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Storyline Vers. 1.03: One morning, Daman wakes up to embrace a new day on the island
Malai. Daman is seven years old and he has brown eyes, and slighty long
black hair. He quickly puts on his clothes, and has a breakfast with
his family. His family was born on Malai, and all his ancestors before
him were native to the island. Malai was a cultural diffusion of the past
and future. His dad hunted two rabbits for breakfast,
and harvests cabbages and carrots. With a mouthful of food, dad said,
"we're going to have a small feast for breakfast, son. I want you to
feel lucky you're going to eat this rabbit." Daman groaned in disgust.
He quickly ate his food, eating like a wild animal. He grabs his wood
sword and plays with his friends on the island. Everything went well
until Marlan, a local bully picks on Daman and his friends. Marlan
grabbed one of Daman's friends by the neck."Let him go!" Daman yelled.
Marlan only threw his friend down on the ground, rendering him
unnconscious. Marlan stomped towards Daman. Daman unholstered his wooden
sword from its case and with one swift blow, Daman runs and cuts
Marlan in the leg. It left a small splinter, but the emotional scars
were more painful. Marlan had fallen to someone who was smaller and
younger."You were lucky...", Marlan said regretfully as he disappears
from the horizon."Are you okay?", Daman said."I think so", his friend
replied."Come on", Daman said."We can rest at my house." His friends
rested and talked about things at Daman's house. There were four people
in Daman's room, not including himself. It was sundown already at the
time Daman's friends left. It was then late at night, and his parents were
going to take a stroll outside. As soon as his parents left, he could
hear loud booms. He rushed to his bedroom window. Outside, he saw
a strange flying airship, that said "Vialar" on it's external armor.
It deployed humanoid, metal, and poly-formed plastic warriors that Daman
could not comprehend.
It was the year 2047 and Daman has heard of these things. There
was a treaty to the high templar of the island, which he refused to
accept. It said something about civilizing this primitive colony.
What the metal warriors were Mech suits, MCA's for short. They were
about the same size as an average adult.
Daman's mom was slaughtered by the first shot fired by the MCA's.
It was too much for Daman or his dad could handle. His dad
unsheaths his sword, the Black Katana. It was a fine blade that
he salvaged from a mighty foe long ago. Its smooth, shiny surface
first touched a MCA at its leg. The Black Katana quickly slashed
through it with ease. The MCA had it's leg exploded. Blood,
mechanical parts, and bio-organic life support fluids rushed out.
The MCA fell and accidentally shot its AT35-20 Plasma/Fusion Rifle
in the air. Daman's dad managed to eliminate about six MCA's until
the Vialar had fully charged its ion cannon and aimed at Daman's
father. All that was left of him was blood, gore, bones, and his
Black Katana, which was left intact. It wasn't long until
the MCA's had scanned Daman and tracked the rest of the town on
their radars. Daman rushed outside to grab the Black Katana.
He, managed to hit a MCA's arm off, making him unarmed, literally.
"Foolish boy", a voice came from the Vialar."I want the boy
unharmed. He is too young to die... yet." the strange man from
the Vialar sent by radio. Before Daman could rush to kill the
next MCA, a small needle with an attachment penetrated his skin.
"Sweet dreams...," was the last thing he could hear before
he slept in a huge breakdown. The next thing he saw was a rusty,
metal door. A MCA was forcing him down the corridor. There were
many cells in that corridor. Many strange people who he has
never met before. Everyone was locked up in plasma generated bars.
You would get a small shock every time you touch the bars, as Daman
did as he was walking down the corridor. One cell's plasma bars
disabled, as Daman was forced to walk through. It was cell 857. He
saw two people in the cell with him. It was a relatively small room
with two bunk beds."So... how'd you end up in Gyradas?", one of
his cellmates asked."I was put to sleep and the next
thing I knew, I was here, Gyradas.", Daman said."How would you like to
get outta here?" Another of his cellmates asked."Let's not get
ahead of ourselves", the other cellmate said."First, what's
your name?", he asked."Daman"."Where do you come from?" he asked
again."An island called Malai", Daman replied. "Hey, isn't that
the newly discovered Phillipine island?" one cellmate said.
"Of course, you dolt!" the other said."I'm Neil", one of Daman's
cellmates said."I'm Tom and the other is V. Nobody knows why
his name is V, but he claims it's his bloodname." Daman suddenly
feels a lump in his pocket. He hopes its what he thinks it is.
He pulls the object out, and what he sees in front of him is
a Dark Generator. Dark Portals are bio-morphing cells that
can penetrate anything as it moves. Since the universe
goes on for infinity, Dark Portals have the power of infinity,
depending on how skilled the user is. The catch is that these Portal
draw their power from the Dark Network, an anomynous group of scientists.
Recent improvements in plasma, fusion, and laser weapons made killing a
Portal user easily.
But in the long run, Dark Portals have more advantage. Daman's
Generator was type 10: DNA manipulation. Daman thinks
he collected the generator from a squad commander he killed from the
Vialar. It was bypassed when scanned when he entered the prison because
of a Dark Matter emission abnormality. Daman has no idea how it was bypassed, or
why. "Whoa! Do you know what that means!?", Tom said in shock."No...
what?", Daman replied in question."That means we could use your Dark Generator
to blow the wall!", Tom answered."One little problem..." Neil said.
"What is it then?", Tom asked. Neil stood up from sitting on the bunk
bed and said,"IT MANIPULATES DNA, NOT BLOW WALLS!"."Damn," Tom
said."That would have been fun to blow the wall.""Looks like we'll have
to do it the old-fashioned way", V said. Thirteen years later, Daman punches
the wall in anger. The wall almost shattered his weak fist. The
wall seemed a bit rusty. It seemed there was a brick missing on the
wall. Everyone in the cell went silent crazy, since they didn't want to cause
suspicion. Daman slowly pulls the bricks off one by one. The cold
brick inflicted pain on his muscles, because they were weak
and brittle after a long time in prison. The wall was very thick,
until a shining light came from the last brick he pulled. Now,
this was odd, because it was in the middle of night. No, it was
a spotlight. They knew he was trying to escape. Guards were rushing
out of their barracks and grabbed their weapons. For the first
time, Daman pulls out his Dark Generator. It had a lot of controls,
too much for Daman to comprehend. He randomly pressed one button,
which he hoped was to release Dark Matter. It worked. A small,
completely black bee sprung out from the transmitter of the
Dark Generator. Daman's Dark Generator controls had changed.
The face had turned upside-down and he was given a whole new
set of controls. The large green button probably was to emit Dark
Matter. Daman pressed this button instantly. A strange, glowing
substance appeared. He didn't have this in mind. Now this was
odd because, it lay flat on the floor and it glowed a bright red.
Daman then tried aiming the generator at some guards and fired until
they were reduced to amoeba. The outside of the prison wasn't an
outside, there still stood a large metal wall surrounding the
prison with laser posts at the top. He had to fly out, but how? The
next thing he remembered was the Vialar. He saw it on the roof of the
prison facility. There stood a ladder that led to a guard tower
on the second floor. Daman grabbed it and climbed up. Unfortunately,
there were guards on top. Daman pulled out his generator in a
split second, just long enough for the guard to aim his plasma rifle.
The guard in heavy armor fired. Daman did something the guard didn't do,
and that was he moved in the nick of time. Daman struck the guard repeatedly
with the noxious Dark Matter. Nothing happened. Soon Daman realized he
was hitting the guard's armor. Luckily, the guard wasn't wearing a helmet.
Daman then aimed for the guard's head and he became a molecular lifeform and
left twenty pounds of armor on the floor and a plasma rifle. Daman picked them
both up. He looked like a guard, only a little shorter. It was good enough to
deceive the guards on the opposite wall, since it was very far away.
He climbed up the ladder to the third floor to a door on a balcony.
When he opened the door, he saw another guard head on in front of him.
"Good day", was all that could be forced out of Daman's mouth. He continued on
to find a staircase that led to the roof. There was another corridor of prisoners,
trying to escape the plasma bars of the cell. In the end of the corridor, there
was a staircase that went up. He walked up, and saw another guard coming down.
Without noticing his actions, Daman shot the guard with his plasma rifle in hand
and the guard fell down the flight of stairs with a loud thump. Daman had to hurry
to the airship, since the guards were going to be at him again. He ran to the
metal door and locked it when he was inside. He ran to the control room and saw
another guard performing maintenance checks on the electronics. The guard ignored
him, since Daman was still wearing the armor. Slowly, he aims his generator at
the guard. Once he confirmed his target, he fired. the guard was reduced to amoeba.
He sat on the polyester seat and started the hover engines. Daman tried piloting the
airship over the guard wall. The laser posts on top opened fire. There was a second
seat on the airship for weapons. He needed a companion to man the weapons. Daman
switched seats and dropped cluster bombs when he was over the guard wall. The blast
caused the entire wall to collapse with the laser posts. Soon, he was flying over
a vast desert. He was running out of hydrogen cells to fuel the Vialar. When his
hydrogen levels entered critical amounts, he was saved. He landed on the outskirts of a
small, desert town. It was a small village with some military outposts of the early
twenty-first century. The sign read 'You are entering Prayna'. Daman approached
the town. It was nearly deserted, except for some aging habitants. He
entered a arms store that was made from wood and concrete.
The interiors were better than the facades of the building. There stood an old,
grumpy looking man with a red bandana and a camoflauged vest."May I interest you
in anything?" the old man asked."Not really, I just wanted hydrogen fuel for my
airship and directions to the next town", Daman replied."We're nearly out of
hydrogen, but what do we need hydrogen for? There's no vehicles around here anyways.
I guess I could spare the rest. Oh yeah, the next town is about a few miles north called
Gilopolis", the old man said. The old man and Daman walked outside to the fuel
station and charged the Vialar full of hydrogen. Daman took off quickly soon. He
headed north but encountered a few strange creatures. They were mutated
insects, probably offsprings from a Dark Portal. Since the creatures left Daman
alone, Daman left them alone. Daman passed by another military outpost, which
was old and the armor on the structure was rusty. Soon, Daman was entering Gilopolis,
the town the old man had described to him.