubnovellus, who was himself in comfortable exile in Rome, where Anne & Beli met]


section 20.1: the sons of (43B) "Saint" James (above), the eldest of Jesus' (so-called) "brothers", were:

(44A) Jude [identified with Justus I "Gaiso"], 3rd Chief-Apostle of the Jerusalem Church 107-111, section 20.1A

(44B) John, section 20.1B

(44C) Jose "Mar" [or "Mari"], section 20.1C

section 20.1A:

sons of (44A) Jude [Justus I "Gaiso"] (above), eldest son of St. James, were:

(45A) Koresh, Prefect of Provinciae [Narbonensis] 138-145, father of (46) son [name unsure]

(45B) El-Kasai (Elchasai[ah]) (Elzasus), taken hostage to Rome in AD135 (d138), of wife, Ariobia [daughter of Havingeus, whose mother, Alma, was a grand-daughter of Joseph of Arimathea], had issue 

(45C) Yechai, ancestor of (50) Maryam, wife of Patak, a Persian noble, the parents of Mani (d272), ancestor of a Persian noble house

the son of (45B) El-Kasai (above) was:

(46) Nahshon (Naasson), identified with Nascien I, the Prefect of Provinciae [Narbonensis] 145-160, in Roman service [note: the mass deportation of Jews by the Romans in AD70 were re-settled in Provence, France, then, called Narbonensis]; = Flegetine

issue of (46) Nascien I [aka Nahshon] (above) was:

(47A) son [name unsure], Prefect of Provinciae

(47B) Cyleddon (Celidoine) (Celadion), Bishop of Alexandria (150) [note: there is some ridiculous Scottish tale about him]

issue of (47B) Cyleddon (above) was:

(48) Narpus (Warpus) (175/200)

the issue of (48) Narpus (above) were:

(49A) Nascien II, Prefect of Provinciae (Narbonensis) (200/225), in Roman service [whose original name may have been Chrestien, or is a reference to him as a “Christian"]

(49B) daughter [name unsure], wife of Julius Marinus, an Arabian prince, the parents of Philippus "Arabus", Roman Emperor 244-249

the issue of (49A) Nascien II (above) was:

(50) Gallienus Quiriacus (250), the father of

(51) Helyas (Elias) (275), the father of

(52) Ysayes (Isaac) (300), the father of

(53) Ionans (Johanan) (Jonaanz) (325)

the three sons of (53) Ionans (above) were:

(54A) Geronticus (350), Prefect of Viennensis (Provinciae), had issue

(54B) Saracintus (350), father of (55) Achellus (AD375), father of (56) Nascien III, Marquis of Septimania, who died (AD 412) without issue

(54C) Fridolin[us] (350), father of (55) Frotmund (375), who, of his wife, Hatilde, a Frankish princess, was the father of (56) Faramund (Pharamond), [1st] King of France 418-428, the father of (57a) son [name unsure] [who, unmarried without issue, was murdered following his father’s death], and, two daughters, who were: (57b) Argotta, the wife of King Chlodio of France [her 2nd =], and, (57c) Belizde, the wife of King Gunther of Burgundy

the son of (54A) Geronticus (above) was:

(55) Agripanius "of the Master's kin" (350/375), who, of wife, Thametes, sister of Eudaf I “Hen” [Octavius I “The Old”], King of Britain, begot

(56) Conan "Meriadoc" (below), first King of Armorica [Brittany; Bretagne] 383-421, and, male-line ancestor of the royal Stewarts/Stuarts of Britain. He was given the Roman province of Armorica, later called "Brittany" [the French province of Bretagne], as his estate and kingdom in 383 by the Roman Emperor Maximus, see


section 20.1B: son of (44B) John (above), 2nd son of "Saint" James, was:

(45) Benjamin, 6th Chief-Apostle

the three sons of (45) Benjamin, 6th Apostle (above), were:

(46A) John, 7th Chief-Apostle

(46B) Levi, 12th Chief-Apostle

(46C) Jude, 15th Chief-Apostle, 132-135, the father of (47) Pius, claimant to the "Christian Caliphate", 10th Bishop of Rome (d155), the father of (48) Maximianus (d190), the father of (49) Aslipiades (d218), the father of (50) Theotecnus (230), the father of (51) Paul (d270), the father of (52) Zabdas (d300), the father of (53) Hermes (Hermon), last Christian pope at Jerusalem (d311)


section 20.1C: the son of (44C) Jose "Mar" (above), the 3rd son of "Saint" James, was:

(45) James (Jacob), bishop, the father of (46) Abris[ios], Bishop of Seleucia, in Syria, the father of (47) Avraham, bishop, the father of (48) James (Jacob), bishop, the great-great-grandfather of (52) Gaggai, bishop, the father of (53) Papa, bishop (d329)


section 20.2: the sons of (43C) Jose[ph] "Rama-Theo" (above), another of Jesus' (so-called) "brothers", were:

(44A) Josue El-Harami, [possible ancestor of the Haramy Family], the great-great-great-great-grandfather of (50) Dioscorus (Dius), bishop (213), the great-great-grandfather of (54) Jose[ph], one of the eight “desposynic” princes who visited the pope in Rome, Year 318, to persuade him to restore “the papacy” to the “desposyni”, who refuses, of course, and, which sparks another persecution of the "desposyni" by the Roman Catholic Church

(44B) Jasna "Piliste" [epithet means "the Philistine"]

the son of (44B) Jasna "Piliste" (above) was:

(45) Sarclotus (Siarklotus); = Eurgain, a British princess, daughter of St. Cyllin, son of King Caratacus of Britain

the issue of (45) Sarclotus (above) was:

(46A) Emanuel "Rise"

(46B) Gwladys (daughter), the wife of King Lucius of Britain, and, mother of his only child & daughter, (47) Gwladys

the descendants of (46A) Emanuel "Rise" (above) were:

(47) Enciede (Encride) "Ere", the father of

(48) Othrac, the father of

(49) Maxime (Maximus), the father of

(50) Llebryn (Liubuirnus), the father of

(51) Karnot (Cornodd) (Cornuithus), the father of

(52) Meuric (Meurig), the father of

(53) Otta[viano], the father of

(54) Marchudd, the father of

(55) Oidisse (Odissus)

issue of (55) Oidisse (above) was:

(56A) Gwrthryw, 1st King of Garthmadrun (383), the father of (57) Gwraldeg (Gwroldeg), the last of the male-line, the father of (58) Morfudd (Morvitha), a daughter, the heiress, the wife of the British prince, Teitfall of Glamorgan, the parents of Teuduric, King of Garthmadrun, the father of Marchell, a daughter, the wife of the British prince, Anllach of Galloway, the parents of St. Brychan, 1st King of Brecon [formerly called Garthmadrun] (498), whose family is called in the [Welsh] “Triads” one of Britain’s “three holy families”, meaning Britain’s three “desposynic” descent-lines

(56B) Photaighe (Poititus), the father of (57) Calpinn (Calpurnius), a deacon, the father of (58) Succatus, a.k.a. "Saint" Patrick (Padraig) (418-493), Apostle of Ireland (457)

(56C) Dareare (dau), wife of Conan "Meriadoc", 1st King of Armorica [Brittany] (above)


section 20.3: the son of (43D) Simon (above), one of Jesus' (so-called) "brothers", was:

(44) Zakkai (Zakheas) (Zacherias) (Zacharius) (Zachery), 4th Chief-Apostle

the issue of (44) Zakkai, 4th Chief-Apostle (above), were:

(45A) Tobias, 5th Chief-Apostle

(45B) Matthias, 8th Chief-Apostle

(45C) Ephres (Aphre), 13th Chief-Apostle

the issue of (45B) Matthias, 8th Chief-Apostle (above), were:

(46A) Philip, 9th Chief-Apostle (d124)

(46B) Seneca (Senikus), 10th Chief-Apostle, the father of (47) Joseph, the 14th Chief-Apostle (d132), the father of (48) son [name unsure], the father of (49) son [name unsure], the father of (50) Alexander, Bishop 213-251, the father of (51) Demetrius (d263), the father of (52) Mazabanes (d266), the father of (53) Hymenaeus (d298), the father of (54) Zacherias (Zakkai), one of the eight desposynic princes who visited Pope Sylvester in AD 318, &, father of (55) son [name unknown] (350)

(46C) Justus II, 11th Chief-Apostle


section 20.4: the sons of (43E) Jude "of Galilee" (above), one of Jesus' (so-called) "brothers", were:

(44A) James (Jacob), the father of (45A) James and (45B) Zoker, who were summoned and appeared before the Roman Emperor Domitian in AD 96, who both had issue; the descendant of (45A) James was (53) Simon, one of the eight desposynic princes who visited the pope in 318, the father of (54) son [name unknown]; and, the descendant of (45B) Zoker was (53) Joses, another of the eight desposynic princes who visited the pope in 318, the father of (54) son [name unknown]

(44B) Menahem, had issue

(44C) Simon, had issue


section 21: the issue of Joseph’s brother (42C) Ptolas, of his wife, Escha, was:

(43) unknown, unless they were Jesus' "brothers" and "sisters" as shown above, which is probably the case, &, thus, actually were Jesus' cousins


section 22: the issue of Joseph’s brother (42D) Clopas, of his wife, Mary, was:

(43A) James "Minor" or "the Less", the father of two sons, who were: (44a) John and (44b) Jude, a bishop in Greece, the father of (45) Evarist[us], 5th Bishop of Rome (d105)

(43B) Jose[s] (Joseph) "Barsabas", took the Roman name Justus, had issue

(43C) Simon (Simeon), 2nd Chief-Apostle of the Jerusalem Church (exec AD 107), the father of (44) sons, who were all executed in AD107 with him

(43D) Jude "Thaddeus" or "Lebbaeus", father of (44) Papa (Pappos) (125), ancestor of (53) John, one of the eight desposynic princes who visited Pope Sylvester in AD 318, had issue

(43E) Cyria (dau), wife of …

(43F) Salome (dau)

(43G) Johanna (dau)

(43H) Lillian (dau)

(43i) Susanna (dau)

(43J) Miriam (dau)

(43K) Dinah (dau)


section 23: the issue of Miriam (Mary), the older half-sister of Joseph and his brothers [whose husband, (42) Theudas, a Davidic prince [the Pelatiahite Line], was an early church elder], were:

(43A) James, bishop, the father of (44) Evodius (d68), bishop, father of (45) Heros (d127), bishop, father of (46) Cornelius (d151), bishop, father of (47) Heros, bishop (d169)

(43B) Matthias, bishop, grandfather of (45) Artemias, the ancestor of (53) Matthias, one of the eight desposynic princes who visits pope in 318, had issue

(43C) Thebouthis, bishop, father of (44) Jesus (d69)

(43D) Andronicus, bishop, father of (44) Aristobulus, 1st Bishop of Britain 58-98, the ancestor of (53) Adelphius, Bishop of Britain (314)

(43E) Addai, bishop, father of (44) son [name unsure], father of (45) Soter, father of (46) Jesus of Lydda

(43F) Lydia (dau), wife of ...

(43G) Assia (dau), wife of a Roman noble

(43H) Lysia (dau), wife of ...


PART 21: the House of Conan "Meriadoc": Early Kings of Armorica [Brittany; Bretagne]

(56) Conan "Meriadoc" (above), 1st King of Armorica, later called Brittany, 383-421 [which estate was given to him as a client-kingdom of the Roman Empire by the Roman Emperor Maximus, Year 383]. Conan "Meriadoc" was betrothed to St. Ursula, daughter & heiress of King Dionotus II of Britain, however, during the voyage was taken hostage by Irish pirates, raped & murdered with her 10 [not 1000] ladies-in-waiting; then, he = Dareare, a British princess

the issue of (56) Conan "Meriadoc" (above) was:

(57A) Urban (Erbin), who predeceased his father 421

(57B) Gradlon I "Mur" [or "Mawr"] (Grallon[us] "Magnus"), King 437-445, recovered the throne from the usurper Tibatto, 434-437, = Tigridia, an Irish princess

(57C) Rioch

the issue of (57A) Urban (above) was:

(58) Salomon I (Selyfan), King 421-434


the issue of (57B) Gradlon I "Mur" (above) was:

(58A) Gwidol (Withol), son

(58B) Dahut (dau), wife of Kynwal "Kanhwch" of Cornwall

the issue of (58A) Gwidol (above) was:

(59) Deroc[h] [I], the father of

(60) Keben (dau), the wife of Eli "Adfer", a Cornish prince, the parents of (61a) Cynyr and (61b) Redon, the father of (62) Rivelen Mor Marthou of Breton legend, the father of three sons: (63a) Deroc[h] [II]; (63b) Ionas (559), who married a Breton princess (below); and (63c) Iudwal (560), the father of (64) Iuthael, the father of (65) St. Winnoc


issue of (58) Salomon I (above) was:

(59) Andrew (Audren), King 445-464 [often mis-identified with Aldrien (Aldroenus), Prefect of Amorica 401-407, who belongs in the Arthurian genealogy]

the issue of (59) Andrew (above) was:

(60A) John "Lex" &/or "Regula", King 464-470 [called “Riotham/Riatham”, but not to be confused with the British “Riothamus”, aka Ambrosius]

(60B) Eusebe (Eusebius), K 470-?, had issue

(60C) Arch (Erich)(Erek), K ?-478


the issue of (60C) Arch (above) was:

(61A) Budic I (Bodicus), identified with Bieda in the A-S Chr (d501)

(61B) Maglo (A-S Chr), identified with GM’s Maglaurus (d501)

the issue of (61A) Budic I (above) were:

(62A) Hoel [poss. identified with Hoel I "The Great", compare below]

(62B) Rioval

(62C) Dyfnwng

(62D) Euddogwy, Bishop of Llandaff

(62E) Feredin

(62F) Dwyn, wife of Nestor de Ganis

(62G) Gwen "Teirbron", wife of Eneas "Ledewig"


the issue of (60A) John "Lex" &/or "Regula" (above) was:

(61A) Daniel I "Dremrud" ["Drem-Rutz"], King 478-490 abd to become King of Allemania, date; = [name], daughter of RE Leo II

(61B) Emyric "Llydaw"

the issue of (61A) Daniel I "Dremrud" (above) was:

(62A) Budic II (d 556), = D’Anaumide, daughter of Theodoric "The Elder", military-governor with Marcellus "of Dalmatia", co-ruler [identified with Marchil "Chillon" (497) of Breton legend], who were under the orders of Theodoric “The Great”, “The Ostro-Goth”, viceroy of the western provinces [under the command of the Roman-Byzantine Emperor Justinian “The Great”, until he broke ties with the Roman-Byzantine Empire]

(62B) Maxentius (Maxenri; Maxemre)

(62C) Riwal [I] Mur-Mac-Con (d513)

issue of (62A) Budic II (above) were:

(63A) daughter, wife of Cynmarch of Gododdin [the Cole Godepac Pedigree]

(63B) Meliau I (d537), by his wife, Aurelia de Broerec, begot (64) St. Melor, murdered 544 [age 14]

(63C) Rivold [I] (Rhiwod) (d545), the father of (64) Withur, Prince of Leon (550), the father of (65) Ausoch, Prince of Leon (570)

(63D) Fine

(63E) Theodoric I (Tewdwr) "The Younger" (d584), father of (64) Mouric (Meurig), who, =  [name], daughter of Cyngalyn, King of Gower (d543), &, sister of Gwrdoddw, King of Ergyng (Ercing), and begot (65) issue

(63F) Amon "Ddu"; = Anne, the parents of (64) "Saint" Samson

(63G) Umbraphel; = Arilda, & begot (64a,b,c) 2 sons & 1 dau

(63H) Eigion, St.

(63i) daughter, the 1st wife of the Breton king Conomor (Cynvor; Cynfor; Conmor)(Cunomorus) (Quonomorius), who is identified with King Cynfawr II of Cornwall [kld 560 fighting King Lothaire I of France]. His 2nd wife was also a Breton princess. It appears his intent was to produce an heir to permanently unite the two kingdoms. He was unsuccessful. He married five times. His 5th wife, Trephine (Trifina), and her son, (64) Tremeur (Trechmorus) were murdered that year also in consequence of King Conomor’s death

issue of (62B) Maxentius (Maxenri; Maxemre) [Daniel I Dremrud’s 2nd son] (above) was:

(63A) daughter, 2nd wife of King Conomor of Brittany [identified with King Cynfawr II of Cornwall]

(63B) Canao I (Chanao), d560

(63C) Macliau I (Maliavus)(Macliaw), dep (d577), was the father of two sons, namely, (64A) Iakob (d577), and (64B) Waroc [I] (Waroch) (Gwerek) (d594), the father of (65) Canao II (Chanao), 594-XXX

(63D) Tyfei, St.

(63E) daughter, wife of King Ionas of Brittany-Cornwall (559) (above)

issue of (61B) Emyrus "Llydaw" (above) was:

(62A) Hoel, poss. identified with Hoel I "The Great" (Hoel "Mawr") (Hovelius "Magnus"), compare above, King of Armorica  [Brittany/Bretagne] 513-544, = Alma-Pompa, half-sister of King Arthur of Britain

(62B) Owain

(62C) Gwyndaf “Hen”, the father of (63) [M]Aelrys

(62D) Madoc

(62E) Alan “Fyrgan”, the father of (63) Llonio "Lawhir"

the issue of (62A) Hoel I "The Great" (above) was:

(63A) Hoel II, King 544-547; =1 Rimo (Rune), sister of Rhun of Gwynedd; =2 Tymyr, daughter of Rhun of Gwynedd

(63B) Tudual, St.

(63C) Elinore, Sire of Rohan, had issue

(63D) Ithel "Hael", the father of (64a) Trillo, (64b) St. Tegid, & (64c) Gredyw

(63E) Dwyaraw "Frychan"

(63F) Lunaire, St.

(63G) Artfael

(63H) Madoc, the father of (64) Tudor "Mawr", aka Theodoric II (fl c 560s/570s), the father of two daughters: (65a) Canna [wife of Sadwrn "Farfog", &, mother of (66) St. Crallo] and (65b) Tegau [wife of Cyngu "Carcludwys" [of the Tudor House Pedigree], &, mother of (66) Alltu "Redegog" of the epic tale]

(63i) Rhufon, St.

(63J) Seve, St.

issue of (63) Hoel II, King 544-547 (above) was:

(64A) Alan I (Alain), King ?-574; = Azenor

(64B) Kristiolus, St.

(64C) Derfyl “Gadarn”

(64D) Rystrud

(64E) Llechid

issue of King (64A) Alan I (above), was:

(65A) Hoel III, King (d612); = Fratelle (Pritelle)

(65B) Gradlon

(65C) Silo, St. (Silun)

issue of (65A) Hoel III (above), was:

(66A) Gilquallus, King c 620

(66B) Salomon II, King c 620-632

(66C) Iudicael (Judhael), King 632-640, abd (d658) = Morone

the son of (66C) Iudicael (above) was:

(67) Alan II "Le Long", King 640-690, = sister of Cunobert, usurper 690, a Wessex prince

the issue of (67) Alan II "Le Long" (above) was:

(68A) Gradlon II, King c 690-XXX

(68B) Iahan "Reith", section 21.1

(68C) Urien, section 21.2

(68D) Lionel, section 21.3

(68E) Afadda (dau), wife of Idwal “Iwrch” of Gwynedd [Venedotia]

(68F) Agatha (dau), wife of Riwal of Devon [Dumnonia]

(68G) Avissa (dau), wife of Yvoir (Ivor), a British patriot-prince & resistance-leader

the son of (68B) Iahan "Reith" (above) was:

(69) Daniel II "Unua", King XXX-703

the issue of (69) Daniel II "Unua" (above) was:

(70A) Riwallon I, King 720, the father of (71) Daniel III, King ?-749, father of (72) Berdic "The Great", King 796-799, section 21.1A

(70B) Theodoric III, c 720, the father of (71) Budic III "Mur", King c 750, the father of (72) Meliau II, King XXX-792

(70C) Raulhonus (Romulus) "The Valiant", King c 740, the father of (71) Daniel IV "Dremrost", c 760, father of (72) Gradlon "Flam", section 21.1B


section 21.1:

the descendants of (68B) Iahan "Reith" [2nd son of Alan II "Le Long"] (above), by generation, were:

(68B) Iahan "Reith", the father of

(69) Daniel II "Unua", King XXX-703, the father of

(70A) Riwallon I, King 720, the father of

(71) Daniel III, King ?-749, father of (72) Berdic "The Great" (below)

section 21.1A

(72) Berdic "The Great" (above), the father of

(73) Riwallon II, King (d814), the father of

(74) Jornithan, d818, King, the father of

(75) Morvars, King, the father of

(76) Riwallon III, King (d857), the father of

(77) Salomon III, King 857-874, who, by wife, Grymberte (Wembrite),  begot

(78) daughter, heiress, wife of Pasquite I (Paskwitan), Count of Vannes, King of Brittany 874-6 & 877, the parents of

(79) Ridoredh, d  876 

issue of (79) Ridoredh (above) was:

(80A) Alan III/I "The Great", King/Duke 877-907, = Oregan

(80B) [G]Wramaelon, King/Duke 907-919 & 919-922

the issue of (80A) Alan III/I "The Great" (above) was:

(81A) Pasquite II, King 919 & 923-936

(81B) Havoise (Avicia), heiress, wife of Matheudoi (Malhuedoc), Count of Poher (d936)

issue of (81B) Havoise (above), the heiress, was:

(82) Alan IV/II "Barbe-Torte", King/Duke 936-952

issue of (82) Alan IV/II "Barbe-Torte" (above) was:

(83A) Drogo, King/Duke 952-8

(83B) Hoel IV, King/Duke (d970/6), father of (84) Iudicael (d1005), father of (85) Judith (d1064), wife of Alan "Canhiart" [distant cousin], Count of Cornuaille, d1058, the parents of

(83C) Waroc II (Guerech), King/Duke 976-987, the father of (84) Alan V/III (d990)


the descendants of (68B) Iahan "Reith" (above), continued, were:

(68B) Iahan "Reith", the father of

(69) Daniel II "Unua", King XXX-703, the father of

(70C) Raulhonus (Romulus) "The Valiant", King c 740, the father of

(71) Daniel IV "Dremrost", c 760, father of (72) Gradlon "Flam" (below)

section 21.1B

(72) Gradlon "Flam" (above), father of

(73) Concar "Cheronnoc"

the issue of (73) Concar "Cheronnoc" (above) was:

(74A) Budic IV (826), the father of (75) Gradlon "Plunevor" (837), the father of (76) Riwal [II] [identified with Rivelen] (857)

(74B) Lowenen I, King 826-837, the father of (75) Roiantdreh (daughter), who, childless, adopted the orphaned future Salomon III [see Berdic "The Great" descent-line, above]

(74C) Judon

the son of (74C) Judon (above) was:

(75) Constantine (840); = Barilic 

the three sons of (75) Constantine (above) was:

(76A) Urbien

(76B) Aregstan (Arecstan), the father of (77A) Rhiwod (874) & (77B) Judael, the father of (78) Lowenen II, King, c 830, the father of (79) Alava (dau), wife of (79) Diles "Heirguer Chebre" [3rd cousin]

(76C) Justin, the father of

(77) Alfrond, the father of

(78) [A]Ulfret "Alesrudon", the father of

(79) Diles "Heirguer Chebre", who, by wife, Alava [3rd cousin], begot

(80) Budic V "Berhuc" (952), the father of

(81) Budic VI [Binidic] "Castile" (976), the father of

the three sons of (81) Budic VI [Binidic] "Castile" (above) were:

(82A) Alan, the father of (83) Banquo [omitted in some mss.], the father of (84) Flaald [A], traditional ancestry of the Stuarts

(82B) Benedict, a bishop, father of (83) Alan "Canhiart", Count of Cornuaille (d1058), who, by wife, Judith, daughter of Iudicael (d1005), son of Hoel IV (d970/80) (above), begot (84A) Hoel V, Duke, d1084 & (84B) Agnes (dau), wife of Eudes, Count of Penthievre (d1079)

(82C) Hamo, Vicomte de Dinan

issue of (82C) Hamo, Vicomte de Dinan (above) was:

(83A) Hamo[n], eldest, Vicomte de Dinan

(83B) Alain, Dapifer of Dol

(83C) Josceline, Vicomte, c 1040-70, the father of Oliver, Vicomte, c 1070-1100

(83D) Flaald [B], possible ancestor of the Stuarts

(83E) Jenkins (Junkeneus), Arch-Bishop of Dol

(83F) Riwal, Sire of Dol, (1066), father of William, Lord of Dol, father of Riwal, the father of Geoffrey "Espine", Seneschal of Dol [ancestor of the Spina Family]

(83G) ?Geoffrey de Rise, the father of (84) Hubert, the father of (85a) Adam and (85b) Eudes, the father of three sons: (86a) Ralph; (86b) Hubert, Sheriff of Essex [under King Henry I]; & (86c) Robert

(83H) Haton


section 21.2

the descendants of (68C) Urien [3rd son of Alan II "Le Long"] (above), by generation, were:

(68C) Urien (670), the father of

(69) Urban (Erbin) (700), the father of

(70) Judon (730),  the father of

(71) Constantine (760), the father of

(72) Argante "Arastagne", King 786-792

the issue of (72) Argante "Arastagne" (above) was:

(73A) Rivod II, King 792-?

(73B) [G]Wyomarch (Wiomarch), King 818-824

(73C) Iudael, had issue

the son of (73B) [G]Wyomarch (Wiomarch) (above) was:

(74) Erispoe (Haruspogius), King 824-826, the father of

(75) Nominoe, King/Duke 845-851, = Argentaela, the parents of

(76) Erispoe, King/Duke 851-857, = Marmohec, the parents of

(77) daughter, wife of Gurvand, Count of Rennes, King/Duke of Brittany 874-877, the parents of

(78) Iudicael (Judikael), unsuccessful claimant (d888), the father of

(79) daughter, wife of Berengar, Count of Bayeux, King/Duke of Brittany 877-889, d890, the parents of

(80) Berengar, d930, the father of

(81) Iudicael, d952,  the father of

(82) Juhel-Berengar, d976, the father of

(83) Conan I "The Tort" (d992), title changed from “king” to “duke”, considered the founder of a new dynasty, sometimes called the “first” Duke of Brittany


section 21.3

the descendants of (68D) Lionel [4th son of Alan II "Le Long"] (above), by generation, were:

(68D) Lionel, the father of

(69) Alan, the father of

(70) Froamid[us], usurper 762, the father of

(71) Frodald[us], King 799-818, the father of

(72) Frotmund, the father of

(73) Flothare (Flotharius), the father of

(74) Adelrad, the father of

(75) Fragual "Fradeleoc" (840), the father of 

(76) Frotbald, the father of

(77) Alirad, the father of

(78) Frotmund, the father of

(79) Fretald, the father of

(80) Frotmund "Vetules" (919), the father of

(81) Fratmald "the Seneschal", the father of

(82) Alan, the father of

(83) Flatauld (Flaald) [C], another possible ancestor of the Stuarts, compare above


note: the royal Stuarts descend from a Breton prince whose name was Flaald, the problem is there were three contemporary persons of that name in the Breton royal/ducal house alive at the same-time, which presents the question: which one of the three was the ancestor of the royal Stuarts?; was he:

(a) Flaald [A], the son of Banquo, has been the traditional ancestor of the Stuarts from the time Shakespeare who referred to him in “Macbeth”; however, perhaps Shakespeare purposely made the identification as Banquo’s son for political reasons.

(b) Flaald [B], the son of Hamon, Vicomte de Dinan, is generally accepted today by academia as the true ancestor of the Stewarts/Stuarts

(c) Flaald [C], the son Alan, represents an alternative pedigree, hence, all three descent-lines are given for consideration:


the descent-lines of Flaald [A], Flaald [B], & Flaald [C] all stem from (67) Alan II "Le Long" (above), which are:

Line-A & Line-B are basically two families of the same descent-line

(67) Alan II "Le Long", King 658-690 (above)

(68) Iahan "Reith"

(69) Daniel II "Unua" XXX-703

(70) Raulhonus (Romulus) "The Valiant", King, c 740

(71) Daniel IV "Dremrost", King, c 760

(72) Gradlon "Flam"

(73) Concar "Cheronnoc"

(74) Judon

(75) Constantine 

(76) Justin

(77) Alfrond

(78) [A]Ulfret "Alesrudon"

(79) Diles "Heirguer Ehebre" = Alava, dau of Lowenen II, King

(80) Budic V "Berhuc"

(81) Budic VI [Binidic] "Castellin"

the sons of (81) Budic VI [Binidic] "Castellin" (above) were

(82A) Alan, the father of (83) Banquo, the father of (84) Flaald [A], the traditional ancestor of the Stuarts

(82B) Benedict, through whom the dynasty continues

(82C) Hamo[n], Vicomte de Dian, the father of (83) Flaald [B], the probable ancestor of the Stuarts


Line-C: an alternative pedigree

(67) Alan II "Le Long", King 658-690 (above)

(68) Lionel

(69) Alan

(70) Froamid[us], usurper 762

(71) Frodald[us], King 799-818

(72) Frotmund

(73) Flothare (Flotharius)

(74) Adelrad

(75) Fragual "Fradeleoc" 

(76) Frotbald

(77) Alirad

(78) Frotmund

(79) Fretald

(80) Frotmund "Vetules"

(81) Fratmald "the Seneschal"

(82) Alan

(83) Flatauld, aka Flaald [C], who is often confused with either (84) Flaald [A], son of Banquo (above), or (83) Flaald [B], son of Hamo (above), any one of whom may be the Flaald who was the ancestor of the Stuarts


PART 22:  the male-line descent of Flaald (above) to Henry Stuart, the father of King James I of Britain, by generation, is:

(83) Flaald "of Dol", "The Conqueror’s Companion" (d1101); = Domina Norton, the parents of (84a) Howel, (84b) Alan "of Oswestry" (below), & (84c) Riwal "Extraneus", the father of (85a) Siward, (85b) Bernard, & (85c) Roland [ancestor of The Le Strange Family]

(84) Alan "of Oswestry" (d1114/21); = Avelina, daughter of Warine de Hesdin, Sheriff of Shropshire, the parents of (85a) Simeon [Jordan], (85b) William Fitz-Alan (d1160) [ancestor of The Fitz-Alan Family], & (85c) Walter (below)

(85) Walter [ancestor of The Stewart/Stuart Family], the "1st" of his family to hold the office of High-Steward of Scotland to which he was appointed upon the resignation of Ailred de Riveaulx in 1137 (d1177); = Eschyne of Molle, daughter of Thomas "de Loudonis/Lothanis" [Lothian], the parents of

(86) Alan, 2nd High-Steward (d1204); = Alesta, daughter of Morgund, Earl of Mar; the parents of

(87) Walter, 3rd High-Steward (d1246) [adopted "Stewart" as his surname, which was a variation of his title "Steward"]; = Beatrix, daughter of Gilchrist, Earl of Angus, &, wife, Marjorie, daughter of Henry of Huntingdon, the parents of

(88) Alexander, 4th High-Steward (d1283); = Jane, daughter of Seumas, Lord of Bute [The Isles], by whom he begot three sons: (a) John, (b) James, 5th High-Steward of Scotland (d1309), and (c) Rori (Rodric)

(89) John (d 1297/8); = Margaret, daughter of Alexander Bonkyl, the parents of five sons, namely, (90a) Alan "of Dreghorn", (90b) Walter, (90c) Alexander "of Bonkyl" (d1319), (90d) James "of Periston" (d1333), & (90e) John (d1333)

(90) Alan of Dreghorn (d1333); = [name] "of Galloway", the parents of

(91) Alexander, Lord Darnley (d 1372); = [name] de Turnbull", the parents of

(92) Alexander, Lord Darnley (d1406); = Janet, daughter of William Keith, the parents of

(93) John, Lord Darnley (kld 1428/9); = Elizabeth, daughter of Duncan, Earl of Lennox, the parents of

(94) Alan, Lord Darnley (kld 1439); = Catherine, daughter of William Seton, the parents of

(95) John, Lord Darnley, Earl of Lennox (d1494/5); = Margaret, daughter of Alexander Montgomery, 1st Lord Montgomery, the parents of

(96) Matthew, Lord & Earl (d1513) [his elder brother, Walter, predeceased their father in 1494; and, his younger brother, James, was a knight] [changed spelling of surname "Stewart" to "Stuart"]; = Elizabeth, daughter of James Hamilton, &, his wife, Mary Stewart, daughter of King James II of Scotland, the parents of

(97) John, Lord & Earl (mur 1526 while a prisoner); = Anne Croft [his 1st wife], the parents of

(98) Matthew, Lord & Earl (kld 1571); = Margaret Douglas [daughter of Margaret Tudor, the sister of King Henry VIII of England, by her 2nd husband, Archibald Douglas], the parents of

(99) Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley (mur 1567); = Mary, Queen of Scots [grand-daughter of Margaret Tudor, the sister of King Henry VIII of England, by her 1st husband, King James IV of Scotland], the parents of

(100) JAMES I, King of Britain 1603-1625, ancestor of all succeeding British monarchs


PART 23: The "Grail-Kings" - descent-line is suspect: compiled from legendary stories & medieval romances

see "Grail-Kings" at

(41) Joseph of Arimethea (above) (dc AD58) [who is recorded to have possession of “The Holy Grail”], who, by wife, Alyuba, dau of Akar, begot

(42A) Joseph[es] (d AD82?)

(42B) Enygeus (dau), wife of Bran "The Fisher-King", a British prince

the sons of (42A) Joseph[es] (above) were:

(43A) Joshua (Jesus), "first" Grail-King, circa AD 100, built Corbenic Castle to house the Holy Grail & as the religious order’s home. [note: "Corbenic", is derived from "cors benoit" = "blessed body", whence the town of "Corbeni" in Picardy, France, got its name. The religious order removed to Britain circa AD 519 and left Corbenic Castle empty. The castle was razed by Charlemagne, circa AD 800]

(43B) Alain "Li Gros" ("The Large"); = [his cousin] Elis, daughter of Bran “The Fisher-King”, the husband of Enygeus, his aunt

the sons of (43B) Alain "Li Gros" (above) were:

(44A) Josue [Joshua II] (150)

(44B) Isaiah

the descendants of (44A) Josue (above), by generation, were:

(45) Alphanye, the father of

(46) Aminadab, the father of

(47) Catheloys (Carcelois), founded the religious-order of the Castellors, which was later suppressed by the Roman Catholic Church, the father of

(48) Emanuel (225/250), the father of

(49) Titurel, founded the military-order of the Grail-Knights, the father of

(50) Enfertez [Anfortas I] (275), the father of

(51) Frimutel (300), the father of

(52) Mazadan [Ahura Mazda], the father of

(53) Laziliez (350), the father of

(54) Zamphir (Zamfir; Zambor) (Zamvirz) (375)

the three sons of (54) Zamphir (above), were:

(55A) Lambor (400)

(55B) Addanz

(55C) Galegant

the issue of (55A) Lambor (above) was:

(56A) Pellam (Pellehen), 15th "Grail-King"

(56B) Yglais (Eglise) (dau), the wife of the British king, Anblaud “The Great”, the Welsh Amlawd “Wledic”, the mother of (57) Ygerne (Eigyr), who, by Eutherius [Uthyr Pendragon], the “King of Britain”, was the mother of (58) King Arthur "The Great" of Britain

the issue of (56A) Pellam (above) was:

(57) Pelles of Corbenic Castle, "Grail-King"

the issue of (57) Pelles of Corbenic Castle (above) was:

(58A) Amfortas [II] "The Fisher-King"; = Orgeluse, & begot (59) Elayne [his only child & daughter], who pined & died for the love of Lancelot

(58B) Herzeloyde (dau), wife of Gahmuret, mother of (59) Parzival

(58C) Elaischoye (dau) [note: the post-Vulgate changed her name to "Elayne"], wife of Lancelot, mother of (59) [Sir] Galahad, a knight, later, “Keeper of The Grail”, who died celibate


the son of (55B) Addanz (above) was:

(56) Gandin (Gaudin); = Schoette

the three sons of (56) Gaudin (above) were:

(57A) Gahmuret

(57B) Galoes (Gabes), father of (58A) Antikonie; (58B) Vergulaht; (58C) Rischoyde (dau), wife of Kaylet; (58D) Repanse de Schoye (dau), wife of Feirefiz; (58E) Riautrise (dau), wife of Guerin

(57C) Gaheviez, father of (58) Ither "The Red Knight"

the issue of (57A) Gahmuret (above) by 1st wife, Achefleur, was:

(58A) Aglovale

(58B) Lischoise (Lamerocke) 

(58C) Schenote

the issue of (57A) Gahmuret (above) by  2nd wife, Belakane, Queen of Zambezee [Africa] was:

(58D) Feirefiz; = Repanse de Schoye [Repense de Joie], & begot of (59) John "The Prester"

the issue of (57A) Gahmuret by his 3rd wife, Herzeloyde, was:

(58E) Parzival (Perceval) (Parsifal), famous epic-hero (525), was the father of three sons by three wives

the issue of (58E) Parzival (above) by 1st wife, Lafamur, was:

(59A) Oriante, who, by wife Elouse, was the father of triplets

the issue of (58E) Parzival (above) by 2nd wife, Sangive, was:

(59B) Houdourans, who, by wife, Matabrunne, had issue

the issue of (58E) Parzival (above) by his 3rd wife, Condure, was:

(59C) Kardeiz [II], father of (60) Charlot, ancestor of (77) Otto "of Lillefort"


the three sons of (55C) Galegant (above) were:

(56A) Tampentaire, father of (57) Kardeiz [I], father of (58) Condure (dau), 3rd wife of Parzival (above)

(56B) Gurnemanz, father of (57) Gurzgar, who, by wife, Mahaute, begot (58) Gandiluz

(56C) Manpfilkjot, who, by wife, Schoysiance, begot (57a) Trevrizent "The Hermit" & (57b) Sigune (dau), wife of ...


note: there are 16 generations missing in the pedigree between (60) Charlot, son of (59C) Kardeiz [II], son of (58) Parzival, the epic hero (above), and (77) Otto "of Lillefort", father of (78) Warin of Lorraine [= "Loherenc Garin", a.k.a. Lohengrin], his descendant


(78) Warin of Lorraine (d1071), one of "The Conqueror's Companions" (1066) [whose name was corrupted in medieval romantic literature into Lohengrin], was a known descendant of the epic hero (58) Parzival (above); &, who, by his wife, Biautris, was the father of

(79) Helyas "The Swan-Knight", epic-hero of the First Crusade 1096-99, last Grail-King, who returned “The Holy Grail” to “The Church of the Holy Sepulchre” (1099)

he had three sons, all born out of wedlock & were reared by their mothers, who were:

(80A) Geoffrey of Bouillon, Leader of the First Crusade 1096-99, &, “Protector of The Holy Sepulchre” 1099, whose mother, Ida of Louvain, widow of the Duke of Bouillon, married 3rdly Eustace II, Count of Boulogne

(80B) Egilmar I, Count of Oldenburg (Oldcastle) (d1108), whose mother, Elsa of Brabant, divorced wife of Regnier, Count of Hainault, married 3rdly Hajo, Count of Uprustringen

(80C) Dietrich II, Count of Cleves 1085/92 (d1114/19?), whose mother, Beatrix (Belayne) of Cleves, daughter of Rutger II, Count of Cleves, widow of the Count of Lizaborye, married 3rdly Dietrich I, Count of Cleves (d1056)

[note: Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, is a male-line descendant of Helyas "The Swan-Knight" through the Counts of Oldcastle (Oldenburg), however, his official genealogy is traced through the royal house of Greece, which may trace its descent from ancient Greek kings]



There are today several families which can trace their descent in the male-line from the Davidic Dynasty, which are:

(a) the Levine Family, an off-shoot of the Harlap [Charlap] Family, which is itself an off-shoot of the Ibn Yahya Family, whose eponymous ancestor was Yahya Ha-Nasi, aka Don Yahya "El Negro", the "Lord of Aldeia dos Negros", Portugal, who descended from a dynasty of the Jewish Palestinian Nesi'im, i.e., the House of Mar-Zutra, which was representative of the Ahijahite Line, the "2nd" dynasty of Babylonian Exilarchs

(b) the Dayan Family, whose eponymous ancestor was Yosef Dayan of Aleppo, Syria, who became the royal heir of [another] dynasty of the Jewish Palestinian Nesi'im, its collateral-line, the Nasi Family, upon its extinction, which were both representative of the House of Bostanai, the "3rd" dynasty of Babylonian Exilarchs [note: the Dayan Family appears to have the best claim to Israel's throne, for Dr. Nahum Sloushz in his article "Where are the True Descendants of King David?", in "The Jewish Morning Journal", September 1, 1933, says that Rabbi Isaac (Yitzhak) Dayan was considered the head of King David's House in his time due primarily to his strong personality, but not due to his place in the dynasty's genealogy. too, in 1617 the old great Rabbi Kehahr [abrev. = Kevod HaRav HaGaon] recorded in an unpublished manuscript the descent-line of his contemporary Nathan Ha-Dayan [son of Mordechai Zalhah Ha-Dayan and father of Yosef Dayan, the royal heir] in which he heaps praise upon him reminiscence of the praise heaped upon the post-exilic royal heir Zerubabel by the prophets Haggai and Zechariah, which suggests God's appointment of him and his descendants as the heirs of the Davidic Dynasty and/or the ancient Jewish kings]

(c) the Schneerson Family, whose eponymous ancestor was Schneur Zalman Boruchovitch, called "The Alter Rebbe", who descended in the male-line from Yehuda Lieb, called "The Maharal of Prague", who was representative of a secondary-line of the House of Bostanai, the "3rd" dynasty of Babylonian Exilarchs

(d) those families which claim royal Davidic descent as a part of their family's tradition and can produce spotty evidence to support their claims, however, their genealogies have gaps and they can not fully document their claims, such as the Shaltiel Family, the Berdugo Family, etc. Though, these families have gaps in their genealogies, nevertheless, it is known who their family-ancestor was; thus, the ancestors of these families maybe found on the Davidic Dynasty Family-Tree. [note: the descendants of Baha'u'llah are extinct in the male-line, and, the pedigree of the modern-day claimant Mohammed Mohadjer is highly suspect]

(e) those families which claim Davidic ancestry in virtue of their descent from the "Rashi" of Troyes, who was known to have been a scion of the Davidic Dynasty through one of its secondary-lines. The "Rashi", though, had only daughters and no sons, thus, descent from him can only be traced through a female-link. The problem here is that no daughter can pass on an inheritance unless she is married to "one of her father's house", in this case, the Davidic Dynasty, that is, the husband and/or the father of the children of an heiress must be a male-line descendant of her father's house [in this case King David's House], according to the Mosiac law (Num 28:8; Num 36:8). Now, we know that the husbands of the Rashi's three daughters each claimed male-line Davidic descent, however, their genealogies are lost, and you know what Ezra "The Scribe" thought about lost genealogies

(f) the "rex deus" families which trace their ancestry from the "Desposyni", i.e., descendants of Christianity's Holy Family; such as the royal Stewarts/Stuarts of Scotland and England [note: Thomas Plantard de Saint-Clair does not descend from a "rex deus" family as one genealogy claims him to be, but is the male-line heir of the Jewish prince Makhir, aka Theodore of Narbonne, whose genealogy has gaps]

(g) the male-line heirs of Ethiopia's original Axumite [Solomonic] Dynasty, which has been reduced to only one male-line descendance, the Shoa[ite] Line, or, the descendants [if any] of the Ethiopian prince Birru Birru, after whom would follow the descendants [if any] of his 3rd cousin, Amaze Neche Tayye, after whom would follow any male-line descendants [if any] of Darge Sahle, the younger brother of their respective great-grand-fathers. The modern day pretenders to Ethiopia's throne only descend from Ethiopia's national dynasty through female-links, which makes today's pretenders ineligible for succession to King David's throne. The last Ethiopian monarch descended from Ethiopia's original Axumite [Solomonic] Dynasty was the Empress Woisero Zawditu (1916-1930), who died without surviving issue


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