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LINE 1:                                             SCYTHIANS

01. Partatua, founded Scythia's "Paralat Dynasty", c 675BC

02. Arianta, son, King of Scythia

03. Madyes, son

4B Gnurus, son, bro of (4A) Lycus & (4C) Saulius

05. Idanthyrsus, son

06. Tomiris, dau, Queen of Scythia

=1 Scopasis; =2 Taxacris

issue by 1/or2:

07. Ariapithes, son

08. Skylla, aka Skilourou Basileus, son

09. Octamasades, son

10A Opoino, dau, Queen of Scythia

= (10B) Ateas "The Thataean" (d339BC), a Greek prince

11. Aripharnes, son, King of Scythia (300BC)

12. son [name unknown], King of Scythia (275BC)

13. Sagillus, son, King of Scythia (250BC), made alliance with Oreithyia, Queen of the Amazons, whose cousin [name] he =

14. son [name unknown], King of Scythia (200BC)

15. Saitapharnes, son, King of Scythia (175)

16B Akrossa, son, King of Scythia (150BC), bro of (16A) Palakus, King of Scythia

17. Akrosandros, son, King of Scythia (125BC)

18. Skilur, son, King of Scythia, deposed 100BC by the Sarmatians

19. dau, wife of [name], King of Sarmatians

20. dau, wife of [name], King of proto-Turks 

21. Bonon, King of Margiana [Margush] [modern Merv region] located in Turkestan [modern Turkmenistan], 58-20BC

see for continuation


LINE 2:                                             KUSHANS

01. Heraus "The Great" "of Yueh-Chih", "1st" King of the Kushans [whom the Chinese called the Yuezhi; whom the Indians called the Tochari], a Tokharian-speaking tribe

= [name], a Chinese princess, dau/or desc of Liu Pang, Emperor of China

02. Kuyula [aka Qiu Jiuque "of Hou Han"] Kadphises [Kilu-dzilu-kiak], King of Kushans 25BC-AD25

= dau of Hermaeus, [last] King of Bactria, &, wife, Calliope


03. Vima Kadphises [II] [Yen-Kao-Chen], King of Kushans AD 50-75, bro of Wema Taktu, King AD 25-50

= [name], grand-dau of Susaramana, Emperor of India (30BC), son of Narayana, Emperor of India (45BC), son of Bhumimitra, Emperor of India (60BC), son of Kanva-Vasudeva, Emperor of India (75BC)

04. Kanishka I "Devaputra" or "The Great", King of Kushans, India, & Inner Asia [inclu: Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, etc.]; called self "world-king"; circa AD 75-125

05. Huvishka I, King of Kushans 130-150, bro of Vasishka I, King 125-130

= [name], dau of Nahapa, Sakya-King 119-124

06. Vasudeva I, King of Kushans 150-160, bro of Kanishka II, King 160-170 [the father of two sons: Huvishka II, King 170-180, & Vasishka II, King 180-190]

07. Kanishka III, King of Kushans (220)

08. Vasudeva II [Po T'iao], King of Kushans 222-244

= [name], dau of Ardashir-i-Babegan, a Persian prince

09. Vasudeva III, King of Kushans (250)

10. Vasudeva, King of Kabul [Afghanistan] (275)


(1)/11A. Vasu (300), father of Khuhu (350), father of Shaka (380), father of Kipanada (420), father of Wema (425), last Kushan king, conquered by the Avar Khanate

(2)/11B. Ifra Hormiz (dau)

= Hormisdas II, Shah of Persia 302-309



LINE 3:                                            KHAZARS

[note: the Khazar "ANSA" Dynasty [Chinese: Nu-she-pi], is the same as the Turkish "ANSINA" Dynasty]



00. [name], the Khazar heiress, descendant of Karadach, Khazar-King (AD450), descendant of Khozarig, 1st Khazar King (100BC)

= Nivar Kagan, aka Neri Khan, King of Turks 590-597

01. Ziebel, [1st] King of Khazars (620), identified with Tong Yabghu Khan, King of Turks 618-627

= [name], a Jewish princess of the exilarch's house


(a) Yazir Bulash, main-line

(b) Harbis [I] [Irbis], secondary-line

02. Yazir Bulash, father of

03. Chorpan Tarkhan, father of

04. Alp Tarkhan, father of

05. Tarmach/Bardzhik (730), father of

06. Hazer Tar-Khan (d737), his dau,

07. Prisbit, married Barjik, # 7(below)


02. Harbis [I] [Irbis], King (630), son

= Epiphania, dau of Byzantine Emperor Heraclius


(a) Anastasia (dau), wife of Khalge Kaghan [Harbis II], King # 4 (below)

03. Kieyue Khan, King (640), cousin

son of Moho Shad, bro of 1st King Ziebel (above)


(a) Khalge Kaghan [Harbis II], King # 4

(b) Ashena Holo, father of Kaban Kagan, King # 5

04. Khalge Kaghan, aka Harbis II], King (650), son

= Anastasia, dau of Harbis I (above)


(a) Ibuzir Glavan, King # 6

(b) Theodora (dau), wife of Justinian II, Byzantine Emperor

05. Kaban Kagan, King (670), nephew

06. Ibuzir Glavan, King 690-715, cousin

07. Barjik [Bardzhik], King 715-731, son

= Prisbit, regent 731-737 dep, dau of Hazer Tarkman, Khan of the Beks


(a) Bulan Sabriel, King # 8

(b) Bihar, King # 9

08. Bulan Sabriel, King (740), son, converted to Judaism


(a) Bagatur, King # 10

09. Bihar [Bizar], King (750), bro


(a) Xan-Tuvan Khan [Dyggvi], father of a son, called "Tar-Khan" (840s)

(b) Tzitzak (Chichak), aka Irene, wife of Constantine V, Byzantine Emperor 741-775, through whom a descent-line may be traced to Britain's Queen Elizabeth II

(c) dau, wife of Constantine II, King of Abasgia

10. Bagatur, King (760), nephew


(a) Obadiah, King # 11

(b) Hanukkah, King # 14

(c) Zebulun, King # 16

11. Obadiah (Ovadiya), King 786-809, son

12. Hezekiah (Hizkiah), King 809-?, son

13. Manasseh I, son

14. Hanukkah, great-uncle

15. Yitzchak (Isaac), son

16. Zebulun, uncle

17. Manasseh II, great-nephew

(18) Zachariah, claimant (860), gd-son of # 16

19. Nisi, son of # 17

20. Aaron I, King (900), son


(a) Menahem, King # 20

(b) Benjamin, King # 21

21. Menahem, son

22. Benjamin, bro

23. Aaron II, son

24. Hakan Yusuf (Joseph), King 940-965, son

25. David, King 965-969, son, deposed by Russians under Svyatoslav of Kiev, who overran and conquered Khazaria in 969; died an exile in Taman 986/8

26. George Tzula, royal heir, son, an exile in Kerch; was acknowledged king by the scattered remnant of the Khazars; was defeated and taken prisoner by the Russians in 1016 [last one]


LINE 4                      KUMANS, or KIPCHAKS


01. Tardu [Sukhaili] [Dardo], # 6B (above), bro of Bumin, 1st King of Turkey 552

02. Togrul Khan, # 14C

03. Qara Khoran Turk, # 15C

04. Irbis Kagan, # 27W

05. Torak Han [Turug] (28B), King of Turks 641-644 dep (d656), id. with same name in Ottoman pedigree

06. Ay Kutlug, # 31, King of Turks 644 dep, d685

07. Qimin Tor [Cemen Dur], # 37B, anti-king [in exile] 667-671 dep, d724

08. Yasak (d768)

09. Tur Temur (790)

10. Qara Khan (820)

= [name], dau of Theodore, King of Avars 805-814

11. Sungur (d865)

12. Bulgar (d906)

13. Turac Ortuk (d947)

14. Bulshi [Blushe] Khan (d974)

15. Sharu "Kumen" [="The Pale"], son, whose bro Sakur (d991), was an ancestor of the Turkish Ottoman Sultans

16. Kurkulu, son

17B Asep Khan (d1082), son, bro of (17A) Skal Khan (d1060), father of (18) Zeyhan, father of (19) Arbuz, father of (20) Turtel, father of (21) Kemenche, father of (22) Alpra, father of (23) Tolu

18. Tugor (d1096), son

19. Bonyak (d1111), son; his sis, Helene = Svyatopolk II of Kiev (d1113)

20. Otrok, son

21. Aepak [Aepo] (d1120), son


a. Sotan (1140), # 22A

b. Begluk (1150), # 22B (below)

c. Kozel (1160), # 22C

22B. Begluk, son (above)

23. Kobyak (d1183), son

24. Konchak, son

25. Kotyan [Kutyen; Kuthen] (d1223); his sis, Svoboda = Vladimir, Russian Prince (d1212)


(a) Bachma (d1237), ancestor of Pulad Beg, King of Cumans (1389), father of Tasha Timur, [last] King of Cumans 1406-7 dep

(b) Erzsebet (dau), heiress (below)

(c) dau, wife of Mstislav "Udaloy", a Russian prince

26. Erzsebet (dau)

= King Stephen V of Hungary (d1272)

27. Marie (d1323)

= Charles II of Anjou, King of Naples (d1309)

28. Margaret

= Charles, Duke of Valois

29. Jeanette

= William III, Count of Holland (d1337)

30. Philippa (d1369)

= EDWARD III, King of England

from whom descends all succeeding English monarchs


LINE 5:                                 [H]ALAINI [ALAINS]

01. ASKHKADAR, 1st King of the [H]Alaini [Alains]

02. BELER, son

03. SAROS, bro

four generations

10. KANDAK, descendant

11. GOKHAR, bro

12. SANGIPAN (450)

13. BEORGOR (475/500)

seven generations

21. ITAZ (725)

five generations


descendants end in an heiress, who marries a prince of the Bagratides, which family thereupon constituted a new [or second] dynasty to reign over the [H]Alani [Alains]:


34. ATON

35. [name] (daughter), wife of ...


LINE 6                         ALLEMANNI

01. Siggo, obtains kingdom of Germany c 350

02. Rerir

03. Waels [or Welsinc] [Vols/or Volsung], descendants callled "Volsungs" (400)

= Hljod, dau of Hrimnir

04. Sigmund

= Signy

05. Siegfried [Sigurd] "Fafnisbane", called "Dragon-Slayer", epic hero, the leader of a war-band of Germans (469)

= Brunhilda, dau of Butilin, King of the Allemanni


(a) Ragnachar

(b) Riccar

(c) Rignomer (d508), father of Ragnoara (dau), wife of Pastor, a Gallo-Roman noble

06. Ragnachar

= Albofleda, a Frankish princess

07. Segnius "of Allemania"


(a) Ragnahari

(b) Brunulphe, Earl of Cambresis, who, by Crotechilde, an Ostro-Goth pss, begot Fredegonde (dau), wife of Chilperic I of France

08. Ragnahari, King of Allemania

= Clotswith, dau of Sigebert of Burgundy, son of King Sigismund of Burgundy & his 5th wife, Hjordis, a Vandal princess


(a) Ragnemod

(b) Gundswith (dau); =1 Atanagildo, Visi-Goth King of Spain; =2 Leovigildo, Visi-Goth King of Spain, her 1st husband's bro

(c) Clothilde (dau); =1 Caribert I of France [his 5th wife]; =2 Redwald, King of East Anglia [his 1st wife]

09. Ragnemod, Earl of Cambresis (d591)

10. Gottfried, Earl of Cambresis


(a) Landegisel

(b) Ragnatrude, [3rd] wife of Dagobert I of France, mother of Regintrude, wife Theodo II of Bavaria

11. Landegisel, Earl of Cambresis

= heiress of Gardarige

12. Radbod, King of Gardarige [Russia] (650)

= Auda "Djup-udga", Queen of Denmark 647-674

13. Randver "of Denmark"

= Signy of Essex

14. Sigurd "[H]Ring", King of 735-750

= Alfhilde, dau of Gandalf, a Norse king

15. RAGNAR LODBROK (d794), overlord of Scandinavia

16. Sigfrid "Snake-Eye"

17. Halfdan

18. Ragnar [II] "The Raven", also called "Lodbrok" as a dynastic name (d866)

sons & daus



LINE 7                                 AVARS

01. Sarosio[s]

02. Kandik (560)

03. Bayar Khan, 1st King of Avars 565-602

= [name], dau of Yen-Lo-Ch'en, [last] King of the Juan-Juan

04. son, King 602-?

05. bro, King ?-630

06. son (650)

07. son (675)

08. son (700)

09. son (725)

10. son (750)

11. Yugur, son, King ?-795 (775)

12. Tudun [I], son, King 795-803 (800)


(a) Zodan, King 803-5, father of Theodore, King 805-814, father of [name], dau, wife of Qara Khan, Kuman-King (820), see

(b) Ibraham, King 814-c. 825

(c) Tudun [II], King c. 825-?


LINE 8                             UIGHURS

487-508 (01) Ay Uzhru, 1st King of he Uighurs

508-510 (02) Bariyan, son

510-516 (03) Batur, bro

516-520 (04) El'Beg, nephew

520-537 (05) Yuqu, son

537-541 (06) Begchi, son of # 2 or # 3

541-565 (07) [name], son

565-593 (08) [name], son

593-616 (09) [name], son

616-646 (10) Tekin Erkin [T'e-chien Ssu-chin], relative

646 (11) P'u-sa Ssu-chin, son

646-648 (12) Tumidu, bro

648-661 (13) Bayan [P'o-jun], relative

661-681 (14) Baz-Khan, son

681 (15) Pisutu, dau, queen, wife of

note: vassalage to Gok-Turks 681-744/747

681-715 (16) Toghuchi, relative

715-719 (17) Utibeg, relative

719-727 (18) Chinzon, relative

727 (19) Utinan, son of # 17

727-? (20) Ghoshu, relative

?-744 (21) Ku-Li, relative

744-747 (22) Qutluq Bilghe, son

747-759 (23) Mo-yen-ch'o [Bayanchur], son

=(758) Ning-kuo, dau of Su-Tsung, Emperor of China

759-779 (24) Itichien [El'Tekin], son

779-789 (25) Tun Mo-Ho [T'ien-chin] [Tonga Baghe], relative

789-790 (26) Tolossu [Chung-chen] [Taras Bilge], son

= Hsien-an (d808), dau of Te-Tsung, Emperor of China [her 1st =] [originally betrothed to Tun Mo-Ho, but he died before their marriage]

790-794 (27) A-ch'o [Feng-Ch'eng] [Aichur], son

= [name], dau of (24) Itichien [El'Tekin] (above)


(a) dau [name], wife of

794 (28) [name], bro

= Hsien-an (d808), dau of Te-Tsung, Emperor of China [her 2nd =]

794-795 (29) Azho, bro

795-808 (30) Qutlugh/Kutulu [Huai-Hsin], usurper, formerly the PM of the above

= Hsien-an (d808), dau of Te-Tsung, Emperor of China [her 3rd =]


808-821 (31) Paoi, aka Qutlugh II [Ali Tengri], son

821-824 (32) Teng-Lo [Ch'ung-Te] [Kun Tengri], bro

= T'ai-ho, Chinese Princess, sis of Mu-Tsung, Emperor of China, &, dau of Hsien-Tsung, Emperor of China; she returned to China in 843

824-832 (33) Hosa [Chao-Li] [Hazar Tegin], son

832-839(34) Kho [Chang-Hsin] [Kho Tegin], bro

839-840 (35) Kichik Tegin, bro

840-845 (36) Hosa [II] [aka Ughe Tegin], son

845-846 (37) Enian Tegin, relative, deposed by Kyrgyz


846-857 (38) Mangli, anti-king

857-864 (39) [name], anti-king

864-874 (40) P'u-Ku, anti-king


847-866 (38) Panu

866-871 (39) Boko

871-880 (40) Kol Bilge Qara Khan

880-910 (41) Bazir Khan

910-920 (42) [name]

920-940 (43) Sutuq Bughra Khan [Abd-al-Karim]

940-948 (44) Irdimin Khan

948-985 (45) Arslan Khan [Ali]

985-1017 (46) Ahmad Toghan Khan I

1017-1024 (47) Mansur Arslan Khan

1024-1026 (48) Ahmad Toghan Khan II

1026-1032 (49) Yusuf Qadir Khan

1032-1048 (50) [name]

1048-1073 (51) [name]

1073-1101 (52) [name]

1101-1132 (53) [name]

1132-1151 (54) [name]

1151-1175 (55) Bilge Tekin

1175-1208 (56) Isen Tomur

1208-1235 (57) Baurchuq Art Tekin

1235-1245 (58) Qusmayin

1245-1255 (59) Salun

1255-1265 (60) Oghrunzh

1265-1266 (61) Mamuraq

1266-1276 (62) Qozhighar

1276-1318 (63) Nolen Tekin

1318-1327 (64) Timur Buqa

1327-1331 (65) Sunggi

1331-1335 (66) Taypan, last one


empire partitioned


vassalage to Qara Khitai 1100s-1200s


vassalage to Mongols 1212-1368


conquered by Chinese 1368


LINE 9:                                             SAKAS

01. Megas [var.: Maues, Mayos], King of Sakas c. 100-75BC

= dau of Archebios, King of Bactria

02. Azes I, King of Sakyas c. 75-25BC

= sister of Hermaeus, King of Bactria 65-55BC

03. Aspabatis [Asparavarma], King of Sakas c. 50/25BC


(a) Azilizes, 4th King (below)

(b) Azilihas, prince (below)


issue of (b) Azilihas, prince (above) was

(a) Rajaula, who, by wife, [name], daughter of Strato II of Bactria, was the father of Sodasha, father of Castana, King of Gujarat (78-?), father of [name], father of Rudradaman (AD150), father of [name], ancestor of Iihania, aka Zeionises, King of Sakas (375-400) (below)

(b) Pacorus, father of (6) Aryazata (dau), wife of Vonones II, King of Parthia (AD51), parents of (7) Pacorus, King of Atropatene


04. Azilizes (Ayilisha), King of Sakas c. 25BC-1BC/AD1

= a Parthian princess

05. Azes II, King of Sakas c. 1BC/AD1-25

= a Hunnish princess

06. dau

= [name], a Parthian noble [from Sistan] of the Pahlava Family, King of Sakas AD 25-50

07. Spalahara, son, King 75-?, bro of Vonones Megas, King of Sakas 50-75

08. Azes III, son, King c. AD 100

09. Spalyris, son, King (AD125), bro of Nahapala, King 119-124

10. Spalagadama (Spalagademes), son, King

11. Spalirises (Spalirisha) Megas, son, King c. 150

12. Verethragna Megas [Orthagnes], son, King

13. Vindapharna Megas [Gudaphara; Gondopharos], son, King c. 175

14. Hyndopheres, son, bro of Pakura I [Pakoros Megas], King of Sakas (AD200), father of a daughter, [name], wife of Ardashir, Shah of Persia 230-245

15. Abdagases (Abdagasa) "Soter", son, King of Sakas (225)

16. Arsaces I (Arshaka) "Dikaios", son, King of Sakas (250)

00? Sasas, King of Sakas 250/275

17. Arsaces II "Theos", King of Sakas (275)

18. Sanabaros "Megas", son, King of Sakas (300)

19. dau, heiress (325)

= Hormisdas II, Shah of Persia [his 2nd wife]

21. Shapur, King of Sakas (350)

22. dau, heiress (375)

= [name], descendant of Rajaula (above)

23. Zeionises [Iihania], son, King of Sakas 375-400

24. Pakura II (Pacorus), son, called "the last one" 400-410

25. Orthagnes, son, anti-king 425

26. Heraios, son, anti-king 450

27. Yrkodes, son, anti-king 475

28. son, id. with ... ?; barbarian chieftain in Germany


LINE 10                            VANDALS

01. Anavas, King of Vandals (250)

02. Igillus, King of Vandals (275)

03. Anthyrius, King of Vandals (300)

= Duthva, a Scythian princess

04. Wisimar, King of Vandals (330)

= X, a Danish co-heiress

05. Vitislas, King of Vandals (350)

06. Villicinus, King of Vandals (375)


(a) Radagaisus

(b) Godigisclus (d406) (below)

(c) Mogogiskilus

07A Radagaisus, King of Vandals (d405), fought Romans, father of Corisco, Vandal-King 405

07B Godigisclus, Vandal-King, killed in battle 406


(a) Guntheric, led Vandals to Spain, founded the Vandal kingdom of Andalusia (407) (d427)

(b) Gaiseric (below)

07C Mogogiskilus (Miecislaus), invaded Gaul 406

08. Gaiseric, Vandal-King 427-477, conquered the Roman province of North Africa & founded new Vandal kingdom (429), invaded Italy and sacked Rome (455) (d477); =1 a Hunnish princess; =2 a Berber princess; =3 an Ostro-Gothic princess

issue of 1:

(a) Huneric (below)

issue of 2:

(b) Gento [twin] (below)

(c) Grepa [twin]

issue of 3:

(d) Theodoric "The Elder", a military-officer in the service of his uncle [mother's brother] Theodoric "The Ostro-Goth"


note: descent-line of Huneric (above)

09. Huneric, Vandal-King 477-484

=1 Eudoxia, a Roman princess; =2 [name], a Visi-Gothic princess, dau of King Teodorico I of Spain

issue of 1:

(a) Hilderic (below)

issue of 2:

(b) [name], father of (a) Hoamer "The Vandal Achilles" & (b) Evagus (Euagees)

10. Hilderic, Vandal-King 523-530 deposed, d533


(a) Gormund, Byzantine Governor of North Africa 534-543, & Britain 541-3, father of Hilde, wife of Valdar "The Dane"

(b) Hilde, wife of Frode VII, King of Denmark


note: descent-line of Gento (above), son of Vandal-King Gaiseric

09. Gento (above)

issue of 1st wife [unknown]

(a) Godagis

(b) Gundamund, Vandal-King 486-496

(c) Gelaris (below)

issue of 2nd wife, a Scythian princess

(d) Trasamund, Vandal-King 496-523

10. Gelaris, prince


(a) Gelimer, # 11 (below)

(b) Ammata

(c) Tzazo

(d) Guntimer

(e) Geberic, father of Gibamund, father of Solomon, royal Vandal claimant 539-540

11. Gelimer, Vandal-King 530-534, identified with Eylimi in medieval saga, deposed by Byzantines (534) who conquered the Vandal kingdom

=1 [name]; =2 Placidia, a Byzantine princess

issue of 1:

(a) Gripr

(b) Hjordis (dau), 5th wife of Sigismund, King of Burgundians, &, mother of Sigebert of Burgundy, the father of Clotswith (dau), wife of Ragnahari, K of Allemannia (above)


LINE 11:                             BURGUNDIANS

01. Gibico (Gjuki) (Gibeche) (Gibicca), King of Burgundians, from whom the Gibichung Dynasty derives its name

02. Gundomar, King of Burgundians

03. Gislahar[ius] (Gislhere) (Gislaire), King of Burgundians (d413)

= Dietlinde de Gothie

04. Gundicar (Gundahar) (Gunther) (Gonthaire) (Gonthaires), King of Burgundians 413-436

= Belizde [Hrothildis], co-heiress & dau of King Faramond, 1st King of France

05. Caratene (daughter), heiress

1= Gunderic (Gundeuch) (Gondioch), King of Burgundians 436-473, son of King Chlodio (Chlodovecus), King of Franks [his 1st wife]; he =2 [name], sister of Ricimer, a Suevic prince, "master-of-troops" of imperial troops

issue of 1st wife:

(a) Chilperic (Hilperic), identified with Hjalprek in medieval saga, King of Burgundians 473-486, the father of Clotilda (St), 3rd wife of Clovis "The Great", King of Franks

issue of 2nd wife:

(b) Godomar [I], co-king (d486)

(c) Godegisele, co-king (d501), mur by bro

(d) Gundobad (Gondebaud) (Gundobadus), co-king (d516) (below)

06.Gundobad (Gondebaud) (Gundobadus), co-king (d516) (above)


(a) Sigismund, # 7 (below)

(b) Godomar [II] (below)

(c) Guntheuc (dau)

=1 Clodomir of France (d524); =2 Clothaire I of France


note: offspring of Sigismund, King of Burgundians (above)

07. Sigismund, King of Burgundians 516-523 deposed, d526 (above)

=1 Theodogoto, Ostro-Goth princess; =2/3/4 others; =5 Hjordis, Vandal princess

issue of 1st wife:

(a) Sigeric, mur 522

(b) Suavegotta (Suavegothe) (dau), wife of King Thierry I of France

issue of 2nd wife:

(c) Gundobad (Gondebaud) (d523)

(d) Gislahad (Gislahadus) (d523)

issue of 5th wife:

(e) Sigebert [posthumous son], father of Clotswith, wife of Ragnahari, King of the Allemania


note: offspring of Godomar [II], King of Burgundians (above)

07. Godomar [II], King of Burgundians 523-532 deposed, d532

08. Guillebaud I (Willibald), King of Burgundians 532 & 534-8

09. Guntram, prince


(a) Aletheus, Patrice of Burgundy (d616), father of Guillebaud II (Willibald), Patrice of Bourgogne (Burgundy) (629) (d642), father of []goto (dau), wife of Ardebasto, Visi-Goth prince, parents of King Ervigio, King of Spain

(b) Gondebaud, duke, Count of Meaux (571) (d584), ancestor of Gontier (Guntharius), Count of Angers (750)

(c) [name], father Gundoenus (Gondoin), fl c 635


LINE 12:                             THURINGIANS

01. BISIN, King of Thuringia (475)

issue of 1:

(a) Bertilac "The Green-Knight" (dc526), father of Colgrin (d504) & Baldulf (d504), the father of Hadugat (531)

(b) Balderic

(c) Berthar, father of Radegunde, [2nd] wife of Clothair I of France

issue of 2:

(d) Ermenfrith

02. ERMENFRITH (d531)

= Amalaberga, an Ostro-Goth princess


(a) Amalafrith (Amalafridas), "magister militum" under Byzantine Emperor Justinian "The Great", &, ancestor of RATHULF, King of Thuringia (648)

(b) Rosalinda (Rodelinde) (dau), wife of Audoin, Lombard-King (d565)


LINE 13                                 LOMBARDS

Legend: the Lombards (also called Langobards) (originally called the Winnili tribe) migrated from Scandinavia to the European Continent under the brothers (2A) Ibor (Ebbe) and (2B) Agjo (Agyo), the two sons of (01) Gausus, who gave the Gungingi Dynasty its name. Agyo was the ancestor of

30. Gambara, Lombard Queen, & last monarch of the Gungingi Dynasty; the wife of

31. Agila, aka AEgelmund, "1st" King of Lombards [in right of his wife]. They were childless. Here enters the story that a prostitute gave birth to a boy and threw him into a pond to drown, when King AEgelmund and Queen Gambara happened to ride by and rescued the boy and adopted the abandoned infant, whose name was

32. Lamicho (Lamissio), who succeeded his adoptive parents as the King of the Lombards, founding another dynasty. He had no sons only a single daughter, an heiress, the [2nd] wife of

33. Letho (Lethu), Gothic Prince [Balthae Dynasty], reckoned 33rd King of the Lombards; founder of still another Lombardic dynasty, that is, the Lethinge Dynasty of Italy; identified with King Chlodio "Le Chevalu", King of Franks

=1 [name], a Burgundian princess

=2 [name], the Lombard heiress, dau of Lamicho (above)

=3 Argotta [Siegse], the Frankish heiress [her 2nd =]

issue of 1st wife:

a. Chlodebald (Chlodebaud)

b. Clotswithe (dau), 2nd wife of Merovech, King of France

issue of 2nd wife:

d. Claffo, 6th King of Lombards

e. Utfora, a Lombardic prince, had issue

issue of 3rd wife:

a. Lotric (Cloderic) (d451), who warred with half-bro Merovech [same mother] over the Frankish throne

b. Hildeoc, id. with King Childeric I of France

c. Gudeoc, id. with King Gunderic of Burgundy


34. [name], a Lombardic noble elected 34th King of the Lombards in opposition to Letho

35. [name], son, 35th King of the Lombards, died childless


36. Claffo, 36th King of Lombards


a. Tato, 37th Lombard King

b. Winta (Winichis) (Zuchilo), Prince (below)

c. Pero, Prince


issue of Winta (Winichis) (Zuchilo), Prince (above):

a. Pissa, poss. id. with Cissa of Sussex

b. Waccho, 38th Lombard King (d540) (below)

c. Vecta, poss. id. with Wecta of Kent


issue of Pissa (above) by wife Menie, or Adela, was

a. Audoin, 40th Lombard King (below)

b. Alhilda (dau)

[note: if the Lombard Prince Pissa is identified with Cissa of Sussex then his daughter Alhilda would be the Sussex heiress through her mother Adela [or Menie], dau of Aella "The Saxon" of Sussex. The marriage of Alhilda to a native British regional-king, Rhywyrch, saved her from expulsion in 541 when her "barbarian" family was expelled from Britain by the British Celto-Roman counter-offensive.]


37. Tato, 37th Lombard King (above)

38. Waccho, 38th Lombard King (d540) (above)

=1 Ranigund, a Thurgingian pss

=2 Austrigusa, a Gepidae pss

=3 Salinga, a Heruli pss

issue of 1st wife:

a. Visigarde (dau); =1 Thibert I, King of France (d548); =2 Audoin, 40th Lombard King [his 2nd =] (below)

issue of 2nd wife:

b. Valdarada (Walderade) (dau); =1 Thibaut, King of France; =2 Clothaire I, King of France; =3 Garibald I, King of Bavaria

issue of 3rd wife:

c. Waltari, 39th Lombard King (d546)


issue of Valdarada (Walderade) (above) & 1st husband:

(a) Theudelinde (Theodelinda) (Thilinda) (dau) (below)

=1 Autharic, 3rd Lombard King of Italy 584-590 (below)

=2 Agilulfo, 4th Lombard King of Italy 590-615 (below)


issue of Theudelinde (Theodelinda) (Thilinda) (d625/7) (above) & 2nd husband:

a. Adaloald, 5th Lombard King of Italy 615-624 abd (d626), begot a single son, Faroaldo (d611)

b. Gundiperg (dau) (below); =1 Arioaldo, 6th Lombard King of Italy 624-636 (below); =2 Rothari, 7th Lombard King of Italy 636-652 (below)


issue of Gundiperg (above) & 1st husband:

(a) Gundoald, Duke of Asti (d641), father of Ariperto I, 9th Lombard King of Italy 653-661(below)

issue of Gundiperg (above) & 2nd husband:

(b) Rodoald, 8th Lombard King of Italy 652-653 (below)


39. Waltari, 39th Lombard King (d546) (above)

40. Audoin, 40th Lombard King (above) (d565)

=1 Rodelinde, dau of Ermenfrith of Thuringia & Amalaberga, the dau of Amalafreya, the sis of Theodoric "The Great", Ostro-Goth King of Italy

=2 Visigarde, his cousin, wdw of King Thibert I of France, &, dau of Waccho, 38th Lombard King (above)

issue of 1st wife:

a. Alboin, reckoned "1st" Lombard King of Italy 572 (below)

b. Masane (dau)

= Cleph (Cleophis) (Klef), 2nd Lombard King of Italy 572-574, & begot Autharic, 3rd Lombard King of Italy 584-590 (below)

c. [name] (dau)

= Zottone, Duke of Forum Iulii, bec "1st" Duke of Benevento 571, had issue

x. others


01. Alboin, reckoned "1st" Lombard King of Italy 572 (above)

=1 Clotsinde of France

=2 Rosamunde (Rosalinte), a Gepidae pss

issue of 1st wife:

a. Alpsuinda (dau)

02. Cleph (Cleophis) (Klef), 2nd Lombard King of Italy 572-574

[son of Beleo]

= Masane, dau of Audoin, 10th Lombard King (above)


a. Autharic, 3rd Lombard King of Italy

03. Autharic, 3rd Lombard King of Italy 584-590 (above)

= Theudelinde (Thilinda) (above) [her 1st =]

04. Agilulfo, 4th Lombard King of Italy 590-615 (above)

= Theudelinde (Thilinda) (above) [her 2nd =]


a. Adaloald, 5th Lombard King of Italy (below)

b. Gundiperg (dau); =1 Arioaldo, 6th Lombard King of Italy; =2 Rothari, 7th Lombard King of Italy

05. Adaloald, 5th Lombard King of Italy 615-624 abd (d626) (above)


a. Faroaldo (d611)

06. Arioaldo, 6th Lombard King of Italy 624-636 (above)

= Gundiperg (above) [her 1st =]


a. Gundoald, Duke of Asti (d641), father of Aribert I, 9th Lombard King

07. Rothari, 7th Lombard King of Italy 636-652 (above)

= Gundiperg (above) [her 2nd =]


a. Rodoald, 8th Lombard King of Italy (above/below)

08. Rodoald, 8th Lombard King of Italy 652-653 (above)

09. Ariperto I, 9th Lombard King of Italy 653-661(above)

[son of Gundoald, Duke of Asti, son of Arioaldo, 6th Lombard King of Italy, &, the Lombard-heiress, Gundiperg]


a. Perctarit, 10-A & 13th Lombard King (below)

b. Godeperto, 10-B, co-king 661 (below)

c. [name] (dau)

= Grimoaldo, 11th Lombard King 661-671 [his 2nd =]


10A. Perctarit, 10-A [& 13th] Lombard King 661, 1st time

= Rodelinde

issue: see below

10B. Godeperto, 10-B Lombard King 661

= Ragnatrude of East Anglia


a. Ragimpert, 16th Lombard King (below)

b. Regintrude (dau) (below); = Theodo II, King of Bavaria


issue of Regintrude & Theodo II, King of Bavaria (above):

a. Thedebert (d722) (below)

b. Theodorata (dau) (below); = Ansprand, 18th Lombard King 712 (below)


issue of Thedebert (d722) (above):

a. Swanhild

= Charles "Martel", Duke of France

b. Guntrude

= Liutprand, 19th Lombard King (below)


11. Grimoaldo, 11th Lombard King 661-671 (above)

= [name], dau of Ariperto I, 9th Lombard King of Italy (above)


a. Garibaldo, 12th Lombard King (below)

12. Garibaldo, 12th Lombard King 671-674 (above)

13. Perctarit, 13th Lombard King 674-686/8, 2nd time (above)

= Rodelinde


a. Cuincpert, 14th Lombard King (below)

b. Vigilinda (dau)

= Grimoaldo [II], Duke of Benevento

14. Cuincpert, 14th Lombard King 686/6-690 dep (d700) (above)

= Hermelinde of England


a. Liutperto, 15th Lombard King (below)

15. Liutperto, 15th Lombard King 700 dep (d702) (above)

16. Ragimpert, 16th Lombard King 700-1 (above)


a. Ariperto II, 17th Lombard King (below)

17. Ariperto II, 17th Lombard King 701-712 dep (above)


a,b,c. 3 sons

d. Ratberg (Redburh) (dau); = Pemmo, son of Billo, a Lombard duke (below)


issue of Ratberg (Redburh) & Pemmo, a Lombard duke (above):

a. Ratchis, 21st & 23rd Lombard King (below)

b. Ratchait, father of Adalbert, father of Suppo I, Margrave of Spoleto, father of Adalgiso, Conte di Parma, father of Suppo II, Margrave of Spoleto, father of Bertila (dau), wife of Berengar[ius] I, King of Italy 888-891, 905-922 (d924), parents of Gisela (dau), wife of Adalbert, Margrave of Ivrea, etc.


issue of Pemmo, a Lombard duke, & his 2nd wife:

c. Astolfo, 22nd Lombard King; [also] reckoned "1st" King of Italy (below)


18. Ansprand, 18th Lombard King 712 (above)

= Theodorata, dau of Theodo II of Bavaria & Regintrude, dau of Godeperto, 10-B Lombard King


a. Sigiprand (below)

b. Liutprand, 19th Lombard King (below)


issue of Sigiprand (above):

a. Ildeprand (Hiltiprand), 20th Lombard King (below)

b. Tasia (dau)

= Ratchis, 21st & 23rd Lombard King (below)

c. Ansia (dau)

= Desiderio (Desiderius) [appears as Didier/Dedier in medieval romance], 24th & last Lombard King (below)


19. Liutprand, 19th Lombard King 712-744 (above)

= Guntrude, dau of Thedebert (d722), son of Theodo II of Bavaria & Regintrude, dau of Godeperto, 10-B Lombard King


a. dau

20. Ildeprand (Hiltiprand), 20th Lombard King 744 dep (above)

21. Ratchis, 21st [& 23rd] Lombard King 744-749 abd, 1st time (above)

= Tasia, sis of Ildeprand (Hiltiprand), 20th Lombard King, & Ansia, wife of Desiderio, 24th & last Lombard King


a. Vastrada, one of the many wives of Charlemagne & the mother of his daughter Ratperg (Redburh), wife of the English Bretwalda Egbert of Wessex

22. Astolfo, 22nd Lombard King 749-752; reckoned "1st" King of Italy 752-756 upon his abolishment of the Byzantine Exarchate (above)

= Giseltrude, sis of Eutychius, last Exarch of Ravenna 728-752 deposed



23. Ratchis, 23rd Lombard King 756, 2nd time (above)

24. Desiderio [id. with Desiderius, son of Erminulphus, son of Alachisus], 24th & last Lombard King 756-774 dep (d775) (above)

= Ansia, sis of Ildeprand, 20th Lombard King, &, niece of Liutprand, 19th Lombard King


a. Adelchis, associate-ruler 759-774 (d788), was the ancestor of an Italian noble house & the Grimaldi House of Monaco

b. Bertrade (dau)

= Carloman of France, parents of Pepin & Sigar

c. Desidere, one of the wives of Charlemagne, who conquered the Lombards and annexed their territory [Lombardy] to his realm

d. Adelperga (dau)

= Arechi II, Duke of Benevento (d787)

e. Liutperge (dau)

= Tassilo III/or IV, Duke of Bavaria, see below

f. Ansperga, abbess


LINE 14                                    BAVARIANS


note: the Bavarians were a union of five tribes, the most dominant of which was the "Boi", whence the name "Bavarians"

01. Agilulf, King of the Bavarians, from whom the Agilolfings derive their name (450)

02. Agivald, King of the Bavarians (475)

03. Aldiger, last King of the Bavarians, killed in battle against the Franks 493

04. Theodo I, "1st" Duke of Bavaria 493-511

05. Theodo II "The Great", Duke of Bavaria 511-537


a. Theodo III, Duke 537-?

b. Theudebald I, Duke ?-555

c. Garibald I (below)

06. Garibald I, Duke 555-592

=1 [name]; =2 Valderda, dau of Lombard King Waccho

issue of 1st wife:

a. Tassilo I (below)

b. Gertrude (dau)

= Carloman, a French prince

07. Tassilo I, Duke 592-598

08. Garibald II, Duke 598-612

= Geila, dau of Gisulf II, Duke of Fruili [Frioul]

09. Theodo IV, Duke 612-630/640

= Gleisnote

10. Tassilo II, Duke 630/640-650

11. Grimaldo I (Grimwald), Duke 650-665

12. Theodo V, Duke 665-680 [or, bro of above]

= Folchaide, dau of Robert of Salzburg (d677/8) & Theodora

(a) Theodo VI (below)

(b) Willigarde (dau)

= St. Lievin, Bp of Treves

13. Theodo VI, Duke 680-708

= Regintrude, dau of Dagobert I, King of France


(a) Theudebald II, Duke 708-716

(b) Theudebert, Duke 716-722

(c) Grimaldo II, Duke 722-728 (below)

(d) Theodorata

= Ansprand, Lombard King 712


14. Grimaldo II, Duke 722-728 (above)

= Villetrude


(a) Tassilo III (below)


15. Tassilo III, Duke 728-729 (above)

= Emma

(a) Huebert, Duke 729-737 deposed by Charles "Martel"

(b) Guntrude (dau)

= Liutprand, Lombard King

(c) Swanhilde (below)

= Charles "Martel", Duke of France


16. Swanhilde (above)

= Charles "Martel", Duke of France


(a) Gripho

(b) Hiltrude (below)

= Otilo, Duke 737-748, scion of the Agilolfings


17. Hiltrude (above)

= Otilo, Duke 737-748, scion of the Agilolfings


(a) Tassilo IV, Duke (below)


18. Tassilo IV, Duke 748-788 (above)

= Liutperg, dau of Desiderio, last Lombard King

19. Theodo V, Duke 788, deposed by Charlemagne



note: The genealogy of the early Frankish kings was confused by medieval clerics who had few sources available to them, but modern scholarship has come along to untangle the mess using multiple sources that have come to be available over the years from discoveries made in the libraries of old monasteries. For example, the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Frankish kings, namely, Faramond [Pharamond], Chlodio, and Merovech, are NOT father, son, and grandson, as they appear in the traditional genealogy of the Merovingians, but rather each came from entirely different families. Faramond's mother and both of his wives were Frankish princesses. His successor, Chlodio, murdered Faramond's only son upon Faramond's death to clear his own succession. Chlodio's wife, Argotta [aka Siegse], was one of Faramond's two daughters. Argotta brought into the marriage a son, Merovech, from a previous marriage to Quintus Tarus, Prefect of Provence. It was the civil war between Merovech and his half-brother, Cloderic, that was the pretext for the invasion of Gaul by Attila "The Hun". And, the confusion of the parentage of King Clovis "The Great", who was not the son of the Frankish King Childeric I, is due to the fact that the wife of Prince Clovis [King Childeric I's son], namely, Dochilt, married [the future] King Clovis "The Great" upon the premature death of her husband, Prince Clovis [King Childeric I's son], thus, the misidentification of Prince Clovis [King Childeric I's son] with King Clovis "The Great" by medieval clerics is understandable.


various genealogical-tracts below


01. [name unsure], an early Frankish king

02. Regaise (d306), bro of Ascaric (d306), co-kings

03. Antharic, early Frankish king

04. Ratheric, early Frankish king

05. Mellobaude, early Frankish king (376)


a. Richemar (d384) (below)

b. Bauto (below)

c. Himbald (below)

06. Richemar (d384)

= Ascyla (d413), dau of Asyllius

07. Teudemar (d413)

= Valentina Justina

08. Clovis, King of Cologne (425)

= Ildegonde, dau of Weldiphas, King of Cologne

09. Childebert, King of Cologne (450)

= Amalberge

10. Sigebert "The Lame", King of Cologne



family of (b) Bauto (above)

06. Bauto, a Frankish prince (385) (above)


a. Arbogast, a Frankish prince (394), in Roman service, father of Asturius

b. Basogast, a Frankish prince, father of Imbegride, 1st wife of Faramond


descent-line of (c) Himbald (above)

06. Himbald, early Frankish king

07. Hatilde (dau)

= Frotmund, son of Fridolin of Provence, son of Iohanan, a desposynic prince

08. Faramund [Pharamond], 1st King of France


family of Faramund [Pharamond], 1st King of France

01. Faramund [Pharamond], 1st King of France 418 (d428)

=1 Imbegride, dau of Basogast, a Frankish prince (above)

=2 Rosamunde, dau of Genobald, early Frankish king

issue by 1:

a. son [name unsure], mur 428

issue by 2:

b. Argotta [Siegse], mother of Merovech by 1st marriage

=1 Quintus Tarus, Prefect of Provence, a desposynic prince in Roman service (d438), descended from ten generations of "Fisher-Kings"

=2 Chlodio "Le Chevalu", King of France, a Balthae prince (below)

c. Belizde (dau)

= Gundicar [Gunther], King of Burgundy


genealogy of Rosamunde, 2nd wife of Faramund [Pharamond], 1st King of France

01. Malaric II, early Frankish king (d360)

02. Priaric, early Frankish king (d396)


a. Marcomir, early Frankish king (d404)

b. Sunno [Huano], early Frankish king, father of (a) Alberic of Moselle, (b) Merovech (d445), & (c) Sigimer of Tournai

c. Genobald, early Frankish king (d419), father of Rosamunde, 2nd wife of Faramund, 1st King of France


family of Chlodio, 2nd King of France

01. Chlodio "Le Chevalu", King of France 428-447, id. with Letho, King of Lombards

son of Heidrek [Hattaric; Heithrek], a Balthae prince, son of Alavivaz, King of Goths & Danes

=1 [name], a Burgundian princess

=2 [name], a Lombardic princess

=3 Argotta, a Frankish princess, mother of Merovech by previous marriage

issue of 1:

a. Chlodebald (son)

b. Chlotswithe (dau), 2nd wife of King Merovech of France

issue of 2:

c. Claffo, King of Lombards

issue of 3:

d. Cloderic, claimant to French throne (447); fought half-bro Merovech [mother's side] (d451)

e. Gunderic, King of Burgundy 436-473, father of Burgundian-King Chilperic [Hjalprek] (d486) by 1st wife [dau of Burgundian-King Gunther] & father of Burgundian-King Gundobad [Genniod] by 2nd wife [sis of Ricimer, a Suevic prince in Roman service]

f. Childeric I, King of France [appears as Hildeoc in the Lombard genealogy]


family of Merovech, 3rd King of France

01. Quintus Tarus, Prefect of Provence, a desposynic prince (d438), descended from ten generations of "Fisher-Kings"

= Argotta [Siegse], dau of Faramund [Pharamond], King of France, her 1st marriage

02. Merovech [Merovee], King of France 447-457/8

=1 Merira; =2 Clotswithe; =3 Verica

issue by one of his three wives:

03. Childeric, a Frankish prince


a. Clovis "The Great", King of France

b. [name] (dau), mother of Isembard, a French duke [Clovis' nephew]

04. Clovis "The Great", King of France


family of Chilperic I, 4th King of France

01. Chilperic I, King of France 457/8-481

= Basine, a Thuringian princess


a. Clovis (d475)

= Dochilt, she =2ndly [another] Clovis (below)

b. Albofleda, wife of Ragnachar of Germany

c. Lanthilde, wife of Ban of Samur, parents of [W]Lanc[a] [Lancelot], a French duke

d. Andetleda, wife of Ostro-Goth King Theodoric "The Great" of Italy


family of Clovis "The Great", 5th King of France

01. Clovis "The Great", King of France 481-511

=1 Dochilt, widow of the French crown-prince Clovis, King Childeric I's son

=2 Evochilde, an Ostro-Goth princess

=3 Clotilda, a Burgundian princess

issue of 1:

a. Ingomer (d494)

issue of 2:

b. Thierry I, King of East Franks 511-534

issue of 3:

c. Clodomir

d. Childebert I

e. Clothaire I

f. Clotilde (dau), wife of King Amalaric of Spain


LINE 16                                        GOTHS

00. Berig, name in traditional pedigree may be identified with Boiorix, a Gothic king, d101BC

from whom descends

00. Eterpamara, a Gothic hero in the 1st century AD

from whom descends

01. Nidad, King of the Visi-Goths [ori. name: the Tervingi] 218-249


a. Cniva, see LINE A

b. Ovida, see LINE B

c. Micca, see LINE C


LINE A: offspring of Cniva (above)

02. Cniva, co-king 249-273 with his bros; slew Roman Emperor Decius 251


a. Respa, who and his bro ravaged the Balkans in 255, father of Cannibas, who was killed vs the Roman Emperor Aurelian in 272

b. Veduca


LINE B: descendants of Ovida (above)

02. Ovida, co-king 249-273 with his bros


a. Ilderic [Hilderic], King of Visi-Goths 273-317, father of Geberic, King of Visi-Goths 317-350, father of Fridigar, King of Visi-Goths 350-364, father of Gaatha, Queen 364-?, wife of Athanaric, her 3rd cousin]

b. Ascaric, below

c. Ragaise, father of Ariaric (333), father of Aoric, father of Alatheus & Saphrax, co-kings 383-?]


03. Ascaric (above), father of

04. Vidigoia, a Gothic hero, id. with Wihtgeat in the "Anglo-Saxon Chronicle"


a. Wihturic (376) (below)

b. Wihtalac [Wihtleg] (below)


05. Wihturic (376) (above), father of

06. Athanaric, King of Visi-Goths ?-383

= Gaatha, Queen (above)


a. Ataulpho, 1st King of Spain 412-415

b. dau

c. dau


05. Wihtalac [Wihtleg] (above), father of

06. Wermund "The Sage"

= [name] Danish co-heiress

07. Offa (Olauus) (Alavivaz), King of Danes & Goths (375), whose descendants were called the "Ofdings"

= Hervor I, Queen of Angles, dau of Angantyr I, King of Angles


a. Angantyr II (below)

b. Heidreik [Hattaric; Heithrek] (below)


08. Angantyr II, King of Angles, id. with Angeltheow [Angenwit] in early Teutonic literature

= [name], an Ostro-Gothic pss


a. Emeric [Emerca; Imbrec] (below)

b. Fritlo [Fritila; Fritele]; he & his bro were called "the Harlunge twins"


09. Emeric [Emerca; Imbrec] (above), id. with Eomer in the "Anglo-Saxon Chronicle"

10. Icel [Isung] "The Angle" (d493); his descendants were called "Iclingas"


a. Octa [Ocga; Ohta], father of 3 sons: (1) Aesc [Oeric], King of Kent [descendants called "Oiscings"]; (2) Irlaf [father of Oslaf]; & (3) Uxfre, father of Yffi [descendants called "Uffingas"], father of Elli, King of Deira & his bro Oelf

b. Oesa [Eosa], father of Eopa, father of Ida "Great-Knee", 1st King of Bernicia

c. Osla "Big-Knife", "rex Lloegr", father of Cynwal [Cynewald], father of Cneva [Cnebba] (d568), father of Crida, aka Cretta of Lindsey, who became Creoda, 1st King of Mercia 571/585 (d593)


08. Heidreik [Hattaric; Heithrek] (above)

=1 [name], a German pss; =2 [name], a Hunnish pss

issue of 1:

a. Angantyr III, father of Angantyr IV, ancestor of Angantyr XII [Ongendus], last King of "continental" Angles (710)

b. Hervor II, Queen of Angles [was a warrior-queen]

issue of 2:

c. Chlodio [Hloth; Letho] "Le Chevalu" (below)


09. Chlodio [Hloth; Letho] "Le Chevalu", King of France [or, Franks] 428-447, King of Lombards, etc (above)

=1 [name], a Burgundian princess; =2 [name], a Lombardic princess; =3 Argotta, a Frankish princess

issue of 1:

a. Chlodebald (son)

b. Chlotswithe (dau), 2nd wife of King Merovech of France

issue of 2:

c. Claffo, King of Lombards, father of Tato, Winta, & Pero [note: Winta was the father of 3 sons, namely, (1) Cissa, King of Sussex; (2) Waccho, King of Lombardy; & (3) Vechta, King of Kent]

issue of 3:

d. Cloderic, claimant to French throne (447) (d451)

e. Gunderic, King of Burgundy 436-473, father of Burgundian-King Chilperic [Hjalprek] (d486) by 1st wife [dau of Burgundian-King Gunther] & father of Burgundian-King Gundobad [Genniod] by 2nd wife [sis of Ricimer, a Suevic prince in Roman service]

f. Childeric I, King of France [appears as Hildeoc in the Lombard genealogy]



02. Micca, co-king 249-273 with his bros

= Soror, sis of Roman Emperor Galerius

03. MAXIMIN "DAIA", Roman Emperor (d313)

04. Casere, mur 313

05. Tytmon

07. Trigel [Trygils]

08. Hrotha

09. Hrypla

10. [Wil]Helm

11. Wehha

12. Wuffa, 1st King of East Anglia (555); descendants called "Wuffingas"



01. Amala, an epic hero (AD 175), gave name to the Amalinga Dynasty

02. Isarnis

03. Ostrogotho, won a battle in YR 244

04. Unilt (Unwen)

05. Athala

06. Hehca (Hahicho), bro of Oduulf & bro of Agiulf (Achiulf)


(a) Vultulph

(b) Eormenric [Hermanaric] (d375)

(c) Ansilla


07. Eormenric [Hermanaric] (d375)

=1 [name]; =2 Sunilda (Swanhilde)

issue of 1:

(a) Broder

issue of 2:

(b) Gesimund, bro of Frederick, bro of Witheric

08. Gesimund

09. Hunimund

10. Thorismund

11. Berismund

12. Witeric

13. Eutharic


07. Vultulph

08. Valravens

09. Vinithar [Vinitharic], his sister, Vadamerca, was wife of Gaiseric, Vandal-King

10. Vandalar [Vandalaric], his sister, Vadamerca, was wife of Gaiseric, Vandal-King

11. Thiudimer (d471/4), bro of Valamir (Walimer) (d468/9) & bro of Vidimir (d473)

= Arelieva


(a) Theodoric "The Great"

(b) Amalafreya (dau) (d526)

12. THEODORIC "THE GREAT", Ostro-Goth King of Italy & Roman Prefect 493-526

=1 [name]; =2 Audefleda of France; =3 [name]

issue of 1:

(a) Evochilde, wife of Clovis "The Great", King of France

issue of 2:

(b) Amalaswintha, queen & regent

issue of 3:

(c) Ostrogotte, wife of Sigismund of Burgundy

(d) Thiudigotho, wife of Alaric [II], Visi-Goth King of Spain

(e) Theodosia, wife of Severus, mother of St. Isidore & Theodora, [1st] wife of Leovigildo, Visi-Goth King of Spain

(f) Winlogoto, [2nd] wife of Arthur "The Great" of Britain

(g) dau, wife of Elemund, father of Ustrigothus & Austrisa, wife of Waccho, Lombard-King

(h) dau, wife of Flavius Maximus

(i) dau, wife of Tuluin

13. AMALASWINTHA, queen & regent 526-534 dep; ex 535

=1 Eutharic [distant cousin] (d522/3), son of Witeric, son of Berismund, son of Thorismund, son of Hunimund, son of Gesimund, son of Eormenric (above)

=2 Theodotus [Theodat] [cousin]

issue of 1:

(a) Athalaric

(b) Matheswinthe; =1 Witigis, King 536-540; =2 Germanus (d541), nephew of Byzantine Emperor Justinian "The Great"

14. Athalaric, King 526-534 mur


note: Amalafreya, sister of Theodoric "The Great"

=1 Theodohad, Lombard-King; =2 Trasamund, Vandal-King

issue of 1:

(a) Theodotus [Theodat], # 15

(b) Amalaberga, wife of Ermenfrith of Thuringia (d531), parents of Rodelinde, wife of Audoin, Lombard-King (d565), father of Albion, Lombard-King of Italy 572


15. Theodotus, King 534-536, son of Amalafreya & 1st husband, Theodohad, Lombard-King

=1 Gudeliva (d534); =2 Amalaswintha

issue of 1:

(a) Theudegisel

(b) Theodenanthe, wife of Ebermund, Gepidae-King, father of Gepidae-King Cunimund, father of Rosamonde, who, =1 Helmchis, Saxon-King (d567); =2 Longinus, Exarch of Ravenna 567-572; =3 Albion, Lombard-King of Italy 572


16. Witigis, King 536-540


06. Hehca (Hahicho), bro of Oduulf & bro of Agiulf (Achiulf)


07. Ansilla, bro of Eormenric [Hermanaric] & Vultulph

from whom descends

00. Ildibalt, # 17, bro of Manduc, father of Totila, # 19

17. Ildibalt, King 540-1


18. Ariaric, King 541


19. Totila, King 541-552, nephew of # 17


20. Theias, King 552-553, deposed by Narses, 1st Byzantine Governor of Italy 554


LINE 18:              WEST-GOTHS, the TERVINGI

see above

05. Wihturic (376) (above), father of

06. Athanaric, King of Visi-Goths ?-383

= Gaatha, Queen (above)


7a. Ataulpho, 1st King of Spain 412-415

7b. dau

7c. dau



412-415 (01) Ataulpho, 1st [Gothic] King of Spain (above)

= Galla, an imperial princess, & begot Theodosius, d.y.

415 (02) Sigeric, usurper

415-418 (03) Wallia, bro-law of # 1

418-451 (04) Teodoredo I

= [Abigotona], dau of Alaric [I] "The Great", King of Visi-Goths, sacked Rome 410, & wife, [name], sister of Ataulpho, # 1


a. Torsmundo

b. Teodoredo II

c. Evarix

d. Friderich (Frederick) (d463)

e. Himnerith

f. Retemer

g. dau, wife of Huneric, Vandal-King

h. dau, wife of Rechiar, Suevic-King

451-453 (05) Torsmundo, son

453-466 (06) Teodoredo II, bro

466-484 (07) Evarix (Eurich), bro

= Ragnahilde

484-507 (08) Alaric II, son

=1 Arevagna; =2 Thiudigoto (Teodegonda), dau of Theodoric The Great, Ostro-Goth King of Italy; =3 mistress

issue by 1:

a. Gisalac

b. Gisela (dau), wife of Tribigildo, parents of (13) Atanagildo & (16) Leovigildo

issue by 2:

c. Amalric

issue by 3:

d. Eostere (dau), wife of Thierry I of France

507-511 (9A) Gisalac, son, co-ruler

507-531 (9B) Amalaric, half-bro, sole ruler after half-bros' death

= Clothilde of France

531-548 (10) Theudis, usurper

548-549 (11) Thiudigisclus [Theudigisel], son

549-554 (12) Agila, usurper

554-567 (13) Atanagildo, son of Tribigildo & Gisela, dau of (08) Alaric II

= Gundswinth (Godesvinda) (Goswinda) of Allemania [her 1st =]


a. Leova I

b. Galswinth (dau), wife of Chilperic I of France

c. Brunhilda (dau), wife of Sigebert I of France

567-571 (14) Theodimir, usurper, son of # 11

571-572 (15) Leova I (Liuverico), son of (13) Atanagildo

572-586 (16) Leovigildo, bro of (13) Atanagildo

=1 Theodora, dau of Severianus, Duke of Cartagene; =2 Goswinda, his brother's widow

issue of 1:

(a) Ricardo I

(b) Ormagildo [Hermengild] "The Saint" (d585); = Ingonde, dau of Sigbert I of France, &, begot Atanagildo, prince

issue of 2:

(c) Witeric

(d) Gundemar

(e) Sisebuto

586-601 (17) Ricardo I, son of # 16 & 1st wife

= Rigunthe of France


(a) Leova II

(b) Suintuila

(c) Geila

601-603 dep (18) Leova II (Liuverico), son

603-610 (19) Witeric, son of # 16 & 2nd wife


(a) Ermenberge (dau), wife of Thierry II of France

610-612 (20) Gundemar, bro, father of (22) Ricardo II

612-621 (21) Sisebuto, bro


(a) Sisenande

(b) Fritgarde (dau), wife of Chinteric, parents of (25) Chintila & (27) Chindasuinto

621 dep (22) Ricardo II, son of # 20

621-631 dep (23) Suintila (Svinthila), son of # 17

= Theodora


(a) Richimer (d631), who, by wife, Gertrude, begot two daus: (1) Ricberg (Rekiberga), wife of # 27 Chindasuinto (below); & (2) Gerberg, wife of Aega, major domo of France

(b) Liubigotone (dau), wife of (30) Ervigio

631-636 (24) Sisenande, son of # 21

636-640 (25) Chintila, nephew [sister's son]

640-642 (26) Tulga, son

642-649 (27) Chindasuinto, uncle, bro of (25) Chintila

= Ricberg (Reciberga) (above)


(a) Recesvinto

(b) Teodefredo, who, by wife Ricolone, begot (a) Rodrigo, # 33; (b) Costa; & (c) Favila, who, by wife Luz, dau of Vitulo, Duke of Cantabria, begot PELAYO

(c) Galswinda (dau), wife of ...

649-672 (28) Recesvinto, son

672-680 dep (29) Wamba, usurper, descendant of (12) Agila

680-687 (30) Ervigio, son of Ardebasto, son of Atanagildo, son of St. Ormagildo, son of (16) Leovigildo & 1st wife (above/below)



572-586 (A) Leovigildo, bro of (13) Atanagildo

= Theodora, dau of Severianus, Duke of Cartagene

(B) Ormagildo (Hermengild) "The Saint"

= Ingonde, dau of Sigbert I of France

(C) Atanagildo

= Flavia Juliana, dau of Pedro Augusto, bro of Byzantine Emperor Maurice

(D) Ardebasto

= [...]goto, dau of Guillebaud II, King of Burgundy

(E) Ervigio

= Liubigonta, dau of (23) Suintila (Svinthila), Visi-Goth King of Spain


680-687 (30) Ervigio (above)

= Liubigonte


(a) Pedro "The Visi-Goth", Duke of Cantabria (below)

(b) Cixille (Cixolona) (dau), wife of (31) Argica, nephew of (29) Wamba

(c) Aupais (dau), wife of Charles "Martel", Duke of France


issue of Pedro "The Visi-Goth", above, Duke of Cantabria

= [name], dau of Diego, son, Duke of Cantabria, & wife Gulvira [dau of Osicia, dau of Benedicto of Liebana, & wife Ellesinde]


(a) Alfonso "The Catholic"

(b) Samario, father of Silo, Milo, & dau, wife of Mauregato, mother of Himiltrude, one of Charlemagne's wives

(c) Fruelo (d760)


687-701 (31) Argica, his sister, Agilona, was wife of (33) Rodrigo

= Cixille, dau of (30) Ervigio


a. Witiza (Witica)

b. Julian, Conde

c. Oppa, A-Bp of Toledo

e. Florida (dau)

701-709 (32) Witiza (Witica), son of # 31


(a) Achila "of Narbonne", aka Aquila II, Duke of Terraconense, anti-king 713-714

709-711 (33) Rodrigo, overwhelmed by the invasion of the Islamic Moors

= Agilona [her 1st =]; =2nd Aboalli, 2nd Emir 714-717, bro of Tariq ibn Ziyad, 1st Emir of Spain 711-714, sons of Muza El-Bekra




713-714 34 Aquila II, aka Achila "of Narbonne", anti-king, Duke of Terraconense, son of # 32

= Divigrie, dau of Benedicto of Liebana, & wife Ellesinde


(a) Ardo "of Narbonne", claimant 714-718

(b) Sisebuto de Coimbre (d734), father of Ataulfo de Coimbre, father of Atanarico, father of Theodomir, father of Nunilo (dau), [2nd] wife of Bermudo "The Deacon"

714-718 35 Ardo "of Narbonne", anti-king



718-737 01 PELAYO (PELAGIUS), 1st King of Asturias/Medieval Spain

son of Favila [& wife Luz, dau of Vitulo], bro of Costa & bro of (33) Rodrigo (above)

= Gaudiosa, dau of ...


(a) Favila, King of Asturias 737-739

(b) Asenda (dau), wife of Alfonso "The Catholic"

737-739 (37) Favila, son

= Frolebe


(a) Aurelio

(b) Fruelo I "The Cruel", father of Bermudo I "The Deacon"

(c) Alfonso "The Chaste"

739-757 (38) Alfonso "The Catholic"

son of Pedro, Duke of Cantabria

757-768 (39) Fruelo I "The Cruel"

768-774 (40) Aurelio

774-783 (41) Silo, son of Samario, bro of (36) Alfonso "The Catholic" & Fruelo

783-788 (42) Mauregato, bro-in-law

= Agila, sister of Silo & Milo, &, dau of Samario


(a) Himiltrude (dau), [2nd] wife of (01) CHARLEMAGNE, HRE


(02) Aupais (dau), wife of Begue [I], Count of Paris (d816)


(3C) Lisiard (d819), bro of (3A) Etienne, Count of Paris, & bro of (3B) Evrard, Count of Paris (d825), father of Begue II, Count of Paris (d861), father of Adela, wife & queen of King Louis II "The Stammerer" of France


(04) Gerard II, Count of Paris (d877)


(05) Eve, wife of Guerry [I], Count of Morvois


(06) Beatrice [Bertha], wife of Herbert I, Count of Vermandois


(07) Beatrice, wife & queen of Robert I, King of France 922-923 [his 2nd =]

08. Hugh "The Great", Duke of France (d956)

= Hedwig of Germany

09. Hugh "Capet", King of France 987-996

= Adelaide of Poitiers

10. Robert II "The Pious", King of France 996-1031

= Constance of Provence

11. Henri I, King 1031-1060

= Anne of Kiev [Russia]

12. Philip I, King 1060-1108

= Bertha of Holland

13. Louis VI "The Fat", King 1108-1137

= Adelaide of Savoy

14. Louis VII, King 1137-1180

=3 Alice of Champagne

15. Philip II "Augustus", King 1180-1223

= Isabel of Hainault

16. Louis VIII "The Lion", King 1223-1226

= Blanche of Castile

17. Louis IX "The Saint", King 1226-1270

= Margaret of Provence

18. Philip III "The Hard", King 1270-1285

=1 Isabel of Aragon

19. Philip IV "The Cruel", King 1285-1314

= Joan [Juana] I, Queen of Navarre

20. Isabelle, sister of three French kings

= Edward II, King of England

21. EDWARD III, King of England

ancestor of succeeding English monarchs


David Hughes, 2006,