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Hacked Objects for The Sims

Most of the following hacks were made with Mazelord's fine ScriptStation tool, which is now forbidden to be distributed by Maxis.  If you want Script Station, you'll have to ask around fo it.  Don't ask me or Mazelord, however.
This is a ***Hot Date only file.***  A comparable file could be made for any of the other expansion packs, but no one file can take care of them all.

Put the file MarriageHack.iff into the gamedata/Global folder.  It must be in this folder to work!!

If you get any future expansion packs (like Vacation), you will have to remove this object before installing.
This is a Hot Date/House Party only file.  Both expansion packs are required.

This bed will allow you to "play in bed" with the cake entertainers.  To do it though, you have to have the cake and the Entertainer in your house already.  You have to initiate things by making your Sim Vibrate in bed.  If the Entertainer isn't distracted by other things (like the mechanical bull or the dance cage or the stereo) then the entertainer will voluntarily Join your Sim in bed.  If it doesn't work, you may need to remove some of those distracting objects.  You can't click on the entertainer and ask them to join.  It has to be the entertainer's idea.