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10 September 2004 Well, I've finished Katimavik. The reason for not updating since then is the fact that something is wrong with my modem or something, and my computer does not like to go online when I ask it to. Wretched computer. Argh! Anyway. I've put up a slew of new book reviews, such gems as 'High Magic's Aid', 'Witchcraft Today', and more! Please go and read them. Also, if you want to send me a book review for the reviews page, by all means do so and I will happily put it up there.
30 January 2004 Added an article about Making a Besom.
28 January 2004 Still alive, but cold as all Hell - Bonnyville, Alberta, is currently experiencing temperatures of -40 C without wind chill. I've never been so cold in my life.
Adding an article about coming out of the broom closet. Enjoy.

Send me pictures of your altars, Books of Shadows, herb gardens, familiars, covens and tools! Please! Pictures of all sorts of Witchy stuff are WANTED! If you have coveners that are in the BC and don't want their faces shown, respect their wishes and crop pictures, blur their heads, or have them turn their backs please.

Links. Various categories. Go and have a look!

Forum. Just a really good message board thing. It's cool. Go and take a look, you!

My Story of Coming Out of the Broom Closet. Self-explanatory.

Photo Gallery. Miscellaneous photos of Witchy things!

Ranting About The Word Witch. I complain about the profusion of sites that say "There is no such thing as a Satanic Witch."

Making a Besom. Information on how to construct your own ritual broom.

Spells. A small amount of spells I've done, for your edification and perhaps amusement. Caveat emptor.

The Sabbats. Home-brewed Sabbat rituals!

Correspondences. The stuff that gets you the results you want!

Tools. The things that may (or may not) make you magic go! Updated and expanded!

General Knowledge
Expectations. What not to expect from Witchcraft, and what to expect.

Idiocies withing the Witch community. If you're a feminazi, fluff-bunny, or an idiot, I highly suggest you don't read this.

Temple Setup. Ideas for your ritual space!

Setting up a Coven. What to do, and what not to do. Has part of a horror story that happened to me in regards to this topic.

Books. Great Witchcraft books for your library!

Witching up your Room How to make your room more occult-looking...

Temple Decorating How to make your Temple more magical.

EwokBooks of Shadows What a BoS is and what to do with it when you get one.

Ewok, the Coven familiar, cuddly kitty, and henceforth Mascot of This Page, No Matter What Simbi Says, I Will Steal Him Or Give You Five Dollars For Him, For Behold, He Is Adorable And I Must Have Him.


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I'm a Sith Master.  What about you?

I am a Sith Master. What about you?
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You are a Sith Master! Yeah! You rule the galaxy with an iron fist, with a whole bunch of idiots ready to carry out your orders. You don't need to lift a finger against your enemies; that isn't efficient! Instead you can just send our your apprentice to carry out the task...

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